Brazier with a roof (47 photos): for giving with your own hands, drawings and sizes, large stationary, with a stove and a smokehouse, outdoor outdoor closed structures

With the arrival of warm days, you want to plunge into a pleasant country atmosphere. And here, well, you can't do without a barbecue. To prevent the weather from spoiling your plans and desires, you should choose barbecues with a roof, which are ideal for any summer cottage.

Advantages and location

Many people prefer traditional barbecues. This choice is due to the fact that they can be easily moved under the roof of any building. However, this method seems simple, but in fact it can easily lead to fires. Yes, and besides, not every roof can become a full-fledged canopy. Of course, a grill with a roof wins. The main advantage of such a model is the protection of the dishes being prepared and the one who prepares them. Moreover, the roof protects not only from bad weather (rain, snow), but also from too much scorching sun. Another plus of barbecues with a roof is the ability to cook barbecue at any time of the year.

Despite the obvious advantages, there is a barbecue grill with a roof and obvious disadvantages. The most important of them is the high cost of such models. Country barbecues with forged elements are especially expensive. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the immobility of barbecues with a roof, for example, you cannot take it with you to the beach or to a picnic in the forest. Even within the dacha yard it is not always possible to move such barbecues. Of course, the high cost of a barbecue with a roof can be compensated for with a homemade model. Indeed, in fact, such braziers are easy to make with your own hands.

Types and designs

There are many types of rooftop outdoor grills. First of all, these foci are divided according to the method of installation.


As the name implies, stationary barbecues are installed in one place and it is very difficult to move them. Most often, stationary barbecues are made brick and with a foundation.

Among such roasting centers, the following types are distinguished:

  • brazier with barbecue;
  • barbecue gazebo;
  • with a cauldron;
  • with a table;
  • with a stove.

Collapsible barbecues with a roof

They can be carried over. Although this is still not very convenient, since even disassembled models are too cumbersome. Such barbecues are most often made of metal.

In terms of functionality, barbecues are also divided into several types.

  • Simple barbecues with a roof allow you to cook an ordinary barbecue or fish with smoke without any problems. The functions of even such a grill can be expanded, for example, to install a spit to smoke meat.
  • Professional barbecues are equipped with a roasting area, a smokehouse and a table. Some modern models also have a compact cooking oven with a pipe.

In fact, the choice of a barbecue primarily depends on where its design will be installed and what dishes will be cooked on it. There are more closed models, there are with a glass roof, with a washstand and other additional or original elements. Various types of garden barbecues can not only get rid of smoke, protect from bad weather, but also transform the entire summer cottage.

Selection and installation

The choice of a barbecue with a roof for a summer residence among a large number of options may seem very difficult. In order to facilitate this choice as much as possible, it is enough to decide on your operational requirements for barbecue, aesthetic wishes, taste preferences and, of course, with financial capabilities.

Those who prefer classics and traditions are best off choosing the simplest models with a roof. Such options are best suited for summer cottages. But for travelers who often rest in the forest or on the shores of water bodies, collapsible barbecues are ideal. After all, they are installed in a matter of minutes. They are also compact and inexpensive.

On garden plots, stationary barbecues with mobile braziers look great under the roof. Wooden brazier houses look especially attractive. A worthy decoration of the summer cottage will be a forged brazier, which displays the chic fantasy of blacksmiths. It is best to opt for models with artistic forging and patina. The stone and brick structures with a canopy bear beauty, comfort and good quality. The unchanged basis of such barbecues is only a roasting hearth or a grate, and everything else can be as you want.

When choosing barbecues, you should pay attention to their prices. The most inexpensive are products made entirely of metal, as well as collapsible. Braziers with forged elements, a cast-iron cauldron, a small stove are placed in the middle price category. The highest prices are set for professional models, which include a spit, a large roaster, a smokehouse, and a hob. For personal use, such barbecues are rarely chosen.

To choose the right brazier model, you should pay special attention to the area where it will be located. If there are many buildings and green spaces on the site, then it may be difficult to place stationary models with a canopy. The optimal height of the brazier with a roof, like its other dimensions, primarily depends on the size of the site and its layout. When installing the barbecue, you should take into account what kind of wind rose is in the area. After all, this will allow smoke to not interfere with enjoying outdoor recreation when cooking. It will not be superfluous to locate the brazier, taking into account the location of utilities on the site, to facilitate the cooking process.

To make it more convenient, it is better not to place a grill with a roof away from home, because it can always turn into a pleasant relaxation area. This is especially true of barbecues with a gazebo.

Manufacturing: features

If ready-made models of braziers with a roof do not attract for some reason, then you should think about creating a brazier with your own hands. It's worth starting with the drawings. They can be created either independently or you can take a ready-made version on the Internet. Most often, they independently make metal and brick barbecues.

To make a metal barbecue with a roof, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • pipes or corners with a cross section of at least 40 millimeters;
  • steel sheets with a minimum thickness of 0.4 centimeters;
  • welding machine and electrodes;
  • boards;
  • roof covering;
  • iron;
  • Bulgarian;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • level;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • fasteners.

When you have all the necessary materials and tools, and the design of a barbecue with a roof is developed, you can proceed directly to its creation.

  • The first thing to start with is a brazier. Its length is from 80 to 120 centimeters, width is from 25 to 30 centimeters, and height is from 20 to 22 centimeters. The metal for the brazier should be no thicker than 3 millimeters. Particular attention should be paid to the distance between skewers and coals, which should be within 12-15 centimeters. Most often, the workplace is made from an upper shelf for a brazier and a lower shelf for firewood.
  • After the roofing iron has been cut into plates according to the dimensions, they are welded together. The bottom of the frypot should be equipped with openings that allow air to flow in. The final touch is the manufacture of brazier legs from metal plates.
  • The brazier roof is installed on 4–6 vertical posts, which are interconnected by horizontal partitions. Roof parts are best joined very tightly.

It is very important to choose the right roofing material, as it is affected by high temperatures, fire, steam, temperature extremes and much more. Decking, ceramic tiles, metal tiles are best suited for the roof.

It is important that the roof is larger than the brazier. The edge of the roof should be 0.5–0.8 meters farther than the brazier. The height of the roof is chosen based on the height of those who will use the barbecue and the desired amenities. The roof should be positioned so that cooking on the brazier is comfortable.

  • After everything is assembled, you can cover the metal elements with a primer and then paint. Moreover, for staining, one should prefer a special enamel with heat resistance. And you can also add a brazier with ready-made forged elements.

    The brick grill is made stationary. It should be borne in mind that a large area should be allocated for such a brazier. Drawings should also be taken even more responsibly in order to get a high-quality result. Of the advantages of such a barbecue, it is worth noting its multifunctionality, since it can be equipped with a smokehouse, stove, cauldron and other additions.

    To make such a complex structure, you will need the following materials:

    • brick, preferably fireproof;
    • clay;
    • sand;
    • cement;
    • concrete mixer;
    • roofing material;
    • fittings;
    • boards;
    • roofing material;
    • shovel (bayonet and shovel);
    • buckets;
    • roulette;
    • level;
    • Master OK;
    • knife;
    • pick.

    Step by step, the manufacture of a brick barbecue with a roof with your own hands is as follows.

    • The first step after choosing a site for a barbecue is to fill the foundation. The depth of the foundation is calculated taking into account how many rows of bricks there will be. It is worth remembering that a concrete screed for one row of bricks is 1.5 centimeters. As for the width and length of the foundation, they should be at least 10 centimeters larger than the brickwork.
    • When the dimensions of the foundation are determined, a pit should be dug and formwork should be made. Sand 10–12 centimeters high is poured onto the bottom of the pit, and then reinforcement is laid. After that, the trench must be filled with concrete mortar. As soon as it hardens, the formwork is removed and the roofing material is laid.

    If a gazebo will be created around the brazier, then a strip foundation should be made under it.

    • The first and second rows of bricks are laid directly on the roofing felt. Masonry is carried out using a mortar of clay and sand. The seam between the bricks should be 3-4 millimeters.
    • Upon completion of the masonry work, the construction of the gazebo itself begins.
    • Then the roofing is done. Roof support posts are made of brick, timber or metal. It is best to immediately bring the chimney to the roof. For the roof, it is better to choose corrugated board or metal tile.
    • The floor can be made of concrete or ceramic tiles.
    • If desired, the grill can be supplemented with a smokehouse. To do this, you need a heating element (0.5-1 kW), a grate and a baking sheet.

    Finished models

    Ready-made models of barbecues with a roof are full of variety. Among them, it is quite easy to choose the most suitable option for specific requirements and at a price. Of course, it should be borne in mind that their cost is much higher than that of ordinary barbecues. But you can get much more.

    There are very simple models, where only a covered brazier is offered (for example, MM-18M), but there is an addition in the form of a table and a bench. Of course, the latter options are more reminiscent of a gazebo (MM-26). Moreover, ready-made models can be taken in variations with a grill, a cauldron stove, a tap and many other elements. The advantages of the finished model are also that you don't have to rack your brains over the design.

    There are many designs of models from which everyone can choose the one they like. There are both the simplest options with straight lines and without anything superfluous, and forged chic products that can be called works of art. The thickness of the metal from which the braziers are made can also be selected in ready-made versions. Most often it is presented in the range from 3 to 6 millimeters.

    Beautiful examples

    The quality of a barbecue with a roof should certainly come first, but don't forget about its beauty. After all, an original modern model can become a real decoration of a summer cottage. Among the latest options for ready-made barbecues, several especially interesting models can be distinguished.

    • A country grill with a roof MD-6 is a very simple and original solution. Its design with a spider web and a spider on the back of the product instantly lifts the mood. Due to the wheels, the entire structure can be easily moved to any corner of the summer cottage. At the same time, everything is as simple as possible - a roof, a nice shelf for firewood, a neat shelf-table next to the brazier and, of course, the brazier itself. Perhaps the main advantage of this model is the ease of assembly.
    • The Iskander Incline brazier oven impresses with its modern minimalism. Only straight lines, but how much grace and compactness there is in this grill. Everything in it is extremely simple and elegant: a brazier, a stove, a chimney, a shelf for firewood, a pair of side tables, a pitched canopy. To brighten up the rich black color a little, it was decided to paint some elements in bright red. This model will be the ideal solution for those who value simplicity. Moreover, this grill will look great in almost any garden.
    • Summer cottage brazier MM-27 will become a companion of practical vacationers. Pleasant curves and unusual assembly of the roof, a few forged, but very noticeable elements, and most importantly - a large number of shelves, involuntarily attracting eyes. Cooking on such a grill is a real pleasure. Of course, it is worth considering that it is worth taking a lot of space for it and at the same time thinking over which corner of the garden it will look best.
    • Brazier-station wagon "Venice" will appeal to all lovers of forging and especially original models. Its forged elements are beyond praise, but what really deserves attention is the brazier on a retractable platform. This solution is really amazing for a rooftop barbecue. Especially if you consider that the cooker himself can be under it, while nothing prevents the brazier from being, for example, under the scorching sun. In addition, this model provides a two-chamber oven for a cauldron and a cast iron plate with rings. However, it should be borne in mind that for all this beauty and functionality you will have to pay as for a professional grill.

    See the following video for the benefits of barbecues with a roof.