Reading chairs: how to choose a comfortable chair for reading books and relaxing? Review of the best models

Soft comfortable home chairs do not cease to be relevant from year to year. They are able to bring a sense of family warmth and comfort to the house. The chair can be located in any room, even in the kitchen or in the hallway, but if it serves as a place for reading, then you should choose a living room, bedroom or library for installation. Consider the features of reading chairs.


While reading, a person experiences inner peace, he rests in body and soul, distracted from working everyday life by the history of his favorite characters. Therefore, reading should take place in a comfortable, relaxing environment. The posture for this process is also of great importance, because an uncomfortable chair can provoke problems with the health of the spine or even cause visual impairment. Therefore, the place for reading should be as comfortable as possible .

A suitable construction should be relaxing but supportive.

Models with a high, stable back are more comfortable, which will support the neck and back well while reading. At the same time, it is advisable to get a comfortable pillow.


There is no general classification of reading chairs, but the following varieties are suitable for this process:

  • massage chair;
  • computer;
  • armchair-bed;
  • rocking chair;
  • lift chair.

Let us dwell in more detail on the models of home chairs most preferred for reading.

  • Bag. Perfectly repeats the contours of the seated figure and therefore is considered the most comfortable.
  • Rocking chair. This chair soothes, relaxes, adjusts for a healthy, full sleep, so it is suitable for those who like to read before bedtime.
  • Lift. Equipped with a lifting mechanism that allows you to read in the most comfortable and useful position. Suitable for people with disabilities.
  • Massage. Under the upholstery of this model, there are special sensors that produce massage effects. Some varieties provide several types of massage at once.

This chair will help you relax your back after uncomfortable reading. Can also be used as a reading space when off.

  • Chair-bed. Suitable for reading lovers living in a small apartment. This option quickly converts from an armchair to a bed for one person.

Computer chairs can also be used for reading books, but it is better to place them in the office and use them for reading scientific or working literature, and such computer chairs are unlikely to be suitable as a relaxing place to relax.

Model overview

Check out popular reading options from well-known brands.

  • Chester. The model was created by the famous Angstrem company. The upholstery is made of velor, eco-leather is also possible. It is a stylish, elegant piece of furniture that fits well into a classic style room or loft. Available in both neutral colors (black, brown, white) and bright colors (green, green-blue, purple).
  • Montego. This reading chair is from Mebel Impex. It has a soft design, allowing you to read in an atmosphere of complete comfort. Convenience is also achieved by the presence of armrests and a high back. The armchair belongs to the category of fireplaces, so it is more suitable for placement in the living room. It is square and wide in shape, supported on legs.

It will look best in a classic interior style.

  • Elsa. Soft reading model from the Swedish brand SITS. It has armrests and a high, comfortable back. It is wide and semicircular in shape. It is used as a resting place where it is very convenient to read your favorite novel. More popular models are blue armchairs. A great option for a Scandinavian or modern room style.

Tips for choosing

Here are some helpful tips when buying a reading chair .

  • Pay attention to the fabric. The main thing is the durability and softness of the material. The most suitable are velvet, twill, cotton, linen and leather.
  • Give preference to models with armrests. When reading, this design is convenient in that it allows you to hold up a falling book or tablet. The armrests are designed according to the style of the room.
  • If there are children or animals in the house who prefer to sit next to you while reading, then choose the most spacious seat possible. It is even better to buy a large product that can easily fit two pillows and a large blanket.
  • Seat height is an important criterion. A suitable parameter for reading is 43 cm. With this size, the reader can comfortably bend his legs, and then easily and comfortably stretch them. It makes no sense to buy an expensive high chair, because, as a rule, book lovers prefer to climb into the seat with their legs.

For information on how to choose a chair, see the next video.