How to lower the blinds? Step-by-step instructions for lowering the blinds to the bottom, horizontal models on a string

Nowadays, you rarely find a house or apartment without such decorative items as blinds. They protect household members from direct sunlight and prying eyes of strangers. If you have purchased horizontal blinds, then you will be useful some recommendations for their use. Including how to lower them down or raise them up.


To use the blinds correctly and for a long time, you need to know their design at the user level. They have a cornice for fastening at the installation site, slats, a control handle in the form of a cane or a thin stick (rod), control ropes and chains. Protective strips held together are called lamellas.

They are:

  • aluminum;
  • metal;
  • on a fabric basis.

Correct management

To properly lower the horizontal blinds down, you need to set the mode that you need with the cane. Rotating it in a circle, you will definitely find the best option. With such rotary movements, they can be closed or opened. By directing the lamellas down, you direct the sunlight there; when they are directed up, the movement will be the opposite. On the right or left side of the cornice is a string that is needed to adjust the height of the device. If you pull it towards you, the lower strips will be grouped in an accordion and rise up, increasing the access of light. By moving the rope alternately from side to side, you will return them to their original position.

You should not make any sudden movements, because you can break the rope and the blinds will become unusable.

We figured out the use of these blinds. Now a little information about a slightly different kind.

There are devices that have a chain on one side and the other instead of a rope. Operation in this case will also not be difficult. At the top of the chain, on the sides, there is a mechanism that allows you to rotate the strips in the desired directions, regulating the access of sunlight. You just need to pull on the chain from one side, and then from the other, in order to immediately understand the actions taking place with the blinds.

Raising and lowering the blinds several times a day will quickly develop and use them with ease. The main thing is not to rush so that the chains do not get tangled.

In summary, horizontal blinds are the most practical to use. They are installed in houses, apartments, offices.


To keep the blinds clean, you can periodically wipe them with a damp cloth. And you can also do a major cleaning by removing them from the mountings and placing the blinds under the shower using a detergent. Do not use hot water and a large amount of soapy water or detergent for washing, as residual detergents may deteriorate the blinds. After washing the blinds, you need to dry well so that there is no moisture left, and then hang in place. In cases when something went wrong (blinds stalled, mechanism jammed, rope or chain broke), you should contact the master. in case of self-repair, you risk being left without them.

Aluminum and metal devices do not deteriorate under the influence of sunlight and are considered more practical , because they are covered with a special paint and can serve you for a very long time, provided they are handled correctly and carefully!

See below for how to use horizontal blinds.