Living room-bedroom design 14, 15 sq. m (50 photos): interior decoration in room 3 by 5 m and 14 sq. meters

Combining several functional zones in a small room of a typical apartment is already a common task not only for a designer, but also for the owner of this living space. An empty room of 14 sq. meters does not seem small, but once you place the bed, the free space immediately disappears. Not everyone can arrange furniture and decorate the interior so that it is comfortable and spacious. We will try to create a modern and comfortable interior ourselves.

The nuances of organizing space

Combining a living room and a bedroom is perhaps the most common room zoning option. The main task is to create a comfortable space for receiving guests and get-togethers with family members, without sacrificing a full-fledged sleeping area. And create an interior in which there will be a lot of light and air. At the same time, it is important to place the bedroom in such a way that it does not catch the eye against the background of a stylish living room and maintains intimacy. We do not consider the option of using the usual folding sofa as a berth. Although, at the same time, dividing 15 squares into two equal zones in a room is irrational.

Design projects

Zoning a room of 14 sq. m. mobile partitions or curtains made of fabric, beads or ribbons will help. Translucent partitions between the living room and the bedroom will not overload the room. It will not work to use drywall constructions or shelves with shelves to divide the room. The room will be too heavy and the area will visually decrease.

For a 3 by 5 meter room, consider creating a podium for the bed. The sleeping place can be located on the structure or be built into it. In the first case, the podium should have a spacious storage system for home textiles or off-season clothing. In the version with a pull-out bed, the free space on the structure can be used as a work area or a rest room by placing an armchair and a floor lamp for comfortable reading of books.

Another option for rectangular rooms is to place the bed in a built-in structure along the wall. The double bed can be hidden from prying eyes with curtains. For a square-shaped room, you can use transforming furniture. A sofa that turns into a bed, and a wardrobe into a workplace are just godsends for owners of small apartments. But there is one thing. The space in front of the sofa must not be occupied by other objects.

Room zoning can be achieved using color design. For the living room, you can choose deeper colors, and for the bedroom - gentle and muted.

Color spectrum

A simple and pleasant color scheme gives the whole room. The color scheme should not be chosen randomly. Dark and saturated colors can only be present as accents. Consider harmonious combinations for a small room:

  • white, sky blue and golden - a cozy combination of these colors will create a feeling of lightness, freshness, warmth and sun;
  • white and natural colors of wood - eco-style makes the room brighter and more comfortable;
  • beige and brown shades - a simple and win-win option creates a soft and cozy interior;
  • a combination of shades of white, gray and beige - despite the simplicity of the colors, the interior will not turn out to be hospital if you add a few nice decorative elements;
  • beige shades with bright accents - the combination creates an expressive and not boring interior.

Interior decoration

Decor elements for each zone should be in a single style combination and ideally complement each other.

Furniture performs the main functional load and is selected for each zone separately. In this case, the elements must be combined. For a small room, laconic, high-quality and functional furniture should be chosen. A small comfortable light-colored sofa is suitable for the living area. A coffee table, a chest of drawers, a pouf - if you can refuse any piece of furniture, it is better to exclude it.

The absence of large objects will give a feeling of freedom. For this, built-in structures are suitable, which will act as spacious storage systems. There is hardly a place for bedside tables in the sleeping area. This is far from the main piece of furniture, but it is not very convenient to do without it. The use of a bedside table can be eliminated at the initial stage of the renovation and consider the option of drawers at the head of the bed, where you can store a book, glasses and other little things you need before bed.

It is worth seriously thinking about a roomy storage system in the room. It is better to organize a storage system for essentials and other little things in closed built-in modules. And it is best to use not individual pieces of furniture, but built-in structures that will not be so noticeable.

The combination of decorative plaster and clinker bricks in light colors looks impressive. But the best option for finishing is painting the walls with practical paint and a laminate or light-colored parquet board on the floor. If you wish, you can always radically change everything - repaint the walls, change the color of pillows and curtains.

When decorating a small room, it is important to observe the measure and not be afraid of empty walls. A small room should not be overloaded with a large number of decorative elements. Excessive decorations will burden the room and create the effect of a compressed space. To create a boring interior, enough textured materials and bright textiles for pillows, bedspreads and curtains. The highlight of the room can be a wall of a bright, contrasting color.

The usual version of one large chandelier is unacceptable for different functional areas. For each separate zone, it is recommended to use individual lighting (sconces, floor lamp) in combination with spotlights or a small chandelier in the living room area. This combination will fill the room with light and air. The bedroom area should be filled with soft light. Two wall lamps can be placed at the head of the bed. Do not neglect the lighting of the sleeping area. Think about how this will affect her comfort.

Interesting design solutions

Original design ideas will allow you to look at your room in 14 squares with new eyes:

  • The podium structure can be used not only in the sleeping area, but also in the recreation area. Drawers can be used for everyday clothes, books or gadgets.
  • The creation of a multifunctional design with a living room, sleeping area, seating area and even a dressing room is a rather bold decision that the designers ventured into.
  • In the assembled position, the transforming bed looks like a sofa with pillows, and in a couple of seconds it turns into a comfortable double bed. The design includes a built-in storage system with shelves and cabinets.

Completed projects prove that the space of 14 squares is limited only by the designer's imagination. Thinking over the logic of space, do not forget that the room should remain stylish, modern and comfortable for life. In addition to knowledge and ideas, the design of a living room-bedroom of 14 sq. m. requires considerable financial investments.

There are a million ways to design an interior for a small living room-bedroom, the main thing is not to overdo it and remember that the correct zoning, the choice of functional furniture and competent lighting are the key to the success of every designer.

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