Facing the fireplace (79 photos): finishing with tiles and natural stone, marble portals with your own hands, step by step instructions, decorating with porcelain stoneware and wood

Fireplace cladding: material selection and design examples

    Almost every resident of a country house dreams of a cozy and beautiful home. To create a harmonious interior, you cannot do without a fireplace. This element can carry an exclusively decorative load, or it can be fully functional and heat the room in cool weather. It should be part of the overall space, complement and reveal it, and this often requires a beautiful cladding.

    Types of foci

    Fireplaces can be installed in various rooms, can be functional or purely decorative, which determines the types of these devices. The main fireplaces in village houses are considered to be wood-burning, which have a structure with a capital chimney, and heating is done with firewood.

    The furnace for such a device can be made of materials such as refractory bricks and ceramic blocks. They can look like a completely finished cast iron structure, or they can be made using heat-resistant steel. Portals are the outer part of the hearth, with the help of which the appearance and decor of the product is created. To decorate such a fireplace, you can use marble, granite, brick or other materials.

    Another type of fireplaces are gas appliances, which differ from wood-burning stoves. In this case, the chimney is important, but the process of its operation is carried out thanks to the gas main. This option works quietly and heats the room very quickly. This device is more fireproof than wood-burning.

    Electric fireplaces are the most modern and only use electricity to operate. Although this is not a real hearth, the flame inside, which is very similar to the real one, is not fire and does not generate heat. These can be floor-standing devices or suspended ones, which are mounted in walls, without having large dimensions.

    Another interesting type of fireplace is an eco-fireplace. The device needs components that do not emit carbon dioxide to keep it working. This option cannot independently heat a large room, but in tandem with other heating devices can help quickly make the room temperature comfortable.

    There are designs that are open from three sides at once. The use of three-sided fireplaces will serve not only to heat the air in the room, but also to perform a decorative function.

    There are fireplaces that are ready-made and can be used immediately. The cast iron apparatus can be installed independently, which requires all the knowledge specified in the instructions. It is not possible to put such a fireplace everywhere, because it has a very large weight and a good capital foundation must be provided in the house. This unit can be used as a heating device instead of large ovens in a private house.

    Decor features

    Facing a fireplace is one of the most important measures in order to make not just a heating device, but also to add color to the room, to decorate it in accordance with a certain style or idea. Finishing can be carried out using a variety of materials, the main thing is to decide on those options that are suitable for a particular case.

    The type of construction of the fireplace itself and some of its features, among which are distinguished:

    • property location;
    • interior solution of the room;
    • financial opportunities;
    • features of finishing materials.

    The fireplace can be both active and capital, and artificial, made of drywall.

    Falshkamin can be decorated with the following materials:

    • marble tiles;
    • fake diamond;
    • ceramic tile;
    • tiles;
    • textured plaster;
    • gypsum;
    • mosaic;
    • wooden elements.
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    The most popular design solution would be wood-based fireplace cladding. This material will help create a cozy, warm and soft indoor atmosphere. In order to use wood in the decor of a fireplace, you must initially treat it with fire retardant impregnations.

    Plasterboard is perfectly framed with MDF, which will decorate the device and allow it to function for a long time and fully. The use of tiles and marble will also fit well into the interior of the room. And the use of tiles, which are very similar to tiles, will add elegance to the design, lightness and color.


    For those cases where the fireplace is real and built of brick, plaster is used as decoration. This is a simple yet reliable option that will give even the simplest fireplace a sophisticated look. The use of decorative plaster, which is applied immediately after the layer of the base material, gives particular beauty.

    To restore an old fireplace with this material, you need to completely remove the old coating and prepare the device for repair work. The next step is to join the seams, which deepen by more than a centimeter. This type of work helps the new layer to stick better and stronger. If there are any cracks on the fireplace, they must be repaired, for which now you can use a sealant that is resistant to heating at 800 degrees. Only then are all surfaces cleaned with a long-bristled brush and the main work begins.

    For even walls of the fireplace, you can immediately apply plaster to the surface, and in the case of a strong drop, use reinforcement, using a metal mesh for this. Fixing it in the seams with plaster, which should be laid on top of the mesh, and it turns out to align the walls. Before carrying out work, it is important to read the instructions on the plaster packaging, because many manufacturers recommend heating the walls of the fireplace to sixty degrees, and then using the facing material.

    If this option is not to your liking, you can tile the fireplace. Not every option is suitable for cladding a heating device. The list of its characteristics should include resistance to high temperatures, a high degree of strength and ease of maintenance. One of the options for such a material is terracotta ceramic tiles - its surface has an unglazed appearance, it is similar to brick in terms of the coefficient of thermal expansion and has a terracotta color.

    Majolica is almost the same as terracotta, but there is a layer of glaze on the front side. There is a certain pattern on such a tile, therefore it is important to calculate it so that you do not have to cut the tile, breaking it. You can use only part of this material by composing it with others.

    The most popular is clinker tiles, as they have good heat resistance. The use of chamotte gives it high strength at a low thickness. Fireclay tiles can have a variety of colors and shades - from white to brown.

    You can also overlay the fireplace with porcelain stoneware, which is very similar to clinker tiles and has similar components, but quartz sand, granite or marble chips, various dyes, metal salts and other substances are also added to them. The result is a material with a low-porosity structure that tolerates high and low temperatures well. The resulting tiles are similar to but not marbled. They will not exert much pressure on the structure, because tiles of small thickness are used for work.

    To give a special appearance, the fireplace is covered with tiles. This material is almost identical to the previous two options, but differs only in its shape and how it is mounted on the surface. Such elements are installed even during the laying of a fireplace or stove, installing a special wire for this. Tiles with tiles are made small. It has the characteristics of thermal expansion, therefore, the material must be used carefully and according to all the rules.

    Another material used to decorate fireplaces is stone. When cladding with natural stone and marble, it is imperative to use a mesh to which the covering will be attached, otherwise everything will begin to fall off. It is more convenient to use an artificial gypsum stone that looks good on the outside, but is much lighter in weight. Gypsum stones can have different heights, therefore, before installing them on the fireplace, you need to align all the elements so that they have the same dimensions. To attach these elements to the surface, a heat-resistant adhesive is required.

    In order to make a fireplace for natural stone, you can use special plates with spraying under it. The shape of each stone is different, and it takes time to grind them off. Such materials are usually used to form a pattern or a whole mosaic, which is initially worked out on the floor, and then transferred to the fireplace using a suitable glue. Decorating fireplaces with mosaics is very effective when the hearth itself has a rounded shape.

    The size of the tiles can be very different, it all depends on the preferences of the owners.

    One of the most popular is wood trim. This is true in country houses and withered away, but in any other room, when choosing the appropriate tree species, texture and color, you can create a very beautiful option for the design of the room. With the help of decorative elements, you can not only make the fireplace beautiful, but also create a unique art object.

    You can cover the fireplace with soapstone. This material is a natural stone created by nature itself. Its color is gray and the texture is smooth. If you use a variety of impurities, you can achieve yellow, green and even red shades. The talcochlorite itself has a matte sheen.

    The sandstone finish results in a beautiful piece with exceptional thermal conductivity characteristics. In this case, you can not be afraid of cracking from exposure to heat and water. Using the fireplace even on a daily basis, its appearance will remain flawless. The ability to easily and quickly clean the surface will also be appreciated.

    Covering the fireplace with slate, you can increase its service life several times due to the resistance of the stone to high temperatures. Whatever material is chosen, the main thing is that everything is consistent with quality standards and installed based on technology. The overall design of the room and the fireplace should be a single whole, create an ensemble and emphasize the dignity of each other.

    Finishing options

    If we are talking about classics, then everything should be solid and natural, imitation of something is unacceptable for this style. The use of marble, granite, tiles, Venetian plaster, natural wood - all this will help to achieve what you want. If there is a desire to make a hall or living room in Rococo, Baroque, Empire styles, then the whole environment should resemble a palace, where furniture, wallpaper, flooring and textiles are subordinated to a single stylistic solution. Stucco moldings and large decorations are used as decorative elements in the room.

    If we are talking about a room in the style of minimalism, then small fireplaces are chosen. In this case, the author's design with a light coating is welcome. If you need to make a room in a modern style, then using a bio fireplace will be the best solution. Decorative stones can be placed in the firebox, replacing them with firewood for kindling.

    The ultra-modern high-tech style suggests something technological, because fireplaces use wall and electric ones. On a special display, there will be a simulated flame, which is no different from a real fire, but completely safe. You can use space heating or turn on the fireplace solely for a decorative function.

    Country style involves the use of both natural and artificial stone, brick or aged wood. The firebox is laid out with fireclay bricks. In the case of imitation of the device, it is necessary to supplement it with real wood to create the illusion of a real fireplace in the room.

    In a modern style, the use of metal suspended structures with a glass door, in which an artificial flame can be seen, will be optimal. When organizing an area near the fireplace, it is important not to use a large number of details that can divert all attention to themselves, while making the fireplace area invisible.

    To make the center of the room stand out correctly, you can use a variety of vases, figurines or even frames with photographs that will match the style of the fireplace and complement it. Watches will look beautiful, especially antique, hand-made crafts, items of some collection or cute souvenirs.

    If the room is made in a classic style, then the items are arranged in pairs and placed symmetrically. Carefully fit a mirror into the space around the fireplace. Somewhere it will be appropriate, but in some cases it will ruin the whole idea. For the fireplace to be the basis of the room, it is important to correctly position it.

    In the case when the device is modern and can be placed on any wall, there should be no problems with choosing a place. When the fireplace was built as a capital structure, you need to equip the room based on this feature. It is important to remove all unnecessary items. There should be no TV or work area, but you should put a sofa or armchair and spend quiet and cozy evenings in this unique atmosphere.

    It is important to build or purchase a large fireplace so that it can be seen from any corner of the room. The area around it should be central, which means that small structures should not be used, they simply will not be noticeable. If the room is small, then it is very convenient to install the heating device in the corner.

    How to impose yourself?

    Covering a fireplace with your own hands is quite simple if you know all the subtleties and nuances of this work. The technology boils down to the fact that it is necessary to choose the material with which the selected type of coating will be attached. Most often, clay is chosen for these purposes. If it is not bought, but mined by hand, then it must be checked for suitability for this process. This test requires a clean container of water and clay.

    After placing it in water, you need to stir the contents with an iron shovel. If the clay sticks to it, it is not suitable for cladding, because it is too oily. It is important that the material for work is elastic, withstands high temperatures and holds the cladding material well. To make the greasy clay workable, just add a little sand to it.

    Step-by-step instructions for facing a fireplace will consist of several steps.

    • Mixing the solution. It is produced only in clean containers with the addition of water without impurities and the clay itself. The required amount of clay is selected depending on the amount of work.
    • Tiling process. In order for the fireplace to turn out not only beautiful, but also to last a long time, it will be correct to use only some types of tiles: terracotta, clinker, porcelain stoneware, majolica.
    • Before starting work, the entire surface of the walls of the fireplace is completely cleaned of the old coating, dust and dirt.
    • Leveling the surface of the walls of the fireplace with putty or using a reinforcing mesh. It is important to enlarge the joints between the bricks in order to renew them.
    • Laying tiles begins with marking it on the floor, adjusting the pattern and dimensions using a grinder. Laying takes place from bottom to top vertically. After each row, check the evenness with a level.
    • After finishing work, every other day, you need to rub the tile with a wet rag to remove all the solution.
    • When finishing work with stone, the use of artificial material is recommended. The principle of operation is the same as with tiles. It is important to decide on the color, texture and correctly position the stone on the walls of the fireplace.

    Exterior wall cladding is an important step in working with a fireplace. It is important to take care of how the product will look like, what kind of load it will carry in the room and what kind of atmosphere it will create. It is impossible to make a beautiful renovation of a room without revealing the fireplace correctly.

    Useful Tips

    In order to get good results in cladding a fireplace on your own, it is important to take into account the advice of professionals regarding various aspects:

    • use of a conventional or laser level at the stages of both the construction of the fireplace and the work on its decoration;
    • after building a fireplace with your own hands, irregularities can often arise that must be removed if the next step is to cover it with a variety of materials;
    • in the process of decorating the surface, it is necessary to use a spatula and a washcloth in order to get a better result;
    • the process of plastering the fireplace is best done with a small brush or trowel;
    • for high-quality cladding of a fireplace, it is important to use good and high-quality equipment;
    • if there is a desire to make a unique design of the fireplace, then the tiles for work can be used in various colors, which are originally arranged and combined;
    • for maximum heat preservation, tiles that have a relief structure and a large thickness are best suited;
    • having a fireplace made of ordinary brick, it can be decorated with a profile or decorative one, which will help to give the design the desired style, and it can easily be entered into any room;
    • working with marble, it is necessary to initially lay out all the tiles on the floor and number them so that the finished drawing looks beautiful and monolithic.

    Spectacular examples for inspiration

    In order to be able to create a unique and original fireplace, it is important to study those samples that will help you find the very design option that will appeal to the owner of the house and will meet the general style of the room.

    • The use of decorative stone that imitates the texture of natural, closed type of firebox and decorative elements in the form of candles on the fireplace create a complete composition and give the room coziness and warmth.
    • The combination of wood and artificial stone textures allows you to create a very stylish fireplace that adds color to the room. An emphasis on such an object will make it possible to determine the style of the main room.
    • The corner design of the fireplace is suitable for rooms where there is not a lot of space for the construction of bulky structures, and making it mainly from glass will give lightness, but at the same time, it will help to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in this part of the room.
    • The use of hinged fireplaces with imitation of fire allows you to make a fireplace area in those conditions when the construction of a real structure is impossible. Most often, the imitation is made of drywall and can be finished either in a classic style or in a modern one.

    Any design option for a fireplace allows you to fill the room with a special atmosphere, give it a new fresh breath.

    In this video you will find a do-it-yourself fireplace cladding workshop.