Layout of a studio apartment of 24 sq. m. (82 photos): interior design, kitchen and decoration

Layout of a studio apartment with an area of ​​24 sq.  m

    Studio apartments are very popular lately. Such living spaces are distinguished by non-standard layouts, in which there are no overlaps. Their role can be played by zoning elements or pieces of furniture. Such dwellings can have a wide variety of dimensions. Today we will talk about a small studio with an area of ​​24 sq m.


    Many consumers choose non-standard studio apartments today. Such living spaces can be set up very quickly and easily. For a competent and harmonious layout, it is enough to select only the most basic pieces of furniture. You don't have to go to a lot of different details to fill the space. The main thing is to place all functional areas in the apartment as comfortably as possible.

    Do not think that it will be difficult to organize a beautiful and fashionable interior on an area of ​​24 sq m. In fact, in such conditions it is quite possible to equip all the necessary zones.

    These apartments are especially popular with small families or singles. They are very convenient not only to spend every day, but also to organize fun parties or family evenings.

    The main areas in these apartments are the living room and kitchen. As a rule, when creating an interior design, people start from these main areas.

    The only isolated place in such dwellings is the bathroom.

    Before buying the necessary pieces of furniture, you need to decide on the delimitation of space in the studio. You can divide the zones with the help of different finishing materials, special fences or details such as a wardrobe, a rack, a bar or a cabinet.

    When choosing interior elements, it is necessary to take into account the fact that they should not interfere with the passage in the apartment. Owners of small studios often face such disadvantages.

    What to place?

    You cannot do without a sofa and armchairs in a studio. As a rule, such items are located in the living area. Some owners abandon a large and soft sofa, replacing it with a couple of armchairs or a comfortable small sofa.

    Most often, in front of these parts, there is a TV set on a special cabinet or low table. The option of mounting such equipment on the wall is also appropriate. This solution will save space.

    Often, low coffee tables with decorative elements are placed in the living area.

    To organize the kitchen space, you should choose a set of small sizes. In a studio with an area of ​​24 sq m, it is unlikely that it will be possible to place furniture with a large number of cabinets. The best option would be floor and hanging kitchen cabinets, between which household appliances should be installed.

    Do not think that in a small home there is no place for a full-fledged dining area with a table and chairs. To decorate the kitchen in a studio apartment, small round tables with a pair of chairs are most often chosen.

    You can replace the table with a bar counter. This fashionable detail can also act as a fence separating the kitchen from the living room.

    A spacious double bed will fit even in a small apartment. The sleeping area should be separated using any zoning element. This can be a high rack with shelves, a wardrobe, a screen or a special partition.

    The working area can be equipped next to the living room or in the bedroom. It all depends on the size of the installed pieces of furniture.

    As a rule, a computer desk and a chair are located in the work area. Above these items you can attach convenient shelves for storing books, folders or documents.

    The bathroom is the smallest area in the studio apartment. In this square, the main objects are a shower cabin, a toilet bowl and a sink with a mirror. If you have arranged these parts so that you have free space, then you can put a small cabinet in the room for storing cosmetics or household chemicals.

    Instead of a shower cabin, you can install a regular horizontal bath. But such a decision should be addressed only if it does not interfere with the passage in the room.

    Design projects

    Let's take a closer look at interesting projects of studio apartments with an area of ​​24 sq. M.

    At the wall at the end of the corridor (after the front door), you can put a sliding wardrobe with glass inserts. Opposite the cabinet, a kitchen area should be equipped with several bedside tables and high bar stools next to them.

    The dining table and refrigerator should be installed on the balcony (if available).

    Separate the kitchen from the next sleeping area with a medium bar.

    The double bed will be near the window. Opposite this detail, you can organize a work area with a computer desk and hang a TV on the wall.

    In this case, it is recommended to organize a bathroom right next to the entrance.

    In such a layout, walls with brickwork, as well as a white floor and ceiling, will look harmonious. Furniture should be selected in light colors and in some places diluted with bright details. For example, it can be yellow lamps, multi-colored drawers of tables and a contrasting strip on the kitchen wall.

    For a small studio apartment, a Scandinavian-style interior is ideal. Immediately after the corridor, against the left wall, install a white kitchen set, consisting of floor-standing and wall-mounted cabinets. A refrigerator can be placed against the right wall to save space.

    Opposite the headset will fit a round light table with chairs.

    Near the dining area, you can organize a living room: put a pale gray corner sofa and a TV on the bedside table against the opposite wall.

    The bathroom should be placed on the left side of the front door. A horizontal bathtub and a washing machine can be installed near one wall, and in front of these objects there is a toilet bowl and a sink built into the cabinet.

    Decorate everything in light and white tones with light brown details. This color can be found on kitchen countertops, chair legs and the flooring under the set.

    The floor can be covered with cream or white laminate, and the ceiling can be finished with white plaster.

    The bathroom can be made original if the walls are treated with emerald-colored plaster, leaving a white brick wall in one corner.

    Colors and styles

    It is recommended to decorate small studio apartments in bright colors. This design is due to the effect of the visual expansion of the space.

    The most suitable finishes are cream, beige, light brown, white, light gray, light purple, pale pink and dull green. The pieces of furniture must match the design of the walls, floor and ceiling. Contrasting details are not prohibited, but they need to be played up correctly. For example, blue bookcases on a white background can be enhanced with a blue and white carpet and blue sofa cushions.

    The owners of small-sized studios most often prefer loft, high-tech or Provence interiors. These directions are distinguished by their laconicism and simplicity in everything, from furniture to interior decoration. For example, a fashionable high-tech style is characterized by rough details: brickwork on the walls and any elements in gray tones.

    The Scandinavian style is also popular, characterized by rustic notes. Such interiors are not complete without a calm combination of white and brown shades.

    Second tier

    Some high-ceilinged studio apartments have a second tier. As a rule, a sleeping place is organized in this area.

    Such dwellings are more comfortable and functional, since one of the functional areas can be moved upstairs, freeing up free space on the first tier. This solution is especially true for an apartment with a small area.

    Often, they do not put a bed on the second tier, but simply put a large mattress and pillows with blankets in full width.

    The stairs leading to the next level can be beautifully beaten. For example, organize a work area under it or put a couple of chairs.


    Everyone can competently organize the available space in a small studio apartment. This does not take long.

    Pick up all pieces of furniture and decorative items based on free space. You should not buy a full-fledged bedroom set, as it will not fit in one zone and you will have to arrange it throughout the apartment, which will look ugly and ridiculous.

    The best solution would be a light finish. Dark walls or floors will visually make the room look cramped and poorly lit.

    Do not buy too large pieces of furniture in dark colors. Such details will be knocked out of the overall ensemble, distracting attention from all other interior elements.

    It is not recommended to turn to cold lighting. Such lighting design will make a small studio apartment uncomfortable and similar to a garage or a storage room, so you should choose more harmonious warm lighting.

    The presence of bright colors in the studio is not forbidden, but they should be diluted with details in neutral or pastel colors, otherwise the atmosphere will be too colorful and even annoying.