How to charge the battery from a screwdriver without a charger? How to charge an 18 volt battery without charging?

Recently, the screwdriver has become an indispensable device for repairing removable structures and helps to quickly cope with small repairs. Considering that this is a non-stationary device, the worker often has to deal with the problem of fast discharge. The material in this article will acquaint the reader with the methods of charging the battery without a native stationary charger.

When is it necessary?

There are situations where the screwdriver charger is not available. For example, it can fail, which can cause a work stoppage. In addition, the charger may be lost. The third reason is the elementary burnout and wear of the charger, as well as the extension of the terminals in the battery itself, which is why the contact is moving away. To fix the problem, you have to look for suitable charging options that will be compatible with the existing screwdriver model. In this case, it is preferable to buy the correct charger, which will promote safe operation and fully charge the instrument's battery.

What can be charged?

If the correct charger is not available, there are three ways to solve the problem:

  • use a car charger;
  • buy a standard universal charger;
  • remake an electric tool for power from an external battery.

If you decide to use a car charger, you need to take into account that screwdriver batteries have their own characteristics, they are different from lead car batteries. Only a charger that will be equipped with electronics with current and voltage regulation can be suitable. Here you will have to choose the charging current, because the desired value may simply not fit into the operating range. This, in turn, can force the user to limit the current through the ballast.

A universal device is purchased if, in addition to the screwdriver itself, there are devices in the house that operate on batteries. The advantage of such devices is the mass of settings, through which the master can determine the desired charging mode for the screwdriver and choose the right option for the screwdriver battery. If the existing screwdriver is already old, buying an external power source is impractical and simply costly. When choosing a rectifier for car batteries, it is important to pay attention to the polarity. Therefore, it is worth keeping a tester handy. And you need to charge the screwdriver under constant supervision.

You can buy a direct current charger that will match the required parameters of the screwdriver battery. To do this, when buying, they pay attention to three factors: charging current, power, and capacity. It is quite possible that the device will have to be modernized, equipping with special protection, for which they purchase a 10 ampere fuse, which is included in the power grid. As for the wire, you will have to purchase an option with a large cross-section (compared to conventional wiring).

How to charge without native charging?

If you have chosen a solution for charging the device with a car charger, first you need to set the minimum value on the device. The battery is removed, determined with its polarity (find "plus" and "minus"). After that, the terminals of the charger are directly connected to it. If this is not possible, the unit is improved, for which plates or paper clips are used. Charging is turned on for 15-20 minutes, and as soon as the battery becomes warm, the charger is turned off. Usually a short charging time is sufficient in this case. As for the charging current, it is selected in the range between 0.5 and 0.1, depending on the capacity of the battery itself in ampere / hour.

An 18 volt battery with a capacity of 2 A / h needs a charger with a charging current output of 18 volts and a capacity of 200 mA per hour. It is preferable that the performance of the charger is about 8 times less. To supply current, you must use special crocodiles, hanging them on the current-release plates of the battery connector. In this case, it is important whether there is a charging slot in the device itself.

If the charger is built into the battery, it can be charged using an adapter that lowers the voltage. In this case, you can pick up a universal charger in the store. If not, you will have to repair the existing charger or look for an analog device. It is important to use a charger with amperage control to charge the battery for several hours.

In order for the contact to be sufficient, it is preferable to fix the crocodiles with metal wires. The voltage must match the battery device. You need to put such a battery on charging only with a residual charge. If the parameters of the devices do not match, but they have slight differences, in some cases short-term charging is possible. However, it usually leads to quick battery breakdown.

What do you need to know?

When choosing one of the options that replace the charger of the screwdriver, you need to remember: the safety of the process will depend on the correct connection of the devices. In addition, it is important to ensure that the charging mode matches the specifications of the battery itself. Regardless of which version of the charger is chosen, you need to understand: temporary methods can save the situation several times. But it is always undesirable to resort to their use, since the required voltage and current values ​​are given only by original chargers.

You cannot use chargers with a USB port from a laptop - they are not designed for this. If the battery does not charge, you can try to overclock the battery. To do this, the unit is disassembled and the cause of the malfunction is identified. After that, the unit is charged first with more and then with less current. This allows you to bring it back to life if there is still electrolyte inside.

For information on how to charge the battery from a screwdriver without a charger, see the following video.