New Year's interior (48 photos): decorating an apartment with your own hands, design ideas for decorating a house for the New Year

New Year's interior: original ideas and decor for the main holiday

    With each passing day, the approaching New Year holidays turns an adult into a small child. I would like to gather again with my relatives, spend the outgoing year and loudly rejoice at the chimes. To fully maintain the festive atmosphere, it is very important to decorate your house or apartment. The mood will instantly become festive, especially if the decorations are made by hand.

    Festive lighting

    Lighting devices play a huge role in the New Year. Bright lights running along the walls, ceiling, and the tree should only give a positive attitude, especially if the family has small children. Many garlands have a special control unit, thanks to which the switching speed of the lights and their power are set. The design of garlands has gone through many stages of changes and today the products look different than in the last century.

    There are models with a flexible tape, with a neon cord on a silicone base, well, and traditional garlands with thin wires. It is very important to make sure the garland is safe before purchasing. To do this, you need to check the integrity of the wire and the quality of the working light bulbs.

    Candles of different sizes and shapes will look harmonious with any design style.

    Actual colors

    To celebrate the New Year, modern astrologers, based on the data of the eastern calendar, suggest which colors are relevant for the upcoming holiday. And not only for clothing, but also for festive interior design. Some people follow all astrological advice when decorating a house, choose an evening dress according to the tips of the eastern calendar. For the rest, the color scheme depends on the existing interior style.

    New Year is a special holiday where all the colors of the rainbow are acceptable, but the safest color option is a combination of red and white. The golden framing of the rooms with the presence of light tones looks quite unusual. For a romantic celebration, it is best to pay attention to warm colors, for example, red and brown with a dilution of greenery.

    Jewelry accessories

    For every adult, memories of the New Year holidays bring only positive emotions. Previously, there was not such a wide variety of decorations, most of the toys were created by hand.

    Nowadays, decorating an apartment or house begins a week before the holiday. This time is quite enough to turn the everyday atmosphere into a holiday.

    Design ideas

    Creating a festive atmosphere every year is considered a ritual for every family. The standard design is glowing rain, three-dimensional images of New Year's symbols on the walls, tinsel and garlands. Obligatory attributes of the holiday are a table filled with extraordinary dishes and a decorated Christmas tree.

    And only recently, decorative compositions that decorate the surface of furniture began to come into fashion. These can be candles combined with fir cones or twigs, figurines of the symbols of the year, or candlesticks on an inlaid base.

    First, you need to choose a design style, and only after that select important elements of the festive interior. In fact, you don't have to run around looking for unusual jewelry that will look harmonious with your chosen style. It is enough to look around the sides of your own room and turn on your fantasy. Hand-made is the most original product.

    A simple glass vase can turn into an extraordinary stand for glowing twigs. Finding dry branches in winter will definitely not be difficult. As for the vase, you can put some pebbles on the bottom so that the branches are fixed and do not dangle when moving. The stones can be diluted with multi-colored rain, choosing colors in accordance with the intended design. Various small sized toys, cones, beads and much more are hung on the twigs themselves. Such a craft can take the main place in the house after the New Year tree.

    The overall style of the interior can be supplemented with individual small-sized elements. For example, objects related to the style of the holiday are placed in a vase for sweets or in a volumetric candlestick.

    Recently, New Year's compositions have come into fashion. In an apartment, these elements will look very beneficial. You can imagine how on the nightstand in the living room there is a ribbon of Christmas balls, among which there are candles, you can see cinnamon sticks, and fir branches serve as the base.

    A hanging composition is quite common these days. More often it is used when decorating large New Year's tables. Several branches are connected to each other, and then decorate them. It is not necessary to use only Christmas balls and toys, you can use any things, beads, candies, nuts.

    Quite often, before the New Year, city dwellers come up with the idea of ​​celebrating a holiday in a country house. If a romantic setting is chosen for the celebration, you need to stock up on candles, and firecrackers for noisy fun.


    It is very important that the festive table is not only tasty, but also beautiful. For decoration, you can use special napkins with pictures of New Year's plots. The main thing is that the color scheme matches the selected interior shades. An obligatory element of the table is a tablecloth. It's just that snow-white material is not relevant for the New Year's celebration. It will be great if there are images with New Year's prints on the tablecloth.

    Candles are an exquisite option for decorating the festive table. Their shape and size must match the style of the room.


    This piece of furniture should be decorated to a minimum. Sometimes it is enough to lay a blanket with a high pile on the sofa, the color of which should be in harmony with the interior. You can complement the bedspread with decorative pillows with a New Year theme.


    The meaning of window decorations is to create a festive mood not only inside the house, but also outside. For decorations, you can use small garlands with toys, and put fir branches on the windowsill. DIY jewelry will look very relevant. Small paper cut snowflakes can be hung on window panes.

    Doors or porch

    The entrance lobby of any house or apartment must be prepared for meeting guests. On the steps of the porch, you can place a sill, the railings should be decorated with fir ribbons, and a New Year's wreath should be placed on the door.

    For more originality, you can add wide bows or artificial snowflakes falling from the ceiling on ribbons of different lengths.


    The fireplace is considered the most attractive element of the interior, which can be dressed up and decorated with various items. You can hang bright garlands on it, decorate the surface with spruce branches with the addition of small toys, cones or figures.

    A very important ritual for receiving gifts is to hang decorative socks on the fireplace. For a large family, each sock is signed with a name or initials.

    Christmas trees

    It doesn't matter if you choose an artificial tree or a real one, you need to approach its decoration very scrupulously, it's not for nothing that it is a symbol of the New Year. In this matter, the style of jewelry plays an important role. A modern faux Christmas tree comes in a variety of textures, colors, and sizes, but is the same on all sides. But the live spruce in this matter does not differ in the uniformity of the growth of the branches, but its aroma brings additional flavor to the festive room.

    When decorating a Christmas tree, you should not use too many toys, it is important to observe the measure. Then she will really become smart.

    As for safety precautions, it is necessary to be attentive to young parents. It is strictly forbidden to hang glass toys on the tree. Jewelry with small elements should not be placed within the reach of a child.

    A special rug must be placed under the tree. Its design allows you to hide the leg of a festive tree, and put gifts on it at midnight.

    Beautiful design options

    The style of modern classics implies the presence of living plants, several candles, a couple of toys for decorations. A voluminous Christmas tree was chosen and rounded toys for it were selected extremely harmoniously. The color background of the holiday is overflowing with light shades that support warmth and good mood.

    A bright red tone, interspersed with golden shades and the presence of dark brown colors turn the New Year's celebration into an enchanting holiday. The presented design lacks only sparklers.

    Quite an unusual option for decorating the New Year's holiday. The presence of purple brings a peculiar twist to the modern look at the decoration of the premises for celebrating the New Year. Decorations are made from scrap materials. Almost half of the Christmas tree garlands are handmade.

    There are never many decorations in a children's room. Even if you don't hang something, the child will correct the situation and will do it himself. Red tones combined with white blotches speak of the warmth of family relationships, love, comfort and coziness. It should be noted that most of the decorations are made from scrap materials, which is only a garland on the window.

    How to make cute Christmas tree decorations with your own hands in 5 minutes, see the next video.