Chair height: standard dimensions for a regular seat, how to calculate the standard value and increase in relation to the table, 90 cm high

The convenience and comfort of a seated person directly depends on the size of the chair, therefore, due attention must be paid to the choice of this piece of furniture. The main criteria will be the characteristics of the customer's physique, the purpose of the chair, the room or room for which the item is purchased. Depending on this, the chairs can be divided into several groups.

Kitchen models

Chairs for the kitchen can be of different shapes and colors. They are made from wood, metal, plastic and even glass.

Keep in mind that kitchen items often get dirty, and if you have fabric upholstery, it will deteriorate over time, so it's better to consider more practical options.

The height of the kitchen chairs should be related to the height of the table. This is an important indicator of comfort, and while many retailers may assure you that they are all the same, in reality this is far from the case.

In accordance with the standard GOST indicators (for a table of 72-78 cm), the dimensions can vary:

  • The required height of the item from the base of the floor to the top of the back is 800-900 mm;
  • The size from floor to seat is in the range of 400-450 mm;
  • The height of the part you lean on must be at least 450 mm;
  • The width of the back and seat is from 350 mm, and the depth is 500-550 mm.

For bar counters, the chair height will be different. Here you also need to take into account the level of the surface on which you will sit.

Depending on this, the size from tile to seat will vary between 750 and 850 mm. The width of the seating surface should start at 460 mm and the depth at 320 mm. The tilt radius is 450 mm for typical models and 220 mm for lumbar models.

In bar models, a footrest for support will not be a superfluous accessory. If you have a kitchen worktop height of 90 cm, then the bar seating model will be 65 cm.

Nowadays, both tables and chairs can be made to order. The master will take into account all the individual features of the customer's physique: he will measure the height, weight, lower leg and hip part of the body.

Such chairs will not only allow you to feel comfortable, but also save your spine from scoliosis.

Banquet products

Tables and chairs of this type are more comfortable than ordinary kitchen ones. Typically, restaurants use half-chairs or chairs with armrests. This creates more convenience and comfort, but at the same time takes up less space than sitting in chairs.

It also allows you to save space in the hall and seat more people. However, it must be remembered that the width of one seat must be at least 500 mm in order for a person to feel comfortable at the table.

Restaurant models can have a reclining back, which allows for a more relaxed posture and facilitates communication. Also, these chairs are wider, deeper, higher than the standard options. At the same time, one should not forget about the convenience of the waiters. For this, the height of the object should not exceed 1000 mm.

Office chairs

When choosing a work chair, you need to be aware that the required chair height for eating and working differs. Most modern models have the ability to adjust the height and depth of the seat, the position of the back, but there are models on four legs with a strongly reclined back. Most people are not comfortable in this position.

It is not comfortable to be constantly at the desk, "lounging", and if you straighten up and sit without support, then by the end of the working day you will have severe back pain.

SanPiN recommends the following standard when choosing the right chairs for subordinates:

  • Seat width and depth should start at 400 mm;
  • The seat must be adjustable in height in the region of 400-450 mm, the tilt is measured in degrees: forward 15, and back 5;
  • The front of the seat must be rounded;
  • It is necessary that the back has values ​​from 300 to 380 mm, the angle of its inclination was close to the indicator of 30 degrees;
  • The length of the armrests is recommended to be chosen at least 250-260 mm, the width is about 60 mm;
  • The armrests should also be adjustable in height and width.

Taking care of the wards, choose models from natural fabrics so that your back does not sweat in hot weather, and with headrests so that you can relax your neck muscles from time to time. All this will affect the quality of work of employees.

Options for the child

Choosing the right highchair for your child is especially important, because from childhood you need to take care of the formation of the correct posture. Also, from a too small piece of furniture in a child, blood circulation may deteriorate, and from a large one - vision.

As with adults, the size of the highchair depends on the table and the height of the child.

  • With a growth of up to 80 cm, a chair height of 17 cm is suitable for a child;
  • 80-90 cm - 20 cm;
  • 90-100 cm - 24 cm;
  • 100-115 cm - 28 cm;
  • 110-120 cm - 30-32 cm;
  • 120-130 cm - 32-35 cm;
  • 130-140 cm - 36-38 cm.

When choosing a child seat, be guided by the following rules.

  • Try placing your child in a chair. Place both feet flat on the floor, with the angle that forms the lower leg and thigh must be 90 degrees. If you have an obtuse angle in front of you, then you need to choose a smaller model, and if an acute one, then a larger one.
  • It is required that the height from the knees to the table top is 10-15 cm.
  • The depth of the seat must be sufficient so that the seat does not crush under the knees of the person.
  • It is necessary that the back of the highchair forms an angle of 90 degrees, be securely fixed so that the child can lean on it without leaning back too much.

If you have purchased a chair that needs to be enlarged, you can make a wooden stand under it, which must be securely fixed. If you need to lower the model, then you need to cut the base with a jigsaw, if the selected product allows it.

Currently, there are so-called "growing" chairs that allow you to adjust the height of the seat relative to the floor level. Such models are economically viable as they allow them to be used for a long time.

How to choose the right ergonomic chair, see the next video.

How to calculate the required size?

If you decide to buy factory furniture, it is better to calculate these dimensions "for yourself" before going to the store. First of all, decide what size the table will be. If you purchase a new table, then you need to decide on its choice, and then take on the rest of the furniture. There is some standard formula for the calculation, which will be discussed below.

First, measure your height and the height of the rest of the family. It is necessary to calculate the average height of your household. It is taken as the arithmetic mean of growth. For example, your height is 178 cm, the average height of a family is 167 cm. Next, we take the ratio: 178 * 75 (standard height) / 167 = 79.9 cm. This would be the ideal height of the kitchen table.

Now subtract from the resulting figure from 40 to 45 cm (depending on height: the taller the person, the closer to 45 cm). In the given example, 79.9-43 = 36.9 cm is obtained. This is the optimal distance from the table to the seat. You choose the length of the back at your discretion, but remember that the standard size is 90 cm.

This formula is valid when choosing bar and office items, but for children's models it is better to build on standard sizes or buy by "fitting".