Chicken nicknames: a list of popular, original and funny names for roosters and chickens

Chickens and roosters are believed to be animals kept with other livestock in a stable for breeding. And few people know that you can have a chicken as a pet. In recent years, many cartoons about the life of chickens have been released on screens, and keeping exotic animals in the house has become fashionable. Therefore, many children ask their parents for permission to have such an unusual pet as a chicken. And when a young hen or a cockerel appears in the house, the question arises of choosing a nickname.

Selection features

Choosing a name for a chick based on its appearance is considered a mistake for many owners. Rather, the tactics are correct, however, at a young age, a chicken cub may have one color, and change dramatically with age. And then it will be strange to call a white cockerel Ginger.

Therefore, it is worth considering in advance what the pet will become when it grows up. For this, it is important to study the characteristics and appearance of a particular breed.

Differences can also be in weight. For example, a large chicken may get the nickname Giant, but if it is a Hamburg cockerel, then such a "bulky" name will obviously not suit him. Rather, such a bird will be associated with the nicknames Kid, Masik, Trifle, Little. And, conversely, it is undignified for a large hen to have the nickname Tiny. The names Pyshka, Bun, Bun are more suitable for her. Due to the fact that among thoroughbred chickens it is always known what color and size they will reach with age, it is recommended to choose purebred animals for the house. The appearance of a mongrel bird will almost always be a mystery until it grows up.

If the owner has read the information about the characteristics of a particular breed and knows how the pet will look in the future, then you can choose a nickname taking into account the color. For a white bird, names are suitable:

  • Bela;
  • Snow White;
  • Snowball;
  • Marshmallow;
  • Snowball;
  • Ice;
  • Belek.

You can choose a name for black chickens from the following options:

  • Night;
  • Bagheera;
  • Gypsy;
  • Blackie;
  • Imp.

For gray birds, names are suitable:

  • Mouse;
  • Serka;
  • Haze;
  • Cinderella;
  • Cloud;
  • Smoke;
  • Ash;
  • Smokey.

Red and brown pets can be called:

  • Cinnamon;
  • Kashtanka;
  • Brown-haired woman;
  • Zlata;
  • Ryzhulya;
  • Ryzhik;
  • Light;
  • Zheltopusik;
  • Yolk.

When choosing a nickname, you can also be guided by the name of the chicken breed. For example, for a Chinese silk cockerel, Chinese names are suitable, you can even remember the names of famous actors, for example, Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. For a girl of the same breed, the name Chin is suitable.

Try not to use complex, serious names, but keep it a funny and funny nickname.

If a chick is bought for a child, then let him choose a name for a new pet. And the child will like such an activity, and parents need not rack their brains once again.

Do not forget to remember book characters and heroes when choosing a nickname. From a children's fairy tale the name Ryaba comes to mind, and from the cartoon - the desperate chicken Ginger. From the characters of the same cartoon, you can choose a name for the cockerel, for example, Rocky - a cock that can fly. It is not necessary to associate names with birds, you can recall your favorite pop stars: Shakira, Zemfira, Lady Gaga, Nyusha, Dorn, Bilan, Tsoi, Freddie. Chickens quickly become attached to the owner and have a good memory, after a while the pet will begin to respond to its name.

How can you name the roosters?

The most popular name for a young cockerel is Petya. You can give the chick a less common, but the same simple nickname: Vasya, Basya, Kesha, Styopa, Senya. When choosing a nickname, you can recall famous people named Peter, and name a new pet by last name, for example, Tchaikovsky, Ershov, Chaadaev, Stolypin. Consider the character of the cock. If this is a breed that is distinguished by the ability to sing and crow loudly, then the names Gorlopan, Kukareka, Singer, Screamer are suitable for the chick. If this is a fighting cocky bird, then you can call the animal Bandit, Pirate, Bully, Bully, Brawler, Rambo.

Perhaps the domestic cockerel demonstrates the abilities of the mind and intelligence, and then the names Umka, Jack Sparrow, Pythagoras, Newton, Einstein will suit him. For calm and non-conflict boys leading a measured lifestyle, you can choose one of the following options: Sultan, Padishah, Prince, Mattress, Dobryak. List of other interesting names for roosters:

  • Alf, Archie, Ike;
  • Benya, Buba, Boris;
  • Valka, Venya, Willie;
  • Guf, Gray, Harry;
  • Jerry, Jack, Dodo;
  • Jean, Julien, Juzsa;
  • Zuzu, Zak, Zulya;
  • Curchik, Krosh, Kubik;
  • Lucky, Laurie, Larry;
  • Mickey, Kid, Max;
  • Nick, Nafanya, Nils;
  • Glutton, Olaf, Oliver;
  • Ottoman, Steam, Peter;
  • Rostik, Rudik, Ralph;
  • Skye, Samurai, Sam;
  • Tosha, Tolik, Tuzik;
  • Filya, Fufel, Funtik;
  • Bouncer, Hasya, Hines;
  • Tsypa, Caesar, Cicero;
  • Chip, Chuk, Chupa-Chups;
  • Shusha, Shushik, Sharm;
  • Yuppie, Junga, Julius;
  • Yasha, Yayka, Yan.

List of names for chickens

Girls birds differ from cockerels in a more docile and modest character. They usually walk around the yard imposingly, leisurely looking for edible items, and peacefully react to any changes. Therefore, the names Sonya, Tyutya, Dumka, Dushka are suitable for women. There are bullies among the chickens, such scandalous ladies will suit the nicknames Bully, Thunderstorm, Blizzard, Angry, Bullet.

Owners often call their feathered pets by the name of their favorite fruits and vegetables: Turnip, Peach, Cherry, Plum.

Do not forget about confectionery: Toffee, Caramel, Marmalade, Izumka.

And although the chicken, which they choose the name, is grown up as a home favorite, you can slightly cheese it up and call it a “meat” name: Cutlet, Sausage, Pizza, Pelmeshka. The bird will not be offended by such a nickname, but guests who hear the pet's nickname will have fun.

You can come up with a nickname by the name of your favorite car brand or model: Mazda, Kia, Lada, Honda, Skoda, Vesta, Volga, Elantra. An alphabetical list of example names for a chicken:

  • Aya, Aurora, Aria;
  • Lady, Bella, Busya;
  • Vita, Vera, Vanga;
  • Gita, Ganna, Gela;
  • Dasia, Dusya, Diana;
  • Jacqueline, Janet, Jeanne;
  • Zina, Zosia, Zara;
  • Iskra, Inga, Irma;
  • Coco, Kasia, Clara;
  • Lily, Lola, Laska;
  • Molly, Mary, Masha;
  • Nika, Nana, Notka;
  • Ollie, Olivia, Omega;
  • Peppa, Peggy, Polly;
  • Rose, Raya, Rada;
  • Sima, Sally, Sarah;
  • Mystery, Tina, Tomka;
  • Flora, Fairy, Fifa;
  • Hannah, Chloe, Helena;
  • Chucha, Chika, Chara;
  • Shusha, Chanel, Sheri;
  • Eureka, Elya, Erica;
  • Yucca, Yulka, Juno;
  • Yara, Yaza, Yanka.

Examples of nicknames for chickens and roosters in the next video.