Wallpaper in the toilet (43 photos): which is better to stick in a small toilet, liquid wallpaper, tile design, examples in the interior of the apartment

Beautiful toilet wallpaper is a practical finishing option, along with tiling or painting. This type of toilet room arrangement has several advantages.

Toilet decoration: what to consider?

Usually, when decorating the walls in the toilet and bathroom, tile or painting with water-based paint is used. These two options are quite time consuming and expensive. Ceramic tiles, although only a few square meters are required in this case, are expensive in themselves. Tile glue, the work of a professional master for its installation, are also not cheap. For painting, you need to prepare an even and smooth layer with plaster and putty.

Any kind of wallpaper is rather unpretentious to be glued. The main condition is even walls, but you do not need to level them to a shine with a finishing putty.

The surface can remain a little rough, it will be smoothed out by the wallpaper glue itself.

When choosing wallpaper for decorating the walls of the toilet, the owners of the apartment receive the following benefits:

  • The main significant plus is the cheapness of the material. Almost any type of wallpaper, except for the most exclusive vinyl and embossed, will cost much less than tiles, plastic panels.
  • The work itself can be done independently, in a few hours. Even if you order repairs to someone, it will cost much cheaper than laying tiles, plaster, putty and painting.
  • Huge selection of all kinds of colors, patterns, patterns. Tiles and other materials do not have such a variety. Today it is even possible to order your own drawing or design.
  • Ecological purity of most species. Wallpaper does not contain substances harmful or hazardous to health.
  • The work of pasting the walls themselves is relatively clean, after which there is not much dirt left, such as from tile glue or plaster.
  • In case of any defect, it is easy to eliminate it by gluing it with a small piece.

But it is worth considering some of the disadvantages of gluing wallpaper in the toilet:

  • This material is less reliable than tiles. In addition, unforeseen leaks can often happen in the bathroom, then the wallpaper becomes unusable.
  • Wallpaper is intended for large areas of a flat surface. There are many hard-to-reach places in the toilet, which makes it difficult to stick them.
  • Wallpaper is less durable than paint or tile, low-quality types can quickly fade.

Wallpaper for the toilet is the cheapest type of material that does not require complex construction work. Almost any owner can glue several square meters of walls. And many varieties of colors and patterns make it possible to choose an interior for every taste.

Since the humidity in the toilet and bathroom is high, not all types of wallpaper are suitable here.

Suitable species

Washable paper wallpaper for pasting the toilet is not by chance the most popular. They have a lower cost than liquid or self-adhesive, they are very easy to work with, and the outer protective layer makes them durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

For those who were engaged in pasting with similar material in other rooms of the apartment, it will not be difficult to make neat repairs in the bathroom, the main thing is to pay attention to joining the sheets and carefully iron them with a roller.

Liquid wallpaper or, as they are also called, paper plaster, have gained particular popularity in the renovation of a living room, hall, corridor, but they can be successfully applied in the toilet. They are made from cellulose fibers, acrylic particles, mica and an adhesive base. Liquid wallpaper is sold in the form of a dry mixture, before use, it is diluted with water and applied to the wall with a float or roller, in much the same way as decorative plaster.

The advantages of paper plaster are in a special volumetric texture that gives an original look, and in increased protection against moisture, steam, mold and mildew.

Vinyl, non-woven or self-adhesive wallpaper is also used to decorate the toilet walls. They are durable, easy to clean, have a chic look. There are many options for colors, textures, patterns on sale, so you can choose the most suitable look, for example, under the tiles on the floor. Of the shortcomings, only their high cost can be noted.

Glass fiber contains fiberglass - a soft pile, thanks to which they are protected from moisture, steam and chemicals. Another advantage is the ability to paint. But fiberglass, unlike paper, is quite difficult to glue on the wall.

It is necessary to carefully read the instructions before use, carefully cut and join the sheets.


All wallpaper rolls most often have standard length and width parameters, so there will be no difference for a toilet. In width, meter and half-meter species are distinguished, more precisely, 1.06 and 0.53 m. The first type is considered by many to be preferable, since it is less necessary to measure, cut, fewer joints are formed and in general the work is simplified. But in the case of small rooms, which is exactly the toilet, it may be more convenient and economical to use half-meter rolls. They are usually cheaper than wide ones.

The standard roll length is 10.05 m with a slight difference of 3-5%. Knowing it and the height to the ceiling, you can easily calculate how many rolls are needed for all the walls of the toilet. Sometimes there are non-standard length and width of wallpaper, especially vinyl, photo or non-woven - 0.67-0.9 m by 10 or 25 m.All this can be found in the store in advance by looking at the product label.

Manufacturers overview

Of the Russian wallpaper manufacturers, the following can be noted:

  • The Avangard wallpaper factory in the Moscow region produces vinyl and non-woven types that are suitable for the humid environment of the washroom. The manufacturer has many positive reviews from buyers.
  • "Permskiye Oboi" is produced at the enterprise of the same name, which is more than 40 years old. Extensive experience together with the use of new world technologies allowed us to create a varied palette of wallpapers for the bathroom and toilet for every taste.
  • The Saratov Oboi firm also has extensive experience in the production of similar goods. There is a choice of washable, corrugated or duplex wallpapers in a variety of patterns and shades.
  • The company "Elysium" from Berdsk produces wallpaper with textured embossing, screen printing, vinyl and other types. There is a choice of more than 1000 options, and all products are confirmed by the quality of international certificates.
  • Products from the manufacturer Magi Kane include photo, vinyl, textile wallpapers with original designs. For the toilet, there is an opportunity to choose many options; buyers leave positive feedback on the products.
  • Among the foreign manufacturers of wallpaper are Italian Decori Decori, Andrea Rossi, Portofino, Parato, Prima Italiana , which not only have a stylish design of colors and textures, but are also made from environmentally friendly raw materials.
  • German brands Rash, Paravox, Marburg, Erfurt and others are known for their quality in various aspects: durability, persistent saturated colors, environmental friendliness.
  • French and Dutch wallpapers Elitis, Caselio, O Design, Vescom, Esta Home are appreciated by many buyers for their original design and reliability.

How to choose and calculate?

When choosing wallpaper for the toilet, their main criteria are moisture resistance, strength, inability to absorb odors. Therefore, it is better to glue here not ordinary paper or textile canvases, but more expensive vinyl, non-woven or fiberglass-based ones. An important selection criterion is color and texture. It is better to give preference to light colors, but not too easily soiled. It is good to take wallpaper with a glossy surface for repair - so they will give more light in a small toilet with their shine.

Unlike the rest of the rooms in the apartment, for a bathroom you should not experiment with intricate patterns and textures, the best option is if they are close to monotonous. Also, the simplest shapes - stripes, cells, rectangles will be a good choice. When planning, be sure to consider the combination of colors and patterns with possible tiles, furniture, panels and doors.

It is very easy to calculate the required amount of wallpaper for gluing the toilet. First you need to measure the perimeter of the walls. Since the standard roll length is 10.06 m, then with a floor height not exceeding 2.5 m, 4 strips will come out of it. That is, it is 2 m with a half-meter width and 4 m with a meter. For a standard toilet in a city apartment, 1 roll with a width of 1.06 and 2 rolls with a width of 0.53 m are enough.

Some types of photo wallpaper and wallpaper with a complex pattern must be combined according to patterns and lines.

Then more pruning will be required and, accordingly, the total amount increases, but usually by no more than 25%.

Design options

Even for such a small space as a toilet room in an apartment, you can come up with many design options. Wallpaper in a competent combination with flooring, plumbing, lighting, ceiling covering can form a harmonious and stylish interior.

Very often, various types of wallpaper are used only for side walls, and the back wall, where water and sewer pipes and metering devices are usually located, is sheathed with panels of PVC, drywall, MDF or other materials.

You can make walls from different wallpapers, for example, from the bottom to a height of 1 m with a darker color, and the remaining upper part is lighter, or veneer from below with a sill made of ceramic tiles. This method, in addition to originality, also carries a practical meaning: from below, the walls become more dirty, and a light top will add light to this small windowless room.

There are many ideas for decorating toilet walls, and more and more of them appear every day. This is facilitated by the appearance on the market of new types and brands of relatively cheap finishing materials.

You can safely experiment, and even if the finished design does not suit you, it is not at all difficult and not so expensive to stick new wallpaper on a small section of the wall.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Vinyl wallpaper in the toilet is a full wall with pale yellow patterns. Blurred indistinct lines are just perfect for a bathroom.

Glass fiber with white and blue pale simple patterns are practical and durable.

Sections of the walls, covered with wallpaper with blue patterns, are harmoniously combined with plastic panels and furniture of the same color.

White liquid wallpaper is always relevant for a small room and adds light to artificial lighting.

Washable striped wallpaper, especially in combination with ceramic tiles, will be relevant for a bathroom interior for a long time.

You will learn more about how to choose wallpaper for the toilet in the following video.