Loft-style ceiling (41 photos): how to do it yourself in an apartment on a concrete ceiling surface and how to choose options for a loft ceiling for the attic of a private house

The modern industrial loft style came to us from America. It originated when industrial premises began to be used as houses and apartments. Decor in this direction is very popular among lovers of modern decors. This style attracts with originality and expressiveness.

The decoration is used both as a whole composition and in the form of separate parts. The loft-style ceiling looks stylish and attractive.

Decoration features

First, you need to briefly familiarize yourself with the main characteristics of the loft style, based on which you can create a certain element in the apartment.

  • Ventilation, pipes, frames, props and other industrial items are presented as accents. For greater expressiveness, they are painted. An ideal space resembles a factory workshop or warehouse.
  • The decor gravitates towards space. Redevelopment is often carried out, getting rid of most of the walls. Studios are ideal for a loft.
  • Finishing materials should have a special texture: scuffs, roughness, small chips, etc. The effect of aging of the surface looks interesting.
  • Brick or stone is often used for wall and ceiling decoration. Moreover, it can be both natural material and skillful imitation.
  • Loft is based on minimalism. There should be less furniture and decorative elements, and more natural light and lightness.
  • Light colors are mainly used for wall decoration. The general palette consists of colors such as gray, white, black, brown, as well as their shades.

Design options for compact rooms

Designers have developed many ideas for decorating the ceiling in the "loft" style. Design for typical buildings with low ceilings.

  • Simplicity . Simple decoration without the use of additional elements always remains relevant. Painting the ceiling with a simple water-based paint is a profitable and easy way to create a stylish ceiling in an apartment in an industrial direction. Do not forget to pre-prime the surface. The best colors are white and light gray. The disadvantage of this option is the long and painstaking process of leveling the ceiling to a perfectly even state.
  • The use of ready-made elements . Beams, fittings and other details placed on the ceiling will play an important role in creating decor in the "loft" direction. For the expressiveness of the design, a backlight placed around the perimeter of the surface is used. The edges of the ceiling are framed with paint, and the middle is not touched. You can also treat the surface with a putty.
  • Brick . Brick masonry, passing onto the wall, looks stylish and effective. This method is ideal for decorating a room in a compact apartment. The element will become key and will attract attention.
  • Primer . In the modern direction, textured ceilings will look great. These can be plastered or primed surfaces. You can also use paint in a concrete shade. Complement the composition with lighting fixtures that match the style of the interior. Industrial lamps are often placed in the room.

The main thing is to use high-quality finishing materials during the renovation. This is a guarantee of a quality result that will last for many years.

  • Stretch ceilings . This technology is rarely used in an industrial style, but it has a place to be. The product will add coziness and comfort to the atmosphere. It is recommended to choose matte fabrics in gray or metallic colors.
  • Tree . A ceiling made of planks or wood panels is great for loft-style decor. Wood can be used both natural and treated with paint or varnish. In small rooms, it is advisable to use bleached beams.

For convenience, wood panels are often chosen instead of boards. Such decor will not only decorate the room, but also increase the sound insulation in the room and create an environmentally friendly environment.

Decor in large rooms

Designers have more design options on the basis of large rooms.

  • Details . Sometimes industrial elements are placed on the ceiling on purpose. On large surfaces, they create rhythmic compositions that add dynamics to the atmosphere. Decorators also often use beamed ceilings.
  • Lines . A ceiling decorated with lines will make the decor more attractive and original. These elements should not be straight, broken lines look stylish. An original decorative technique - a broken ceiling combined with ceilings or wooden beams. This design is ideal for corner buildings.
  • Suspended ceiling . This is an original design method that is suitable for rooms with high ceilings. The design is a combination of a metal profile and drywall. The advantages of this option are: durability, reliability, practicality and expressiveness. Cons: high cost, complicated installation, which cannot be done independently.
  • Combination . The tandem of metal pipes of various sizes and winged fans looks colorful and attractive. Several factory fixtures can also be added to them. All these elements are characteristic of the loft style. For fans of extraordinary stylistic solutions, designers offer to combine the incompatible. For example, place a chic chandelier framed with industrial elements in the center of the ceiling. The contrast between the glamorous lamp and the rough, brutal background will not be overlooked.

We have considered the most common and popular options. You can choose any of them for your home.

If you have the necessary experience and the necessary set of tools, then you can try to do the repair yourself. For a complex design, it is better to invite specialists.

Color scheme

Before you start decorating the ceiling, you need to choose the right method not only, but also the color scheme. You should choose one of the recommended colors that blend harmoniously with the modern style.

  • Black . This color is rarely used as the main one, only on the basis of spacious rooms with a sufficient amount of natural and artificial lighting. Otherwise, black is the best color for elements on a light background.
  • White . A classic and versatile color. Due to its special properties, it is used for the corner ceiling of an attic or a small room. Industrial elements in dark and metallic colors will be perfectly combined with it.
  • Gray . To decorate the ceiling in the "loft" style, any shade is suitable: from light gray to deep dark. It is a neutral tone that will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the room. Light shades of gray are best for small rooms.
  • Metal colors . Metallic tones are ideal for loft-style ceilings and for painting individual elements. The most commonly used colors are bronze and copper. Tones such as metallic, silver, steel, aluminum will also be appropriate. Professional decorators successfully combine different colors of this category, creating original shades.
  • Brick . The color of the brick finish is a combination of red and brown. If one of the walls is framed with bricks, then such decoration of the ceiling will harmoniously merge with the wall, creating an expressive design. The color will dilute the monochromatic and neutral color scheme of gray, black and white.

"Loft" attracts attention with its eccentricity and amazing industrial elements, but at the same time it can repel with its calm color palette. In this case, use bright color accents. These can be pieces of furniture, textiles or decor.

Black color

A versatile color used in a variety of styles, from classic to modern. Let's get acquainted with the idea of ​​decorating the ceiling completely in black and consider the advantages of this design.


  • Black looks spectacular. It gives the decor chic, sophistication and sophistication.
  • Looks harmoniously with other colors and shades, regardless of their saturation.
  • The room takes on an original appearance. This color will not go unnoticed.
  • The black painted ceiling is ideal for any room in the house, be it the kitchen, bedroom, living room, hall or hallway.

Things to consider when decorating:

  • This design option is only suitable for ceilings with a height of 3 meters and above.
  • It is undesirable to use in rooms with narrow windows.
  • If there is a lack of lighting, it is necessary to install a sufficient number of lamps.
  • For more expressiveness, frame the perimeter ceiling with white or any other light paint. This will help get rid of the dark effect.
  • Before you start painting the ceiling black, you must carefully read the rules for using this technique.

Concrete decor

We did not mention the concrete ceiling in the general list, because it must be told about it separately. Ceiling decoration with concrete is a favorite among the decor options in the "industrial" direction. Such a finishing material will create the necessary effect of being in an industrial workshop.

If desired, the ceiling can be treated with paint, giving the surface the desired color. The concrete pavement is in perfect harmony with pipes, gratings, supports, ventilation and other elements. In addition to paint, you can use a special varnish. The lacquered coating will add elegance and gloss to the interior.

Experts highlight the following advantages of the above design:

  • Environmental friendliness . The concrete mix is ​​completely safe and environmentally friendly. The material contains only natural ingredients such as stone, sand, water, and more.
  • Longevity . The ceiling decorated according to all the rules will serve for a long time, delighting the residents of the house. Concrete demonstrates resistance to external negative factors. It is a strong and durable material. Experts advise using hard concrete for the ceiling, since it retains its shape better and does not spread. Also, the material retains its shape remarkably after laying.
  • Price . It is not only practical but also cost effective. However, do not choose the cheapest concrete mix - the appearance of the ceiling and its service life will depend on its quality.
  • Versatility . This decor will look appropriate in various rooms of the house, be it a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Additional elements

It's time to get acquainted with the materials that are actively used to decorate the surface of the ceiling, from which you can create expressive designs.

  • Lining . Flat and wide boards.
  • Metal . Metal parts.
  • Mesh . Small or large.
  • False beams . Special elements, empty inside.

Examples in the interior

  • Gray concrete ceiling. Both the material and its color fit into the style. The decor is in harmony with the lighter wall decoration and darker floor color.
  • Spectacular decoration using natural wood. The designers have created a rhythmic structure from the boards. The color of the material was left as natural.
  • Decoration with wood panels and boards. The overall structure is complemented by pipes, metal elements and wires.
  • Red brick ceiling in the kitchen. Reception of contrast: rough finish and chic chandelier.

For an overview of the original loft-style interior, see the following video.