Painting walls in the bathroom (47 photos): how to paint the walls in the bathroom with your own hands, how to level the surface and what paint color to choose

Features of painting walls in the bathroom

    Painting the walls as a decoration for the interior of the bathroom is gaining popularity and is replacing the tile. Most people are attracted to this option by the ease of use and affordable prices. Before starting work, you should study the features of the process and the differences between the types of paints.


    Anyone on their own can paint the walls in the bathroom or bathroom. Before starting work, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the process.

    • The paints are affordable and easy to use. The product forms a uniform coating that is easy to maintain. Care consists in treating the surface with a damp cloth.
    • Painted walls transform the bathroom interior and make it interesting. Coloring is a wide area for realizing your own ideas. You can use paints in different shades and create fancy patterns or strict lines. People with artistic talent will be able to paint real pictures in their bathroom.
    • The paint looks original in combination with other materials, for example, with ordinary tiles.

    These features make painting a popular and very affordable way to transform bathroom walls. Due to the availability of material, more and more people prefer this design option for their home.

    Style and design

    Buyers have access to many shades of paint with which they can create an individual interior in their bathroom or toilet.

    Designers offer many different design ideas.

    • Recently, it has been fashionable to apply paint with drawings and patterns. Homogeneous application is considered boring, so experts recommend using the material in a combination of several shades, textures, patterns, etc.
    • It looks interesting to paint the walls with stripes. Choose colors carefully so that the shades are combined with each other and not look pretentious. With the help of stripes, you can decorate the room in different styles. Playing with a color palette allows you to visibly transform any room.
    • Ornaments on the walls will look creative. Sample patterns can be bought at the store or made by yourself. Stencils allow you to create unique designs that have a strong personality.
    • With the help of paints, you can divide the space and highlight the different functional areas. Using color solutions wisely, you can create a cozy hi-tech or art deco bathroom.

    How to paint?

    To paint the walls in the bathroom, you need to decide on the right type of material. Manufacturers offer different types of products that are highly resistant to moisture and excellent quality. Let's consider the most suitable options.

    • Water emulsion. It is odorless, waterproof paint. It contains special additives that protect the coating from blurring over the surface. The material perfectly tolerates high humidity and steam.
    • Oil dyes are practically not used in the decoration of such premises. The material is resistant to moisture, but when the temperature changes, it begins to flake off the walls.

      For this reason, the paint has received numerous positive reviews from users. Water-based paint can be applied to any walls, even those that are not exposed to moisture.

      • Alkyd enamels are considered the best option for protecting walls from getting wet. After drying, the enamel forms a durable film, so the wall becomes almost completely immune to moisture. However, this solution will not appeal to users who choose odorless paint. Even a couple of days after staining, the aroma of paint will be felt in the room.
      • Experts recommend using acrylic-latex complexes when painting a bathroom . The products have a high level of adhesion to all substrates, they are not characterized by toxicity, and they are also easy to use. Acrylic has good moisture resistance, so it is often used in rooms with high humidity levels.
      • Silicone paints are a decent option for bathroom decoration. Silicone compounds are characterized by high resistance to moisture and high cost. The high price scares off many buyers, but the price tag is justified by the quality of the material.

      Smooth the surface carefully before applying any type of paint. The putty you will be finishing the base must be anti-fungal to resist water and mold. You can paint the walls with a brush or roller. If the bathroom has a large area, it is more convenient to use a spray can. The aerosol quickly copes with a large amount of work, but when using it, care should be taken to ensure the safety of the ceiling and floor. Sprayer may stain other surfaces that cannot be painted.

      The brush allows you to paint over all corners and hard-to-reach places. Experts recommend using an aerosol can and a pair of narrow brushes in the work so that the staining process is of high quality.


      Before starting the painting process, you need to prepare the surface. To ensure a good paint application, only work with a dry coating. Otherwise, condensation will accumulate under the layer to be painted, which will shorten the life of the coating. A smooth and processed surface is the key to perfect adhesion of the finishing material to the walls.

      Wall processing consists of several stages.

      • Dismantling the old coating. For work, you should prepare sandpaper, spatulas, scrapers, grinder. You can remove old paint with a special solvent.
      • Then you need to prepare a rough base. Walls need to be plastered or finished with moisture resistant plasterboard. Wait for the plaster to dry and proceed to the next step.
      • If there are irregularities and cracks on the walls, they must be putty with acrylic or latex deep penetration putty, which is designed for working with a rough base. Before starting to putty, do not forget to apply a primer to the walls.
      • Then you will need to walk with primer for the finishing layer. The product is applied in several layers. Each of them is applied after the previous one is completely dry.

      Applying paint to walls

      After the surface has completely dried, you can start the painting process. DIY bathroom wall painting is available to anyone. Even a beginner who previously had no experience with paint can cope with such a process. To perform all the actions correctly, you must follow the basic rules.

      You should act step by step.

      • Masking tape will help protect surfaces and objects not intended for staining. Painting hard-to-reach places should be done with a brush.
      • If the surface is uneven, use a brush to start painting. It is able to apply paint in a thicker layer and mask surface defects.
      • It is recommended to paint smooth surfaces with a roller. This item evenly paints the walls and saves material.
      • The coloring composition must be prepared before application. Stir the paint and add the color of the desired shade to it, if necessary.
      • The first layer is diluted with a solvent.
      • The second layer of paint is applied only after the first one has completely dried. In the process, several layers may be required.
      • When painting walls, watch out for streaks and unpainted areas.
      • The composition should have a homogeneous structure and be free of impurities.

      Surface types

      The paint can be applied to any surface: brick, wood, plaster, moisture-resistant plasterboard, concrete walls, stone and even wallpaper. When choosing paint, make sure that it is suitable for working with the material of the walls of your bathroom. Compatibility information is included on the product packaging. Regardless of which walls are to be painted, they must be prepared without fail. Depending on the condition of the walls, they can go through the process of leveling, puttying, priming, etc.


      The choice of a color scheme is an important point in painting the walls, since the color affects the perception of the situation, the mood of the household. It is advisable to decide at the design stage in which colors the bathroom surfaces will be painted.

      The bathroom is a place where people relax , so designers recommend using a calm color palette. Lilac-light green tones are the best option for creating a light and peaceful environment. White shades are considered versatile. However, an excessive amount of this color can spoil the perception of the interior. Painting all the walls in a snow-white shade will lead to the "cold space" in the bathroom, which is present in medical institutions. To eliminate the occurrence of such associations, it is recommended to replace white tones with milk or cream.

      Use bright colors to revive the cold interior. The combination of white with black, burgundy and red will look original. Choose colors wisely so that the interior doesn't look too aggressive.

      Different colors can be used to zone a space or to emphasize certain functional areas. Many people highlight the shower area with contrasting colors or patterned framing against a background of soothing tones.


      Competent advice from professionals will help you create an interesting bathroom design using paints.

      In the work, certain subtleties should be taken into account.

      • The original effect is obtained from the alternation of tiles with paint. With the help of such a solution, the design of the room becomes unusual and interesting.
      • Staining can be done in rooms with high-quality ventilation. Only if this rule is observed, the interior will retain its attractiveness for a long time. From time to time you need to open the door and ventilate the room so that drier air masses enter the room.
      • Pay attention to the corners of the room before painting. They should not have defects and flaws. Any flaws will be visible to the naked eye under a layer of paint.
      • Before buying paint, you need to make sure that it is intended for painting the bathroom. If there is no such information on the product packaging, most likely the paint is not suitable. Specialized formulations contain mold inhibitors, thanks to which the coating will not be damp.
      • Washable paints are the best option for such premises. This information should also be present on the packaging. These materials are easy to maintain. Using ordinary detergents, you can remove yellowness and other dirt from the surface of the walls.
      • When painting, cover the sink, the corners of the bathroom, the floor surface with tape or newspapers so as not to stain.
      • Designers advise against painting the entire room with paint. Places where water often gets into (floor surface, area near the shower stall, sinks) should be covered with tiles or plastic panels.

      Successful examples and options

                There are many original options with which you can transform a bathroom. In the process of creating a design project, most people ask themselves the question of what style it is better to decorate the room in so that being in it brings maximum comfort.

                The classic interior is popular. It will be interesting and stylish to look even in the "Khrushchev". To create it, light colors are suitable. The milky color looks very delicate in small rooms and visually enlarges the space.

                For a bathroom decorated in a modern high-tech style, choose cold and austere shades. The palette contains gray and blue tones. To complete the interior, some designers add tempered glass shelves to the furnishings.

                Provence is an interesting solution for interior decoration. For this direction, you should choose pink, blue, lilac and beige tones. The ceiling should be matt. A hand-drawn ornament with plant motifs will look beautiful in such a design.

                For lovers of antiquity, there is a retro style. It should contain bright or unusual colors, images of comics or joyful, positive pictures. This style is also suitable for an apartment that is decorated in the spirit of Pop Art or Art Deco.

                More tips for painting bathroom walls are waiting for you in the next video.