Small country house (73 photos): design of a mini-house in the country, beautiful design of a small garden house with a terrace, budget options for finishing inside and out

The dacha is a second home and I want it to combine all the main requirements for a home. It was comfortable, ergonomic and, of course, cozy. Few can boast of large country houses, but a small one can be equipped to the envy of everyone. True, competent arrangement requires some knowledge and skills.

Basic rules for registration

Overhaul and global spending are not always necessary, but re-registration, design innovations are feasible for the majority. And sometimes this is enough for even a small garden house to change a little.

Since people live in the dacha during the warm season (mostly), there is no central heating here. But there should be a hearth in every home, at least in some acceptable form. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to equip a real fireplace in the country, use it. This decision cannot be regretted.

But if you only have to dream about a real fireplace, then various imitations and budget options will be very useful. An electric fireplace or its imitation will become the semantic center of the main premises of the country house.

A small electric fireplace will decorate the room, create the right atmosphere, family members and guests will gather near it. And if an electric fireplace, which only imitates the burning of wood, is not an option for you, consider the idea of ​​imitation.

Falshkamin will cost quite inexpensively, you can make it yourself. And its filling (that is, what is in the niche) can be different. For example, most often candles are placed there in special fireproof containers. It is both beautiful and as close as possible to the fireplace aesthetics itself.

There may also be firewood. And some people put flowers in a niche. In a word, there would be a fireplace, and what to fill it with, you will always come up with.

When decorating a country house, you can use certain recommendations.

  • Taking the fireplace as an example, it becomes clear that every room should have a semantic center. This can be a media zone (TV-sofa), a dining area, and a library. Rather than creating chaos in space, think about what really matters to you. Without which you cannot imagine a country house. If you have a summer kitchen, a terrace or a veranda where you dine, it makes no sense to put a table in the room, but there may be a sofa, shelves with books and an armchair-bed.
  • Summer mini-houses should give rise to pleasant associations - not hard labor in the country, but relaxation in the bosom of nature. And this is helped by a comfortable color scheme, cozy textiles, appropriate seasonal decor. A delicate blanket, bright cushions, "grandmother's" rugs and paths, flowers in vases - create coziness from the little things. Naked space cannot be called warm.
  • Whether you have a cottage made of foam blocks or a wooden building, it is desirable that they are decorated in the same style inside. Pick the interior style that is close to you, and start equipping the dacha in its aesthetics.
  • Discard all unnecessary things. Don't be afraid to part with what you will never use again. If a thing has been intact for a year or more, you should think about whether it is really needed.

Stylistic unity, comfort, the atmosphere of summer and unity with nature, the presence of a semantic center - these are the basic rules for decorating a country house. If you decide on them, it will be much easier further.

Subtleties of planning

In terms of a country house, there can be only one room, and even that is combined with a kitchen. There are one-story houses with two and three rooms, but this is rare. Mostly suburban buildings are small. But if the dwelling is equipped with an attic or a terrace, or, for example, you have a Finnish house at your dacha, this is a huge additional opportunity.

The optimal layout of a country house provides for the following points:

  • if the room is one or the central room is the largest in the house, and a large number of people will be at the dacha at the same time, it is logical to give it to the living-dining room;
  • functional layout is the division of space into zones so that even in a small area everyone can do their own thing;
  • they usually sleep on the second floor, and if you have a dilemma - put a narrow berth there, but retain the possibility of comfortable walking around the room or put a wide bed, but there is almost nowhere to walk, the second option may be more successful (rest should be comfortable).

In a country house, thin partitions and homemade stairs are appropriate, zoning the curtain space. The main thing is to comply with safety and convenience requirements.

Style solutions

They determine the design of the country house. A lot of people equip the dacha in the way they would like to arrange the main dwelling, but for various reasons this is impossible. Either it is expensive for a large apartment, or the family does not agree, or it is impossible to remake a beautiful and successful renovation on a whim. But the dacha is the place where you can be more loyal to any experiments.

Consider the options that will be most appropriate in a country house.

  • Provence. A great way to combine taste, style, beauty of a home in the country with elegance, subtlety and tenderness of images. Stick to a palette of pastel colors, the use of natural fabrics with floral prints, numerous embroidery and lace, as well as flower pots on the windowsills and appropriate decor.
  • Country. Provence is just an offshoot of country, but the division of styles has already been established. At its core, country is a reflection of the national traditions of arranging a rural house. Depending on your capabilities and preferences, you can turn your country house into a Mexican hacienda, alpine chalet, American ranch or Russian estate.

And even there is such a direction, which is called "the style of the Russian dacha". Artificial materials and shiny surfaces - no, ceiling beams, floral wallpaper, self-woven mats and rugs, natural colors in decoration - yes.

  • Retro. Going back to the 60s or 70s is sometimes a very good decision. At the time, synthetic materials were in vogue, as they were just starting to appear en masse. Therefore, plastic structures, walls with posters, and synthetic fabrics in the decor will be appropriate. And if you still have furniture of those times, mirrors and floor lamps, radios and radios, the interior will be vintage.
  • Shabby chic. The color scheme is poor, the main color sometimes dominates too noticeably. But all this is against the background of a slightly burnt-out texture, fadedness, graceful wear - traces of time. This is a very gentle and delicate style that creative people who love lyrical moods, antiquity and a leisurely lifestyle can support.

These are only the most popular style directions, but there are many of them, as well as options for those who decided to take up the arrangement of the summer cottage. You just need to decide on the chosen direction.

Internal and external finishing

It is ideal if the cottage looks organic on the outside and inside. And if you are considering the option of year-round living in the country, the issue of finishing becomes especially important. In winter, the house needs a stove or alternative heating methods. And the finish should be such that the cold is not terrible for her.

Plating options

  • Lining is the most demanded material. Pleasant aesthetic appearance of panels, affordable cost and high thermal insulation values ​​are of great importance. And the environmental friendliness of the material is also a plus for him. Lining can decorate not only rooms, but also the facade of a country house.
  • Drywall is a versatile material used for cladding a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Plywood - from the series "cheap and cheerful", but in the country this principle is chosen not so rarely. The material will allow the walls to breathe. This easy-to-use material is often acquired by those with no previous construction experience.

If you are interested in the exterior decoration of a log house, then natural materials are more preferable - wood, stone, decorative plaster, metal. Siding is considered a frequent choice, its use is shown to those owners of summer cottages who want to forget about painting a house for a long time. Fiber cement boards are an alternative to siding.

Furniture and decorative items

It is difficult to argue with the fact that new furniture is rarely bought for the dacha, mainly its interior is what has already served its purpose in the apartment. In recent years, this trend has been changing, since Internet sites are a sea of ​​ideas for people with hands. Therefore, furniture made by you yourself is the best design for a summer house.

And if it is difficult to decide on a sofa (although wooden pallets and special mattresses help out), then even an absolute beginner can make bookcases, shelves, shelves, tables and chairs. You can start everything with the same false fireplace, which will be the starting point in the country house, decorated with your own hands.

And remember that restoration of furniture can be no less exciting activity: repainting, patinating, upholstery, etc. So old and solid things can still serve the owners and be transformed.

Successful examples

Nothing is more inspiring than someone else's positive experience. Celebrate beautiful ideas, save in bookmarks and from a large amount of beauty, practical solutions, stylish interiors, something cute of your own will surely emerge.

8 examples of beautifully designed small country houses.

  • An open interior, natural materials, light nostalgic moods - this is the ideal way of giving a summer residence for many. Note that this convincing interior can be called an economy class renovation, if we talk specifically about the arrangement of the room.
  • A wooden house is already a reason to think about design in the style of a Russian estate. A large room is given over to a dining room and this is a smart solution for a large and hospitable family.
  • This veranda alone can inspire a Scandinavian style for your holiday home. And for small spaces this is always a profitable solution. And white is the best background for creative experiments and even the most modest decor.
  • A lining, a table made of pallets, an interesting solution with lighting fixtures - a modern dacha that will not frighten a typical city dweller who is not used to the delights of a rural style.
  • Another story that debunks the myths that a small footage is a sentence. Color, texture, expressive retro - everything is mixed with consistency of style, cleanliness and order. Start by repainting the walls, and then your imagination will tell you!
  • An example of what a fake fireplace can be in the country. It sets the mood and makes you think about what else should be in the room.
  • Do you like the Provencal style? So present it to your dacha! This example shows that you can get your way with minimal effort. The main thing is to start!
  • And one more ode to the Scandinavian style and its branches. The dacha looks orderly, spacious, without losing its comfort. And there is nothing superfluous, and the decoration is as simple as possible.

Do not be afraid to do something that you have never dared to do before. Do not look back at your neighbors and relatives - do it boldly, boldly, surrendering to your desires. And then you will feel good and comfortable at the dacha!