Children's beds from 2 years old: cots and sofas with boards for a 2-year-old child, models in sizes 120x60 and 90x200

The kid is growing up, and with him his need for an increase in sleeping space also grows. When a child turns 2 years old, his crib should become more practical and stylish. It is important to take into account all the wishes of the baby. He knows exactly what he wants.

In order for the sleep to be sound and comfortable, you need to choose according to some rules. The sleep of the parents depends on how well the baby sleeps.

Until recently, the range of baby cots was not so wide. He limited himself to models for newborns and large single beds. It was not as practical as we would like. But technologies do not stand still, and the range has expanded. Now you can choose a model not only by age, but also by the sex of the child. And also to please the kid with bright colors and unusual shapes.

From the article you will learn about what types of beds exist for children from 2 years old. How to choose the right size and choose the right bed from a variety of models. And you can also find beautiful photos of the most convenient and beautiful options.


When you enter a furniture store, especially for children, it is very important not to succumb to the persuasions of sellers, but to choose an option that will serve you for a long time. To do this, it is worth dealing with the types of beds for children from 2 years of age.

There are only two types of beds for children:

  • sofas - practical and comfortable to use;
  • beds, a huge selection of which, allows you to involve a child in the buying process and fulfill exactly his desire.

Manufacturers produce many models of beds for children. But the most popular are children's beds from 2 years old with sides. They are distinguished by their ease of assembly and durability. As a rule, these types of beds are the safest for babies. The presence of the sides will not only protect your child from falling, but also will not allow the blanket or pillow to slide. This means that the dream will be sound and comfortable.

In order to diversify standards, cribs with sides can be produced in different forms. But this does not affect their strength and service life. Very often buyers order furniture, and everything depends on the wishes of the consumer.

It is important for the child to install the bumpers. They are offered in two types: hard and soft. The second option is not entirely practical, since constant loads gradually help to stretch the tissue. Also, the fabric may tear and the protection function will be impaired.

Rigid ones can be made either from the main material used for the production of the crib, or from dense plastic. Plastic collars are installed in models that are intended for long-term use and must be removed afterwards.

Bumpers with stretched fabric. This is not very convenient in terms of cleanliness. Such sides cannot be washed, unless they are removable. Over time, the fabric will fill with dust and there is a risk of bacteria developing.

It is convenient to purchase a crib that has the option of removing the sides. It is convenient for beds that are suitable for a teenager.

For the weather, manufacturers offer cots, in which, instead of a box, another sleeping place is extended. It is practical and convenient. First, it eliminates the need to look for a place for a second bed. Secondly, the risk of falling from the crib is reduced, since each seat is equipped with bumpers.

Sofa beds are suitable for children from two years of age. They are designed in such a way that the child can sleep comfortably. There are soft backs and sides that can be removed later. And the ability to fold the sofa allows it to fit into any interior, just choose the right color.

Modern furniture stores offer a wide range of sofas and cots for children from two years old. For the most part, these are transformers that can be used even for children aged 8-12 years. The sleeping place increases as the child grows.

Berths are increased by additional inserts. Agree, buying a bed every year is not entirely prudent. But buying furniture that can be safely used for 10 years is very profitable.

When the child is already very large, he can be given the opportunity to independently choose a bed. Perhaps your grown up boy or girl will want something special and offer you a complete design project for their room. It will be very important for them.

Another very popular type of sleeping place for a child is a chair bed. In a folded position, such a chair is very spacious and will be appreciated by a child, as it will be interesting to play on it. And by folding such a chair, you will get a full-fledged single bed. Many models not only have main bumpers, but are also equipped with additional protection.


The choice of a berth is not just a matter of wishes, but also of rules. Sleeping on a separate bed will be very interesting for the baby. After all, he can now say that he is an adult. But still it is worth paying attention to the size of the furniture.

Modern manufacturers offer to purchase a bed with dimensions of 90x200 cm. These sizes are more suitable for adults, a two-year-old child may be uncomfortable on such a bed. Therefore, other sizes have been developed.

The most popular are 120x60, 140x70, 150x80:

  • 120x60 cm - a size that is equal to the standard dimensions for children in the first year of life. When choosing such a crib, make sure that your little one does not feel constrained in it. And also think if she will not become small for him in six months.
  • 140x70 cm. This bed model is just right for a 2-year-old baby. It will be comfortable for him to sleep, as there is enough space for freedom. This size is quite suitable for children under the age of 7.
  • 150x80 cm is already a teenage bed. If you want to save space in the room, then you can pay attention to the sofa or chair-bed. These are practical options as they can be folded at any time. Modern sofa assembly mechanisms are easy to operate and your teenage child will be able to cope with it on their own.

How to choose?

Children's sleep is a very important component of a child's health. To achieve a good result, you should give preference to natural production materials.

The most environmentally friendly is wood. Modern manufacturers present many materials that can replace a solid canvas. The most popular are chipboard and MDF. For the production of these types of building materials, wood residues are used, which are processed and pressed. The wood is used of high quality.

Depending on the height and weight of the baby, as well as how long you plan to use the bed, the models may be different. Here it is important to pay attention to the outer coating of the canvas. It should be even and uniform. This guarantees the safe use of the furniture throughout its entire service life.

Modern models have not only streamlined shapes of all details. Many manufacturers supplement beds with pillows and upholstered bumpers to reduce the risk of injury.

Another selection criterion is the ability to wash the surface of the crib. For this, any surfaces are intended, except for fabric. In this case, you will have to call a special cleaning group to your home. And this is an extra cost.

It is worth choosing a varnished surface. But check that there is no smell, and the documents were stamped with a coating test for chemistry.

Beautiful examples

In order for you to have an idea of ​​what bed options for children from 2 years old are, here is a selection of the most attractive models:

  • This model is versatile. Both the boy and the girl will like it. Cartoon characters will become an object of admiration. Convenient sides guarantee complete safety. The color is calm and quite suitable for any interior.
  • This model is for older kids. The strict color of natural wood will go well with any decoration of the nursery. The surface is easy to maintain. The drawers below are perfect for storing bedding and toys.
  • This photo shows the model, the sides of which are removed when necessary. Light colors will not irritate the eyes and are suitable for any nursery style. Below is one large spacious storage box.
  • A sofa for children, which has additional bumpers for the safety of the baby. All backs and sides are soft.
  • And here is the chair-bed. A great option for a boy. The baby will definitely not want to sabotage and be capricious on such a crib. All details are soft. Spending leisure time in such a chair is also very interesting. This is already a full-fledged complex for games - a machine. By purchasing such furniture, you will create a pleasant atmosphere in the baby's room.
  • This model will appeal to little princesses. Bright decoration and unusual design will create a cozy and cheerful atmosphere in the nursery. Soft materials and muzzle-shaped back. Cleaning such a chair, of course, is not entirely convenient, but how can this be compared to a child's delight? The child will spend the maximum of his free time in this chair.
  • The example demonstrates a model for the weather. There are not only two sleeping places, but also storage boxes. This is a very practical model. The color of the fronts can be chosen at your discretion.

Such beautiful, bright and not very models are offered by manufacturers of baby cots. It all depends on your desires and preferences. Give your child an interesting and beautiful childhood.

For information on how to make a children's bed with bumpers with your own hands, see the next video.