Rabbit names: how to name girls and boys? What nicknames can you give to white rabbits?

When a new living creature appears at home, be it a child or a pet, we immediately ask ourselves the question - what to call it? And if children are named according to the calendar or in honor of grandfathers and grandmothers, for example, then how to choose a suitable name (nickname) for an animal is a big question. In addition, it is clear with a cat and a dog - they respond when they are called. Does a rabbit need a name? Let's figure it out.

How to choose?

Let's start by answering the last question - the home Bunny's name need to be sure :

  • because he hears it, recognizes it and responds;
  • naming a rabbit, you count on affection, friendship, love of your eared eared;
  • if the animal is acquired for a small child, then this is a way of socialization, taking care of a living being, and developing speech in a baby.

There are several options that are recommended to be guided by when choosing a name.

  • Brevity is not only the sister of talent, but also a way to more easily remember your nickname. Rabbit breeders recommend using words of 2-3 syllables for the call. If it is necessary to call thoroughbred pets a more complex name, the full version is prescribed in the documents (for example, Adelaide), and in everyday life they use a short one (Ada).
  • External data. Long ears - a reason to call a pet Ears, a gray fluffy coat is Fluff or Gray, and for white rabbits there are many names: Snowball, Squirrel, Snowball, etc. Krosh. A distinctive physiological feature in the form of multi-colored eyes, a speck on a paw, tail or muzzle will also allow you to come up with an interesting name - Ponytail, Paw, Lobik, Tsvetik.
  • Often pets are called, starting from the month of birth: January - Yarik, Yagodka; February - Filka, Thomas; March - Marta, Martyn; April - Archie, Agatha, Abel; May - Mike, May; June - Toffee, Icarus; July - Yulik, Yulka; August - Augustine, August; September - Saint, Sima; October - Obormot, Oktyabrina; November - Nessie, Nemo; December - Dyusha, Danny.
  • Lovers of horoscopes can use a special terminology: those born under the sign of Aries will turn into Winnie, and in the year of the pig - into Piggy.
  • Rabbits, like people, do not resemble each other in their habits, so to speak, in character . And this, too, can be a reason to pick one or another name: Sonya likes to sleep, Kopusha is slow or likes to dig in her bedding, Bullet is very playful. Surely among the proud and detached animals there will be a Princess or Gerda, Buka or a King. Those who like to make some noise and play will turn into Shurshun or Stomp. And someone will definitely turn out to be Obzhorka or Fat Cat.
  • Someone will associate a rabbit with a younger brother or sister, friend or neighbor. Why not use their names, but only carefully: you should not name the beast after a deceased relative. And if the brother or sister with whom you live in the same house is touchy, then it is better to choose a different name for the rabbit. If you really want to call your pet a human name, then it's easier to pick up a foreign one so as not to offend someone you know.
  • A domestic animal, which is not planned to be shown at exhibitions, can be called whatever you like, but the breeder assigns a name to the breeding specimens according to the rule: the first letter of the name must be the same as that of the rabbit's father - this is how the pedigree of numerous offspring is tracked. The second option is that all rabbits of the same litter are called so that the first letter is the same for all individuals.
  • Quite often, the ward is named in honor of Russian or foreign actors, singers, public figures: a small black mustache can be named Charlie in honor of Chaplin; all redheads have long been called Chubais; snow-white beauty - Mary in honor of Monroe.
  • Historical figures also become prototypes for creating names for rabbits: Cleo - from Cleopatra or the goddess of history; in honor of Caesar, they call a clever and brave beast; fluffy, shaggy, but no less intelligent, you can name Albert after Einstein.
  • If you are a lover of literature (no matter classical or modern), think of writers, poets, literary heroes: Agatha Christie, Stephen King, the cat Behemoth or Hermione.
  • We bought a rabbit for a child - let him call him. And, most likely, it will be a cartoon character: in honor of Peppa pig or Bambi the fawn, Smurf or Fixik, Luntik or Japanese anime characters.
  • Teens and adults are the world of computer games, which also have their own characters: Triss from The Witcher, Sonya from Mortal Kombat, Handsome Jack from Borderlands, Dante from Devil May Cry. Given that the last named hero is recognized as the sexiest of all computer characters, he is very suitable for the name of the restless rabbit.

Often, breeders start from the breed of decorative rabbit.

  • Angora lion is very fluffy, even his ears are shaggy. Therefore, Pusya, and Dymka, and Ottoman, and Shusha are suitable here.
  • The Angora dwarf species is even more fluffy - it is just a fluffy lump that can be called a Bunny, Sharik, Smoke, Lapushka.
  • The lop-eared ram has drooping ears, which is (believed) he hears worse. But this did not worsen his friendly character. Therefore, the following nicknames are suitable for this breed: Ushka, Pupsik, Umka, Dobryak, Yarik.
  • A dwarf butterfly is a Fairy, Princess, Droplet, Point, Ear, Nose.
  • Rabbits of the squirrel breed really look like a forest animal in color and shape of the muzzle. Therefore, such rabbits can be called Belka, Strelka. And since this breed is rare in Russia, the following options are also possible: Diva, Miracle.
  • Hermelin , aka the Polish rabbit, is a rarity in Russia. But this red-eyed or blue-eyed animal looks like a soft toy with a difficult character. Such beauties can be called Joy, Button, Mischief, Snowball.
  • The Dutch dwarf is a gray (or other color) miracle with black eyes. And therefore it is Scout, Scout, Pirate, Blackie, Kid.
  • The dwarf rex looks like a plush toy, and therefore he is a Bun, Pull, Dog. Since this breed is phlegmatic in nature, you can call these beardless rabbits Nyasha, Plush, Tisha.
  • Short-haired dwarf rabbits are charms with beady eyes. And therefore it is Busya, Nochka, Ataman, Igrun.
  • Firefighter is, of course, Ogonyok, Handsome, Myakish (their fur is soft), Clever.
  • The lion's head can be unambiguously called Leo, Leo, Tsar, Simba, Shuba.
  • The fox dwarf rabbit by its name asked to be called Fox, Fox, Ryzhik, Zlatka.
  • Dwarf hares with red eyes and black, brown or blue spots on a white fur coat often acquire unusual names: Cherry, Nero, Fantomas, Iskra.
  • The gray giant is the largest among those named, so you can choose a more weighty name for him: Thunder, Marquis, Gray, Rose, Mama.

I do not like the proposed options - nothing prevents you from coming up with your own name for a fluffy pet. It must be remembered that rabbits are very shy, so the nickname should not be harsh.

When choosing a name, you need to start from what kind of pet of the sex - male or female.

Nicknames for girls

When they buy one decorative bunny, then often the gender does not matter, because they are not going to mate it for divorce. For many, the main point is that the rabbit is beautiful, which is why females are often chosen. Having looked closely at the external data and character, we begin to compile a list of nicknames for girls-rabbits:

  • Alicia, Asya, Anya, Anna, Ani, Astra, Assol, Agnia;
  • Bagheera, Begonia, Bella, Bonya, Busina, Bima;
  • Varya, Cherry, Violetta, Vita, Viola, Freckle, Vasilisa, Vaska;
  • Glasha, Gloria, Grunya, Hortense, Gulya, Gunya;
  • Dasha, Jane, Dunya, Dusya, Ginny, Dushka, Daisy;
  • Eva, Eska, Egoza, Blackberry, Eroshka;
  • Fir-tree, Fir-tree, Fir-tree, Yosya;
  • Julie, Zhuzha, Zhenya, Jesse, Zhanna;
  • Bunny, Zosia, Zina, Bore, Fun, Splinter, Zeta, Winter, Zippy, Zita, Cinderella, Zolotko;
  • Iriska, Irka, Inna, Ida, Irma, Isabelle, Willow, Isolde, Indy;
  • Cameo, Klava, Clara, Klusha, Kisa, Kara, Karma, Ksyusha, Krala, Keith, Kelly;
  • Lady, Lucy, Laima, Lida, Lyolya, Lyalya, Lapushka, Ladushka, Larry, Swallow, Lyra;
  • Milli, Musya, Margot, Makha, Marusya, Milena, Mouse, Pug, Mike;
  • Nyura, Niki, Nezhka, Niza, Nadia, Nina, Nyama, Little, Sissy, Forget-me-not;
  • Orchid, Osya, Olivia, Olyasha, Oya, Ophelia, Okhta, Ocher;
  • Palm, Pusya, Fields, Panther, Panya, Panna, Pelageya, Piranha, Button, Midnight;
  • Rose, Ryska, Chamomile, Raya, Ruby, Rufa, Rimma, Ruska, Rummy, Regina;
  • Stasya, Stesha, Saba, Sausage, Sandra, Saphira, Santi, Scarlett, Skippy, Sweetheart;
  • Toma, Takesha, Tusya, Tagira, Trusya, Tully, Tosya, Tasha, Tosha, Tilda;
  • Ulya, Uma, Luck, Ulyanka, Ulfi, Scream, Ursula, Utopia, Ukhta, Uteshka;
  • Fyokla, Fenka, Fanya, Fairy, Freesia, Fifa, Frosya, Fabbi, Fara, Fanta;
  • Hana, Piggy, Hanni, Khronya, Hasya, Khrapusha, Chloe, Hooligan;
  • Tsarevna, Tsarina, Tsypa, Tsulia, Flower, Tseya, Tsinna, Tsunami;
  • Chacha, Chernushka, Chucha, Chernushka, Chaika, Chita, Chunya, Chaga, Chara, Turtle;
  • Chantal, Skoda, Sheggy, Shiva, Shusha, Sheri, Minx, Thing;
  • Elsa, Emma, ​​Amber, Abby, Avery, Aisha, Eliza, Alice, Alfie;
  • Juno, Yukki, Yulka, Younessa, Yunita, Utah, Justice, Yusha, Yushka;
  • Yana, Yabeda, Berry, Yakuza, Yanina, Yaroslavna, Yashma, Yasmin.

What name can be given to boys?

There are universal nicknames that suit both boys and girls. But there are many more names for boys. So, here is a list of just a small part of them:

  • Alex, Alik, Antoshka, Angel, Anko, Arkasha, Apricot, Almaz, Askold, Archie, Ajax;
  • Barsik, Bandit, Balu, Borya, Baksik, Barmaley, Belyash, Bismarck, Baton, Black, Bantik;
  • Jack, Vladik, Veterok, Vasily, Watson, Whiskey, Venya, Woland, Vitka, Vermouth, Vyusha;
  • Gray, Count, Gosha, Hector, Grisha, Gnome, Harry, Hephaestus, Gavryusha, Herbert;
  • Long-eared, Demmy, Joker, Don, Drakosha, John, Duchess, Duke, Dobrynya, Dan, Jimmy;
  • Evrik, Egor, Elisey, Eroshka, Eustathius, Euro;
  • Hedgehog, Hedgehog, Ruff, Yorshik, Yosya, Yoshka;
  • Beetle, Zhora, Julien, Zhuika, Joseph, Gerry, Jean, Georges, Zhigan;
  • Zephyr, Zenith, Bunny, Zakhar, Zeus, Zembi, Zosim, Zim, Zyama, Zorro;
  • Igor, Igrun, Raisin, Isya, Fig, Iris, Ivan, Irakli, Innokenty, Irbis;
  • Cadet, Kesha, Quasimodo, Krutysh, Keks, Candy, Claude, Kazbek, Kotya, Kasper, Kuksik;
  • Larry, Lapik, Ludwig, Lelik, Fox, Leopold, Lucifer, Luntik;
  • Mario, Monya, Kid, Mamai, Mitya, Maxim, Murzik, Tycoon, Sailor, Macho;
  • Nafanya, Nice, Naum, Narcissus, Nemo, Nolik, Newton, Nick, Nusik, Nazar, Nils;
  • Eagle, Odysseus, Osik, Othello, Ostap, Olezhka, Oscar, Orpheus, Olympus;
  • Ghost, Pasha, Pupsik, Gingerbread, Pepper, Donut, Dumpling, Pate, Pasha;
  • Rodka, Roma, Rem, Ramses, Renat, Ricci, Rudolph, Ryzhik, Rusik, Rambo, Ralph;
  • Savva, Stasik, Splyushik, Sonic, Senator, Senya, Smart, Sigismund, Syoma, Sam;
  • Tisha, Tiger, Tadi, Terminator, Timosha, Tolik, Tamerlane, Tikhonya, Tarzan, Tyoma;
  • Eeyore, Vinegar, Clever, Coal, Hurricane, Ulan, Uzya, Ural, Ulf;
  • Funtik, Fedya, Fakir, Fantik, Freddie, Fixik, Felix, Foma, Fufa;
  • Caliph, Hugo, Snore, Khariton, Snore, Hobbit, Khan, Hippie, Hooch;
  • Gypsy, Tsarapun, Caesar, Cerberus, Citron, Tsar, Centaurus;
  • Chumazik, Chizhik, Cherny, Chudik, Charlie, Cheburashka, Chappi, Chamberlain, Chernysh, Chuk;
  • Miner, Chance, Sherlock, Shaitan, Sharik, Shushik, Shukher, Shalun, Shurik, Shustryak;
  • Edgard, Ax, Elvis, Emir, Eros, Edmond, Eric;
  • Yusha, Yugi, Unix, Julius, Yucca;
  • Yarik, Jaguar, Yan, Yaffi, Yashka, Yantar, Yasya.

Most popular options

The popularity of the nickname is a temporary concept. She comes with a new movie or music, a new cartoon.

Here, for example, are the cool cartoon characters - rabbits that both adults and children know:

  • Leelay & Nano - Rescue Rabbit;
  • Bugs Bunny - bunny boy from Warner Brothers;
  • Max - "Max and Ruby";
  • Richard - Peppa Pig;
  • The Hatter - "Animal Squad";
  • Krosh - "Smeshariki";
  • Hare - "Well, wait a minute!";
  • Roger Rabbit - film / cartoon "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

And then there is Stepashka, known for the program "Good night, kids!"; Rabbit Rabbit, Clever Rabbit, Kwiki Rabbit, Duracell Rabbit and many, many other rabbits that have given names to their domestic relatives. Including the heroes of Japanese anime that have been so popular in recent years: Lelouch, Ichigo, Arsene Lupine, Sailor Moon, Pikachu, Speedy Racer.

Often, the owners come up with cool nicknames for their pets, original and funny. As a rule, such an animal managed to prove itself and fully corresponds to its name: Bagel, Kefir, Razdolbay, Rocky, Vertikhvostka, Gulchata, Cutlet, Carrot, Pizza, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky. There is also a new trend with which a living long-eared Hacker, Cursor, Google, Smiley, iPad, iPhone appeared in the house. If you are not from a computer environment, it does not matter, a Bintic or Anesthesia can grow up at a doctor's house, and a Cake or Croissant at a pastry chef or a sweet tooth.

How to teach a rabbit to name?

In our list of names, there are those with more than 3 syllables. Let this be the official name for the guests. The rabbit itself should not be named. Choose a short name with lots of vowels. You need to pronounce it at the time of feeding in an affectionate voice. In this case, the abbreviation or name should be one: Hermione cannot be called Hermi today, and Mia tomorrow.

The second option is to encourage sweets (fruits, vegetables), if during the game the rabbit responds to the nickname: the pet is stroked, played with and clearly pronounced the name. I responded - I got a treat . With daily activities, after about two weeks, the rabbit should run out of the shelter when he hears the call. At the same time, one person should be engaged and called for the entire time. In the next step, the pet will get used to other voices. Do not be upset if the addiction process is delayed. But if the animal categorically does not respond to this name, give it another. During the training, you will get to know him better, try a different set of sounds for the nickname, and everything will work out over time.

The main thing is to love your pet.

For information on how to accustom a rabbit to a name, see the next video.