Bookcase (79 photos): modern narrow shelves for books, closed solid wood models for home

Books are something that never loses its relevance, even in our time, despite the development of electronic technologies. Almost everyone has paper books at home. Everyone knows that they need to provide proper storage conditions. For printed editions, bookcases are purchased, which are distinguished by their diversity. That is why it is important to know how to choose a small bookcase for a small apartment or equip a large library in a spacious private house.


A bookcase is purchased in order to store printed publications, newspapers and magazines, as well as some other things in it. So, many people use such designs for storing books and clothes. There are also bookcases with shelves for toys. In fact, a bookcase is a very convenient and versatile thing, so everyone should have it at home.

Such a piece of furniture can perform a decorative function, but it also has a more functional purpose.

So, its use allows you to arrange books by arranging them in chronological order or alphabetically.

In addition, cabinets intended for storing books must meet all the necessary requirements in order to keep printed publications in the desired condition. They are not affected by moisture, dust or temperature extremes. This way, you can keep your favorite books for much longer, and this will not affect their appearance in any way.

A bookcase helps free the room from chaotically laid out piles of books, thus making it more spacious.

All printed materials can be stacked there, including newspapers and magazines, which very often clutter up the house. The variety of bookcases suggests their placement even in the smallest rooms, so even in a narrow room, a small bookcase will help to put things in order.

If you want to organize a library, then such a bookcase will help you create the necessary atmosphere for this and bring coziness to any room.

Determine the size

A bookcase is a piece of furniture that must meet a number of requirements. So, it is necessary to correctly select its dimensions and depth. Books in such a cabinet are usually arranged in one row, so its depth should be small. This is due to the fact that books arranged in two rows are very inconvenient to store. You will be looking for the required printed edition for a very long time and, perhaps, for this you will have to first get the entire first row.

The standard bookcase depth is 25 cm, but there are also deeper models for large format prints.

The depth of the bookcase is much shallower than other similar furniture. A certain distance should also be maintained between the shelves. It is better if they are all about 20 cm apart. All bookcases are usually small in width - no more than 100 cm.

The narrow bookcase fits into any room size. A small cabinet can be placed anywhere and even hung on the wall. Deeper and wider models usually have multiple posts. This is due to the fact that manufacturers try to make the shelves not too long so that they do not sag under the weight of the books. A small bookcase is more practical.

The height of such a product should also be noted. A standard bookcase is usually floor-to-ceiling, this product needs to be tall, but someone is more comfortable placing a compact low or wall-mounted bookcase to save space in the room.

Possible designs

There are two main bookcase designs that are the most versatile. These include:


The open cabinet is very convenient, because there you can easily see and find the book you need at the moment. They speed up and simplify access to print media. Books located in such a pencil case are in themselves a decoration of the room.

Most often, such lockers are installed in rooms decorated in a modern style. This cabinet looks very elegant and does not clutter up the room.

Ordinary open bookcases come in the most unusual shapes and designs. Plus, you don't have to constantly open and close doors to find the book you want. Its only drawback is that printed buildings are not adequately protected from temperature and moisture. They can also be negatively affected by exposure to sunlight. Therefore, such models are most often installed in dark rooms.


Closed-type book furniture provides more correct storage conditions for printed publications. It is necessary if you have a lot of old books and other valuable literature in your home. Thus, books in a closed locker will be completely protected. Closed-type cabinets can be with a transparent glass door or solid closed ones made of any other material.

Usually, in such cabinets, they try to maintain a humidity of about 50% and a temperature not higher than 20 ° C.

Separately, some models of bookcases should be highlighted:

  • Angular. It is perfect for small spaces. It will allow you to most functionally organize the space in the room and occupy free corners. Such a convenient and compact design will not clutter up the room and help you save space. In addition, in such a cabinet you can very conveniently organize a book storage system.
  • Hinged. This is a wall-mounted bookcase model. Such pieces of furniture are installed if there is little free space in the room and the owners of the house do not have many books. Such models can also be open or closed. Their design and lineup are very diverse.
  • Arched. This is a model that involves storing books around the doorway. Thus, the shelves will be arranged in an arch shape. This is a very stylish and unusual solution.

Also, by design type, all bookcases are divided into several types:

  • Hull. This is a classic traditional bookcase. It is characterized by high height and standard equipment. It allows you to make the room visually higher and more spacious and looks very impressive.
  • Modular. This model of bookcase is installed tightly against the wall and is one of its components. In this case, a whole set of furniture of the same design is purchased. You can combine it with other interior items.
  • Rack. This is an open type model that does not have a back wall and doors. This model perfectly performs the function of a partition and is an excellent solution for zoning. If you want to install it against a wall, then you need to fix it with a fairly high quality, since the structure itself is not very stable.
  • Closet. This is one of the most modern bookcase models. It has a sliding door design. Such a product will fit into any room size, since it takes up very little space. It can even be installed in a niche. A sliding wardrobe is able to keep books from external influences. Dust, dirt and direct rays of the sun do not penetrate there.


Solid wood bookcases are the most luxurious and ornate. Usually these are rather massive products that can fit into almost any room in the interior. Usually these are products made of oak, pine, beech, alder. It is also able to fill the room with a natural woody scent and provide the necessary conditions for storing books.

Now bookcases are most often made from artificial materials. This is due to the democratic prices for them. So, models from MDF, chipboard are popular. Models with veneer are very popular. They are also made of chipboard or MDF, but they have a thin wood finish.

Due to this, it is very difficult to distinguish them from analogs made from natural materials.

But despite such a composition, these pieces of furniture are also very high quality and durable, they do not need to be provided with difficult care, but at the same time such models also reliably preserve books.

Door types

A bookcase with doors is considered to be the safest for storing printed materials. Moreover, a wide variety of materials are used for the manufacture of doors. It can be glass, plastic, or wood. There are also models with a mirror finish.

By their type, bookcase doors can be:

  • Swing. These bookcases are a traditional option. In this case, you can open the cabinet by pulling the door handle towards you. A feature of swing cabinets is that manufacturers often install additional magnets in them so that the door closes very tightly and does not open by itself.
  • Folding. Such constructions are used less often, since they can impede access to books and are not very convenient to open them. But the flap doors look very original.
  • Coupe. This option is one of the most modern and relevant. Such a cabinet opens with a movement to the side, thanks to which the doors smoothly slide sideways. At the same time, there are special narrow panels on the cabinet, which you can grasp when opening. They protect the cabinet from fingerprints. Such a bookcase looks very interesting and unusual; it is perfect for decorating a modern living room.

Filling options

Despite the fact that traditional bookcases are designed with shelves, these products can have a wide variety of content. Moreover, it can be both classic open shelves and closed drawers and other elements. As for the shelves, they are usually arranged in several rows above each other. Moreover, certain requirements are imposed on them.

The shelves should be approximately 3 cm thick. This condition is necessary for compliance, since they will be able to support the weight of the books.

In length, they should be no more than 100 cm. In addition to such a standard filling option, any bookcase should have high bookshelves to accommodate large-format prints and small shelves for storing magazines.

A separate compartment for special antique books is also perfect. Drawers should be provided for storing large-sized publications such as encyclopedias. Moreover, they can be deep or, conversely, very small. They can put writing materials, newspapers, magazines.

Where is it better to place?

Any bookcase can completely transform the interior of any room. Such a product can become the centerpiece of the room where it is installed. A large bookcase located in a guest room can emphasize the high social status of its owner, his love for literature and seriousness, as well as taste preferences in literature. The interior of any room can be slightly transformed by adding a bookcase to it.

That is why, regardless of where such furniture is located, it will fill the room with comfort and homely warmth. But at the same time, a bookcase can either make a room more strict and serious, or create a relaxing atmosphere in it.

As a rule, bookcases are not placed in nurseries and bedrooms. These are intimate rooms in which all the necessary personal belongings, clothes, bedding and underwear are stored. Therefore, it is necessary to protect them from the dust that bookcases often collect on themselves.

In addition, book dust can become an allergy provocateur. Therefore, if you want to place books in the nursery or in the bedroom, it is better to put a small bookcase there away from the sleeping place. Now many people have a question about how best to place bookcases in city apartments. Not every layout provides an opportunity to do this. Most often, these cabinets are installed in the living room.

Of course, in large country houses, entire libraries are provided for bookcases, but in ordinary houses they are placed in halls. If there is no room in the living room for this piece of furniture, then it can be installed in a large hallway away from the entrance. Some even place them under the stairs if the apartment or house is two-story. Of course, there is no place for this piece of furniture in the kitchen or dining room. Therefore, for him, you should choose more neutral and less frequently visited premises.

Style directions

Typically, bookcases are installed in rooms with a more traditional interior design. But now such a product can be installed in any home, regardless of its design.

So, in a room decorated in a classic style , you can install an old antique wardrobe. It will look very rich and sophisticated. For any bookcase in the classic style, austerity and elegance are characteristic, as well as the smooth lines of the facade.

Often, classic firms are rather massive and large-sized models. It is better to give preference to models made of natural wood. Moreover, their colors should be the most traditional. A wenge-colored wooden bookcase looks great in a classic living room design. It is better to give preference to models made from valuable wood species.

A wardrobe for prints with carved elements, as well as with fittings made of cast bronze or with overlays, will also look very elegant in a classic living room.

It is believed that such furniture fits perfectly into rooms decorated in the English style . Typically, the most traditional English bookcases are made from natural cedar, but such items are quite expensive.

Please note that only natural wood products should be installed in an English room.

All of these bookcases are quite large and therefore will definitely become central to the interior of such a room. As a rule, English bookcases have a swing design. It is customary to install them in offices or halls.

Such a product can also be put in a room decorated in country style . But at the same time, great attention should be paid to the color of such furniture. It is better if it has a light shade. Also, the requirements for furniture in this style are naturalness and environmental friendliness. It should be a good quality wooden bookcase.

Some install models on legs decorated with carvings in such rooms. This bookcase can have a fancy shape, but at the same time it must be of high quality and have functional content. These can be both models with doors and products with an open design.

In a room decorated in the Provence style , narrow and medium-sized models of bookcases are installed. They should not be the central part of such a room, but only harmoniously complement the interior. It is better if it is a light model made in pastel colors. Wardrobes with artificially aged coating are perfect. They should fill the team with lightness and be combined with other interior elements.

A bookcase is also installed in more modern interiors.

So, in a room decorated in a high-tech style , a model with a facade made of plastic, glass, decorated with chrome steel is perfect. This cabinet should have a discreet design, bright colors are unacceptable. It is better if the facades are white, black or gray. As a rule, this is a straight-line design, characterized by simplicity of shape.

Such a cabinet has a rather laconic design and must meet the requirements of functionality. The decorative function in this case is secondary, so it should not have small details and bright design.

Nowadays, the trend is very popular in which a wide variety of styles are mixed.

Moreover, in this case , classic models of such furniture are installed in a room decorated in a loft, hi-tech or modern style . These styles are able to harmoniously complement each other, creating a unique combination. A classic wardrobe can soften a rigorously designed high-tech room and make it brighter. But at the same time, you must rely on your taste and maintain a stylistic balance in order for the interior design to be restrained and harmonious.

Design ideas in the interior

Nowadays it is very popular to install a bookcase of the Sherlock model in a classic room. Its design is very luxurious: it is made of natural wood and has a classic design with swing doors. These are very unusual and original bookcases, which have glazing like a telephone booth. Glass covers about two thirds of the door leaves. Typically, these cabinets are tall and narrow, and have multiple doors.

Modern bookcases in the interior look quite unusual. So, there is a model-chair with a small number of shelves built-in along the edges for miniature books. Stylish bookcases can be used for a wide variety of purposes besides storing prints. For example, combined models with a place for a TV and even a computer desk.

Designer models from Italy look very luxurious in the interior. These are beautiful bookcases with facades made of valuable natural wood. There are beautiful, elegant-looking products on legs with glass inserts, and there are more massive closed-type wooden cabinets with openwork carvings.

There are very interesting design asymmetric wardrobe models. Such products have both open and closed shelves. There is also a showcase model, as well as shelving cabinets with chaotically arranged shelves that are placed against the wall. They are also decorated with beautiful figurines and other decorative items.

Bookcases with staggered shelves look very unusual.

You will learn how to make a small floor-standing bookcase yourself by watching the following video.