Shelves in the toilet behind the toilet (34 photos): do-it-yourself niche and rack design, how to make shelves nearby, ideas and drawings

Toilet shelves behind the toilet: original design ideas

    Each housewife wants to create coziness and comfort in her home, where all things are in their places. Such rooms as bathroom and toilet should not be ignored. Shelves and various bedside tables will become a convenient place to store the things you need here. Such items for the toilet can be purchased in the store or made by hand.

    Features and Benefits

    Few residents of city apartments can boast of a large apartment area. Bathroom and toilet are often very small. Many residents have small bathrooms, in which only a toilet bowl can fit. If you hang the shelves in the toilet behind this piece of plumbing, you can easily organize a convenient place where detergents, toilet paper and other necessary parts will be stored.

    The shelves should be hung behind the toilet so that they do not interfere with anyone, do not hang over your head. You can take one or more small shelves, put or hang a larger cabinet. When choosing a shape and dimensions, one should take into account the purpose for which the shelf will serve. This can be just a small place for decoration or a storage for detergents, tools and other important little things needed on the farm.

    You can make the shelf yourself or go to the store and find ready-made options there that you like best. The selected furniture will perfectly fit into the design of the bathroom or toilet.

    Benefits of toilet shelves:

    • this is a convenient place where you can arrange the necessary things;
    • the design allows you to hide pipes and other communications from the eyes;
    • with their help, you can diversify the design of the room;
    • you can hang a variety of structures: hanging shelves, cabinets with doors, open shelves, or put a cabinet next to the toilet;
    • cabinets with doors allow you to hide possible clutter on the shelf;
    • an open shelf can be a place for decor items - there is a place on it for scented candles, original vases and other knickknacks.


    When deciding to hang the shelves in the toilet, you need to think about how to do it correctly. When installing the shelves behind the toilet cistern, take into account that they should not be bulky and voluminous. The bathroom and toilet are rooms with high humidity, so this feature must be taken into account when choosing the material of the shelves.

    When choosing a place for shelves or a cabinet, it should be remembered that it should not interfere with quick access to valves , meters or boilers, that is, those items that can be used urgently. Access to these items should be easy and quick.

    When planning the structure, attention should be paid to the option where the cabinet is placed around the riser. Such cabinets are usually made on their own, since store options do not always offer models in the right size or design. In addition, self-made products will cost less than the purchased option. If the shelves or cabinet are made on their own, you should first draw a drawing, and then make a drawing based on the sketch, taking into account all the little things.

    Manufacturing materials

    If the shelves in the toilet are made independently, for their manufacture it is better to take:

    • drywall;
    • plywood:
    • wood;
    • laminated chipboard.

    Most often, drywall is taken for the manufacture of shelves, because this material is easy to work with. With it, you can independently make comfortable and aesthetic shelves. For a bathroom and a toilet, it is recommended to buy moisture-resistant gypsum board sheets.

    When choosing plywood for the manufacture of shelves, a material with a sheet thickness of 15 mm is more suitable. Products made from such raw materials will serve for many years - plywood has high strength and durability. When working with this material, it should be borne in mind that the shelves can sag over time from the weight. If possible, it is better to take a tree instead of plywood sheets. Wooden shelves will definitely not sag even under heavy loads. In addition, wood products look very beautiful. Laminated chipboard is usually used in the manufacture of doors, since this material does not have moisture resistance.


    Open shelving

    Going into the toilet, hanging shelves or open shelves immediately draw attention to themselves, so they should not be in a mess. All things on them should be neatly folded. The basic rule for open shelves is constant care of the things on them, as well as regular wet cleaning.

    For the manufacture of shelving with open shelves, you can use:

    • wood;
    • MDF;
    • metal;
    • plastic.

    Forged shelves and racks will look spectacular in the toilet. Such original designs can decorate any interior. Forged products are distinguished by their special beauty and grace. Such air structures are very comfortable and functional. Open forged racks will look great in a toilet or bathroom, where you can place personal hygiene products, towels, paper, napkins, detergents on the shelves.

    Open shelving is more suitable for those who love cleanliness and order. A stack of monochromatic towels, matched in color to the general color scheme of the room, looks very nice.

    Shelves above the toilet

    When choosing simple shelves for the toilet, you can find very interesting and original models for sale or make them yourself. These shelves are usually simply attached to the wall. No foundation is required for this option. The shelves above the toilet will become a convenient place for placing toiletries and towels. You can also put various decorative items here.


    If the size of the room allows, you can put a closet next to the toilet. Such cabinets are often installed in private houses, since they take up enough space, which is so lacking in small apartments. When choosing a cabinet behind the toilet, it should be borne in mind that it can look somewhat massive. The advantage of this choice is that this design has closed doors that protect the contents from prying eyes.

    For closed cabinets, constant cleaning is not so important. When choosing such furniture, one should take into account the color and texture of the material. A correctly selected model will successfully fit into the overall interior of the room.

    Wardrobes on legs

    The easiest way is to install a cabinet on legs in the toilet. Such designs will be more spacious. The width of the shelves should not be larger than the toilet cistern, otherwise the cabinet may hurt visitors.

    Legged cabinets can be chosen with both open and closed shelves. In open versions, you can arrange wicker baskets, original vases with flowers, candles, figurines, which will immediately make the room more comfortable and interesting.


    For mounted models, a niche is used above the installation. Also, such a cabinet is built into the wall or hung over the toilet. The store offers a large selection of wall cabinets with toilet shelves. In addition, these designs can also be made independently.

    For the installation of hinged structures, the toilet is not installed next to the wall - there is a distance of up to 40 cm behind it. This is just enough to accommodate a cabinet or rack. Hanging structures are not intended to hide pipes or other objects.

    Built in

      Sometimes it is better to build a built-in closet with toilet shelves with your own hands. This does not take much time and effort. At the same time, a niche in the wall can be used instead of the back and side walls, therefore, for the entire structure, the master only needs to make shelves and doors.

      Even a beginner can make small shelves or a built-in wardrobe, but any work requires certain knowledge and skills. Therefore, when choosing shelves for installation behind the toilet, you can make the structure yourself or look for a suitable option in the store.

      For information on how to make a wardrobe with blinds in the toilet, see the next video.