Bandeau for curtains (38 photos): a beautiful rigid lambrequin for 3 windows with applique and patterns, with eyelets and in vintage style

Curtains in your apartment are an integral element that performs several functions at once. One of these functions is home decoration. In turn, the curtain band is also an aesthetic element that gives the curtains an extra touch of design.

What it is?

This element of the interior began its journey in the rich houses of France in the 17th century. Therefore, today it is still associated, first of all, with luxurious halls, columns and expensive apartments, being a bright and beautiful element of the interior. Initially, lambrequins were used to decorate canopy supports.

It should be noted that in the modern design of apartments and houses, this element of the interior is increasingly being used as an addition to curtains.

Bandos will give your room a unique charm and originality, especially if you make them yourself or custom-made.

Bando, in essence, is a figured base for a rigid lambrequin in the form of a frame. Bando is a dense, wrinkle-free nonwoven material that is combined with such a lambrequin and is a curtain fittings for their intended purpose. Also, the bando can have a straight or ornate shape.

The bando material is quite tough but flexible. And the bando itself is attached to the cornice. It mainly consists of decorative elements, Velcro, threads and warp. Dublerin or non-woven material acts as a basis.

Bandeau curtains can perfectly decorate a living room and not only a room in any interior. They are especially suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.

Outwardly, the bando looks very complicated, however, in fact, this element is quite simple to operate and if you know how to sew, you can easily make the bando yourself.


It should be said that one of the advantages of the bandeau is its functionality, which manifests itself in combination with various interior elements such as curtains, curtains or ordinary curtains.

Such a lambrequin, due to the variety of its shapes and textures, can be suitable for completely different interior styles.

You can choose any bandeau size suitable specifically for your interior.

This decor element allows not only to hide small windows and cornices partially or completely, visually changing their sizes and shapes, but also to expand your room, creating the appearance of a room with high ceilings. Its other advantage is to give your room a romantic ambience and sophisticated beauty. Also, the curtain band allows you to reduce the cost of the amount of fabric used, due to the absence of folds in its design.

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Types and models

It should be noted that at present there are a large number of varieties of bandeau for curtains that can fit a wide variety of interiors. In general, lambrequins are divided into three types according to the stiffness of the fabric: soft, hard and combined. Combined lambrequins consist of several fabrics, for example, two.


  • One of the types of horizontal lambrequins is the classic bando . Its main distinctive features are symmetry and severity of forms. At the same time, the tape is applied to the bottom edge. And in the center, a drawing or applique can be used.
  • The openwork version is a more complex type of bando. It also uses braid and fringe, but also uses different draperies. Additional embroidery, metal details and decorations in the form of beads, fringe braid or bugles are also used.

The openwork lambrequin has been known since the 19th century. It is a rigid and multi-layered element. And the thickness of the base depends on the specific model. Also, in order for the thickness to remain constant, the base is pierced with rhombuses.

According to the method of placement relative to the window, the gangs are divided into vertical and horizontal:

  • In the case of the vertical bando, which is used relatively rarely, it replaces the side curtain. Additionally, a light organza or tulle is used.
  • Horizontal lambrequins can be ordinary or complex. They are attached at the top of the window. The sophisticated version has a lining and a variety of finishes. The simple version has a straight strip covering the cornice.

It should be said that the lambrequin can vary in density, and the base can be attached to it in different ways. With a self-adhesive backing, the fabric attaches to the gang very quickly and easily. With a hot melt base, you will have to use, for example, an iron to attach the fabric. One of the types of bandeau decoration is the use of a grommet, since often rigid lambrequins are decorated with hinged details. In general, a grommet is a type of fittings consisting of a metal sleeve and designed to strengthen the edges of the curtain.

It can also be noted that the gangs can be symmetrical or not. A wooden frame, drywall or chipboard can be used as a basis for a rigid lambrequin.


To make your gang go well with the interior of the room, you need to pay attention to the harmony of color between it, furniture upholstery, curtains and walls. As for the material, natural fabrics are mainly used in lambrequins - cotton and linen, as well as foam rubber, polyurethane, velor and synthetic winterizer.

At the final design, different types of bandeau decorations are chosen. For the processing of edges and edges, a bias tape is used. Decorative braid and lining are also widely used. And to create more volume, the gang is filled with padding polyester or other similar materials.

Decor elements such as brushes, fringes or cords are chosen as finishing materials.

For rigid lambrequins, it is best to use fabric with a large print.

Also, the fabric should be dense and practical, easy to care for, for example, you can choose velvet, satin or chintz with a soft solid color.

You can learn more about which fabrics are best for bandeau in the following video.


The advantage of the bandeau manufacturing technology is the ability to perform it in any possible interior style.

It is worth noting that lambrequins are very diverse in the choice of shapes and styles. Therefore, they can be used for any type of premises, for example, residential and public.

One of the areas where the bando can be applied is the usual classic style. That is, these are strict symmetrical shapes, patterns and calm, consistent tones. Also bandeau is used in retro, modern and vintage style. Lambrequin is a unique and unique element of the interior, which is most often made individually to order.

How to choose?

To choose the right bandeau for curtains, you need to take into account the following important factor - the size of your window and its proportions. For example, for small windows, rectangular and long bandeau is usually used. And for a large one, both a straight and curly lambrequin may be suitable.

Your lambrequin will look best on a bright blue, green or cherry fabric. It goes well with tulle. When choosing a gang, you should also consider the way it is attached. For example, rigid lambrequins cannot be attached to surfaces with any flaws.

When choosing a gang, you need to pay attention to the following aspects: a harmonious color combination with the overall design, a minimum of decorations and the correct shape that emphasizes all the advantages of the room and the window.

How and where to hang correctly?

Curtains with a rigid lambrequin are mainly fixed with a ceiling cornice. You can also use a forged or tubular cornice. In this case, the lambrequin should go behind the curtain at a distance of at least 10 cm. For fixing, adhesive double-sided tapes are used.

It should be noted that, due to its luxurious and very rich and spectacular appearance, the lambrequin has found application in decorating large halls and premises for ceremonial receptions or banquets. But this kind of decoration can also be used in more modest rooms with low ceilings. Such gangs are used in completely different rooms, be it a bedroom, kitchen or living room, although, of course, the most common application is a living room or bedroom.

If you decide to use a lambrequin in the kitchen, then in this case it is better to combine it with weightless cotton curtains.

Also, this element of the interior can be used not only in window frames, but also in doorways.

How to iron?

Caring for a gang is associated with certain tricks:

  • Ironing and cleaning lambrequins must be done carefully. In some cases, it is better to use the services of specialists.
  • It is impossible to wash a lambrequin, with the exception of some of its elements, which need to be cleaned by hand washing in cold water. The rest of the gang is cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • It is also not necessary to wring out your product when hand washing. And you can iron it on the 2nd standard iron mode without steaming.
  • The pelmet can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle. And given that the bando can strongly absorb a variety of odors, it should be used with great care in the kitchen.

For all their apparent complexity, lambrequins do not create any particular problems in their care and operation.

For an overview of the bandeau for curtains, see the next video.

Beautiful ideas for window decoration

This original decor element is able to radically transform the entire interior of the room.

Bandeau is recommended to be combined with curtains and use all kinds of decorations.

One of the options for such a beautiful window design is the use of an openwork lambrequin. Here, the overall color palette is harmoniously combined with the interior of the room. Such an openwork lambrequin can be made by hand if you have the basic skills of cutting and sewing.

Bandeau curtains are another interesting option for decorating your bedroom. With this solution, lambrequins can be anything: symmetrical or not.

The bando looks very harmonious and truly luxurious not on one window, but on several at once. In this case, all windows are combined into one large panoramic picture. Here is an example of such a 3-window bando.

It should be said that the basic rule when choosing curtains or a bando for several windows is that all windows are decorated in the same style.