Wall in the bedroom (48 photos): corner mini with a wardrobe and a narrow slide, gray and white modular for a teenager, under a TV and with a computer table

Choosing a wall in the bedroom

    The bedroom space can be used not only for relaxation and rest, but also for storing things, especially if the apartment is small and the usable area must be used as much as possible. The wall will perfectly cope with the solution of this task.


    The wall in the bedroom has a number of undeniable advantages, knowing about which you can choose the option that is suitable for a particular room:

    • The ability to place a large number of things for various purposes. Clothes, bedding, books, TV and many other items that are used daily and from time to time can be placed in a modern wall.
    • The design of this piece of furniture is thought out to the smallest detail and allows you to neatly arrange each item in its place. The storage system of the modern wall has maximum functionality. In addition, despite the large capacity and an abundance of all kinds of shelves and niches, this piece of furniture is very compact and does not overload the space, which is especially valuable with a limited area.
    • The walls can be not only monolithic, but free-standing elements, which, if necessary, can be arranged in a certain order. In addition, over time, elements can be rearranged according to your preference.
    • Not only functionality, spaciousness and compactness of modern walls attract the attention of buyers, but also their style. All kinds of textures, various materials and shapes allow you to create a certain style in the bedroom. With the help of modern wall options, you can not only correctly arrange things, but also decorate the interior of any room.

    The materials used in modern models have high performance characteristics, thanks to which the wall will last more than one year without losing its appearance and functionality.

    Types and composition

    Walls produced by modern manufacturers differ in many respects. The appearance, the presence of different elements, various shapes and sizes allow each person to choose the right option.


    Today, a modular wall made in a variety of styles is very popular and in demand. It will suit lovers of improvisation and rearrangements. The configuration of this type can be different, it consists of different elements.

    Typically, a modular system consists of the following items:

    • cupboard;
    • book rack;
    • open storage system for various items;
    • place for TV;
    • curbstone;
    • chest of drawers;
    • dressing table.

    The good thing about the modular system is that the elements made in the same style can be arranged taking into account the characteristics of the room. Also, there is no need to purchase all of the items. You can buy only those that you need for a successful location in the order you need.

    Slide walls

    The budget options include a slide wall. This inexpensive bedroom furniture comes standard with three or sometimes four wardrobes of varying sizes, heights and uses. Their complementarity and functionality make it possible to meet the basic needs of people in storing things.

    The laconic style of the slide is devoid of pomp and rigor.

    Manufacturers produce various types of slides:

    • A mini-slide, as a rule, is equipped with the necessary items and is designed to accommodate things related to entertainment: a TV, a music system, a small number of books, framed photographs.
    • Corner slide with cabinet is designed for corner installation.
    • The U-shaped slide system is characterized by a peculiar arrangement of a closed system. It passes over the television system from above in the form of the letter P.

    With bed

    For small rooms where it is not possible to install a large wall, manufacturers have developed a model with a bed equipped with a transformation mechanism. This is a great solution for a family who wants to save not only a significant amount of money, but also the time to find a matching double bed.

    In this system, the composition is built around the bed. The system is equipped with elements of various sizes and purposes.


    For small bedrooms, a good solution would be to purchase a narrow wall. The mini version not only significantly saves space due to its compactness, but also looks very elegant and neat.

    Hanging cabinets, narrow pencil cases, miniature cabinets at a very reasonable price will be a good purchase for people who value comfort and know how to save money.


    All elements that make up any model must have the required functionality:

    • The wardrobes have at least two compartments. One contains clothes on a hanger, hung out on a special barbell device. The other compartment contains both regular shelves and drawers for storing bed linen and seasonal items.
    • For people who like to watch various programs and movies without getting out of bed, they will like the walls with a place for the TV . They have a convenient niche that allows you to install a television device of almost any diagonal.
    • Some modern wall models are modular systems and have a computer desk. Such a built-in element will appeal to people who spend a lot of time at the computer. A comfortable and functional computer desk has not only a good tabletop, on which you can easily place a monitor, keyboard, document folders and other items, but also a special niche for installing a processor.


    Most models are made using wood-based panels. Chipboard, fiberboard, laminated chipboard and MDF are exactly the materials from which the wall elements are made.

    The back panel of the wall and bottom of the boxes is made of fiberboard. This material is durable and inexpensive. Internal partitions and a body are made of chipboard. To give the furniture color, texture, gloss, the material is covered with a film. After coating, a material called laminated chipboard is obtained, which is notable for its low cost, durability, strength. In addition, it does not shrink.

    Sometimes, some models use an MDF board as facades. This material is environmentally friendly, flexible and has a special density, close in value to natural wood. Due to paraffin impregnation, the material is water-repellent.

    In addition to wood-based panels, plastic, glass, and genuine leather are used to decorate the facades.

    Styles and decor

    Almost all manufacturers produce several models of bedroom walls in various stylistic directions:

    • The most in demand is the classicism style , characterized by minimal decor . Modest fittings and bronze details adorn this austere furniture with clean lines.
    • The Empire style is characterized by glossy ivory facades. Gilding and carving adorn this grandiose furniture.
    • Baroque. Intense colors and intricate patterns characterize the Baroque wall.
    • The Rococo style is graceful and magnificent. Curved legs, gilding, vignettes and rosettes are the hallmarks of this style.
    • Ethnic style is characterized by: ecological purity and the presence of natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, straw, wood and mother of pearl. The design and decoration of the furniture is carried out with a national flavor.
    • The high-tech wall is decorated with mirrors, glass and sometimes plastic elements. The glossy surface of the facades perfectly matches metal fittings.

    How to choose?

    Before choosing a wall in the bedroom, you need to decide on the footage of the space provided for the wall and decide on the optimal size of the future product.

    When choosing, you must also take into account the practicality of the product, especially if the wall is chosen for a teenager.

    Strong, durable and wear-resistant materials should be a priority.

    Simplicity and ease of maintenance is guaranteed if the wall is without reliefs, patterns and other convex elements . The absence of these elements is the key to safety from accidental injury and injury.

    As a rule, the bedroom is not large in size, so you should pay attention to the walls, which are small in size, but have good functionality. The presence of a wardrobe, numerous open and closed shelves, TV niches should go into even the smallest wall.

    The style, color and texture of the material are selected based on the preferences of each person, since today their choice is huge.

    How to arrange?

    Most often, buyers choose a mini modular system wall. The reasons for this may be different. The modularity of the mini-version allows you to install elements anywhere in the bedroom.

    When arranging, it is necessary to arrange the elements so that they do not clutter up the front door and passages in the bedroom.

    The composition is built either as a monolith along one wall, or is divided into separate objects and built based on the location of all openings:

    • When breaking down, the wardrobe can be installed near the window, if space permits, and especially if it is presented in a corner version.
    • The double bed is installed against the wall, taking into account the approach to it from both sides. There are pedestals near it.
    • A cabinet with a TV niche is installed opposite the bed.

    A modular wall with a workplace looks interesting.

    You can consider this design in more detail in the next video.

    There can be many options for location. The main thing is to find the right one for you.