YouTube not working on Smart TV: why did YouTube stop working on TV? Why doesn't it start and show video?

Today YouTube is the largest video hosting service that has managed to conquer the whole world. The multimillion-dollar public prefers this Internet portal for several reasons. First, it's free content for all users. Secondly, YouTube allows its users to upload their own videos and display them for everyone to watch. Thirdly, YouTube offers several options for monetizing channels that open up access to a more extensive service functionality.

But these are not all the features that video hosting has. Due to the growing popularity, YouTube developers have created applications designed to be installed on phones, laptops, PCs and TVs equipped with Smart TV technology. What's more, Samsung, a leading TV manufacturer, has added the YouTube widget to its list of standard firmware applications for its devices. All eminent brands have followed this example.

Today, the YouTube widget is an integral part of the firmware of TVs equipped with Smart TV technology. But, despite the constant additions of the technical components of this application, there are situations when YouTube stops working.


Most often, a problem of this nature occurs on Sony TVs. Of course, all the equipment of this manufacturer is famous for its high quality, but the software of some devices leaves much to be desired. But on TVs from other manufacturers equipped with Smart TV technology, YouTube video hosting does not start or does not show videos at all for completely different reasons.

Lack of internet

In this case, we are talking about interference with a wireless connection or mechanical damage with a wired connection.

Outdated version of the application

Quite often, programs that have not been updated stop working on any type of device.

TV system problems

In this case, there can be a lot of reasons for the device malfunctioning.

Some of them are reflected in the launch of installed programs.

In case of system malfunctions of TV devices, the YouTube service most often does not play video.

Outdated TV

We are talking about modifications of multimedia TV devices created before 2012 and after. At the same time, in older TV models, the widget either does not open or disappeared. In some devices, the service icon remains at the same menu position, but has ceased to be active.

Technical problems with the YouTube video hosting service

In simple terms, the site's technical support temporarily suspends the video hosting to make adjustments to the system.

How do I fix problems?

After familiarizing yourself with the possible causes of the malfunction of the YouTube service, you need to figure out how to fix them.

  • If there is no internet connection, check the connection system. Perhaps the wire came off the router or from the TV itself. In addition, many users note that poor network connectivity is very often associated with bad weather. If it is snowing, stormy, or windy outside, the wireless internet connection suffers. At the same time, the pages of the hosting itself take a long time to load, and videos slow down while watching.
  • No matter how high-tech TVs are, they cannot last forever. A few years after the purchase, the board may burn out, the wires inside the structure may burn out, and broken pixels appear on the screen. But the most unpleasant thing is the deterioration in the speed of response to signals from the remote control. All these moments lead to incorrect operation of the multimedia TV device, and are also reflected in the launch of programs and applications installed in the software. Only a home appliance repair specialist or an official service center can help in solving these problems.
  • The lack of YouTube app update is also the reason for the inability to use this video hosting service . Of course, many modern devices based on Smart-software update applications and programs automatically. However, if the TV does not have such a function, you have to update the system elements manually.
  • Every program and application installed on gadgets and devices of various types, even with the latest update, may fail . In the event that a problem occurs in the YouTube video hosting service, access to the operation of this application will be limited for all devices. It is impossible to try to solve this problem on your own, since the user is not able to influence the technical support of the site. But any other device with a similar widget will help to make sure that the problem lies precisely in the service malfunction.
  • Error 400. There are cases when a similar message appears on the screen when launching the YouTube application. According to the official source, error 400 is a network issue. However, users note that this failure can occur when the cache is clogged and problems with the login account. The solution to this issue will be to clear the download folder, since an excess of data entails malfunctions in the operation of various programs and applications. In addition, cleaning must be done even if the applications are slightly slowing down. To clear the cache, you need to penetrate the settings of the YouTube application on the TV. Go down to the very end and find the clear button.
  • Another problem faced by owners of TVs equipped with Smart TV technology, developed before 2012, is the complete shutdown of YouTube video hosting. According to the technical support of the service, their website and application are constantly being upgraded. Accordingly, TV devices built before 2012 will not be compatible with the latest version of YouTube.

    But even in such a situation, the craftsmen were able to find a way out, and to this day they use the benefits of YouTube video hosting. To be among these lucky ones, you will need to purchase a new USB flash drive . Download the YouTube widget on a regular computer or laptop. Unzip the downloaded file into a new folder on the purchased flash drive. After that, the flash drive is inserted into the TV.

    Next, the Smart Hub service is launched on the TV, which will display information about the data from the flash drive, namely the widget.

    The only inconvenience is the inability to update the program through the official online store. To install the latest version of YouTube, you need to remove the USB flash drive, delete information from it, download the latest version of the widget on your PC and do the procedure for reinstalling the program.

    Alternative viewing methods

    It is extremely frustrating for some Smart TV users to realize that their multimedia devices are missing the YouTube app. Accordingly, they cannot enjoy watching their favorite movies and TV series. To fix this oversight, they try to find any way to install the popular video hosting widget app.

    Officially, you need to download the YouTube widget from the TV's online store.

    Moreover, YouTube is a free application. However, there are alternative ways to set the view of this service.

    • The most relevant is the installation of a special utility that allows you to switch the image from any other gadgets to the TV screen. For example, for any Samsung models, this utility is Video TV Cast. With its help, the image from the smartphone screen is displayed on the TV.
    • Another method that many users use is to connect a tablet or smartphone to a TV and then connect the devices to a wireless network. In simple terms, the phone is paired with the TV, after which both devices are connected to a single Wi-Fi network.
    • There is another method of relaying, which, unfortunately, is not in wide demand - this is the activation of the function of transmitting the signal to the TV screen. In simple terms, on a third-party device, such as a smartphone or tablet, the signal broadcast function is activated by transferring the IP address to the television device.
    • In addition to the options presented, the TV owner can use a standard browser . Next, in the search engine you need to enter the name of the YouTube site. In the window that opens, the main page of the service will be displayed with many videos that correspond to the wishes of the user. It should be noted that this method is more convenient, but not every owner of TVs with Smart TV technology uses it.

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