The interior of the studio is 26 sq. m. (68 photos): design options and budget planning of the apartment

Design and interior of a studio apartment with an area of ​​26 sq.  m

    Relatively recently, studio apartments appeared in our country, in which there are no standard partitions. Such living spaces quickly gained popularity and are in great demand. They can be both small and spacious. Even the smallest studio apartment can be made stylish and functional if you choose the right finishing materials and furniture.


    Small studio with an area of ​​26 sq. m can be made very cozy and hospitable if you turn to beautiful and high-quality finishing materials, as well as a harmonious interior

    Such an apartment can be an ideal solution for a small family of two. If more people live in the apartment, then it is necessary to start zoning the available space, if it is not possible to purchase other housing.

    As a rule, in modern studio apartments there are only two main rooms: free space and the area allocated for a bathroom.

    It should be noted that one continuous room carries several functions at once. It plays the role of a kitchen, living room, bedroom and hallway, therefore filling a small studio with an area of ​​26 sq. m should be chosen deliberately.

    Today there are a large number of zoning options, you cannot do without such details in a small studio:

    • You can divide functional spaces with a high wardrobe, bar counter, screen, shelving, etc.
    • Glass partitions look great in a small studio. They will fit perfectly into many styles and will not take up much space.
    • The division of the apartment into zones with the help of finishing materials has become fashionable. For example, in the living room you can lay a cream laminate, and in the kitchen you can use monochrome tiles. This will separate areas with different flooring. This can be done for wall coverings or ceiling finishes.

    For a small studio, light materials and interior elements are best suited. Too dark options can visually reduce an already modest area.

    Overly large details will also look disharmonious in such an apartment. For example, a large dark wardrobe will not only take up a lot of free space, but will also weigh down the interior.

    We develop a design project

    Before developing a studio design project, it is necessary to depict the future interior on a piece of paper. It is necessary to think over every zone to the smallest detail.

    Next, you should measure the free space. This is necessary for the correct selection of furniture and the calculation of the amount of finishing materials.

    Decide in advance on the future decoration of the apartment. The best option would be to design in warm and light colors.

    You should send for materials only after a complete calculation of their required amount, so as not to overpay for too much.

    If you want to make redevelopment and combine the living space with a balcony room, then you need to take care of this before the start of repair work and coordinate your actions with the relevant authorities.

    Let us consider in detail several specific examples of design projects for studio apartments with an area of ​​26 sq. M.

    On the left side of the front door, you can install a kitchen set and separate it from the living room area with a glass partition. A sofa will find its place behind the separating part on the left wall, opposite which you can put a TV. A sleeping area should be placed on the right wall from the entrance, separating it with a plasterboard wall from floor to ceiling.

    In such an impromptu divider, you can equip a small bookcase or simply make several shelves for storing various items.

    The bathroom should be located on the side of the sleeping area.

    Such a small apartment can be decorated in white, gray and coffee colors, complemented by bright details. For example, this could be the saturated bottom of a glass partition.

    If the studio apartment is equipped with a balcony, then on its territory you can place a kitchen set or a bar counter with a refrigerator, combining the balcony and living area.

    Outside the balcony, you can put a small round dining chair with chairs and a couple of nightstands.

    This area should be followed by the bedroom and living room, which will follow immediately after the entrance door and corridor.

    We arrange furniture

    There should not be too many large pieces of furniture in a studio apartment. Such things can take up extra free space, obstructing the passage and making the overall ensemble ugly.

    The dimensions of the furniture must be calculated as accurately as possible.

    Sofas and armchairs belonging to the living area should be placed immediately behind the kitchen unit. These spaces can be separated by a glass partition or bar counter.

    If you decide to put upholstered furniture near the sleeping area with a double bed, then you can separate the living room using a screen or a system of high shelving.

    A work area with a computer desk and a chair can be arranged next to the living room or opposite the double bed.

    Many apartment owners turn to a more original solution and make the desktop a continuation of the kitchen set. This significantly saves free space, which is already lacking in 26 sq. m.

    If the apartment has a balcony, then one of the zones can be equipped on its territory. For example, you can put a kitchen unit there or equip a study with a small bookcase.

    In a small bathroom, it is better to install a shower cabin. It can be rectangular or angular. The second option saves more space for installing a toilet and sink with a wall mirror.

    If the area allows, then you can put a regular bathroom and put all the other elements of the bathroom in front of it (or on the sides).

    Color solutions

    The best option for a studio apartment of a small area is light finishing materials and pieces of furniture in a similar design.

    White, beige, dull yellow, cream, light caramel and light brown shades will look especially attractive and harmonious in such a home. These colors, in tandem with the right lighting, can visually enlarge the available space.

    The presence of bright and contrasting details will not be superfluous. These can be decorative elements, dark inserts on furniture and kitchen sets, contrasting backs of chairs, bright countertops, etc. The main thing is not to overload the available space with such details.

    Interior ideas

    Let's consider in detail several options for the harmonious design of studio apartments.

    Divide the room visually into two squares, starting from the corridor and ending with a window on the opposite wall from the entrance. In the left square, equip a kitchen set with all the appliances and a small dining table. Opposite this area (in the right square), place a sofa with a coffee table, and in front of it equip a sleeping area, separated from the rest of the space with a rack cabinet.

    The bathroom should be equipped on the right side of the front door.

    For such an apartment, you can pick up a light laminate, and finish the walls with white plaster. Against such a background, furniture that combines soft brown and green colors will look harmonious.

    If the front door is located opposite the window, then the bathroom and living room can be equipped immediately after entering. A kitchen table with chairs will find its place near the window, behind which (against the wall) a set can be placed.

    The sleeping area should be separated from the rest of the space using a budget plasterboard wall with doors installed.

    Pick up finishing materials and pieces of furniture in snow-white colors. This palette should be diluted with a blue sofa, multi-colored paintings on the walls and carpets made of colored threads.

    The space opposite the front door can be set aside for a living area with sofas and armchairs, and behind them (on the right side of the entrance) you can equip a kitchen with an L-shaped set and a folding table.

    To visually expand the space on the wall above the sofa, hang a long tinted mirror.

    The bathroom should be placed on the left side of the living area and separated by a blank door.

    The space on the right side of the soft corner will remain unoccupied. This area can be fenced off with a screen, behind which a tall and light wardrobe and a double bed opposite will find their place.


    • The budget planning implies the zoning of the apartment with the help of furniture. For example, a sofa and armchairs are suitable for designating a living room, and a bar counter is the best fence for a kitchen.
    • It is possible to equip a dwelling qualitatively and beautifully in one day, since for an apartment with an area of ​​26 sq. m. it is not at all necessary to buy up a whole furniture store. It is necessary to purchase only the most essential items and allocate appropriate places for them.
    • Divide the area into zones correctly. Do not forget that the passage between furniture and partitions must be free.
    • You can save a lot on decorative finishes. For example, it is worth choosing wallpapers of different colors for zoning the space or turning to wood, metal or mirrors.
    • It is recommended to give preference to light-colored furniture.
    • You should not buy a complete sleeping set and place it over the entire area of ​​the studio, otherwise you will end up with an incomprehensible ensemble in the form of a sleeping area with a refrigerator or gas stove.
    • The main detail in the zoning is the kitchen-living room. For the arrangement of the sleeping area, one of the free corners of the apartment can be distinguished.
    • The kitchen set should be small, but functional and roomy.

    It is advisable to choose compact pieces of furniture. Foldable models that take up a minimum of free space are also suitable.