Bed for a girl (51 photos): cribs-locks in the room for the princess, beautiful sleeping sets for children 4-7 years old

How to choose a bed for a girl?

    For each girl, her own separate room is considered a small world of her own. It is here that she can reveal her talent as an artist, a novice designer and fill the interior with a fabulous atmosphere for children. The most important element for any child is the bed, the very place where he spends most of his time.


    Before making a specific choice in favor of a particular bed model, it is worth considering all the options offered. It is desirable that the future owner of the bed take an active part in this process. It is important to remember that a bed for a girl should not only be beautiful, but also functional. Baby cots for girls should not only look amazing, but also harmonize with the interior of the room as a whole. Furniture should not be bulky so that the surroundings are not lost. As for the size, it is necessary to decide in advance so that the sleeping place does not block most of the room. Manufacturers in this regard can offer several solutions.

    A single bed for girls is designed taking into account the physiology of young children. In most of these models, there is a sliding mechanism that allows you to increase the child's sleeping place. Only high quality materials are used in the manufacture of these models. The design of the single bed is equipped with drawers in which you can store bedding.

    The bunk bed model assumes the placement of two children. You can get to the second floor using the built-in staircase.

    The couch has recently become very popular in houses and apartments with a small area. This is not surprising, because the couch-bed in the daytime serves as a sofa for its mistress, and at night it is a large double bed. The design of the couch of any model must have deep drawers. But by age category, this option is suitable for older children, since it does not have bumpers.

    A sofa or armchair-bed is now beginning to be used as a sleeping set for a child. But this is not entirely correct. It is possible to have a chair-bed in the children's room in case the parent needs to be with the child at night.

    The loft bed is a pretty interesting choice for a girl. It is often used in dwellings with a small area or in studio apartments. The first floor is equipped with a workplace, on the second there is a sleeping area. Loft beds are very attractive for babies, it is here that they can show their skills and find new hobbies. Descent with a slide and ascent with a ladder will become a favorite pastime for a child, and the child's body also receives physical activity.

    The bunk pull-out bed model is equipped with a pull-out mechanism. The lower tier is rolled out and attached to the upper part. The height of such models is small, due to which they are suitable for use by young children.

    The transforming bed is designed for children from birth to 8 years old. In the design of these models there is a pendulum for swinging a baby, a cabinet with drawers for storing things. At the bottom there is a pull-out panel for storing bed linen and accessories. After the child grows up, the crib playpen is removed, the curbstone is removed and placed next to it.

    A toy bed is to the liking of every small child. Girls prefer to sleep in a carriage or convertible, and some want to sleep in a real castle. For boys, just lie down in a miniature sports car. The peculiarity of toy beds lies in the unusual decoration of the interior parts. A sleeping place with a soft headboard will allow parents to stop worrying about the baby hitting their head.


    Today, many parents give their preference to baby beds made of wood. This material is environmentally friendly, does not cause an allergic reaction. According to the pricing policy, models made of oak and hornbeam are considered the most expensive. This option should not be considered for a growing child, but already for a teenager it can become an ideal sleeping place. More economical models are made from birch and pine. Cribs made of MDF and chipboard are considered budget options, but this does not mean that the quality of these products is low and the child may suffer in them.

    Recently, at the peak of fashion trends, metal cots for girls have begun to appear. The forged part of the structure makes the bed durable, it can easily and easily move around the room, and its maintenance is very simple.

    Age features

    At the age of two, each child becomes more active, and it will be easy for him to get out of the crib and climb back into it. At this very moment of growing up, a new sleeping place can be purchased for the girl.

    In turn, psychologists argue that a child's bed should be a place of calmness, coziness and comfort. The crib can be changed at the age of 4 years. Upon reaching the age of 6, the child himself will want to change the sleeping place and, accordingly, will turn this question to his parents. As an adult, the kid will need to change the interior of his room, including furniture. This often happens at the age of 11 or 12. Thus, the baby shows that the transitional age will soon come.

    2 years

    Cots intended for children of two years of age must have increased strength. Metal inserts in the base of the product are welcome. The presence of corners in the design of these models is strictly prohibited. A prerequisite for the safety of the child is the bumpers that prevent the child from falling during sleep.

    The height of the bed should not be large so that the baby can easily and easily get up from it. The standard width should be 70 cm. If the child is tossing and turning in a dream, then a model with a width of 80 cm should be chosen. For orthopedic purposes, the base of the bed should be slatted. The color scheme should not be bright. When the baby goes to bed, he should be surrounded by soft and delicate shades that will tune the baby to sleep. Cribs in the form of locks, houses or in the form of toys will be a very unusual option, but with the rapid growth of the child, he will quickly lose interest in such a sleeping place.

    The size of the bed for a two-year-old girl should be comparable to her height at the time of purchase. Since modern children grow up ahead of schedule, the length of the beds produced also ranges from 130-170 cm.

    5-7 years

    This age requires the choice of bed with the daughter. The color range can be varied. At this stage of growing up, the child develops an attachment to cartoon characters, so the girl should make the choice on her own, starting from her preferences. Models with a canopy evoke a huge delight in a 5-7 year old girl. The bed acquires royal grandeur, and the baby in it will be able to feel like a real princess. For active girls, you can consider the option of "houses" with a slide.

    The length of the bed for a five-year-old girl is 170 cm.The width of the sleeping area is about 80 cm.


    At this age, beds in the form of fabulous objects are no longer relevant. This age period completely switches schooling, which is why girls give their preference to classic bed models with a soothing look. It is important that the design of the bed has several drawers and secret cabinets. Therefore, the age of 8-9 years is considered suitable for purchasing loft beds with a working area on the ground floor.


    From the age of ten, girls begin a period of maturation and character formation. She wants to make independent decisions, especially in her own comfort zone. It is this factor that requires parents to show more attention to the child, especially to his requirements. The sleeping place should cease to differ in children's inserts. The new bed should fully comply with the business style. But, despite the severity of the design solution, girls can give preference to bright colors, the main thing is that the children's notes disappear from the interior.

    The size of the bed for a 12-year-old girl is 180 cm.The width of the berth is at least 90 cm.


    At this age, little girls enter the transition period of growing up. They have a great desire to change the style of their room and completely change the interior in it. Teenage girls prefer beds with built-in drawers. For some girls, sofa bed options are suitable. All furniture in a teenager's room should be designed in the same style, so you can choose a ready-made set in the interior right away. The standard size of a bed for a girl is 200x80 cm, but if a teenager is tossing and turning in a dream, it is necessary to choose a sleeping place with a width of 90 cm.


    The bed plays an important role in the interior of the little lady's nursery. After all, it is this part of the furniture that becomes the highlight of the entire composition of the style. The color palette of the girl's room is dominated by soft and warm tones, often the base in the conceived interior is pink.

    The classic style beds are suitable for girls from the age of 12. The base is often used metal material or solid wood. The color finish for classic bed models is done in light colors; for decoration, various decorative elements are placed on the front part.

    A toy bed in the form of a carriage will not only serve as a sleeping place for a little princess, but also become a play area. The outer part is made of chipboard, the surface is decorated with photowall-paper, ribbons, blotches, sections of various shapes and much more. You should know that beds in the form of a carriage are divided into subgroups - closed options, like Cinderella's, or open. These differences also carry design features.

    Not for all little beauties, the desire to be a princess comes first. Some girls want a sleeping place in the form of a car. A distinctive feature of the boyish models is the exquisite flowing lines and shapes. The decor of a children's car bed is mostly saturated with bright and light colors.

    Girls with limitless imagination dream of having their own castles. Such bed models have in their design not only a sleeping place, by the way, located on the second floor, but also a number of accessories for the play area. In addition, in the castle bed, you can arrange a dressing room, and many spacious drawers allow you to store various things and toys.

    The design of cribs is developed taking into account the wishes and needs of the child. For the convenience of parents, several shelves are considered where you can store bed linen. Otherwise, children use their space of their own free will.

    How to choose?

    When purchasing a baby cot for a girl, you need to pay attention to some parameters. The design of the model you like should be strong and reliable. An important aspect is the absence of sharp corners, sharp protrusions and notches. The sleeping place itself must be orthopedic so that the mattress lies on the slats, and not on a straight board.

    Child safety always comes first. Therefore, it is important to check the strength of the sides of the bed, especially if you are purchasing a loft bed.

    If the choice of parents fell on a bunk bed or a loft bed, you need to know the exact dimensions of the children's room, especially its height. The child should not sleep directly under the ceiling, or else they will have to re-prioritize and find single-bed options.

    When choosing a bed for a girl, it is important to pay attention to the material of its manufacture. You should give your preference to models made of wood, as they are environmentally friendly and do not emit toxins. The sleeping place should be multifunctional. The presence of boxes for bedding and accessories is only welcome. From childhood, the child will begin to accustom himself to order, folding bedding upon waking up and taking apart the bed before going to bed.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    The most colorful and interesting options for cribs are made for girls of two years of age. A sleeping place in the form of a carriage should not only be original in appearance, but also soft, comfortable and cozy. In the design of the product, MDF is used, which is responsible for strength, chipboard with photo printing and plastic, which makes it possible to realize volumetric details. The colors of the carriage are made in soft and delicate colors. Interior shades should not be bright, their main purpose is to calm the child and send him to a sound sleep.

    This bed model is designed for girls aged 5-7 years. The two-tier structure assumes a sleeping place on the second floor, and the first floor is made especially for games. The structure itself is made of wood, thereby increasing the level of its strength. The style of the bed resembles a castle with a balcony, and there is a convenient slide for a quick descent. The bed is made in warm shades that can calm the child and send him to sleep. These types of beds have several boxes for storing things and toys.

    The most sophisticated bed models are styled for girls 10-12 years old. The design of the single bed is designed taking into account the anatomical features of the child. The slatted bottom not only meets medical standards, but also contributes to the timely airing of the mattress. The drawers are quite deep. They can store bedding and more. The color scheme of the bed suggests the presence of bright, but discreet shades.

    For a teenage girl, a set will be an ideal furniture option. The color palette may differ in light tones with a matte texture. In the design of the bed, drawers are required. A soft headboard, as an element of decor, gives the sleeping place a special flavor. The height of the bed is small, which corresponds to the modern design trends. When choosing furniture for a teenage girl's room, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with current trends in advance.

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