Metal gates (58 photos): iron fences with a wicket and forging, beautiful fences made of metal and picket fence with forging elements

Metal gates are durable and strong, ensuring the safety and comfort of their owners. A wide range of modern companies provides their customers with original designs for their decoration. In addition, due to the variety of gate designs, ways of decorating them and the automatic system, the use of this product will become many times more pleasant and comfortable procedure.


Metal gates are currently more popular in the market than classic wooden models. Modern manufacturers delight buyers with very skillful luxury models that not only provide safety, but are often the main decorative addition to the facade of the house. Depending on the needs of the clients, designers present a choice of both simpler and more complex models.

Iron gates have a number of the following features:

  • Durability and strength. Unlike wooden options, metal models are more resistant to sudden temperature changes and prolonged precipitation. By purchasing a gate from a certified manufacturer, you can be sure that they will serve you for many years, requiring a minimum of attention;
  • Good heat and sound insulation. These qualities are especially valuable for those who intend to purchase garage doors or block a separate room in the house with them. Extraneous sources of noise from the outside will not distract from business, and a special design will not allow the formation of drafts and retain heat;
  • Variety of designs. The gate is the first thing that a person sees before entering the house. That is why the owners of the site are trying to choose the most sophisticated and interesting model that will emphasize the individual style of their home. Therefore, many manufacturers have not only the opportunity to choose a ready-made option from a thick catalog, but also the opportunity to draw up a unique and most accurate project of a gate for a specific site with a specialist of the company;
  • Purpose and different design options. Currently, customers are offered a wide range of metal gates. Depending on the purpose, you can choose for your house automatic, sliding and swing, insulated, as well as models additionally equipped with a wicket;
  • Price. Serious companies offer their customers options not only high, but also in the middle price category. Often, many companies arrange seasonal promotions or offer to purchase the last remaining models at a discount. Especially skillful people manage to make metal gates with their own hands, spending only on materials.

Due to its characteristics, metal gates are becoming the most desirable for owners of large country houses, for whom reliability and safety are especially important.

Modern types of structures in combination with original ideas for door design will allow you to choose the most comfortable and interesting models among the entire range.

Types of structures

There are several types of metal gate designs.

Depending on the method of their use and purpose, they can be divided into:

  • Garage. They include elements of insulation and are part of a separate room for storing a car. They usually have a hanging mechanism and are made of a solid canvas. Sometimes modified for indoor installation such as a barn or barn. They have the most laconic and simple appearance;
  • Outgoing. They differ in much impressive size and weight, therefore they are often supplied with rollers for their convenient use and movement. They are usually installed on the border of a residential area, mounted on poles and can be made from one or more solid canvases or picket fences. The options that indicate the entrance to the garden or garden plot are often decorated with forging.

The massiveness and design features allow you to decorate such gates with more interesting and bold details, which will give them a more majestic and effective look.

Also, depending on the opening methods, the following types of iron gates can be distinguished:

  • Swing. The most popular and easiest option. Their device includes two flaps. With the help of hinges, they are attached to picket fences or to special recesses inside the side walls of the fence. They usually open outward. Small gates can be opened manually without equipping them with a special mechanism, but exit swing models are more overall, therefore, they require the installation of such additional elements as rollers. Such models often belong to the budget price segment;
  • Recoil. They work on the principle of a console. The moving part, if necessary, moves to the side with the help of rollers and a frame, freeing the passage. They are most convenient in the presence of an automatic mechanism, for which some models have an electric drive. When power is cut off, manual opening is possible;
  • Lifting. There are two options here: sectional and roll. Both are most commonly used as garage doors and are made up of one piece. Such models do not require much effort and usually work automatically. At the push of a button, the sectional door is lifted up and at the same time the sash is sandwiched to save space. Roll models are made of thin metal sheets, which, when opened, are wound on a shaft and fixed in a protective box.

Thanks to such a variety of designs, it will not be difficult to find a beautiful model among the ready-made options that will be most convenient to use and will meet all the requirements for it.


Nowadays, it will be easy to independently install an automatic gate system using the instructions and diagrams that are often attached to the product. However, many buyers prefer to order metal gates immediately with an assembly service, which will significantly save time and be sure of the correct connection of the gate to the electrical system.

Automation is now very popular. Thanks to it, the use of the gate becomes even easier and more convenient process. The most relevant models with an automatic system are swing, sliding and sliding metal gates.

Most often, it is controlled remotely using a wireless button. After pressing, it gives a signal that activates the gate. This option is the most convenient because it can be used without leaving the car or even at home, if, for example, you need to open the gate for guests. Manufacturers also offer their customers dedicated controllers as a control element. They look like small panels or intercoms that are mounted outside and / or inside the yard. In this case, the movement of the product can be activated using a key or a set of code.


The complexity of the design of metal gates is associated with their price: the more skillfully the appearance of the model is made and the more details are used in it, the more expensive it will cost to the buyer. Modern designers are trying to diversify projects and make their appearance as original and stylish as possible.

Classic solid fabrics and corrugated patterns have long sunk into oblivion. Nowadays, metal gates are in fashion in the style of modern, baroque, hi-tech and minimalism.

Particularly effective and popular decorative elements are:

  • Fine weaving. Such gates are ideal for country houses in warm climates. Usually they are a thick iron frame, which is filled with a sheet of strong steel mesh. It has a simple yet elegant appearance. The courtyard through it is quite clearly visible, so often the choice of the owners of the plot with the garden falls on such options;
  • 3D parts. Wickets look very luxurious, in the manufacture of which volumetric elements were used. They can be placed both on the door leaf itself, for example, as an image of some majestic animal, or as an alternative to it in the form of a skillfully forged wood or other spectacular iron sculpture inside the gate frame;
  • Artistic slots. Another great option for lovers of unusual gates with an interesting, boring design. With the help of thin slits in the canvas, spectacular patterns or drawings are created that emphasize the individual style of the house and the wonderful taste of its owner. Carved elements can be highlighted with paint for the greatest effect;
  • Polished metal. High-tech features to the site will add a gate with a polished surface. They look simple enough, but at the same time stylish and catchy. A smooth surface in the sun will give beautiful reflections, and additional details will make the gate even more elegant and luxurious;
  • Forged items. Forged gates are chic in themselves. This is a classic that designers are now "refreshing" with modern bold ideas, giving them a more elegant and austere appearance. A wide variety of forging options and patterns allows you to get very beautiful metal gates, which will become a real decoration of the site;
  • Decorative defects. Recently, antique gate designs have been very popular. To do this, during their design, artificial cracks are used, imitation of the effect of old paint, as well as holes.

It should be borne in mind that not all options for metal gates lend themselves to decor. So, for example, fire-prevention garage models a priori have a simple appearance and must be deaf. It is also worth considering the placement of decorative elements if in the future the owner of the site plans to connect the gate to an automatic system in order to avoid difficulties.

The most original gate design can be obtained through the combined use of several decorative elements. It is important that the gate itself does not overshadow the facade of the house with its design, but subtly emphasize it.

Additional details that can be purchased from the same manufacturer or separately are of great importance in the design of the gate.

The following elements are especially relevant:

  • Coat of arms or banner. Lovers of traditional classics and owners of stately houses willingly use spectacular antique details to decorate gates that carry a special meaning for the owner of the house. It can be a family coat of arms, words and symbols skillfully forged from metal;
  • Lamps. External lighting plays an important role in the quality perception of the product in the evening. The useful can be combined with the pleasant and purchased the most original light source, made, for example, of bronze or the same steel. A well-chosen luminaire will emphasize the design of the gate and smoothly complement it;
  • Floristics. Often in cities with hot climates, the owners of their plots decorate the gates with live plants. A vine or curly ivy will be a wonderful decoration for a gate with forging elements;
  • Images of animals. Gilded or silvered heads of predators are one of the favorite ways to decorate metal gates. They are usually purchased in pairs and installed with exact symmetry on both wings of the product, giving them a more formidable and original look.

Decor elements directly depend on the design and purpose of the gate. More varied designs are provided specifically for exit gates made of metal. Also, it is often necessary to think about installing individual jewelry immediately before installing the product.

Subtleties of installation

Installation of metal gates in most cases is not a difficult task. It can be performed by the specialists of the company in which they were purchased, the owner of the site or invited outside workers.


    When installing iron gates on the site, first of all, you need to take care of the support on which they will be held. Usually bearing pillars act as them. It should be understood that the strength and durability of the gate largely depends on this element. Since metal gates are large and, moreover, are of considerable weight, it is better to use steel or iron poles rather than wooden ones.

    With the help of additional tools, these elements are driven into the ground at a distance of 1 to 1.5 meters, after which they are poured with concrete and interconnected with a removable bar. It is necessary to take care in advance that the distance between the pillars is the same and the sash of the structure converges exactly after work.

    The gates themselves are mounted with hinges to two pillars in the place chosen for the passage. If necessary, the pillars on which the sash will be held can be reinforced with additional beams.


    Installation of garage doors is much easier. In this case, you do not need to install additional pillars, the wall will serve as a support point. A metal door frame is attached to it, to which the metal gate leaves will be directly welded or put on with the help of hinges. Some types of structures will be mounted only in the upper part of the box with the help of additional parts, and they can also capture part of the wall with special fasteners.

    The room must be insulated, for which access to drafts should be blocked, hermetically and reliably plugging the existing cracks.

    You can also work not with ready-made gates, but make them yourself from the frame and welded metal sheets. This option is especially suitable for a summer cottage or city garage. Wickets and doors are installed last. The gates can also be additionally equipped with an intercom, controller, electric lock and / or a window with a security grill.

    How to install a metal gate, see the next video.

    Useful Tips

    When choosing a metal gate, it is worth considering all the nuances in order to prevent possible inconvenience when using them in the future:

    • It is worth being the most careful about the mountings and the frame. It is best to inspect them before purchasing the product to avoid further problems. They must be of high quality, stable and strong enough to withstand a metal structure, because the service life of the acquisition largely depends on them;
    • If there is a child in the house who loves to play in the yard, then for the sake of child safety, it is best to choose deaf entry models, ignoring the options with rods and forging. Thus, you can be sure that the curious child does not squeeze out or injure himself during such an attempt;
    • The most effective and aesthetic option would be the gate, which comes with a fence. They will be designed in the same style and have the same decorative elements. Thanks to this, they will become the most effective addition to the site;
    • It is not recommended to paint metal gates with ordinary paint. Over time, it will crack and make them look extremely unaesthetic. For these purposes, it is necessary to purchase a specialized paint that will be resistant to weather conditions and sudden temperature changes.

    The choice of metal gates should be based on an individual approach. A consultant from the company should help you choose the most optimal option for the buyer's home, based primarily on his preferences.

    Beautiful options

    • The best option for a summer cottage or a small country house will be a gate made of metal picket fence. The picket fences themselves can be attached to the frame at a short distance from each other, or they can be installed on a metal sheet. The color is usually chosen as neutral - dark brown, beige, black. As a brighter design, the choice of many falls on scarlet and dark green shades.
    • Options from a metal profile look no less interesting. Such gates consist of a profiled sheet, which is attached to the frame. Models are decorated with a thick frame or forged elements, which gives them the most original and interesting look.
    • For large country houses, metal gates with double-leaf arches will be a beautiful option. The models with rods and forging elements are especially impressive. They are often complemented by spectacular steel compositions.
    • Products with decorative slots will also be an interesting addition to the street. The slots themselves can be through or filled with another material, such as tempered glass. Thanks to them, metal gates look more neat and effective.
    • Garage doors tend to have a simpler design. However, there are quite original design ideas: from the solemn baroque to functional and laconic minimalism. Combined use of decorative elements is also relevant.

    The range of metal gates is extremely wide. It will not be difficult to find among them the most suitable option for your site, which will successfully emphasize the style of the house and express the individuality of its owner.