How to disassemble a JBL speaker? Disassembly of Chinese and portable Bluetooth speakers. How to open?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to disassemble a JBL speaker. After reading our article, parsing the original and Chinese portable Bluetooth speaker will not give you much difficulty. We'll show you how to open a column and give you some helpful tips.

Disassembly features

First, make sure disassembly is really necessary. For example, a speaker needs to be cleaned or the battery replaced. In this case, you will need:

  • screwdriver with a set of nozzles;
  • medical spatula or pick;
  • thin tweezers;
  • perhaps a soldering iron.

Disassemble the portable speaker carefully. Do everything carefully, do not press hard on the details. All work you perform at your own peril and risk. We will tell you about the main points of the disassembly.

Original models

It must be said that disassembling original music speakers can be difficult for non-professionals. This is done so that users do not climb into the structure themselves, but carry the speakers to service centers for repair. But you can look at it from the other side: the materials of manufacture are of higher quality, and there is less chance of breaking something.

JBL charge 2+ is sorted out in this order:

  • pry the protective grilles with a pick or spatula and remove them (they are fastened with latches);
  • on each side unscrew 4 screws securing the round sides of the case, dismantle these elements;
  • unscrew 4 screws each holding the side passive speakers - these parts are not connected to the board, then remove them;
  • unscrew the 8 screws that secure the active speakers, then pry the speakers with a spatula and pull them out, then disconnect the terminals;
  • unscrew the 8 screws holding the battery cover and remove the cover;
  • disconnect the battery - it connects with clothespins.

JBL charge 3 is parsed as follows:

  • pry the joint on the decorative grill with a spatula and bend one side of it;
  • unscrew the 2 screws securing the grille, and then remove it;
  • unscrew the 2 screws holding the center cover, then remove this part;
  • remove the panel that covers the USB port, it is secured with 4 screws;
  • dismantle the passive speakers, they are held on latches, turn them a little and remove;
  • detach the battery cover, it is secured with 8 screws, one of which is hidden under a rubber pad;
  • dismantle the battery.

JBL XERTMT (Xtreme) Portable BT Speaker is parsed according to the following algorithm:

  • detach the decorative grille from the body (the process is similar to JBL charge 3), pry it with a pick and unscrew 2 screws;
  • to remove the back cover, unscrew the 3 screws located under the zipper, remove the back panel;
  • dismantle the battery cover, it is attached with 8 self-tapping screws that must be unscrewed (note that the battery charge indicator is attached to this panel - carefully unscrew the 2 screws that fix it);
  • remove the right speaker, which is fixed on 4 screws, pry it with a pick and disconnect the terminals of the supply wires;
  • disconnect the battery connector and remove the battery from the case.

JBL Clip 3 is broken down in this order:

  • remove the upper protective mesh with a spatula, it is fastened with latches;
  • unscrew the 6 screws that secure the halves of the case;
  • lift the upper half of the case and disconnect all connectors;
  • open the column.

All models of Bluetooth speakers have a similar design, and in principle, their disassembly is no different. Differences can be in the location of screws and small elements. If the speaker has a carrying handle, remove it first.

Calculate your strength. For example, disassembling a JBL Playlist speaker is very difficult and problematic to do it yourself. If you work carefully, the repair will go without hassle.

Chinese speakers

Outwardly, they are very similar to the original. They can differ in general design solutions and materials of manufacture. Therefore, work very carefully, as these devices are very fragile.

In general, there are a lot of speakers from the Middle Kingdom, and their designs are very different, so it makes no sense to carry out any methods. In general, parsing a Chinese portable speaker is not much different from parsing the original model. Check out how to disassemble a prototype and follow a similar procedure.

Opening a fake from China is usually easier. The only thing is that the speakers and the battery are usually connected not by terminals, but by soldering.

To reassemble such a device, you need glue. It is needed to fix the rubber buttons.

In any case, repairing original and fake speakers is very similar.

Subtleties of repair

The most common failure of Bluetooth speakers is the failure of the USB port. Poor quality USB cables and careless use can lead to breakdown. Damage can be seen visually or by characteristic signs:

  • the column does not charge;
  • the cable does not connect normally, does not enter at all, or enters skewed;
  • the connector fell into the housing.

In this case, after disassembly, you need to remove the board, remove the old USB connector and solder the new one. This requires a thin-tip soldering iron or soldering station.

When working, proceed carefully and do not overheat the board. Solder as quickly as possible.

Another malfunction - the battery is out of order. It's no secret that over time it loses its capacity. A defective battery must be replaced.

You can determine the breakdown by the following signs:

  • significant reduction in battery life;
  • the speaker plays for a few seconds and then turns off;
  • the battery is swollen.

If you notice any of the above, the column needs to be repaired immediately. Otherwise, a swollen battery may explode under the pressure of accumulated gases.

Malfunctioning of the portable speaker may cause a fall. The battery may fall out of its slot and hit a random place on the board. Components may fall off from the inside and the speaker will no longer be able to play.

For repairs, you need to carefully examine the board. Preferably over the paper, as the component can come off from it. If any faults are found, we replace non-working or burnt components.

Useful Tips

        As you can see, everyone can disassemble a JBL speaker. To facilitate this task, here are some recommendations.

        • Work on a large piece of paper or cloth. This will help you avoid losing small details.
        • It is advisable to shoot the disassembly process with a smartphone camera.
        • Provide enough light. You can use a bright headlamp.
        • Use an ohmmeter to check the speakers. The resistance should be around 2 ohms.

        How to disassemble the column, see below.