Chair covers (63 photos): for models with a backrest in the kitchen, euro cover for a school chair and universal options for a highchair seat

Chair covers

    Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine an apartment or house without such important pieces of furniture as chairs. In order for the chairs to harmoniously fit into the interior and at the same time retain their beautiful appearance for a long time, they can be decorated with a variety of covers.


    When you want to make updates to the design of a room, you should pay attention to furniture and other decor details. For example, chair covers will help decorate and update the interior.

    Depending on the tasks that the covers will perform, they can be divided into the following groups:

    • Everyday. These capes are suitable for daily use. Due to the fact that they will be washed frequently, the covers should be removed without effort. The fabric for them must be durable, wrinkle-free. These simple covers serve as protection from dirt, wear and tear, as well as to renew old chairs.
    • Festive. These covers are suitable for celebrations. This is a detachable accessory. When sewing them, they use ruffles, bows and ribbons.

    The purpose of the festive capes is to decorate the interior of the room.

    It is more convenient to order an individual tailoring of a cover than to find ready-made capes that match the style, color and size.

    Types and models

    Today, there are several types of chair covers: universal, half-covers, as well as luxury covers:

    • Versatile models fit different chairs. These covers are especially ideal for chairs without armrests. At the same time, the covers are fixed on the back of the chair with the help of loops, bows and other accessories. Back cushion covers are also a versatile type of cover.

    Covers for stools can also be attributed to universal models. They are round or square in shape with ties on the legs of the stool.

    • Semi-covers. This cropped model is attached with an elastic band. Such capes are made of transparent or translucent material. This is a practical and relevant option for homes with small children and pets.
    • Luxury cases. They are purchased for banquets, weddings. As a rule, such covers are sewn from expensive materials. They consist of a long fabric covering the chair legs and are decorated with beautiful elements. Luxury covers add a special chic and comfort to the room.
    • Also on sale you can often find euro covers . These are stretch capes with an elastic band. They fit tightly on chairs and look like furniture upholstery. Thanks to the strength of the fabric, they protect chairs from external influences. Eurocovers are easy to use, they are made from hypoallergenic fabrics.

    Their only drawback is their higher cost compared to other cases.

    • To protect chairs from contamination in beauty salons, disposable polyethylene covers with elastic bands, economical and practical, will help .


    Depending on the shape, the covers are divided into categories:

    • Solid or dense. They completely cover the chair - both the back and the seat. They reliably protect furniture from damage. They give the furniture a conservatism. This form is the most difficult to manufacture.
    • Separate. They are two components - for the seat and for the back. Convenient to use.
    • Seat covers. Only covers the seat of the chair, they are soft and comfortable. They are round and square. These seats are an economical and popular option.


    When choosing chair covers, it is important to focus on the style of the object where they will be used:

    • The Provence style originates in France and is famous for its romance and brevity of details. For rooms in this style, cotton covers of pastel shades with a print in the form of flowers, cages, monograms are suitable. Also for Provence, linen products with decorative strings are chosen.
    • As for the classical style , it is characterized by the severity and harmony of forms. For a classic style, you can pick up satin or silk fabrics in soothing colors, possibly with the addition of bronze or gilding. Chairs with such covers will add aristocracy to an apartment or house.
    • Capes made of viscose and denim fabrics are suitable for hi-tech style . The main criterion for choosing covers for this style is the correct form and bright details.
    • For a home in country style or rustic style, materials are chosen from natural fabrics - cotton or linen. You can decorate products with flowers and lace.


    Not all materials are ideal for chair covers. The fabric should be of high quality, dense and certainly beautiful.

    Let's consider some of them:

    • Cotton. The fabric is hypoallergenic and inexpensive. But not recommended for permanent use. Firstly, from frequent washing, the color fades, and secondly, it fades in the light. Such material can be chosen for children's chairs.
    • Crepe satin. Great material for a variety of ruffles and folds. There is natural crepe satin and synthetic. Visually similar to satin and silk. Covers made from this fabric are durable and look beautiful.
    • Spandex. This stretch fabric has excellent elasticity and will fit most chairs. Its cost is low, unlike other fabrics. Spandex covers are most often chosen for decorating banquet halls.
    • Gabardine. Suitable for connoisseurs of light, soft, but dense materials. The composition of this fabric is different - from cotton, silk and wool. Gabardine covers perfectly tolerate washing and the use of cleaning agents.
    • Linen. Linen fabric is an excellent base for creating chair covers. This material combines simplicity with a chic look. It is possible to choose any color scheme and texture.
    • Knitted yarn. Capes made of this material are environmentally friendly, as they contain 100% cotton. The advantage of knitted yarn lies in the presence of a huge palette of rich colors. Chair seat covers will look original if several colors are used in their production. Knitted capes are durable and easy to use.
    • Microfiber. Resistant to water and dust. Covers made of this material are also well suited for office chairs.
    • Leather. Leather covers are suitable for any room design. They look nice and rich.

    Leather covers are perfect for bar stools, stools and other chairs with a metal frame.

    They do not require special care, they are easily wiped from dust and stains. The disadvantages of covers made of this material are the high price and the possibility of scratches


    After the type and shape of the covers have been determined, we proceed to the choice of colors. With the help of the selected color for sewing the chair cover, you can complement the general color palette of the home or give the furniture an updated look.

    In order for the room to look harmonious and stylish, you must try not to mix a large number of shades. Otherwise, it will visually make the room complex. The ideal option is a combination of the color of covers with curtains and a tablecloth.

    White covers will help to freshen the room and make it festive. They can be made from almost any fabric. The choice of dark colors for capes, for example, burgundy or brown, will emphasize the sophisticated taste of the owners of the house. In addition, these covers are practical for daily use.

    Fans of bright accessories can choose capes in richer shades - lemon, raspberry and turquoise.


    Any chair can be made original with the help of decor. For example, it will take a little less than an hour to decorate the back of a chair. For this, a cut of fabric, multi-colored patches and threads are useful. Fold the fabric in half, make a pattern, sew and decorate with applique. Such a design of capes will be relevant for decorating children's chairs, as well as on the eve of festive events.

    Another interesting and unusual technique for decorating the surface of chairs is a patchwork or patchwork style. A single composition is obtained by combining different tissue scraps. Many years ago this sewing technique was used to save money, but now patchwork is a real art.

    To begin with, materials are selected. Fabrics are sorted by texture and color. Based on the available patches, the model of the future cape is determined. Next, a sketch of the product is created.

    After that, the shreds are sewn into a canvas. Some craftsmen prefer not to sew the patches, but to join them with a crochet hook and knitted yarn.


    When choosing covers for furniture, buyers are most often guided by quality and price. The widest selection of such products is offered by Turkish manufacturers. Let's consider a few of them:

    • Karna. They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices. Mainly solid colors are used.
    • Arya. Models of stretch capes from knitwear are produced. They use a wide variety of fabrics - from cotton to polyester. The color palette is rich, there are monochrome models and with the addition of drawings and patterns.
    • Altinkelebek. This manufacturer has affordable prices and excellent quality. In production, 100% cotton is used.
    • Bulsan. This manufacturer offers universal furniture covers from quality Turkish fabrics. Composition - 40% cotton and 60% polyester. The abundance of colors allows you to choose a model for any design.

    How to choose?

    Chair covers are used everywhere not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room, in the children's room and in the office:

    • Kitchen covers for the home are made of practical fabric, easy to clean and in harmony with the overall style of the room. For this, it is advisable to choose a dense material that will withstand everyday stress.

    Cotton or synthetics are perfect for the kitchen, they will protect the chairs from dirt and ensure ease of cleaning. Covers can also be decorated with an applique that matches the design of the room.

    • On wooden chairs with a high back, it is preferable to pick up removable covers, as well as seat cushions. For a soft filler, you can use foam rubber, synthetic winterizer or holofiber. Products made from genuine leather and eco-leather are also chosen as upholstery materials.
    • It just so happens that school chairs are not the most comfortable furniture. To fix this, you can make a case from natural suede. It is characterized by excellent durability and high performance. Such a product will make the back and seat of the child's chair more comfortable. A soft suede cover for a schoolchild's chair will appeal to a child and is perfect for a child's room.
    • The youngest residents of the house have their own important piece of furniture - a highchair. Since the child is not always neat, and you want to keep the appearance of the highchair neat for a long time, for this you need to purchase a removable cover for it.

    The selection of fabric for sewing such a cape plays a major role. The material must be selected hypoallergenic and, if possible, moisture-repellent. It is best to use oilcloth for this. It is also important to remember about the padding of the product so that the highchair is soft and comfortable. A synthetic winterizer is well suited for this.

    Any furniture located in an apartment or house gets old over time, upholstery tears, scratches and irreducible stains appear. This also applies to chairs. But if the old chair remains strong and it still has a solid base, then sewing a cape is a great reason to return a beautiful appearance to the product. The most suitable fabrics for this are linen, cotton, velor, tapestry and velvet.

    • Stylish chairs for the living room will complement other interior elements advantageously, or they will stand out against their background. The variety of chair covers will make your living room look unusual and individual. Perfect for this product made of genuine leather, drape, velor.
    • For upholstery chairs with armrests in the living room or dining room, it is best to use tapestry or jacquard. They will bring a unique chic and sophistication to the room.
    • Swivel chairs are actively used for computer work both at home and in the office. Usually, a swivel chair cover is made of leather or polyester, and a synthetic winterizer is used as a filler. The color range can be absolutely varied.

    How to care?

    In order for the appearance of the material to remain presentable as long as possible, you need to properly care for it.

    Each product has its own type of care:

    • Jacquard lasts a very long time if it is properly looked after. For daily care, vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. If necessary, the capes made of this fabric can be machine washed, they will not deform.
    • Leather products are wiped with special products for this type of material.
    • Remove dirt from eco-leather with a neutral product. These capes must not be washed or stain removers used.

    In no case should you use chemicals for velor, therefore it is only cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.

    • Linen and cotton products are machine washed using the appropriate setting for this type of fabric.
    • Knitted yarn covers should be washed in cold water and mild detergent. Using hot water will ruin the color of the product. Brushes cannot be used for such material.
    • Microfiber products need to be looked after with a vacuum cleaner. In case of stains, use detergent solutions.

    To make the fabric more durable and water-repellent, it can be treated with special compounds. And products made from expensive fabrics are better for dry cleaning.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    The chair looks original, decorated with a small piece of burlap, decorated with a sunflower. A great option for a country-style interior. For a trendy interior design, use denim capes. They look especially harmonious in combination with wooden chairs.

    Black and white capes will emphasize the aristocracy and refined taste of the owners. This classic color combination is always in trend.

    Fuchsia velvet cover. Only expensive fabrics are used for sewing this product. Usually, such a product consists of a long base for a high back of a chair, as well as bows and other elements. This type of product must be treated extremely carefully, not cluttered with bags and other foreign objects.

    A delicate turquoise-pink cover for a child's chair is sure to please a child. For such a cape, it is advisable to choose a water-repellent fabric that is practical and quickly removable.

    Red and white removable felt covers in the form of a Santa Claus cap will decorate any interior and create a festive mood in the house.

    For how to make chair covers, see the next video