Sauna decoration (61 photos): design inside the bath, interior of the relaxation room, materials for interior decoration and wall decoration with stone

Sauna decoration: design ideas

    Regular use of the sauna brings a boost of vivacity and health. Increasingly, the owners of personal plots take into account the construction of a sauna or bath when planning the area. The size of this structure depends on the wishes and capabilities of the owner. Apartment saunas occupy a minimum of area, country saunas can be accommodated on two floors with a terrace. Consider various options for arranging a home sauna.

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    The dry steam of the sauna heats up to 100-110 degrees Celsius, it is contraindicated to stay there for a long time, therefore, long breaks of 25 - 30 minutes are required between entering the steam room. To fulfill all the recommendations for taking a sauna, the following premises are required: steam room, shower or pool and a relaxation room. Each of these premises has its own decoration features. The size of these rooms can also vary. The location of the sauna as a separate building or cabin in a city apartment influences the choice of design.

    A sauna in a city apartment is a miniature steam room , made according to all the canons of a steam room, but heated by electricity. There is no need to install a chimney, the whole room is occupied only by benches. A shower bar is located in the immediate vicinity. The whole complex occupies no more than a couple of meters of area. The material for finishing the sauna in the apartment is chosen light so that the load on the supporting structures of the house does not change. High demands are placed on environmental performance - in a small area it is easier to afford finishing with linden or cedar, which are considered the best types of wood for saunas.

    Sauna in a separate building made of bricks, aerated concrete or logs or built into a private mansion allows you to equip a complex of spacious rooms. The choice of finishing materials is expanding, since a separate calculation of the supporting structures is made for a separate bath, taking into account the finishing. In the room there is a solid fuel or gas stove with a chimney, which is an element of the overall design. The shower room or pool also affects the visual perception of the object. The relaxation room is furnished with furniture, sofas, armchairs, a massage table or accessories for beauty treatments.

    Each of these rooms should have its own temperature and humidity conditions. This should be taken into account when choosing a finish. There are options for a single design of the entire complex with the same finishing material, for example, tiles. It is still better to choose the covering of walls, floors and ceilings in different functional areas according to technical parameters, but in the same style.

    The inner lining must be resistant to high humidity, non-flammable and not emitting harmful compounds at high temperatures. Sauna materials are preferable to strong, with good performance, easy to clean, with a high degree of hygiene.

    The finish should be non-slip, no sharp protrusions, and a pleasant texture. Great importance is attached to aesthetic qualities.

    When arranging a sauna, the first place is to comply with fire safety rules. Hot parts of the stove and chimney must not come into contact with the wood trim. Combinations of wood and brick or ceramic tiles are used here. Stainless steel or decorative stone linings have good insulating properties. The insulation should be 50 centimeters above the stove body, and the chimney pipe is covered with expanded clay in the ceiling.

    All sauna rooms are equipped with ventilation systems to provide fresh air and remove excess moisture. It is advisable to use dim lighting for better relaxation, but sufficient for good visibility. From high temperatures, human consciousness slows down and spreads out, so movement around the room should be comfortable. The zone of active movement is not cluttered, leaving enough room for bathing procedures.

    Treatment with varnish or paint of surfaces in the steam room is not allowed due to harmful emissions in the hot air. Wooden parts are treated with oil or wax and special compounds against decay and mold. Finishing materials are preferable to light colors, this visually increases the space and adds lightness. Glazing looks beautiful. The decor of the steam room is kept to a minimum, but the rest room is decorated with artistic accessories according to the chosen style.


    The traditional material for decorating a sauna from a bar is natural wood. It is resistant to high temperatures, does not burn when touched, which is important for the construction of benches in the steam room. It has moisture resistant flexibility. The elastic structure of wood is not deformed by moisture. This material is environmentally friendly, and when heated, it releases healing essential oils.

    The beautiful grain structure of the wood has high aesthetic qualities. In the first place in terms of operational properties, the beauty of light pinkish wood without knots, with a smooth surface is African oak - abash. This is a rather expensive and valuable wood species. A sauna made of abash will last for years with this durable, non-cracking moisture resistant coating. Due to the high cost, abash can be used to make benches and benches in the steam room, and the rest of the cladding can be made from other types of wood of an affordable price category.

    A popular finishing material is hardwood lumber - linden, alder, aspen. In addition to the aesthetic appearance and pleasant color of the wood, these tree species have a healing ability. When heated, healing essential oils are released. Hardwoods are thermally stable, do not form cracks, and are moisture resistant. The price range refers to the middle segment.

    The optimal species for finishing the sauna are cedar and larch. Solid cedar and larch with a beautiful grain pattern do not need additional decor. High resistance to moisture and heat resistance make them indispensable for the steam room of the sauna. In terms of the healing properties of essential oils, they are not inferior to linden. If all of the above wood species are used for wall and ceiling cladding, then larch is also suitable for flooring as the most durable moisture resistant material.

    Pine is the most affordable material on the domestic market, it has a slight resistance to moisture. Resins, when heated, form ugly streaks on the surface of the wood. This material is best used in the design of the rest room. Wooden finishing materials are produced in the form of lining with various profiles.

    The cladding of the walls and ceiling with a block house is an excellent imitation of a blockhouse made of solid logs. For benches and canopies, an edged board with a thickness of at least 4 centimeters with a rectangular profile is used. The ceiling is sewn up with clapboard with a rectangular or cylindrical profile. The floor is made of grooved boards.

    Facing natural stone or brick will add solidity to the sauna. The combination of stone and wood is considered classic. The stove and some of the walls of the steam room and washroom, made of stone or brick, have a noble appearance. Stone is the most durable material, it does not burn, does not deform from water. For a rest room, you can use an artificial stone, in terms of its aesthetic qualities and performance characteristics, it is not inferior to its natural counterpart, and sometimes surpasses it.

    Not all types of stone are suitable for a steam room , only jadeite, soapstone, and serpentine are preferred. This type of finish perfectly accumulates heat, maintains the optimal temperature regime in the steam room for a long time. The beautiful grainy texture of the stone will decorate the walls of the room. The coil has high aesthetic qualities, its layered structure has medicinal properties.

    The organization of lighting will add a sophisticated touch to the interior of the sauna.

    Practical ceramic tiles on the walls and floors of the sauna are a good solution for showers and pools. The tile perfectly resists moisture and has good refractory properties. It is the most easy-care and hygienic material. A variety of tile decor, size, color palette, special anti-slip textures allow you to choose the desired design option. Imitation of luxury marble, granite or oriental mosaic details will add a stylish flavor to the sauna.

    A budget option for finishing - plastic panels. They are distinguished by ease of installation and a variety of designs. Plastic resists moisture well. It is easy to keep it clean, it is enough to wash it with ordinary detergents. The disadvantages are low heat resistance, mold susceptibility and short service life in high humidity conditions. The plastic trim is used for the break room and shower ceiling.

    Style and design

    The design and choice of finishing materials depend on the overall design of the sauna. Small paired rooms should be styled in the same way. Today a dry steam room is becoming a necessity in the intense rhythm of city life. Modern technologies allow you to install a sauna in a city apartment. It becomes part of a small space with glass partitions and elements of the overall design of the living room in a minimalist style.

    Miniature sauna cabins are often placed in the bathroom , then its design is selected accordingly. The Scandinavian style of the entire room is perfect for a sauna with natural wood trim. The light tone of the walls and the whiteness of the sanitary ware are harmoniously combined with the yellowish color of the wood. Light glass shower structures do not clutter up the room and make bath procedures comfortable. A single-colored floor of large porcelain stoneware tiles unites the space, large windows allow you to admire nature and create a bright, pleasant interior.

    The open space of the loft is not divided into separate rooms. Glass partitions conditionally divide the sauna, bathroom and bedroom. The manufacturability of all components and ultra-modern equipment give a futuristic touch to the entire interior. The sauna, located in the back of the room, becomes a furnishing element. This emphasizes its convenience for regular use.

    With all the advantages of an apartment sauna, nothing beats a bath in a country house. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and decorate the house to your liking. A small round log bathhouse is designed in a traditional rural style. Small windows with wooden platbands, floors from a wide solid tabletop, a brick stove will add rural charm. To create dry steam, the steam room is made insulated with a solid wooden door, the washing room occupies an average room, the entrance area is formed by a changing room combined with a rest room.

    The decor in the recreation room is stylized as a rustic one - stable benches, a table with a samovar, and a chest are installed. The walls are decorated with items of peasant life. Brooms on the walls, wooden buckets in the washroom, simple lamps with bulbs in the yellow part of the spectrum will be appropriate. The unique traditions of the national culture are manifested in the deliberate rudeness of the finishing materials, the modern manufacturability of the equipment is hidden behind the traditional rural decor.


    Spacious saunas in a private house have several rooms, each of which can be decorated in a specific style. The steam room inside can be decorated in high-tech style. Colored LED lighting gives the interior a futuristic touch. The flowing lines of the benches create an unusual design for the space. The simplicity of the decor is offset by the concept of lighting and curved walls.


    The relaxation room, according to its functions, can serve as an ordinary dressing room or a place for tea drinking after bath procedures. Modern and comfortable lounges are finished like living rooms and are complemented by a cooking area, TV, and pool table. The finishing materials here are not exposed to intense moisture or heat, but still must be hygienic, easy to clean, and have good decorative qualities. In between visits to the steam room, most of the time is spent in the recreation room. It should be pleasant to be here, so walls and windows are decorated in a certain style.

    A popular finishing option is chalet style. The rest room should have large windows with a beautiful view. The walls are clad with natural wood materials or plastered and painted in a plain light color scheme, decorated with hunting trophies or paintings with hunting scenes. The floor is made of grooved boards or ceramic granite tiles. The furnace of the stove is designed in the form of a fireplace and taken out to the rest room.

    The use of a color scheme to highlight structural elements in the Scandinavian style looks beautiful. The backlight simulates the space beautifully. Wooden elements of the wall cladding are combined with stone, which gives solidity to the room. The living fire of the stove becomes an attractive center of relaxation. The floor should be finished with granite tiles, which repeat the colors and texture of the wall decoration stone.

    Shower room

    The shower room is the most vulnerable room in terms of moisture resistance, so the use of tiles, stone, glass, and metal would be optimal here. Equipment in the shower basin has become popular. It is traditionally finished with tiles. In the shower room, the organization of lighting for decorating the space plays an important role. The soft light on the tiered ceiling mimics the reflection of water, creating an effect of depth.

    Ceramic tiles with the texture of a wooden surface will connect the finishing of the steam room and shower room with the pool. Dark colored floor tiles are a good idea to combine with similar wall tiles. It is better to choose finishes from one collection so that the whole complex looks harmonious. Natural rich tones will not seem gloomy due to the large area of ​​window openings. Simple rectangular designs take on a stylish charm.

    Beautiful examples of interiors

    It will help you decide on the decoration of your own sauna by studying the recommendations of professional designers and the best examples of sauna decoration. The high-tech illuminated pool view from inside the steam room creates a futuristic panorama.

    An original stove in the form of a ball suspended from a chain against the background of a panel made of natural stone.

    Sauna in Japanese style.

    Sauna integrated into the natural landscape.

    Sauna in the style of minimalism.

    You can find out even more useful information about the decoration of saunas and baths from the following video.