DIY wall clock (39 photos): ideas for homemade wooden clocks on the wall. How to make a large clock from plywood and scrap materials?

When equipping a home, many do not pay enough attention to small details and accessories. Meanwhile, they are an integral part of the decor. Their presence gives the room a special flavor, gives the room comfort. Various figurines, all kinds of dishes and textiles, selected in a certain style, instantly transform the room. In this case, the watch will also serve as an interesting and unusual addition. Shop versions of such products fit perfectly into the interior of the room, but they do not always reflect the character of the room owners, their hobbies. Hand-made watches will undoubtedly attract attention and become a decoration of the house.

What can be made from?

To make a watch, it is enough to stock up on ideas and, inspired by them, get down to work. After looking through a lot of photos on the Internet, it becomes clear that this accessory can be made from almost everything that is in the house. One has only to delve into a pantry, drawers or an old cupboard to find materials and items for crafts.

The basis for a wall clock can be:

  • wood;
  • plywood;
  • leather;
  • textile;
  • old records;
  • glass and other materials at hand.

The watch can be a separate accessory or serve as the basis for a large composition.

The dial is often used in the center of mobile paintings, which allows not only to use the watch for its intended purpose, but also to be a bright and unusual decoration of the interior.

The most popular material for such products is wood. This is a very durable material from which you can cut products of various shapes and types. You can see not only wall models, but also floor models made of wood, which require additional work and complex assembly.

A wooden clock will look great in a room decorated in one of the rustic styles, such as Provence. Here, textiles are often used as decor or decoupage technique. Old vinyl records are suitable for retro style.

Plastic models are no less popular. Although they will serve for a long time, their manufacturing process is more complicated.

The easiest way is to build products from thick cardboard. Using branches, dried flowers, as well as braid, beads, shells or buttons as decoration, you can make a cute accessory for your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Such products are very often made using decoupage technique. Thanks to this design, the design of the room is instantly transformed. For the manufacture of such products, a ready-made store template is used, as well as various paints and other elements. The essence of this technique is to apply an application to the selected base.

To protect the pattern, the product is varnished on top. Craquelure is applied to give the watch an antique effect.

For the clock in the kitchen, you can choose all kinds of napkins with a variety of patterns that match the style and color of the kitchen space. On the prepared base, napkins are attached using PVA glue diluted with water. Once the product is dry, it is covered with acrylic varnish.

As additional decorative elements, you can use sea pebbles and shells, buttons, colored paper and much more.

Interesting ideas

You can make an original and beautiful accessory using the quilling technique. For decoration, you should take multi-colored paper. Twisting all kinds of details and patterns from strips, and gluing them to the surface, you can make a truly unique masterpiece. It is better to choose plywood or wood as the basis for the clock, because paper will stick to such a surface without difficulty. And thick cardboard is also suitable.

Using the quilling technique, you can create various flowers or berries, stems and leaves, as well as birds and animals. A clock made in a similar technique will become a decoration of a dining room or a children's room. Large items should be hung in the living room.

In the room where kids live, children's watches with the image of cartoon characters and fairy-tale characters will be appropriate. Unusual accessories can be made from children's or family photos.

Products with butterflies or birds will add coziness to the room, the main thing is to choose the right paint. So, butterflies, made in black, will add sophistication to the room, emphasize style. And the use of bright colors will help to give the room a positive and cozy atmosphere.

It is important that the color scheme of the wall clock is in good harmony with the color scheme of the room as a whole. So, a bright chronometer will look strange in a minimalist or loft-style room, so the choice of the right shade plays a decisive role.

Creative products made of unusual materials will look very impressive. These can be globe parts or bicycle rims, vinyl records or cutlery. This accessory is more suitable for modern rooms.

By choosing a vinyl record as a base, then placing domino bones corresponding to the time on it and gluing them, you can build an original product that will decorate any room.

The size of the products is also of great importance. The design of the halves of the globe looks very original, each of which denotes a period.

Such an unusual accessory will look perfect in a spacious and bright room. This idea can be used for offices and travel agencies.

For travel lovers, watch cards are suitable. Such products are easy to make on your own, taking as a basis a regular contour wall map. On the map, you can use flags to mark the places and countries that the owner of the room has visited.

The model, the base of which is made of a chessboard, is more suitable for fans of this exciting game. Such a wall product will be appropriate in a living room, study or library.

Models cut from phonograph records deserve special attention. They look very creative, highlighting the chosen design.

Manufacturing workshops

Making a clock on the wall with your own hands is not difficult at all. Additional recommendations and workshops on how to make them will help make this wall accessory an important part of the interior. Before starting work, you should take care of purchasing a clock mechanism. Materials for work should be selected taking into account the style of the room and its characteristics.

So, a wall accessory should ideally fit into the design of the room, support the chosen style. The color of the material and its structure play an important role.

To make a watch with your own hands, several components are required.

  • Chronometer movement. For this purpose, a used mechanism is also suitable, but of good quality.
  • Arrows. You need to prepare the minute and hour hands. They are made independently, or use arrows from old models.
  • The base to which the arrow mechanism will be attached.

In the event that a soft base is chosen, you will need to take an additional plate of plastic or metal. Before starting work, you should think about how the arrows will be connected to the mechanism.

To easily and quickly build a watch out of thick cardboard, you need to take:

  • cardboard;
  • Watch mechanism;
  • wooden disc;
  • puncher;
  • paper (wrapping, thick);
  • PVA type glue;
  • sandpaper;
  • elements for decoration;
  • hook.

After preparing the necessary materials, they begin to start work.

  1. Using a perforator, a hole is cut in the wooden disc for the chronometer mechanism.
  2. Cut out two cardboard circles. In one of them, you also need to make a hole for the clockwork.
  3. The ends of the disc are pasted over with cardboard of the required size.
  4. PVA glue is used for gluing.
  5. A hook is attached to the back of the product. It will fix the product to the wall.
  6. The base is pasted over with kraft paper.

The product can be painted in any color. After the paint has dried, you need to make a hole for the arrows. The work is completed after installing the mechanism and decorating the base.

Those who love working with wood should take this material into service. The clock on the wall can be cut from the saw cut. To create a full-fledged product, it is enough to cut off a thin layer of wood, grind it and cover it with wood stain or varnish. Then a hole should be drilled in the product to secure the hands and watch mechanism.

Using wood, you can make a semblance of an old cuckoo clock. This design is suitable for decorating rooms in a rustic country style.

Many people prefer to use the quilling technique when making such products. Twisting strips of different colors and sizes allows you to make all kinds of patterns and fold various compositions.

  1. For work, you need to prepare cardboard or plywood.
  2. Black paper is glued to the body.
  3. To create contrast, it is better to use decorative elements in light shades, or using white paper. When choosing a color, one should take into account the interior of the room where the clock will hang. This accessory should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the room, emphasizing it.
  4. From strips of light or white, numbers are twisted using small short stripes. Compositions in the form of unusual patterns or flowers can be used as decoration. It is advisable to draw a sketch of the future product in advance and continue working on it.
  5. Swirling numbers, as well as decorative elements should be glued to the prepared surface, applying PVA glue to it.
  6. Finally, a hole must be made in the center of the product and the clockwork and hands must be installed.

There are many ideas for building a wall clock. It is worth focusing on the availability of available materials. A wall clock made by yourself will always allow you to navigate in time.

In addition, such a decorative element will allow you to give free rein to your imagination by building an exclusive and unique thing for your home.

How to decorate?

Homemade watch, made by hand, will become an important element of the decor. And although the price of such products is minimal, it is important that they carry aesthetic fullness, give the room a special flavor and originality, and give a special feeling. They put their soul into such products, they are decorated with special love, using cute, familiar decorative elements.

Bright ribbons, dense fabric, lace, tulle, as well as beads, rhinestones or buttons are used as decorative elements. You can give preference to natural materials and use flat pebbles, shells or cones and acorns as decoration. Even disposable tableware, coffee cups, coffee beans and the like can be used for decoration.

A watch where a thick jute thread is used as a decor will look very stylish and unusual. Decorative elements can be easily made from such material by immersing jute in PVA glue and then making patterns and weaves from them. Beads, rhinestones or beads will complete the composition. A voluminous braided cord or ribbon will act as a frame for such a product.

Even an ordinary piece of thick fabric or burlap can quickly transform the look of the watch. It should be tucked under the mechanism and supplemented on top with volumetric figures made of plastic or wood.

Knitting can be one of the interesting options for decorating the dial. At the same time, the canvas can be both dense and openwork. The color scheme is selected taking into account the individual preferences of the owner of the premises. In the event that the canvas is made openwork, it is recommended to starch it, dry it and then cover it with a layer of glue. Use only a flat surface to dry wickerwork. In order for the fabric to be stretched evenly, when applying glue or starch, it is better to fix it with pins.

You can often see a chronometer decorated with air butterflies. They can be made from different materials using different techniques.

Butterflies made of paper or light transparent fabric will look very cute and gentle. Bulky insects are made of cardboard or other dense material. Glue them using double-sided tape.

Vinyl records are also used both as the main material and for the decoration of the finished product. Butterflies are cut in different sizes and placed in any order, imitating the flight of moths. You can arrange insects in any order, having previously selected their flight path.

Chronometers on the wall without their base will look original. In this case, the mechanism of the products is built into the wall. Small pictures, photographs, puzzle pieces or domino bones are used as numbers. The size of such a product can be different, but it is better to place the watch in a room made in the same tone.

Even old keys of different sizes and types can be used as decor.

For information on how to make a wall clock with your own hands, see the next video.