Rest room in the bath (52 photos): interior design with a bedroom on the second floor, decoration inside the bath in the country

Building a bath is a responsible business. In a steam room, you do not need to carefully think over the interior. But the rest room requires a lot of attention.


The interior of the relaxation room in the bath should be designed taking into account the preferences of the owners. This should be a cozy space in which to relax after bath procedures. It can be a small or large room. It can be inside a building or be located nearby.

It is important to remember about the features of such a room before starting the construction of a bath. All materials used must be environmentally friendly. Equipment and the main elements of the decor must withstand temperature extremes. It is worth remembering that the bath is a place of high humidity.

The center of the room must not be cluttered with heavy objects. All passages must be clear. The room should have thresholds that will protect against drafts. Structures and various metal elements should be avoided. When heated, they can cause significant health damage in the form of burns.

The interior of the recreation room is made only of high quality materials. Do not forget about the aesthetic side. The resting space needs to be decorated beautifully and harmoniously.

In the project, it is important to plan the transition from the rest room to the steam room and the house if the bath is attached to the living space. It is worth considering all the doorways and making a convenient exit to the bathroom. Doors to the vestibule and dressing room must be airtight.

It is important to correctly think over the location of the doors. This will allow you to move around the area without any discomfort to others. In some cases, you can place a small pool or shower in the recreation room.

The arrangement of furniture also has its own characteristics. Most designers propose to arrange it in a circle - the arrangement of the table in the center, and chairs and benches along the walls.

It is important not to forget about the correct thermal insulation and think about functional storage places. For this, racks, bedside tables or hangers on a bar can come in handy.

The lighting in the break room should be calm and relaxing. It is better to use multiple LED bulbs. They will create soft and even light in the room. It is good if there are sconces or a pair of wall lighting fixtures hanging on the walls.


To make your stay in the relaxation room and the steam room enjoyable and comfortable, you need to think over the bath project well. Having a lounge has a lot of advantages. If it becomes difficult for someone to sit in the steam room, then you can calmly relax in a room with a comfortable air temperature.

This is a great place not only to relax after a steam room, but also to hang out with friends.

A large sauna with a barbecue is an excellent solution for a company's leisure time. Such a project implies the presence of not only all the necessary premises, but also a spacious veranda. A bath with an area of ​​72 square meters will accommodate a large number of people. In this case, the veranda can also be used as a summer kitchen.

Buildings with a fireplace and a veranda are becoming fashionable. Such a bath will raise the status of its owners. On the territory of the bath, there must be a barbecue area, a fireplace room, a spacious hall and a washing room. Such a bathhouse can be freely used as a guest house. Due to the large area, guests and hosts will feel comfortable staying in it without disturbing others.

Stone baths with an area of ​​40 square meters are popular. The building has a very neat and presentable appearance. Thanks to the brick walls, such a building will protect it from wind and rain. It will be relevant both in winter and summer. In the summer, the terrace will act as a gazebo where the whole family can comfortably sit. Such a project involves the layout of a bathhouse with a terrace, relaxation room, steam room and sink.

A 6 x 6 square meter timber bath on the second floor can have a balcony, which is an additional resting place in the warm season. There may well be a room with a billiard table, large sofas and a TV.

Bath sizes 3x4 represent an inexpensive option made of wood. Such baths are considered traditional. This one-story bathhouse contains not only a sauna, but also a relaxation room with a soft area and the necessary equipment.

The scheme of a bathhouse measuring 6 by 3 meters from a bar is perfect for lovers of the Russian style. An interesting building with a kitchen, a swimming pool and a terrace will make an unforgettable impression on the guests. The plan of such a building provides for a boiler room with a separate exit.

There is also a one-storey summer cottage, combined with a bath. The area of ​​such a structure is usually 88 square meters. All rooms are separated from each other and arranged in a chain.

For the owners of a large suburban area, an excellent way out will be the construction of a bathhouse with a barbecue area. The building will have a large terrace, living room, bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, storage room and, of course, a steam room.

In a country house with a large plot, you can add some additional elements to the bath project. A brick or timber bathhouse can include an additional bedroom. The veranda can be used both as a recreation area and as a place for preparing food in the summer. An extension for storing various bath accessories is acceptable in the project.

The arrangement of such a summer cottage is a very costly process. But in the end it will definitely pay for itself. It is important to attach all the necessary premises, to think over the heating and heating of the entire structure.

Whatever project is chosen, the main thing is that it meets the tastes of the owners and fits into their budget. The room, depending on the project, can act as a resting place after the steam room, or it can be a full-fledged living room or bedroom.


Independently or with the help of designers, it is important to competently equip the rest room and the bathhouse as a whole. You can divide the relaxation room into useful areas.

The zoning of the premises will depend on its area and the solution of the necessary tasks. Here you can relax after swimming, sit at the table and chat with friends. Such a dressing room performs the function of preparing the body for going out into the street.

After the steam room, it is important to bring the body temperature back to normal, and then go outside.

All kinds of partitions or beams will help to divide the room into functional zones. With a small space, separation can be carried out using light or various kinds of finishing materials. The main thing is that they are all designed in the same style and look harmonious with each other.

This dressing room is a relaxation room. Storage space is also worth considering. Right at the entrance, it is necessary to organize a space for outerwear, towels, hats. For lovers of tea and herbal decoctions, it is worth taking care of a place for preparing and storing tea boxes. It is advisable to allocate space for a first aid kit.

When planning a place for storage, relaxation, dining area, billiard room or fireplace, it is important to adhere to a single interior style and choose high-quality materials.

The ideal solution would be to locate the soft zone and the TV in a small niche or away from the dining room. This will allow, if desired, to retire and relax a little. Ideal if the break room has windows. Then, depending on your mood, you can use daylight or artificial lighting. If there is enough space, it is possible to organize a fireplace corner with a couple of armchairs. This will help create a unique atmosphere of comfort.

A billiard table will fit well between the dining room and the soft area. You can enclose it with small shelves or with an interesting chandelier. At the entrance, it is best to arrange a place for storing things and clothes.

If you have a small space, designers recommend getting by with a table and several benches, as well as a wardrobe.

Finishing materials

Most baths are built of wood. A completely logical solution would be to decorate the interior with wood or clapboard. Sheathing of the latter is a classic type of interior decoration for a bath.

Despite the presence of a large number of modern materials, wood has a number of undeniable advantages. It is environmentally friendly, the material has a positive effect on the human body, natural wood creates an indescribable atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

For the facade, it is ideal to use coniferous wood. It has good resistance to moisture and has a long service life. But for the interior decoration of walls and ceilings, the use of linden, oak and birch is recommended. These deciduous tree species do not emit resin and therefore have a beneficial effect on the human body.

If you have a fireplace or do not want to use wood in the decoration, you can choose an alternative option. They can be ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware. Individual parts of the recreation room can be finished with natural stone.

All interior decoration of the room will depend on the taste preferences of the owners and their financial capabilities. Wall cladding with a block house with a special tint is possible. If you have a spacious room and a good heating and ventilation system, wallpaper can be glued. If desired, it is possible to sheathe the walls with plasterboard or gypsum plasterboard.

Still, most experts recommend using wood, painted wood panels, decorative plaster, brick or ceramic tiles. Wood panels work well on the ceiling.


The design of the relaxation room in the bathhouse should please the owners and reflect their character and habits.

A classic bath made of timber or wooden logs can be decorated in the Russian style. In such an interior, only wooden pieces of furniture are used. As a rule, everything is decorated with intricate carvings. Wooden furniture is varnished or specially aged.

The dishes are used from ceramics or wood. The original and traditional Russian drawing is always applied on it. This design looks a little rough. All colors used in the interior should be close to natural. The availability of many tablecloths, napkins and curtains is relevant. A print in the form of peas or small flowers is often used.

The Russian style implies simplicity in the setting. Such a project will be extremely expensive. Thanks to the use of natural wood and textiles, the environment will be environmentally friendly. To fully match the chosen style, you can install an oven in the room. It should be whitewashed or slightly decorated.

The resting place is best furnished with benches and tables made of natural wood. Embroidered tablecloths and napkins will look very good on them.

You can arrange the space for relaxation in a marine style. The use of ship decor and striped material is relevant. It is desirable that the lighting is very good. Ideally, the project includes the installation of panoramic windows.

When choosing furniture and textiles, it is advisable to choose all shades of blue, blue, yellow and white. Additional elements can be stones, models of ships and pillows on the sofa in the form of sea fish.

For languid, sensual and original people, decorating a bath room in an oriental style will be an interesting solution. This trend is characterized by rich finishes and luxurious furnishings. The oriental style is characterized by rich colors, unique lamps, low tables and an abundance of multi-colored pillows.

Walls may be trimmed with silk fabrics. Tables in the oriental style are very low, the presence of low screens and hookahs abounds.

In the creation of the interior of the rest room in the bath, fireplaces are in great demand. It can be wood-fired or electric. This detail will create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. It is possible to decorate the area next to the fireplace with various materials. The use of wood, tiles and natural stone is allowed.

The modern design of the design of the recreation space is also popular. It has a minimal amount of decor and furniture. The emphasis is on functionality and manufacturability. The color scheme is mostly light with several color accents.


When decorating a rest room, you should know a few basic rules that professional builders and designers adhere to:

  • You should choose a single stylistic solution for the entire bath as a whole. But do not be overly decorated. The whole concept of this place is conducive to relaxation and tranquility. Superfluous details will only distract and irritate.
  • The design option for the premises should be selected taking into account the materials recommended for the bath. They must meet all the necessary characteristics.
  • Linoleum cannot be used for flooring. It is highly flammable and releases substances hazardous to health into the air.
  • There are no strict restrictions on the planning of the break room. It just needs to be cozy and comfortable.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The relaxation room is an integral part of the sauna. Most of the time is spent in this room and the interior must fully correspond to its tasks. Some owners make whole living rooms out of such a room.

It is preferable to design a large lounge in the style of modern classics. It assumes the presence of columns, stucco on the ceiling and various arches. This is a great option for a brick bath. In such an interior, small fountains and a billiard table will be appropriate. For modern classics, heavy curtains on the windows and carved wenge-colored furniture will be appropriate.

Recently, the Scandinavian style has become more and more popular. For lovers of rigor and proportionality, this option is ideal.

The walls in the break room should be painted in neutral and light colors. The furniture is mostly wooden with a few wrought iron details. A pair of color accents will become an obligatory element in such an interior. Knitted blankets will add a cozy atmosphere to the interior. A fireplace and an imitation of the skin of an animal on the floor will become a beautiful element in such a room.

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