Russian TVs: a review of domestically produced models. List of brands producing TVs in Russia

On the TV market for home use, domestic companies are represented by several manufacturers. The most famous and demanded Russian companies are: Polar, Rubin, Erisson. Their products meet modern quality and equipment requirements.


Each customer chooses a TV model for the longest possible period of use. One of the most important criteria for many Russians is TV operation time without breakdowns and failures. Despite the availability of equipment and electronics of well-known world brands, television receivers of domestic manufacturers are gradually filling the market, but exclusively in the segment of budget models.

It is quite difficult for Russian manufacturers to compete with the products of the world's leading companies. Many buyers agree that it is better to pay extra and buy a model of a famous brand.

Domestic manufacturers are trying to win their customers at the expense of lower prices and higher product quality. Almost all modern TV models of famous Russian brands have implemented innovative ideas and advanced technologies.

Now, even in the segment of budget TVs, you can find devices equipped with functions and capabilities that were previously only available on premium technology. Many buyers who have purchased such TVs were able to appreciate all their advantages. It is due to the optimal combination of price, quality and the latest technologies that domestic companies increase sales of their products every year.

List of popular brands

There are several brands among Russian companies whose products are in constant demand among buyers.


The brand was founded in Russia in 1992. The company's management has relied on advanced technologies. Thanks to this, the Polar company in a short period of time was able to take a leading position among the companies that produce equipment in the Russian Federation. In 2000, the company's production sites began manufacturing products with Digitotal Technology, developed by Polar engineers.

At that time, all domestic manufacturers produced exclusively analog TVs, and devices of foreign brands were not available for most Russians due to the high cost.

For many Russian citizens, Polar TVs have opened up the possibilities and benefits of digital technology.

In 2010, the company mastered a new technology for itself Dgview, after which it launches mass production of LCD and LED panels. From now on, Polar TV devices become full-fledged multimedia centers thanks to the following features:

  • work with digital and analog signals;
  • playback of files from external media;
  • the ability to record TV broadcast to a memory card or other external storage.

Among Polar products, there are models with a screen diagonal from 19 to 43 inches, which are the most popular among customers. The company's employees are constantly working to improve product quality, introduce modern developments and expand the model range.


Equipment under this brand has been assembled on the territory of the Russian Federation since 1956. At that time, domestic-made TVs of this company were successfully sold not only in the countries of the USSR, but were exported to 65 countries. The production facilities of the Rubin brand, located in the Kaliningrad region, produce and assemble good quality television equipment that competes with similar products of foreign brands.

In 2005, the Rubin-branded three millionth TV was launched. Today the company is one of the leaders in domestic TV receiver manufacturers.

The main strategy for the development of the brand is to create products with the necessary functionality and meeting international quality standards, while remaining available to most buyers. Rubin production sites are located in the Kaliningrad region.


The trade mark belongs to the Telebalt company. The production of television equipment by this company began in 1999. At the stage of development, the company organized a licensed assembly of TV products of famous world brands: Samsung, Toshiba, Philips. The accumulated experience and the introduction of our own developments allowed to start producing TVs under our own Erisson brand.

The company offers TV models with screen sizes ranging from 15 to 60 inches, many of which support HD ready and Full HD resolutions. Modern equipment and strict control at all stages of production and assembly allow Erisson products to meet international quality standards. The constant demand for TVs of this brand is provided by:

  • good quality;
  • application of advanced technologies;
  • moderate pricing policy.

Review of the best models

The companies described above offer a variety of models, each of which has a number of features. The following Russian TVs are the best representatives of their brands.

Erisson 50FLEA18T2 Smart

A budget TV with full Smart TV capabilities and a diagonal of 50 inches. There are two ways to connect to the Internet:

  • LAN port;
  • Wi-Fi module.

The TV is equipped with cable and terrestrial tuners. The modern screen supports the picture in Full HD format, and the pixel response time to image changes is 10 ms. The device supports Dolby Digital audio format.

The cost of the Erisson 50FLEA18T2 Smart TV varies from 21,000 to 23,000 rubles.

Polar P32L21T2CSM

The screen diagonal of the presented model is 32 inches. The manufacturer has implemented the modern DGview technology in the device together with ArtView. Watching digital channels on Polar P32L21T2CSM is possible without additional set-top boxes, because it is equipped with a built-in tuner. On the back of the TV there is a CI + port for installing a CAM module, which provides viewing of encoded channels from satellite. The minimum cost of this model is 13,500 rubles.

TV series SE 1 is made in a simple laconic design and equipped with LED-backlighting. A distinctive feature of the model is the textured finish of the front panel, which gives the device a presentable appearance. The diagonal of this device is 24 inches. "Ruby RB-24SE1T2C" has great functionality and is equipped with the following capabilities and functions:

  • digital tuner for viewing channels of all existing formats;
  • Cl + port for access to satellite TV;
  • Personal Video Recorde for recording TV programs on external memory;
  • TimeShift for deferred viewing;
  • MKV player that allows you to view video content from any kind of memory card.

All new models of TVs of domestic production have the necessary functions for watching TV channels and video files of various formats.

Selection rules

There are several criteria that are recommended to pay attention to when choosing the right TV model.

Screen type

The main parameter of a TV is screen quality. There are several main varieties of them, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.


At a relatively low cost, LCD TVs provide high quality images. A similar effect is achieved through full color rendering. The disadvantages of models of this type include display burnout after prolonged use.

Such TVs should be installed in places where direct sunlight will not hit the screen.


TVs with this type of screen are the most widespread. Their distinctive feature is the presence of matrix backlighting. LED TVs are slightly thinner than LCD models. Providing high-quality images, devices of this type consume a minimum amount of electricity.


The screen of such TVs consists of cells filled with a special gas, which provides a high-definition picture. Plasma TVs have a number of features:

  • high power consumption;
  • the minimum diagonal is 32 inches;
  • the screen does not fade during operation.


TVs with this type of screen are the most modern development. They transmit a high-quality picture, have a long service life, consume a minimum of energy.

The only drawback of such devices is the too high price.


There is a certain rule about what should be the optimal size of the TV screen. To obtain the maximum viewing comfort for modern devices, it is necessary that the distance from the viewing position to the TV is 3 times the screen diagonal.

Response period and frequency

This parameter determines how long it takes for the picture of the dynamic scene to change. If the response time is too short, the image will not be as clear. Screen frequency has a direct impact on image quality.

For comfortable viewing of TV channels and video content, the device must support a frequency of at least 400 Hz.

Brightness and contrast

To obtain a realistic picture, the TV must be capable of adjusting the brightness and contrast parameters over a wide range. When watching TV channels of any format, the device should not operate at the limit.


Full sound is required for full TV viewing. Some modern TV models are equipped with two speakers and a subwoofer. This combination allows you to get high-quality sound without additional acoustics.

For an overview of one of the models, see the following video.