Decorating a garage (77 photos): DIY wall design, how to sheathe inside and outside, original and profitable interior design, how to finish cheap

Having a garage, it is important to keep it in such a way that there is always order and comfort in it. This will help you easily find any thing in it and use it for its intended purpose. Having made a good finish of the garage, both inside and outside, you can be sure that the car and all the contents of this building will be reliably preserved, which is difficult to achieve in inappropriate conditions.

Types of construction

Many owners of private houses are thinking about building a garage if it is not there initially. Residents of multi-storey apartments will be a little more difficult with this, because for such a number of residents it is difficult to allocate a place for a house for a car to each, and not everyone has one.

A good option would be to organize a garage in the country, especially if you spend a lot of time there.

To know what exactly is best to build, you need to clearly understand what type of structure is best suited for a particular home. It is believed that the most successful option is a built-in garage, which is a single building with the house. It is easy to bring light, water into it and it is much more convenient to use it, but there are also disadvantages here. Due to the arrival and departure of the car, exhaust gases are emitted in this room, which enter the house. This in itself is of little use, but there are also people who are especially sensitive to odors.

The way out of the situation can be considered a good exhaust hood or ventilation, but it can be noisy, which will create discomfort, or ineffective, and money and time will simply be wasted on its installation. In this regard, in houses where they live permanently, they try not to build a house with a built-in garage.

Another type is the garage under the house. This is a rarely used option due to the risk of fire. In addition, the cost of erecting such a building will be approximately equal to a residential building, which is completely unprofitable.

You can make an extension to the house so that you can use one of its walls for a garage, but at the same time not combine it with a residential building. This option will make it easy to carry out all communications and not harm the household with harmful fumes from the garage. Basically, he builds separately, only uses one wall of the house.

You can build a garage space separately from the house. This is done if the extension is impossible or the location of the house does not allow you to conveniently and quickly get into the garage. A free-standing room can be made of different materials. The simplest will be a metal garage, it can sometimes be purchased ready-made and simply installed on a prepared foundation. In addition, you can build it from brick or cinder block so that the building is capital.

A metal garage can also be lined with masonry to be able to insulate it, or maybe add a second floor. With brick options it will be easier, they are initially ready for the fact that you can add a meter of masonry to them, install a roof and there will be a second floor in the form of an attic room, which can be used as a storage room, warehouse or corner of the owner of the house himself.

There are reinforced concrete garages that can be assembled in a couple of hours with good company and skills; it is also possible to disassemble it and move it to a new location.

The buildings, finished with metal sheets, are easy to install, but they are very cold in the winter season. In addition, it can be easily broken and there is a high fire hazard. If you build a building from a profiled sheet, then its cost and simplicity of construction will be a positive moment, and the cold in winter will be a minus.

Sandwich panels that can be easily assembled, frost-resistant, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly are a great option for building a motorhome.

A wooden garage is considered a budget option, but it is environmentally friendly and durable. He also has significant disadvantages - he is afraid of moisture and fire, and also strongly absorbs odors.

You can build a polycarbonate garage , which looks great in skilled hands, is lightweight, has good heat and sound insulation, does not burn, is durable and wear-resistant. Of the minuses, one can only note the possibility of its hacking.

As for the designs of garages, the following options are distinguished:

  • frame rooms - made of wood;
  • collapsible - made of metal;
  • garages-shells and garages - pencil cases - small rooms exclusively for the car;
  • awning structures;
  • building from a sea container.


When planning the finishing of an already finished garage, it is important to choose the right materials.

If the question is about internal work, the main indicators on which you will need to rely are:

  • refractoriness;
  • resistance to chemically active substances;
  • lack of ability to absorb dissimilar odors;
  • easy cleansing from dirt;
  • strength.

For external work, completely different materials will be required. Their properties will be radically different from those used inside the garage:

  • high degree of moisture resistance;
  • resistance to surface abrasion;
  • resistance to ultraviolet rays and strong temperature changes;
  • frost resistance;
  • strength and durability.

Depending on what kind of room you need to get in the end, materials will be selected for finishing the garage, both inside and outside. For external work, you can use plaster, siding, lining, corrugated board, decorative stone.

Inside, to give comfort, coziness and practicality, you can use tiles, clinker tiles, wood, plastic panels and more.

If the garage will serve as a home for a car and a workshop for the owner. It is best to insulate it in order to be comfortable in it at any time of the year. In the event that the car is rarely used, and the garage does not open much more often, you can not bother too much in finishing this room, without spending extra money on it.

For heated

If the garage will serve as a workshop, where some work will often be carried out, it is best to think over a heating system in it. In order for the inner walls to react normally to changing climatic conditions and temperature changes, it is necessary to choose the right materials for finishing the room.

The simplest and most convenient option would be to use drywall, with the help of which it will be possible to quickly and efficiently do all the internal work. After the installation is completed, the surface is putty and then painted.

GKL has positive aspects, which include:

  • light weight;
  • ease of installation;
  • absence of a large amount of garbage during work;
  • low price for materials and work;
  • material flexibility and the ability to create unusual designs;
  • the ability to use it to create partitions for the convenience of work;
  • the ability to use any decorative finish that can be applied to the material.

Of the minuses, only a weak impact resistance can be distinguished. It can be compensated by covering the surface with tiles. For garages with insulation, installation is carried out only on the frame so that all the necessary pipes and wires can be placed behind it. You can also use drywall for the ceiling to get a beautiful and even surface. In this case, a frame is also created and all wires are routed along it.

    Another option for the material with which you can decorate the room can be tiles. It is best to use a special clinker or porcelain stoneware options, but you can also take simple ceramics. The tiled garage is aesthetically pleasing, warm, clean and durable. This material is suitable for brick rooms, which, after leveling the surface, can be tiled.

    Among the disadvantages, one can note the large weight of the material and its high cost.

    This material is waterproof and fireproof, so you don't have to worry about safety. In a room where the floor and walls have such a coating, it is easy and convenient to clean it both by dry method and to do wet cleaning.

    One of the environmentally friendly and beautiful options for finishing the garage is clapboard. It can have its natural color, or be painted, depending on the preferences of the owner.

    Wood upholstery has several advantages:

    • frost resistance;
    • low probability of fire due to fire retardants;
    • resistance to mechanical stress;
    • long service life;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • a variety of colors when painting, a large selection of textures.

    But there are also disadvantages, among which are hygroscopicity, which leads to the appearance of mold, the possibility of influencing the coating of insects, problematic removal of stains from fuel, flammability of materials, and a short duration of operation.

    Plastic panels are considered a very convenient option for finishing the garage. It is quite easy to use PVC panels, but it is important to choose the right one. For a garage, it is recommended to use material for facades or a special garage type.

    The positive features of such material can be considered:

    • ease of cleaning;
    • light weight;
    • low level of hygroscopicity;
    • resistance to temperature extremes;
    • aesthetic appearance;
    • do not need additional facing work;
    • high degree of strength;
    • ease of replacement of a single element in case of damage;
    • affordable price;
    • ease of installation for a non-professional.

    The disadvantages of this material when used in a garage can be considered flammability and fragility if exposed to very low temperatures.

    As for the iron garage, the most successful option for giving it a beautiful look is to use corrugated board. They can be used for finishing both outside and inside the premises. Working with a professional sheet is quite simple and convenient, and the process of work will not take too much time.

    For unheated

    In order for an unheated garage to give the impression of a good, solid space, it is important to use the right materials for its decoration. The easiest way is to sheathe the walls of OSB with plates, which are easy enough to mount, and for the final finishing, putty and paint in any color.

    The use of lining is possible indoors and of this type. It is important to remember that moisture is unacceptable for its use, and all other conditions do not interfere with decorating the space with clapboard and planning it as necessary.

    The simplest finishing option for an unheated garage would be siding.

    This material is very popular due to its low cost and ease of installation. Even a novice master can decorate a garage with siding, it is only important to do the work slowly and carefully. On the positive side, one can note the high strength of the material, resistance to temperature extremes, fire safety, and resistance to chemicals.

    In a brick garage, you do not need to use any additional materials. It will be enough just to putty it and paint it in any color. You can use any technique for decorating space, different colors, textures and materials. In this case, everything will be appropriate, and the result will exceed all expectations.

    Finishing features

    Choosing the right materials is important for decorating your garage. They should not easily ignite, absorb moisture, and be fragile. It is important to have a garage where you can comfortably carry out any work, for this its walls and floor should be easy to clean and not absorb dirt. It is especially important to place a firm covering on the floor so that it does not crack under the weight of the machine.

    An important detail is the choice of the color of the room. White and light colors are considered not very suitable, because they will immediately show where there are stains, dirt and dust, and this cannot be avoided in the garage. It is important to choose the right color scheme so that it is pleasant to work and just to be in the room.

    It is important to use durable materials for walls, especially if a large number of shelves and racks for tools are supposed to be hung on them. When carrying out finishing work inside, it is necessary to use only wet plaster, because it allows you to end up with a durable material. Its important property is the ability not to burn, which increases the safety of the machine and its owner.

    To prolong the life of the plaster, it must be painted. Correctly selected paint for interior decoration will help create coziness in the room and protect its walls from destruction, which will increase the operation of the garage for many years.

    As for external work, it is also important for them to use suitable materials that will protect the entire building from weather conditions and will not allow them to affect the microclimate inside.

    Using various techniques, you can create very beautiful and functional rooms that will delight the eye for many years.

    Outer cover

    In order for the garage to have not only a beautiful appearance from the outside, but also to be safe, you need to use only non-combustible, wear-resistant, moisture-proof materials for its decoration, which will protect it from the sun and ultraviolet rays. The type of material that needs to be used in one case or another depends on the material of the garage itself.

    The use of plaster is suitable for walls made of bricks , aerated concrete or concrete blocks. For outdoor decoration, cement-sand mortar is best suited. In addition, you can use more expensive acrylic and silicone mixtures.

    Siding is an option with which you can cheaply sheathe a garage and get a good result. Its downside is its low color fastness. When exposed to low temperatures, it acquires a brittle structure and can easily break. Due to these circumstances, its use is possible only in warm regions. Its advantage is the ease of installation, which makes it possible to do all the work on your own and not resort to the help of specialists. This option is suitable for any walls other than those made of metal.

    Decorating with decorative brick or stone looks good on capital buildings and gives them an aesthetic look. Working with such material requires a lot of time and effort. The cost of such bricks is quite high and not everyone can afford it.

    Garage interior

    Having a garage, it is important to think about its appearance and internal content. If there are too few funds, you can do with cosmetic repairs and just keep it in order. In the case when there is a desire to create something interesting and unusual, you can think about interesting options for the interior of the room.

    To accomplish such a task, you can use the services of a specialist or try to do everything yourself. A professional will be able to help you quickly find the optimal solution for a particular room.

    The outside of the garage does not reflect in any way what is happening from the inside. It is not so important to create an attractive image of the outer walls, how much to arrange the workspace, where the car and the owner's corner will be located. Interior decoration of the garage is one of the main places in the repair work with this room.

    It is important to choose the right furniture, place it successfully and fill the room with only the necessary things.

    For the improvement of the garage, it is better to purchase specialized garage furniture, which is made of metal and is not afraid of fire, in addition, it provides a variety of shelves, drawers and cabinets, in which it is very convenient to contain all the necessary inventory.

    It is important to pay attention to the canvas, which should be even and monochromatic. For him, the main purpose will be the supply of lighting, although if you wish, you can attach some kind of suspended structures to it and place tools or necessary things in them.

    It is advisable to make the floor them durable tiles, because this material can be combined and create unique design moves, for example, a plain floor with several accent spots in the form of squares of a different color, which continue on the wall with a small strip of the same color or are supported by the color of furniture.

    The walls are decorated with light, but not white tones, so that there is no need to constantly wash them. Gray tones and any other calm shades are best suited, to which a few bright spots are added to give an original look.

    Garage design is a personal matter, so it is important to achieve harmony between external and internal space. Depending on the purpose of this room, you can lay an area for sports and recreation in it, carefully placing bicycles, balls, rackets and other equipment in it; an area for country things, where a rake, a shovel, a hoe and everything that is needed in the garden will be located. It is best to provide convenient storage space for everything that will fit in the garage, so that it resembles a rationally planned office, and not a dump of things that are not needed in daily use.

    Organization examples

    Making a dream garage with your own hands takes time to prepare. It is necessary to decide exactly what and where will stand, in what part the car will be, and where to locate the working area. Only after this comes the stage at which the design of the future room is selected and its implementation is carried out step by step.

    In order to accommodate a wide variety of tools, it is best to install a large number of storage systems in your garage.

    Floor stands will be able to accommodate massive and bulky inventory. In hanging bedside tables, you can place all the tools necessary for work: a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, a drill and drills for it, containers with nails, screws, nuts and bolts. For agricultural implements and other large items, large cabinets are installed. All furniture must be metal.

    The color of the garage itself and the furniture is the same and is designed in a gray theme. A variety of halftones are used to create an interesting design. The gray floor has a light gray stripe, the light walls have a contrasting work area made to look like a checkerboard, the front facades of the furniture set off the sides and framing of each of its elements.

    For those cases when the garage is made not so much for work as as a place for storing transport, then the style in it will be minimalistic. Light walls are complemented by a light ceiling in the same finishing material. Such severity is diluted by the floor on which drawings related to the road, zebra markings, traffic signs are applied. Bicycle racks are installed on the wall so that they are always in place and do not interfere with the entry and exit of the car. For storing various little things, one cabinet is used, which, if necessary, can be supplemented with some other piece of furniture.

    When the garage room is not used entirely for its intended purpose, then its design will be completely different. For music lovers, you can organize a rehearsal room in it, while not disturbing the rest of the residents of the house with loud music. In this case, the floor can be lined with laminate, it can be in a dark color, and the walls are finished with brick. This option will best convey the spirit of the room and will contribute to the creative atmosphere in it. To partially convey the mood of the garage, you can use a stylized car sofa and place several wheels next to it, which will serve as an excellent replacement for chairs if you put something soft on top.

    The external design of the premises is no less important than the internal one. When making a joint garage with a house, it is best to keep them in one stylistic concept, so that the building turns out to be logical and does not cut the eye with a motley variety of styles. If a house with a garage is being built at the same time, this is an ideal option to make both objects of the correct and original shape.

    Smooth textures of the house are repeated in the garage, the colors of each of the objects are similar, together they form a single image.

    Useful Tips

    If a garage is being built and designed for the first car of a young car enthusiast, then it is best to place the tires in a row in front of the car on the far wall. This will help keep the vehicle from accidentally hitting a wall or work area. Driving into the garage, the young driver will be able to learn how to calculate the distance while parking and installing his vehicle.

    In the garage, the most appropriate storage solution for all things will be wall shelves, shelves and cabinets, in which you can easily place everything that needs to be hidden. Leaving something on the floor is dangerous for both the car and the driver.

    When choosing finishing materials for interior decoration, the first thing to look for is ease of cleaning. Tidying up your garage is quick and easy. In addition, attention is paid to the safety of all finishing materials. They should not be easily flammable, it is best that their composition is environmentally friendly, or at least does not emit harmful substances and do not absorb them.

    When finishing the finishing and design of the garage, it is important not to forget about the simplest safety measures that must be taken into account. The simplest items that should be readily available are a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. In case of any problems, they will help you to quickly resolve any not complicated issue.

      The storage system must be large enough to easily fit everything that will be in the garage. The basement of the garage can form the second floor if you think over its layout in advance and make the walls a little higher. Thus, you can divide the area of ​​the car and the workshop. Under the garage, in addition to the viewing hole, there may also be a cellar. If there is no separate basement, then it can be organized right under the garage in order to save space and place everything that needs to be removed from the house and garage within the framework of this space.

      For an overview of the interior decoration of the garage, see the following video.