Ceiling hidden curtain rods for curtains (30 photos): choose built-in models with illumination for stretch ceilings and from plasterboard

Ceiling hidden curtain rods

    The main task of the ceiling cornices is the ability to securely fix the curtains. And only then the question of aesthetics arises. But the standard option does not always fit into the style of the interior. Especially when it comes to modern design solutions. Therefore, the desire to remove the cornice, but leave its functionality is understandable.

    Hidden structures look very nice indoors. Visually raising the ceilings, they create a harmonious and impressive interior, paying all attention to massive and weightless fabrics and decorative elements. Curtains seem to flow directly from the ceiling. Expanding the space, ceiling cornices increase the area of ​​the room, which is an undoubted plus for miniature apartments.

    What are hidden ceiling cornices, what is the key feature and how to choose and install correctly - we will tell in the article.

    Features and Benefits

    Often, the desire to hide the cornice arises among the owners of stretch ceilings when they do not want their eyes to cling to the metal pipe above the window instead of a smooth coating and shiny fabric. At the same time, in a well-thought-out interior, at first glance, it remains unclear how the curtains falling from the ceiling are attached.

    The main advantage of built-in cornices is the ability to use in non-standard rooms with an unusual window shape. At the same time, the design itself can adapt to any features and repeat the U-shaped, curved and semicircular line.

    Why choose a hidden cornice? For low ceilings, the use of an ordinary rough cornice is unacceptable. One element will be able to visually steal most of the room. For such apartments, a hidden curtain rod is perhaps the only preferred option that can make the room more spacious and wider:

    • Thick curtains across the entire width of the wall look very laconic, beautiful and modern.
    • Concealed designs are great for a room with stretch ceilings. The proximity of a secret cornice and a vulnerable ceiling covering is absolutely safe and will not damage the film.
    • Vertical folds of curtains, flowing down without any support, look incredibly beautiful and expand the space of the room.
    • For owners of wide window sills, built-in cornices are an excellent way out. With such a feature of the window, it is rather difficult to choose the right option. And with a hidden design, you can hang any curtains, regardless of the window sill.
    • Installing your own built-in cornice is no more difficult than a regular one.

    The invisible cornice fits perfectly into any interior and is a practical and versatile solution:

    • In an additional ceiling niche in front of the wall, you can hide wires, draw an Internet line, ventilation or decorate the structure with additional lighting.
    • Color, texture, elegance of fabric and decor come first in the interior of the room.
    • Expands the field of work for design ideas and solutions.
    • Hidden curtain rods are cheaper than standard open shape models.

    Design features

    The hidden cornice is a special rail that is attached to the niche above the window. The distance between the wall and the ceiling structure is so small that it is not even noticeable at first glance. At the same time, the ceiling does not reach the wall 10-20 cm. The appearance and decoration of the window look very unusual and attractive.

    The hidden installation view presents several options. Main types:

    • plastic tires with several rows - this option is the most common;
    • round rods - this option is suitable only with a sufficiently spacious niche between the wall and the ceiling structure;
    • string - the cheapest option, but not as convenient as compared to a plastic bus;
    • flexible - used for non-standard trajectory.

    Depending on the design, the idea of ​​decorating the window opening and the number of layers of curtains, the number of rows in the cornice is selected.

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    Modern ceiling structures are presented in several versions:

    • Aluminum - lightweight and durable curtain rod, suitable for dense, multi-layer and heavy curtains. Moreover, the price for it is higher than for models made of other materials.
    • Plastic - lightweight, durable and cheap, but suitable for lightweight curtains.
    • Wooden - light and natural, has an attractive appearance.
    • Steel - durable and reliable, capable of supporting heavy weight.

    When choosing a material, it is important to consider the density and weight of the curtains.

    The color of the cornice does not affect the overall style of the room and remains invisible, therefore standard white is most often chosen. The main requirement is structural reliability, smooth and silent movement of parts. To create a romantic backlight, you can use an LED strip in a niche. Solid light bulbs not only complement the window décor, but also create subdued background lighting.

    Installation features

    The stretch ceiling is a unique design whose smoothness attracts attention. And it is important to take into account many nuances and be especially careful when choosing a decor. It is impossible to install a standard cornice on a stretch ceiling. Therefore, the hidden design is considered not a whim, but a functional necessity. At the same time, you can hide all the minor flaws and emphasize the tension structure favorably.

    In this case, the elements of the niche and curtains will not come into contact with the delicate ceiling covering, which will exclude the possibility of deformation of the canvas. Such an interesting decoration option creates a magical light atmosphere. And it is considered appropriate in an apartment, house, salon, restaurant and office. The installation of the curtain rods should be started before the installation work on the ceiling.

    The hidden structure can be used in other conditions, when there is a desire to get rid of the standard cornice and decorate the room. You can hide the elements on the plasterboard ceiling.

    According to experts, this is the most optimal material in which there are no harmful substances. But having a small strength, it is not able to withstand the large weight of curtains, so select the appropriate options for decoration in advance.

    It is quite easy to create the illusion of a hidden ceiling cornice. To do this, it is enough to install a decorative baguette plinth around the entire perimeter of the ceiling and directly in front of the niche. At the same time, the design of the mounts must be reliably hidden behind the linings and create the effect of falling curtains. Decorative elements are made of plastic, metal or wood and must completely hide the elements of the eaves structure.

    The variety of decorative cornices is amazing: weightless acrylic structures or metal ones with engraving - it will not be difficult to choose an option suitable for a unique interior.

    Practical advice

    A few small tips and tricks will help you make the right choice:

    • Installation of hidden structures has its own specifics. First of all, it is necessary to decide on the choice of the ceiling system and curtains at the design stage of the room design. And then choose the type of cornice.
    • When installing the cornice, be guided not only by the width of the window sill, but also by the level of the radiator protrusion. The fabric should not touch the heating system, so experts advise leaving a couple of centimeters in stock to maintain the quality of the curtains.
    • First you need to decide on the design of the curtains, and then choose the cornice. If you do otherwise, then choosing the right fabric for the decorative element will be more difficult.

    Pay attention to the quality and materials of the curtain rod. Moving structural elements, hinges and runners must move silently and without jerking.

    • In order to visually enlarge the space of the room, experts advise to install the cornice, if possible, along the entire width of the wall. Thus, you will achieve the unity of the interior and visually expand the room.
    • Designers advise choosing light curtains to match the walls for small rooms. And additionally decorate the window with lighting. Thus, you will visually raise the ceiling.
    • The built-in cornice lighting will also help to emphasize the quality of textiles and create an atmosphere of magic. For this, it is necessary to install the control unit in the niche in advance. For the built-in backlight, 12V is sufficient.
    • If the hidden cornice is placed next to the ceiling system, it will not be difficult to replace the structure over time. But if the cornice is installed with the help of a special embedded part directly to the stretch ceiling, then it will not be possible to change the structure on your own without deforming the canvas.
    • After installing the hidden cornice, hooks and other structural elements should not be visible behind the decorative skirting board.
    • When choosing curtains for a hidden cornice, it is necessary to pay special attention to color, texture and decorative elements.

    After installing the hidden ceiling cornice, it will be virtually impossible to make changes to the design and decor elements, so pay attention to all the pitfalls in advance.

    A hidden cornice is an amazing design solution that can not only emphasize the beauty of textiles, but also expand the space and fill the room with air.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    • The illumination of curtains looks especially impressive.
    • Contemporary hidden ceiling cornice and rich curtains in the living room interior.
    • A hidden ceiling cornice forms a coherent interior.

    For information on how to make a hidden curtain rod in a plasterboard ceiling, see the next video