The largest pigs (23 photos): huge forest individuals, the largest piglets in the world. The biggest pig in Russia

Unlike other domestic animals, pigs are prized as a source of meat. They cannot be driven, milked or otherwise used. Among the breeds, there are real champions, however, some individual specimens were even included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Pigs from the Guinness Book of Records

The largest pig in the world, who entered the book as a record holder, lived in the province of China. There is a lot of information about her in the Liaoning Museum. The weight of this animal was 900 kilograms, while the length of the carcass was 2.5 meters. The chest girth was 2.23 meters. The pig had tusks 144 mm long. According to the farmer, the animal was only 5 years old when it died. Throughout this period, he was provided with proper care and quality, timely food.

It is worth saying that this is not the only animal that was registered in the book of records. There are other representatives with sizes that are difficult to imagine. In the county of Cheshire, a boar of no less impressive size was raised. A wild boar named Old Slot lived in the 19th century, it belonged to the Gloucester breed. According to recognized data, the weight of the animal was 6 tons. The animal reached 1.5 meters in height, while the length of its carcass was 3 m.

There is not much information about the animal, but it is known that its life was short-lived.

Another record holder also lived in China and was raised by a farmer named Li Shun. Of the currently known pigs, this pig was and remains the largest not only in the country, but also in the world. There is no information about the name, but there is a very interesting life story. Li Shun, the farmer who raised the animal, bought the pig when it weighed only 20 kg. Ten months later, the farmer decided to sell the animal for meat, but no one ever bought it. It was then that the farmer came up with the idea of ​​fattening her to the maximum size in order to get more money later. In 2013, the weight was 600 kg.

An American boar named Big Bill, which for a long time after his death was exhibited in the circus as a stuffed animal, is also ranked among the record holders. The maximum weight of the animal was recorded in 1933 - then the mass of the wild boar was 1157 kg, while its body length was 2.7 m. According to eyewitnesses, the belly of this pig lay on the ground, so it was difficult for her to move. The boar remained in the position of the record holder for about ten years, the farmer decided to take him to the exhibition, but on the way the pig fell and broke his leg. Without calculating the dose of the medicine, the owner unintentionally killed the animal.

The largest domestic breeds

There are many breeds with large specimens. Among them, we should definitely highlight the following record holders.


This breed was bred by breeders by crossing. For many years, its characteristics improved, eventually it was possible to obtain a pig that offers high quality bacon, that is, with a thin layer of fat. One of the disadvantages of this breed, breeders consider its capriciousness to food and conditions of detention. The animal is distinguished by a long, narrow and powerful body. The maximum length of such a pig is 2 m, the maximum that can be reached at the time of slaughter is 350 kg.

This is an ideal solution for those who want to quickly breed a farm, since the females of the described breed are very fertile and produce up to 15, and in rare cases, 20 piglets.

English white

This rather large breed began to be bred in the 19th century in England. Then she was still known as Yorkshire, today this name is not mentioned so often. If we talk about the top ten breeds for home breeding, then this one is on the list. An adult male can grow up to 380 kg, while the length of the carcass reaches 180 cm. Females, as in any other breed, are smaller in size . One of the advantages is the rapid weight gain in piglets, as early as six months after birth they can weigh 100 kg.

Large white

This is also the result of the hard work of breeders who have worked on the white breed. Despite the fact that the pig appeared in England, it is widely known in our country and enjoys great success with breeders. E ti pigs only gain for the year to 200 kg, they are unpretentious and easy to adapt to the conditions created.

The representatives of the breed can be noted for their calm disposition, excellent resistance to diseases and fertility.


Livestock breeders began to breed this breed in the 19th century in America. The pig was the result of a cross between Berkshire and Guinean pigs. These animals are well muscled, powerful and large in size. An adult wild boar weighs up to 360 kg, females are 60 kg less. The meat breed is very much in demand today, individuals of this species quickly gain weight, are unpretentious and are able to adapt to changing conditions of detention.

Latvian white

Among other breeds bred, this one can be considered relatively new, since it appeared only in 1967. The pigs were raised by Latvian breeders. In appearance, the breed is similar to the large white, has the same large body. In adulthood, the wild boar gains a live body weight of up to 320 kg, females can only grow up to 250 kg. The meat breed quickly gains weight, it is easy to care for it. The pig is also distinguished by high fertility.

Wild piglets

The Eurasian boar - the ancestor of our domestic and wild pigs - is a candidate for the largest wild pig ever. With a year-round supply of food, individuals of this species can grow to enormous sizes. There were cases when wild boars weighing up to 270 kg were filmed, which is quite possible, given the heredity of the breed. The largest wild boars grow in Turkey, where there is a Mediterranean climate, agriculture is developed, so there is food; there is a Muslim population that leaves pigs alone and allows them to grow.

The giant forest pig is one of the least known wild breeds and one of the last large mammals in the world to be identified by scientists. Compared to other African pigs - warthog, bushpig, wild boar - the giant forest pig is incredible in size.

It is a tall, long-legged animal weighing up to 300 kg.

Usually pets reach their maximum weight, since they do not have to move a lot, take care of food. It is worth noting that wild boars are very aggressive, so they will easily kill a person upon meeting. The size of such an animal often reaches 2 meters in length.

In 2004, the largest recognized wild boar was shot. It happened in America. The weight of the animal was 300 kg with a carcass length of 3 meters. After a more detailed study of the individual presented to the scientist, it turned out that it was the result of a mixture of domestic pigs and wild boars and was raised on a farm.

Another giant in the United States weighed 480 kg and reached a length of 3.5 m, his fangs were 13 cm long. The most interesting thing in this story is that the boy killed the animal.

The largest individual in Russia

In Russia and other countries, there are recognized specimens of the largest home-raised pigs. If we take America as an example, then the Big Norma pig, which lived until 2008, has won the attention. At the peak of its growth, it reached a mass of 1200 kg, while its length was 2.5 meters. The farmer showed special feelings for the animal, so after her death it was decided to make a stuffed animal out of the carcass.

If we talk about the still living record holders, then it is worth returning to China, where in 2017 an individual weighing 750 kg was registered as the largest boar. The height of the animal is 1 meter and the length is 2 meters. The pig was even taken to the exhibition, where it won the honorary title. Large white pigs become the largest in Russia. The maximum weight of boars is 370 kg.

No less popular is the Siberian northern pig, which is perfectly adapted to the harsh climate. It produces a lot of meat and lard, the maximum carcass weight is 360 kg. From 10 piglets appear in the litter, which gain weight very quickly. This species is widely bred both on farms and in small pigsties.

In our country, few farmers raise pigs for their own pleasure, and therefore no record holders were registered. The main task of this animal is to provide meat and lard, therefore, as soon as the individual reaches the required mass, it is taken to slaughter. It is difficult to imagine a pig of one of these breeds as a pet, but in America everything is different: there animals are fattened for demonstration at exhibitions, hence there are more opportunities to see huge individuals that cannot always even move independently.

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