Beige bedroom (109 photos): interior design in beige and brown tones, with gold, blue, blue and chocolate accents

The arrangement of the bedroom must be approached responsibly. This room should be designed so that it is as cozy and comfortable as possible. To do this, you should turn to a more relaxed color scheme of furniture and finishes. Today we will talk about one of the options.

The meaning of color and the rules for its application

The calm beige color is neutral and belongs to the timeless classics. It is used in interior decoration as often as black, white or gray.

The beige color has a calming effect. It has a positive effect on a person's mood: it neutralizes negative and aggressive emotions and creates a wonderful relaxing atmosphere.

A beautiful beige bedroom will set up the owners of the home for a truly high-quality and complete rest. For this reason, many people turn to this color, because in the modern rhythm of life, sometimes there is a lack of a cozy corner where you can escape from unnecessary thoughts and problems.

It should be noted that beige is neutral. It combines warm notes of brown and slightly cool white. Many people consider this color boring, but if you correctly compose the interior of the room, then you will get a very stylish and harmonious ensemble.

On a beige background, pieces of furniture painted in contrasting or brighter colors will stand out effectively.

A bedroom in a similar color scheme can be made in any style, from classic to high-tech. Beige allows you to let go of imagination and experiment with the room. For example, you can turn to both very bright and more neutral pieces of furniture.

But it is worth avoiding the color fusion of decoration and furniture in the room. This is a very common mistake, as people tend to make the room brighter and more spacious, and as a result they get a monotonous interior that dissolves into decoration.

It should be borne in mind that this color contains both warm and cold notes, so different shades are suitable for different rooms. For example, to decorate a room on the north side of the house, it is recommended to turn to warmer tones of beige. It can be a beautiful sandy, peach or creamy color.

If the bedroom is spacious and well lit, then you can choose cooler shades for it. They will refresh the room and fill it with coolness.

Color combinations

The classic beige color looks great in tandem with many shades.

Rooms in beige-brown and chocolate colors have a cozy and warm atmosphere. Brown can be either darker or more delicate. Ensembles look especially attractive, in which there are several different shades of brown and light beige at once. For example, a light bed in beige tones against a background of beige trim can be supplemented with dark chocolate pillows, and next to it, you can put an armchair and a banquet in the color of dark chocolate. Such an interior will look very interesting and expensive.

Since there is an unobtrusive cold shade in beige, it can be in harmony with cool colors. A room decorated in beige and blue or beige and blue colors will look beautiful and attractive. Decorate a cozy bedroom in a neutral color with soft blue or light blue curtains, pillows and a rug / blanket on the bed.

Such combinations, diluted with white, look good. It can be present in the bed frame, banquet or dressing table.

Rooms decorated in beige and gray colors look attractive and stylish. But bedrooms in a similar color are recommended to be complemented with bright accents or contrasting details that will subtly dilute the neutral setting. These can be dark gray or brown pillows, light paintings with black frames, chocolate bedding, or a pair of yellow lamps.

The trend of recent years is a cool turquoise color in the interior. Stylish bedrooms in beige and turquoise colors look bright and original thanks to the spectacular contrast.

Beige looks very stylish and aristocratic in tandem with gold. This combination will look especially impressive in a classic-style room with a predominance of carved furniture details.

The neutral classic color looks no less attractive in combination with lilac and purple hues. It is recommended to dilute such furnishings with white furniture, pillows or nightstands.

Beige can be combined with black. Such a contrasting color scheme will look harmonious in a room made in more modern styles.

If you are a fan of bright and positive palettes, then you should turn to the juicy combination of beige with emerald green, lime green and lime. Rooms in such colors seem lighter and warmer.

A room made in beige and pink tones will look gentle and attractive. In such rooms, floral stickers on furniture or patterned prints on bed linen look harmonious.

Classic colors are often in harmony with each other. For example, a light beige and white bedroom will look fresh and cozy. But such a tandem should be diluted with darker details. This can be a dark brown bed or bedside tables, made in a dense chocolate color.


The beige color is undemanding in relation to the stylistic orientation of the interior. He looks great in both classic and modern ensembles.

Modern is distinguished by the presence of fashionable decorative details. In a neutral palette of such a room, paintings with frames of different shapes will look especially harmonious. Such a bedroom should contain all the necessary pieces of furniture: a bed, bedside tables and a dressing table. They can match or contrast with beige.

Recently, the eco style is widespread, in which the main color is beige. It should be combined with green shades. Interiors like these are suitable for well-lit bedrooms.

Another interesting interior style is country. In the bedroom, made in a similar vein, bright and colorful details will look harmonious. This can be soft blankets, lace pillow covers, and vintage pieces of furniture.

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If you want to decorate a room in a luxurious style, then you should turn to art deco. It is distinguished by the presence in the room of a large number of mirrors, luxurious curtains, large and heavy hanging chandeliers, as well as furniture studs in beds and chairs. The beige color looks harmonious in such an environment, especially if it is supplemented with warm lighting.

Beige can be used to decorate the bedroom in a classic way. This style provides for the presence of pieces of furniture made of natural wood, beautiful classic chandeliers, carved legs of nightstands, dressers and chairs, and other similar details.

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

If you plan to decorate a bedroom in beige tones, then you should choose light wallpaper or plaster for finishing the walls and ceiling. It is allowed in such interiors the presence of separate areas, decorated with interesting wallpaper with contrasting patterns.

If you want to diversify the room, then you can pick up striped wallpaper or plaster with patterns for finishing the ceiling. But remember that the texture of the floor and ceiling should be different from the wall decoration.

Do not decorate the walls with dark paints. To highlight a particular area of ​​the bedroom, you can trim one of the walls in a beige color, lighter by a couple of tones.

Not only wallpaper, but also plaster will look spectacular. It can be supplemented with a decorative stone. Such tandems look expensive and fashionable.

You can add solidity to the room with a dark floor. If you want to create a harmonious interior, then it is recommended to select the floor coverings in a color scheme that would match the decorative elements of the bedroom.

Chocolate floors look beautiful in beige bedrooms. They must be supplemented with curtains of the same color or decorated with light chocolate wallpaper / plaster on one of the walls.

The surface of the flooring can be glossy or matte. If you settled on the second option, then it is recommended to select glossy furniture for it.

Textured additions will look spectacular not only on walls or floor coverings, but also on the ceiling. But in no case should these parts of the room be decorated in the same color, since they can simply merge and dissolve in each other, depriving the room of expressiveness.

Only light-colored materials should be selected for finishing the ceiling. The most attractive in such bedrooms are the ceilings decorated with glossy coatings in white or ivory.

Often, the ceiling is complemented by stucco molding, which can also decorate the wall cornices. Such details will look aristocratic and expensive in beige and gold or beige and white rooms.


It's no secret that the main thing in the bedroom is the bed. Modern manufacturers simplify the task of selecting suitable pieces of furniture by releasing ready-made headsets made in a single way. However, it is recommended to buy harmonious details separately in order to form a more interesting and varied interior.

The bed can be made of absolutely any materials, as both wooden and metal pieces of furniture will look equally beautiful in a beige bedroom. If the room is spacious, then you can give preference to large and massive details.

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If you want to dilute the beige colors, then you should turn to light-colored cabinets and bedside tables. These elements can visually expand the bedroom space.

Complementing beige rooms with bright accents is not at all necessary. It will be quite enough to place eye-catching accessories, elegant lamps, paintings or photographs in the room.

In a beige bedroom, dark curtains or pillows will look attractive.

The bed and cabinets should not blend in with the finish. They can be distinguished using non-trivial forms or other techniques.


A suitable style of bedside lamp, a tall floor lamp or a small lamp should be placed next to the bed.

If there is an armchair in the bedroom, then another floor lamp or lamp must be placed next to it.

Often people place a work area in bedrooms. She also needs lighting. The best option would be a table lamp.

Large hanging chandeliers can only be accessed if the bedroom is spacious and has high ceilings. If the ceiling in the room does not differ in height, then it is better to give preference to built-in spotlights.

Choosing curtains

To form a light ensemble, you should refer to the design of windows with translucent curtains in beige tones. The fabric of these parts should not be the same color as the wallpaper.

In spacious rooms, denser brown curtains of warm and cold tones will harmoniously look.

Heavy curtains with curtains in a classic style look good in large bedrooms.

Fashionable roman blinds are suitable for a small area.

We place bright accents correctly

The presence of bright accents in beige bedrooms is optional, but if you want to make the room a little more interesting and fashionable, then you cannot do without them.

The bed can be complemented with bright decorative pillows. They can be painted in the same color as the curtains or have a rich color.

Other details look good in beige rooms: flower vases and round small pots. These elements can be painted in more flashy colors, but there should not be too many of them.

No bedroom is complete without accessories such as bedding. It can be done in a variety of ways. If there are no more bright and rich details in the room, then bed pillows and blankets can take over their role.

Decorate cabinets with original vinyl decals with patterned images. These decorative elements are very popular lately, as they can give the room a more attractive look.

Interior design ideas

Against the background of beige walls, a light bed with white and gray linens and two white bedside tables with lamps will look beautiful. You can put laminate on the floor, and decorate the wall behind the bed with white wallpaper with golden patterns.

A high double bed with soft chocolate pillows and a blanket will look harmonious against the background of pale beige walls and a dark brown floor. Narrow white bedside tables will find their place near it. You can complete the ensemble with soft chocolate curtains, a light hanging chandelier and a large cream carpet.

Against the background of light beige walls, a dark brown bed with white linens and two dark bedside tables will find its place. Opposite them, you can place a work area with a table and a chair in a dark color. Dilute the contrast of furniture and decoration with a carpet that combines soft brown and dark brown, light curtains and paintings above the bed with light frames.

A luxurious high bed with golden linens, dark pillows and a soft beige headboard can be placed in a beige room with a white ceiling and brown floor. Two small cream-colored curtains should be placed near the furniture, and the window should be supplemented with light yellow curtains and dark brown curtains.