How do I charge my JBL speaker? How much should you charge it? How do you know if the battery is charged?

Mobile acoustics from the American brand JBL are very popular with buyers who appreciate high volume, excellent sound quality, convenience and bright modern design. The high degree of protection against water allows you to take the column with you to the pool or when traveling to the reservoir. The employees of the brand have thought of simple operation, but it includes certain features.

Basic Rules

One of the main advantages of portable acoustics from the above manufacturer is high autonomy. The column can work up to 16 hours in a row without additional recharging. Battery life varies greatly with volume level. The higher it is, the faster the charge dries up .

As soon as the charge level comes to an end, you need to charge the JBL column, but do it correctly so as not to ruin the gadget. In the manufacture of wireless speakers, the manufacturer uses two types of batteries: lithium-ion and lithium-polymer. They are also used for tablets, players and other equipment.

The acoustics are connected to a power source via a USB cable. In most cases, JBL uses microUSB ports. To charge the device, you need to use the appropriate cable . As a rule, it comes with acoustics.

It is recommended to charge the device while it is turned off so that the process takes less time.

While doing the work, adhere to the following rules:

  • If you charge the speaker during operation, do not turn on the maximum volume , even when the gadget is being charged through a computer. Set the volume to minimum and use a tech while charging.
  • In order for the speaker to work as long as possible, do not listen to music at maximum volume , especially if you are outside the house and there is no source for charging the battery near you. Otherwise, it will dry out quickly and will need to be charged for several hours.
  • When switching the power source, you must turn off the portable speaker and wait about five minutes before turning it on . Failure to comply with this simple rule leads to the fact that the acoustics begins to deteriorate.
  • If you are using a new gadget for the first time, you need to completely discharge the battery . After it is charged for an hour before turning on.
  • It is highly recommended not to charge the speaker near water or in a room with high humidity.
  • Even if the column is not in use, it must be charged at least once every 6 months. This will help preserve the performance of your speakers.
  • Use a whole cable for charging, without kinks or other defects . Store it rolled up neatly, and fully unfold before use.

Service staff and professional experts advise you to fully charge the battery. Consider the availability of free time before connecting the acoustics to the network or PC. It is undesirable to interrupt the process.

How much should you charge?

Models of portable acoustics, which are equipped with a light indicator, notify the user about the battery charge level and that the speaker is fully charged. If it is absent, you must monitor the charging duration yourself.

Experts strongly recommend sticking to two options.

  • If the device is in the off state, then it takes about 4 hours to charge it.
  • If the speaker is working, the optimal charging time is about 6 hours.

When using the speaker at maximum volume, you do not need to disconnect the charger at all, since in this mode the charge will quickly drain, especially for models with a small battery capacity.

In practice, portable music equipment charges faster in a cool room or outdoors at low temperatures. Remember that there must be at least 60 minutes between the first connection to the power source and the connection of the device . If you charge your mobile speaker correctly, its excellent performance will last for many years.

Before charging the device, be sure to read the corresponding section in the operating instructions.

How do I charge my device?

To charge your gadget, do the following:

  • take a portable speaker and charger, the modern version consists of two parts - a cable and a nozzle with a plug for a regular outlet;
  • if you charge the speaker from the mains, connect the cable to the speaker on one side and plug the plug into the outlet;
  • to charge the battery from a laptop or Power bank, only a USB cable is used, with its help two devices are connected to each other.

How do you know when the speaker is charged?

It is very easy to find out that the gadget battery is fully charged if this model is equipped with a special light indicator. With a set of signals, it indicates the process and the state of charge of the battery.

Many modern JBL loudspeakers will emit a green light to indicate full charge . If the indicator is red, then it's time to charge the device. For recharging, you can connect the speaker not only to the network, but also to a regular computer. As soon as the electric current begins to replenish the battery charge, the red light will change to green.

When there is no indicator, it is much more difficult to determine the charge level. The fact that the device will soon sit down will be indicated by degraded sound quality and low volume. When connecting the acoustics to a power source, you need to remember the time and count down a few hours (3-4) . This should be enough for another five hours of continuous work.

As you can see, the process of charging mobile speakers is simple and straightforward, it is enough to adhere to some rules and be careful when operating the equipment.

Using American-made speakers, you can enjoy quality music wherever you want.

Why is the speaker not charging?

There are several reasons why a portable device may stop charging.

  • The most common option is to damage the USB charging cable . Examine it carefully for kinks and other damage. The cable may stop working due to wear and tear, in which case it just needs to be replaced with a new one. You can buy it at any hardware and electronics store. If there is a backup option at home, connect the acoustics with it and check the functionality
  • The next problem that many users encounter is a socket malfunction . Visually inspect it for integrity and check that no dust or small debris gets into the device. Use a magnifying glass and flashlight to take a closer look at the charging socket. Insert the USB cable and press it to one of the sides, if charging starts in this position, you need to repair the connector.

If the column is new and the warranty period has not yet expired, return the equipment to a service center for free repair. Otherwise, contact the service center.

  • Battery wear should not be ruled out . Even the highest-quality equipment eventually deteriorates and needs repair. The performance falls when the operation is broken. A professional with the necessary experience and knowledge will be able to pinpoint the source of the problem. If the battery is removable, you can replace it yourself. With the built-in option, you need to contact the wizard for help.
  • If you are charging the speaker from the mains, check that the outlet is working properly . It is very simple to do this, it is enough to include any electronic device in it.

For how to charge your JBL speaker, see the following video.