Gates made of corrugated board (50 photos): how to make a fence with a gate from a metal profile and a professional sheet with your own hands

Decking and profiled light metal pipes are cheap materials that allow you to create beautiful and durable fences in your suburban area. Unusual design ideas for gates and wickets made of profiled sheet will make the exterior more original. Their installation, depending on the complexity of the project, can take several days; in the simplest case, it can be done in a day.


Decking is a thin metal sheet with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.8 mm, and the profile has a ribbed structure. The metal can be galvanized, coated with a powder or polymer layer of various colors.

There are the following types of professional sheet:

  • roofing;
  • wall;
  • universal.

For facing the fence and gates in the country, it is best to use the last two types.

Each grade of corrugated board has letter and number marking. For fences, sheets with the designation C are suitable. The numerical value after the letter indicates the height of the rib in mm. For example, C18 is a wall profiled sheet with an edge height of 18 mm. The larger this value, the stiffer the sheet, therefore, the structure will be more stable. For a strong fence and gate, it is worth taking grades C10-C20 with a thickness of at least 0.5 mm.

The frame of the gate and wicket is made of galvanized metal pipes. It is best to take them with a rectangular profile. The most successful solution is metal slats 60 x 40 mm with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. Sash schemes may be different, but in any case, in addition to the frame itself, it is necessary to additionally install transverse or inclined stiffeners. For them, 40 x 20 mm profiles with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm are taken.

Many people choose the design of the gate made of profiled sheet for giving.

This solution has several advantages:

  • ease of manufacture and installation;
  • low material cost;
  • due to the low weight of the corrugated board, the gate is less loaded, it is easier to open it;
  • it is possible to make automatic opening using an electric drive;
  • galvanized metal is not subject to deformation, the action of harmful natural factors.

The most important advantage of swing gates made of profiled sheet with a wicket is that, due to the simplicity of material processing, it is possible to make original designs of any size.


To make the simplest construction of a gate from a profiled sheet, you will need 2 swinging leaves on a solid base. As a support on which they are attached with hinges, it is necessary to use steel pipes - rectangular, round or T-shaped, which go deep into the ground with pouring a concrete foundation. The goal frame can be with or without an upper horizontal bar. In the first case, the entire frame will turn out to be more rigid, but then there will be a height restriction and tall cars will not be able to enter the yard.

The gate leaves, in addition to the frame itself, have jumpers to make them more rigid. They can be located horizontally, obliquely or crosswise, which scheme to make depends on the preferences of the owner. The main thing is that there are enough of them for a rigid structure, for example, at a height of 2 m, it is enough to install a pair of horizontal jumpers at the same distance from the edges of the frame.

The base on which the frame of the door made of corrugated board is attached can be made in the form of massive pillars made of facing bricks, concrete or rubble. In this case, the whole structure takes on a completely different impressive look and becomes much stronger. And the profiled sheet is combined with almost any building material.

A metal lock for such double-leaf gates is installed on the inside at the bottom of the leaves. It is designed to fix the gate in the closed position.

After installing the entire structure, it is worth making grooves on the ground for its rods.

The swing lock can be selected from several options. The simplest type is a metal bolt, which can be found in any hardware store or made by yourself from scrap materials. Another way to securely close is a sliding lock made of hinges and a galvanized latch with handle. If you don't want to be smart, then you can simply weld two hinges to the doors from the inside and hang a suitable padlock on them.

An interesting solution would be the project of a car gate with a built-in wicket. This design will save space for the opening in the fence, but the frame will have a more complex appearance. For the wicket frame in one of the doors it is necessary to make additional vertical jumpers, it is worthwhile to create a detailed drawing with dimensions in advance and calculate the entire load.

Single- leaf swing gates for a car are rarely made: one large leaf has too much load. And it's more difficult to open them, so it's better to use the traditional option.

Original ideas of sliding car doors made of galvanized profiles, which move in a vertical plane along the fence to open and close. The difficulty lies in the fact that for them you need to install guide rails and weld rollers for movement, and use springs or shock absorbers for a soft move. But it will be easy to open them, they save free space.

Sliding gates are notable for the fact that they are easier to make automatic than swing gates. It is enough to mount the electric drive and connect it to the moving mechanism. Work can be provided with a completely remote option and open / close the gate without leaving the car, which is especially convenient in bad weather.

The advantage of sliding gates is that one leaf is enough for them. You just need to weld the frame from a metal profile, add stiffeners and sheathe the frame with a professional sheet.

You can create a nice structure of a gate made of a profiled sheet by hanging a small roof or an arch from the same material above them. In addition to beauty, it will also be useful - to protect the lock, constipation and other metal parts from rain.


You can make an entrance gate at the cottage according to an unusual project with your own hands. There are various drawings and diagrams with dimensions for any personal plot, you just need to stock up on materials and do some simple work.

For manufacturing you need the following tools:

  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver;
  • tape measure, pencil, level;
  • brush for priming and painting.

As materials, you need to stock up on the required amount of metal profiles, profiled sheets, screws and bolts. If a fence made of this material has already been installed around the site, then the corrugated board for the gate is chosen in the same color. It is necessary to select suitable hinges that can withstand the weight of the future gate, lock and bolts. If the design has a built-in wicket, then the bolt with hinges is also selected under it.

First of all, pieces are cut from the metal profile with a grinder, then a frame for the sashes is assembled on a flat surface. At first, the corners are lightly tacked by welding, then they are rechecked for height, length and diagonal. Jumpers are welded inside the frame for rigidity, then, if necessary, hinges, locks, and locks. After the frame is ready, it is covered with an anti-corrosion solution, primed and painted. After assembling the main part, the remaining structures are attached: the roof, arched openings, decorative elements.

If steel pipes are used for the installation of gate supports, then they must be buried to a depth sufficient to support the weight of the entire structure.

Although the profiled sheet is not such a heavy material, for a sash height of 2 m, it is necessary to deepen the supports by at least 0.7 m into the ground. For each, a hole is pulled out with dimensions of 200 by 200 mm, after the pipes are placed in it, it is poured with concrete. The solution should be reinforced with fittings.

For gate supports made of brick, concrete or natural stone, it is also worth using a reliable foundation with a depth of at least 1.5 m. Particular attention should be paid to observing the vertical level of all pillars. In general, when installing the gate, it is necessary to reliably double-check all sizes and positions; this primarily determines how easily they will open.


The most reasonable option is to simultaneously build a fence and a gate with a wicket for a private house. Firstly, it is possible to calculate and buy the required amount of the same profile sheet both by marking and by color. Secondly, you can immediately imagine and implement a single project where the fence and the gate are harmoniously combined. Therefore, there is no need to postpone the construction of these two important elements of the suburban area.

Usually, sheathing with corrugated board is made from the outside of the suburban area , but some, for beauty, install it from the side of the house. The sheets can have a height of 2 to 2.5 m, they are different in length, it is possible to choose one so that it captures the gate leaf in its entire width. Profiled sheets are attached to the frame with self-tapping screws for metal or rivets, there are even special fasteners with hats to match the color of the coating: brown, green, blue. It is best to use self-tapping screws, as they prevent moisture penetration, so over time, the sheets at the attachment points will not have rusty smudges.

Finishing the door frame with profiled sheets is quite simple. First, they are attached along the contour, then they are screwed to the internal jumpers. Two sheets are connected to each other on the crest - the upper part of the wave.

If pillars made of massive wooden beams are chosen for the gate supports, then the hinges or iron frame must be installed using bolts or anchors for wood with a length of 125 - 220 mm.

The hinges are welded first to the support posts of the gate made of corrugated board, then to their frame at a distance of 20-30 cm from the edge. A couple of pieces are enough for each sash, but for reinforcement, 3 pieces are often hung. Then the hinges are lubricated and the sashes are hung on the supports. If all standards are followed carefully, then the gate is ready for use.

After installing the gate, you can maximally equip and ennoble the surrounding area: install lighting, alarm systems, if needed, equip the moving part with automation.

Useful Tips

For reliability and durability, it is worth choosing powder-coated profile sheets. They are more expensive, but more resistant to external influences on the street. The polymer coated metal profile is good because it has many different colors. If there is already a fence around the summer cottage, then it is possible to choose the most suitable color for the gate.

Experienced craftsmen recommend taking profile welded pipes 80 by 80 mm for posts , their thickness should be at least 3 mm. For gate leaves and lintels, items 60 by 40, 40 by 20 and 20 by 20 mm are taken. The wall thickness can be 2 mm, but for beginners it is better to use 3 mm pipes as they are easier to cook.

Before assembling the gate and installing it, we do the necessary preparation of the material: the surface is cleaned from rust with a grinder with a special nozzle or a metal brush, then it is primed with an anti-corrosion primer and painted. It is better to paint in 2 layers, after the first has dried, apply the second one and let it dry again before further work.

In addition to internal transverse or inclined lintels, the sash can be reinforced with special corners.

To do this, small metal strips 3-4 cm wide are welded into each corner of the frame. So the structure becomes more rigid, does not "walk" and does not make noise in strong winds.

Swing gates with a profiled sheet must be made in such a way that they have enough space for a complete opening. Since they usually open outward, it must be taken into account that there is a flat area in front of them, separated from the carriageway. If there is very little space, then usually it is necessary to make sliding or lifting gates, sash opening inward, which is not very convenient.

To prepare pits for metal supports, it is better to take a garden drill , since the use of a shovel increases the consumption of mortar under the foundation. The diameter of the pit should be 2 times the cross-section of the column, and the depth should be at least a third of its height.

A mixture of sand and crushed stone with a thickness of 150-300 mm is first poured into the recess for the supports. This pillow is designed for the outflow of water and greater stability of the soil in frost. Then concrete is poured into the pit, which can be reinforced with reinforcing rods at a distance of 30-40 cm. The recess must be concreted gradually, constantly holding the support while checking the level. In warm dry weather at a temperature of at least 10 degrees, the solution sets in 5 - 6 days.

To save space and simplify work, a built-in wicket is often installed in such gates. It can be located closer to one of the bearing pillars or to the center, it all depends on the preferences of the owners and ease of use. In order for the wicket to blend harmoniously into the surrounding gates, it is necessary to select the profile fragments correctly and carefully join them.

The easiest way is to make a built-in wicket the same height as the gate. If it is below their sash, then it becomes necessary to cut another frame inside.

Beautiful options

It is worth considering several beautiful options for gates from a professional sheet in summer cottages. It is quite easy to make them yourself, with a little imagination and experience in construction work. You just need to stock up on tools and materials.

  • Rectangular sheets of metal profiles can be supplemented with curly elements of artistic forging with simple patterns. So the gate at the summer cottage will take on a bizarre shape. In this case, the installation of the entire structure will not be much complicated.
  • There is no particular difficulty in installing a car gate with a wicket on one level. Simple structural elements can be assembled in 2 days and used comfortably for many years.
  • The built-in wicket can be lower than the gate itself. But it is very convenient to use it. The retractable sash structure made of profiled sheet allows you to save free space.
  • An elegant and refined combination of colored corrugated board and openwork metal details. This decorative design can impress others.
  • A metal profile with a colored polymer coating can have the most bizarre appearance. For example, a rustic-style half-log gate. It is remarkable that they look like real wood.
  • The simple design of a single-leaf sliding gate with a separate wicket door can be very stylish, especially if it blends in well with the surrounding fence and the roof of the building behind it.
  • Small double-leaf gate with the simplest design that automatically opens inward. Despite their primitiveness, they stylishly fit into the surrounding landscape with a fence.

You can see how to attach corrugated board to the gate frame in the next video.