Mini-walls for the living room (41 photos): stylish small walls for the hall, small structures

Furniture for small apartments should be beautiful, compact and functional. A feature of choosing a mini-wall for a living room is the search for an option that meets these criteria.


The walls that appeared in Soviet times are still popular today. They have changed a lot, they have become more functional and convenient. However, complexes consisting of a large number of departments cannot fit into a small-sized living room. It is for such halls that small structures are created that can not only perform basic tasks, but also decorate the room.

Mini-walls differ from the usual ones in size and configuration, which includes a minimum of sections. The focal point here is the TV stand. Also, such a model may have a small pencil case, a rack for decor, wall cabinets, open shelves and other elements. Manufacturers offer various options from which you can choose the combination of the components you need.

In terms of design, it is also varied. Among the assortment, you can find an option suitable for any interior style.

As a result, you can get the perfect system for storing small items that will harmoniously fit into the environment, and perhaps even become a highlight of the room.


Mini-walls have a large number of advantages that make it possible to evaluate their usefulness for small living rooms:

  • Functionality. If clothes and shoes can be placed in a wardrobe, then a separate place is needed for important little things. The mini-wall can be used to store documents, magazines, discs, etc. You can put porcelain in a glass showcase, and souvenirs, framed photos, flower pots on open shelves. Any things will always be at hand and in absolute order.
  • Compactness. A neat piece of furniture won't take up much space. And the lightness of the design will keep the room feeling spacious.
  • Mobility. Small structures are lightweight. They are easy to move from one place to another. You can rearrange the room as often as you want, each time refreshing the interior in your mood.
  • Beauty. Stylish modern designs fit perfectly into any setting. They create coziness, decorate the interior, making it complete and complete.
  • Affordable price. The cost of such products is significantly lower than the price level of similar furniture in standard sizes.

There are few disadvantages of such products. It should only be noted that they are not intended for storing large items. Also, do not put such furniture in large rooms.

The mini-version will simply get lost in a spacious room and will look ridiculous in it.


There are several basic models of mini-walls that differ in shape and configuration.


The name of this type of furniture is associated with its wave-like shape. Such models can include a niche for a TV, a compartment for audio and video equipment, a small pencil case, several closed sections and open shelves.

There are various variations including a chest of drawers, a glass display case, separate drawers or square sections with hinged doors.

But in addition to the different heights of the sections, there is another common feature that unites all the slides - visual lightness and originality, which enlivens even a modest interior.


The layout of some rooms allows you to distribute furniture only in such a way that only the corner remains free. In this case, corner models of mini-walls come to the rescue. Such furniture is no less spacious and functional.

In addition, it saves space in the room by using the space at the junction of the walls. Models of this type also include a TV stand, which is usually located in the corner. Sometimes the corner unit is a tall cabinet.

By making its door mirrored, you can create the illusion of additional space and make the room brighter by reflecting light streams. The rest of the blocks can be anything. These are hinged parts, and all kinds of closed and open shelves and drawers.


In addition to the body walls, which are a structure of thoughtful design, there are also modular models. Unlike solid furniture sets, they can be easily modified during use. In the first case, you can choose only a ready-made model with a fixed set of sections in a certain sequence.

In the case of modular products, you can choose the individual blocks you need, and then, as a designer, assemble your wall in any sequence. And even after collecting the final version, after some time you can easily change the configuration of the furniture complex by rearranging the elements in places.

This will allow you to change the appearance of the entire room, updating the interior without additional financial costs.


Mini-complexes for the living room, including hanging elements, look airy and especially compact. Open and closed shelves and cabinets, located on the wall, without connecting to each other, create the maximum effect of lightness. The bottom block of such a mini-wall usually stands on the floor. However, there are also options on sale that consist exclusively of hinged modules, as if floating in the air.

The main task of such furniture is maximum space saving. The walls, all segments of which are suspended, assume the same fixation of the TV (on the wall). In this case, the section located under the screen remains free and allows you to put any objects on it.

As a rule, suspended structures are made in the styles of minimalism and high-tech, although sometimes models are found in a different style solution.

How to choose?

Before buying, decide how much space you are willing to allocate for the wall. It depends on what size of the structure you need. Decide on the place where the mini-structure will stand. Think about whether a linear arrangement of blocks is right for you, or a corner option would be more convenient.

Furniture should harmoniously fit into the overall concept of the room. The wall should be combined with the decoration of the room and with the rest of the furniture. Classic style mini-walls are characterized by sophisticated elegance. Such models are characterized by symmetry, the use of wood or its imitation. Shades are mostly natural (beige, nutty, the whole range of brown). Models are also available in white. The last option looks especially elegant.

For small rooms, it is preferable to choose light-colored furniture. Such a wall is able to visually make the room more spacious, fill it with natural light.

If you wish, you can choose a dark shade. Such models look noble and strict. But if you want to purchase just such an option, let the design of the walls and floor be light, otherwise you risk getting a living room with a gloomy gloomy atmosphere.

Provence combines the lightness and romance of France with rustic coziness. Walls in this style are also made of wood (or material with imitation of its texture). However, unlike the classics, where you can find voluminous carved decor, curly handles, moldings, curved facades, everything is as simple as possible.

Straight clear lines, laconic design fittings, the use of exclusively pastel shades (white, milky, beige) - these are the main characteristics of Provence-style furniture.

Art Nouveau mini-walls are usually made in the form of slides. These products are characterized by originality and the use of natural materials. One of the most popular furniture colors in this style is the combination of wenge and bleached oak. For a small room, this option is ideal. Moreover, it will look equally advantageous against the background of light and against the background of dark walls.

A good choice is also a beige or walnut shade. Such options will bring comfort and an atmosphere of tranquility to the room. It is also better to purchase dark modern mini-walls for rooms decorated exclusively in light colors. If the design of the living room is modest enough, you can give it a zest by choosing a mini-wall with patterns on the facades or photo printing.

Minimalism is characterized by absolute laconicism. This style is characterized by clear geometry of forms, practically invisible fittings. Materials can be anything. These are both woody textures and a shining gloss. Usually these are modular structures, often mounted.

Hi-tech is similar to the previous style. There is also clarity and severity of forms, modularity of designs, but the emphasis is on the modernity of furniture. Glossy textures, chrome-plated metal prevail. This style cannot be called boring. The combination of contrasting colors (more often white and black), the use of bright shades, backlighting, tinted glasses - all this in combination with enchanting shimmering gloss gives the walls a luxurious appearance.


Think about what exactly you will store in the mini-wall. The choice of the necessary blocks depends on this. If you need a wall to store important little things, choose models with a chest of drawers or closed drawers. If the headset will perform mainly a decorative function, pay attention to slides and other options with open shelves and models with glass cabinets in which you can arrange decorative elements.

If you still want to place some of your clothes in the wall, get a model with a closed high cabinet or even two cabinets located on the sides of the TV.

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