Toilet hose (31 photos): advantages of flexible water supply and features of water supply

Toilet hose: types and specifications

    Correct water supply to the plumbing fixture allows you to protect any bathroom or toilet from unexpected leaks, and also ensures long-term use of plumbing fixtures. It is worth considering some aspects when connecting water to the toilet, since this process has several characteristic features that should not be forgotten.

    Features of water supply to the toilet

    It is extremely important to shut off the water supply to the toilet before starting work to avoid unexpected leaks. Then it is worth deciding what type of water supply will be used. It can be flexible or rigid.

    • Flexible pipes are used quite often. They have good elasticity, but at the same time they are very reliable and have a long service life.
    • An equally popular option for water supply to the toilet is a metal pipe , which has a corrugated tube at the base. This provides the parts with greater reliability and a long service life, since stainless steel is used in its production, and this gives the pipe resistance to corrosion, which often occurs in such devices from constant contact with water. Thanks to this, the rigid eyeliner will last a long time, and will also perform its functions efficiently.

    It is also important to take into account the fact that the liner options in different toilets differ.

    It depends on where the water inlet is located in the cistern. The main eyeliner options are as follows.

    Side liner

    This is the most commonly used version of the mechanism for supplying water to the toilet. The hole for its entry into the tank is located on the side. In this case, the work on connecting the water is easily done on our own due to the convenient location of the holes.

    In the case where the side of the toilet is close to the wall or sink, it is best to use flexible pipes for mounting the liner, which can be easily bent to the desired shape.


    The installation of such a connection should be carried out taking into account the distance from the back of the toilet bowl to the wall, since such a design requires a certain space on the surface of the tank. Therefore, a toilet with this type of liner should not be installed too close to the wall.


    This is the most attractive system since the pipes are hardly visible in this case.

    Key benefits of a flexible system

    Previously, only rigid water supply systems were used to connect water to the toilet. The installation work required a lot of effort, time and the use of various tools. Now, thanks to flexible systems, such problems have been avoided.

    Flexible design has a number of positive qualities:

    • ease of installation when connecting water;
    • significant time savings on installation work;
    • no accidental leaks and high operational reliability;
    • low price;
    • compactness and attractive appearance.

    Flexible hose options

    In addition to stainless steel products, some other materials can be noted that are used when connecting water to the toilet.


    This type of connection can also be made of stainless steel. Such a hose for connecting the toilet to the water can have different diameters and lengths. A big plus is that they are able not only to acquire the desired shape, but also to stretch to the required length . Such elements of the liner are able to withstand large temperature drops, as they are made of very durable materials. For the same reason, the cost of such an eyeliner will be higher.

    The main advantages:

    • in the manufacture of bellows pipes, durable materials with high quality are used;
    • are highly resistant to water hammer;
    • have a long service life (over 25 years);
    • Due to their resistance to temperature extremes, bellows pipes can also be used for hot water connections.

    The main disadvantage is the rather high cost.


    In the production of this type of liner, rubber is used, on which stainless steel is applied. Such hoses are also very resistant to temperature extremes , although their range will be lower than that of bellows pipes, therefore they are not recommended for heating systems with high temperatures. But for connecting such a part to the toilet, a reinforced eyeliner is ideal.

    On the rubber hose itself, a special casing made of stainless steel is applied, which provides the pipe with high reliability, as well as additional protection against corrosion.

    Reinforced pipes are much cheaper than bellows pipes, although their service life will be short, therefore, during operation, it is extremely important not to damage such parts, then they will last a long time.

    The main advantages of reinforced pipes:

    • ease of installation and time saving;
    • high level of flexibility;
    • low cost;
    • the use of durable materials in the manufacture.


    • from frequent bends, the pipe surface may deteriorate;
    • from constant contact with liquid, low-quality rubber can quickly wear out.

    How to connect correctly?

    Modern water connections are very easy to install - you can install them yourself. The main thing is to follow a certain sequence of actions.

    • To begin with, it is worth visually inspecting the future eyeliner. In no case should you attach a hose on which even small cracks or other defects are present. Even the smallest breakdown can lead to much more serious problems.
    • To prevent corrosion from beginning to occur on the elements, you need to correctly observe the connection of all components. For example, steel must be connected to elements of the same steel, brass to brass or brass to copper.
    • Do not over-pull or twist the hose. It is better to purchase a longer part.
    • It is highly discouraged to tighten / tighten the connecting nuts or fittings that have threads, otherwise they can be damaged.
    • When installing a pipe, its bending radius should be approximately 5-6 times the outer diameter.
    • After finishing the installation of the water supply, you need to make sure that everything is connected correctly. It's worth watching her work for a while. If suddenly a small leak occurs, then the joints should be tightened more tightly.
    • Also, on the recommendation of specialists, it is necessary at least once every six months to conduct at least an external inspection of the hose, and also check how tight all the connections are. It is advisable to completely replace the hose every 5 or 7 years.
    • The pipe must be freely accessible for ease of installation.
    • It is recommended to purchase hoses from trusted manufacturers only.

    How to choose the right eyeliner?

    When purchasing an eyeliner for water in the toilet, you should rely on some important criteria.

    • First, you need to determine what exactly the eyeliner is for, what water temperature will circulate in it.
    • There are also varieties that can be used for hot water. In such liners, rubber is used as the main element, which can withstand high temperatures.
    • Also, the bellows liner, which was mentioned above, has good resistant properties to temperature changes. It can even be used in heating systems.
    • Reinforced eyeliner is good to use when a boiler , toilet or washing machine is connected to the water supply , because the temperature maximum recommended for it is 90 ° C.
    • In the modern plumbing market, there are also universal pipes that are suitable for both cold and hot water. These hoses use blue and red. Accordingly, only blue is used for a water pipe for cold water, and red for hot water.
    • For the right choice, it is necessary to determine the optimal diameter and length of the future liner. Such an indicator as the diameter must be selected, guided by the water consumption that is needed for the connected equipment. For example, if you choose a pipe under the sink for washing, then here the optimal diameter will be about 10 mm, for the bath - 15 mm, but if the pipe is connected to the toilet, then the best diameter is 8 mm.
    • It is also necessary to decide on the connection method. In order to choose the correct type of installation for the water supply, it is necessary to measure the mounting unit in the line or branch pipe of the device that is connected.
    • Do not forget about the different types of threads, which are external or internal. This should also be taken into account.
    • Availability of gaskets. They ensure the tightness of the system, so you need to make sure of the quality of the material from which they are made. If the raw materials are of poor quality, then the gaskets will begin to crack and delaminate.
    • Fitting. A brass nipple (union) is considered a sign of good quality of the device. If it is made of plastic, it is unlikely to be able to last long. For the manufacture of high-quality fittings, brass, aluminum, stainless steel or nickel-plated brass are used. It should be borne in mind that a too thin-walled fitting may be deformed during installation. When used, it will begin to oxidize, corrosion will begin to appear on it.
    • Braid. There are several types of it. If you need to find an eyeliner with an extended service life, then you should pay attention to products in a stainless or nylon braid - they are designed for temperatures up to 110 degrees and working pressure up to 20 atm. Their service life exceeds 15 years.

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