A canopy for grapes (21 photos): how to make grape structures from metal and a profile pipe with your own hands

All owners of summer cottages and country houses want to make their site as comfortable as possible. To do this, they erect gazebos, install various decor items, create flower beds. Fountains and waterfalls always impress guests.

If you decide to refine your summer cottage, then first of all you need to take care of the grape shed. Here you can have a picnic, play with children or relax with guests.

Types of awnings

Making a canopy for a vineyard with your own hands is a very good idea.

Below we will look at all the structures that can be built for climbing plants.

  • Metal structures are very strong structures that are assembled by welding. Here you can grow a large number of grapes for sale on the market or make homemade wine from these berries.
  • Hanging arches are arched products that will create shade in your country house yard.
  • Structures made of metal and wire are the simplest structures. In this option, supports are installed in the ground, an aluminum wire is pulled between them, along which the vine will trail.
  • Gazebos - here you can relax with guests and treat yourself to ripe grapes.

Each owner will be able to create any of these designs with his own hands. The main thing is to have imagination and basic skills in working with construction devices.

Materials for work and marking of the territory

In order to create a vine shed, we need a hammer drill, a construction tape, long pipes, sand and cement.

Before you start measuring the area, you need to plan the width in advance. If the vineyard will be located close to the house, then it is desirable that it was near the veranda.

Try to make the structure not very high, otherwise your grapes will grow for a very long time, giving less fruit.

Installation rules

Wire metal structure

The most budgetary attachment is considered a canopy made of pipes and wire.

It is very simple to do it, just follow the points below.

  • First of all, metal-profile piles are fastened with a square cut. The supports are fixed to concrete or buried deeper into the ground. The average spacing between the supports is two to three meters, the height of the structure is 3 meters.
  • The roof for the vineyard is made of a metal profile, which must be secured with several screws.
  • Between the supports, you need to pull the wire to the very top. The approximate distance between them is half a meter.
  • The grape bushes should be planted along the wire row. After a while, the vine itself will begin to grow in the right direction.
  • Many owners attach the opposite side of the structure close to the house, but experts do not advise fixing the beams to the load-bearing wall. After a few years, your vineyard can ruin all the plaster.

Welding structures

A metal frame for a vineyard, created by welding, is considered the most reliable structure that will serve you for a very long time.

However, it is quite difficult to create such a structure. This disadvantage is made up for by the durability of the structure.

A metal canopy is created using iron shaped pipes of different diameters, the choice of section depends on the desire of the owner of the site. The pipes are welded into a solid frame.

Let's take a look below the rules that should be followed when creating a welded structure.

  • The canopy support is fixed in the ground by concreting, which guarantees the reliability of this solution.
  • If you resort to lintels between the support piles, you can additionally secure the entire structure.
  • Before welding, all pipes, supports and other elements must be coated with a special anti-corrosion agent to avoid rust after rains.
  • The roof can be left open, no need to be afraid of the sun. After the grapes grow, they will create a shadow for you. However, if you are afraid of rain, then the roof can be made of polycarbonate. Since it is transparent, your plant will also receive the right amount of sunlight.

At the request of the homeowner, such a structure can be easily decorated with any wrought iron design elements, which will give your shed additional appeal.

Arched awnings

If we talk about attractiveness, arched canopies for grapes will be a great addition to any country house design.

You can also build them yourself.

  • At the very beginning, a columnar foundation is created, on which the support elements are subsequently fixed.
  • To create an archway, you need to weld together a semicircular arc and iron piles anchored in the ground.
  • The supports must be of the same length. They are installed at an equal depth, parallel to each other, so that your canopy does not turn out to be crooked.

Some specialists can make such a structure from wood.


Relaxing in a gazebo entwined with a vine is a good option for spending time in the courtyard of a country house.

You can create such a canopy with your own hands or buy a ready-made one on the market.

The metal frame for this structure can be made of either metal or wood. The most common canopy shapes are polygons or circles.

Below we will consider the stages of building such a gazebo.

  • At the very beginning, you need to measure the site.
  • Next, we remove the top layer of soil.
  • After marking the territory, you need to dig several holes to install the supports.
  • Side piles are installed and concreted.
  • The vertical posts are connected to each other using a metal profile or wooden planks. It all depends on the type of your structure.
  • The roof of the vineyard can be made both acute-angled and round. It all depends on the imagination of the homeowner. Alternatively, instead of a roof, you can stretch several layers of wire over which your vineyard will wind.

If your structure is metal, then it must be coated with a special anti-corrosion agent. For wood variants, a wood coating primer is available on the market.

Landing subtleties

The grapes need to be planted at a distance of 25 cm from the structure, so that its fruits subsequently ripen safely. The approximate depth of the pits is 50 cm, with an interval of about 80 cm between them.

When disembarking, try to follow the steps below:

  • the first layer is poured 15 cm of sand or small stones;
  • mineral fertilizer is added to the ground;
  • the resulting mixture is filled in half of the well;
  • the cutting is planted at a slight angle (not perpendicular);
  • the hole is buried, and the cutting is watered moderately;
  • the resulting seedling is tied with a rope to the bottom of the hinged structure.

Additional extensions to the house

It doesn't matter what you choose - a gazebo or a welding shed, it is important that it is located near the veranda or above the entrance to the house.

Before building this structure, you need to calculate in advance how much materials you need. The easiest solution is to bring the plane of the gazebo to the roof of a residential building.

If you are making a welding shed, then you can combine it with a veranda or hang a summer children's swing.

The vineyard should preferably be located on the southern side of the site, otherwise your plant will not bear fruit.

Suitable varieties

    Not all owners of suburban areas know that not every grape is suitable for a canopy. The choice of grape variety should be very careful.

    For Russia, it is recommended to plant frost-resistant varieties, for example, "Concord" or "Isabella". These options are not afraid of either coolness or direct sunlight, and do not require any special personal care.

    For the principles of forming grape bushes for growing on a gazebo, see the next video.