Do-it-yourself wooden stand for flowers (34 photos): how to make a wooden floor stand on a windowsill? Stand making tips, drawings

Comfort and coziness in the room can be created in various ways, but the simplest and most effective will be the use of colors in the design. Correctly chosen green spaces and their appropriate location in the room will fill it with the missing warmth and create a pleasant atmosphere.

In the case of a large number of plants or a small amount of space to place them, you can use a wooden stand, which can be purchased in the store or made by hand.


The use of green spaces in living spaces has its roots in ancient times. As soon as a person understood the need to build a place in which he could live for a long time, the path of evolution of the interior within this space began. In addition to the appearance of furniture and things necessary in everyday life, flowers and useful plants began to appear in the house. Since there was no medicine as such in ancient times, people were well versed in the healing properties of herbs and flowers and tried to keep them to themselves.

A number of useful properties can be distinguished that a person gets when he has green plants in the room:

  • normalization of the psychological state of a person;
  • indoor air purification;
  • protection of the house from unknown forces.

In addition to the undeniable benefits, the presence of flowers in a variety of colors at home decorates the room, makes it brighter, more pleasant and comfortable. There is no clear framework for how many flowers can be in a room, but if you want to have enough of them, you should take care of the place where they will be located. Since plants have certain needs, it is important to provide them with the necessary rate of light and moisture, otherwise they will not live long.

The most common place where pots are usually placed is the windowsill , but this is not always convenient, because the presence of specialized stands at home can significantly improve the situation.

You can find such items in a store or make your own if you try a little.


Since not everyone can or wants to arrange flowers on the windowsill, there is a need to find the optimal place for them. At the moment, there is a fairly wide variety of stands that can fit in any room.

Among the more popular options:

  • wooden;
  • metal;
  • combined;
  • outdoor;
  • wall.

For indoor plants, any of the above options may be suitable, both in terms of the material of manufacture and in location. You can make wooden stands on your own, since only a specialist or a person with experience in such a business can work with metal.

A do-it-yourself tree stand for flowers can have a different appearance, which depends on the number of plants that will be located on it. If there will be a lot of pots, then a multi-level design would be the best option. For one or two flowerpots, it is worth choosing something elegant and stylish to decorate the room.

Self-construction of a product can include the use of a wide variety of materials:

  • pieces of plastic;
  • twine;
  • wire of different thickness and color;
  • vine;
  • threads.

The stand should not be simple, it can be stylishly decorated and supplemented with mosaics, decoupage or painted with paints.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the product, it is worth considering the option of the stand, its height, dimensions, sketching the drawings and deciding on the final version. In the process of work, certain ideas for decorating an object usually emerge, but sometimes a ready-made form suggests the desired option, so there is no need to rush with this.

If a floor construction was chosen, then it is worth choosing the most suitable option. This could be:

  • ladder;
  • multilevel shelves;
  • apartment flower bed;
  • high stand;
  • low stand.

The outdoor version is also called jardinieres. It is often used as a decorative element. It is not difficult to make such a structure, you just have to choose a material convenient for work.

Usually it is chipboard, wood or plastic, from which the stand itself and the base are made, which are connected to each other. The stand can be of any height, the main thing is that the whole structure is stable, for which the base must be at least 20 cm in diameter.

When creating a jardiniere, it is necessary to provide grooves, thanks to which all the parts will be connected, and to use specialized glue for secure fixation.

Wall stands are usually created as one or more shelves that are interconnected. This option is used in cases where there is no space for additional objects on the windowsill or on the floor. Most often, wall shelves are made of metal or wood. The most beautiful techniques are forging and curly wood cutting. If we talk about more affordable options, then these include the connection of one shelf with sidewalls or several shelves with membranes, which will strengthen the structure.

On the window, you can also come up with a variety of stands that will make the room more comfortable and beautiful, and also make it possible to place much more flowers in it. Thinking over the design, it is important to provide several important details:

  • free access of light to the room;
  • ease of use of the window sill;
  • comfortable watering and flower care;
  • the ability to admire the vegetation from anywhere in the room.

For window sills, wood, plastic and metal are most often used. Coasters made of metal look the most beautiful, with the help of which amazing things are forged.

Wooden and plastic products are less attractive, but more practical, because they can be used to make a small, but high stand, which will accommodate from 4 to 8 pots. The most popular option is the combination of round wooden stands and a metal stand, which provides a solid structure and its neat appearance.

The choice of option depends on the size of the room, the number of flowers and the wishes of the owner himself. You can make any stand with your own hands, the main thing is to understand the principles of its manufacture, choose the right materials and make a suitable drawing.

When choosing a product for a room, you should also focus on the general style of the room, so that the new object complements it, and does not get out of the already finished concept.

Step by step guide

To make a wooden stand with your own hands, you need knowledge and some experience in working with tools and materials. Even if the creation of such a product will be carried out for the first time, do not worry, because any work done from the heart will look interesting, and the knowledge and skills gained will help in the future. So, to build a flower stand, you need to take:

  • wooden boards or plywood, the thickness of which will exceed 1 cm;
  • large diameter cord or rope that will serve as a decor;
  • drill with a drill, which is the same diameter as the thickness of the cord or rope;
  • sandpaper;
  • varnish / paint.

Details for the future shelf must be cut in a square or rectangular shape. On each shelf, holes are made along the edges with a drill, stepping back about 5 cm from the edge. The next step is to measure the required length of the rope. To determine it, you need to multiply the length of the shelf by two and add another 25 cm. On each piece of rope, the middle is determined at which the knot is tied.

The ends of the rope are threaded through the first plank, aligned in the center, and secured with new knots over the holes. Next, the height of the new shelf is measured and bridles are created to support it. Such a shelf turns out to be suspended, it can be placed both on the wall and under the ceiling.

If you want to make a strong floor stand, then you should prepare a saw or a hacksaw, a screwdriver, self-tapping screws, wooden blocks 5x5 cm or a piece of branched wood. The height of the stand is chosen according to taste and possibilities. The structure itself can be double-sided or wall-mounted , when the posts will diverge on the sides, and not go around the support. On the racks, you will need to attach shelves on which flower pots will be located. It is important to place the supports so that the flowers stand at different heights, imitating a natural slide, which looks very impressive and beautiful in the interior.

Having measured the required length of the supports, it is necessary to cut them diagonally in the place where they will be attached to the base. To make the structure more durable, it is better to use a crossbar when connecting. You can connect all the parts with nails or self-tapping screws. You can use a metal furniture corner.

Once the stand is completely ready, it must be varnished or painted.

Beautiful examples

Making a wooden stand with your own hands will not be too difficult if you get down to business correctly. Having chosen a certain version of the product, it is worth asking how exactly it is best done. The moment of manufacture of racks and shelves is fundamental, since this is the basis of the design. In order not to make mistakes, it is necessary to create drawings or look for ready-made sketches. If you have a certain experience in this direction, then it will be enough to see the finished product in order to understand how to make it.

Wooden floor structures can have a very primitive appearance, but if the product is made accurately, it will become a real decoration of the room. A two-story stand will make it possible to place from 2 to 4 pots in one area, focusing on it.

It is worth using flowers of different types and tones to make the design more interesting.

If possible, then at home you can build a very interesting structure that will become a real decoration of the room. With the help of round stands for pots, it is possible to make the whole structure lighter, and thin figured stands will add elegance and style to it. Light colors will be preferred, but the final color scheme is formed based on the interior.

The simplest wall-mounted version of a flower stand can have a wooden base of any shape - from flat to round with pot stands attached to it.

The minimalism of the design makes it possible to make it discreet, without cluttering the room, but at the same time it will allow you to enjoy the green area.

    With a certain talent and desire, you can build an original story stand for flowers, which will reflect the creative personality of the creator. The range of colors, choice of decor and size can be very diverse.

    For information on how to make a do-it-yourself flower stand, see the next video.