Paint for plastic (31 photos): what composition to paint PVC windows and sills, waterproof and antistatic paints with a plastic effect

Often, various plastic products that could serve their owners for a long time lose their original appearance. Visible cracks appear on their surface, objects become too dull. Many people are confused about which paint is best for applying a new coat to things made of plastic.


Today on the construction market there is a huge variety of different types of paint for plastic. The choice depends on what kind of thing you are going to paint and what application it will have. After all, each individual species has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Many people think that painting plastic items at home is very easy. But actually it is not. It depends on the choice of coating and on the application technology how long the part will last. We must not forget that you need to pay attention to the type of plastic. Each individual type of this material has its own exceptional characteristics.

It should be noted that some types of plastics cannot be painted at all.

Items made using polypropylene or polyethylene have a similar property. Paint from such materials will simply come off. Therefore, it is almost impossible to coat metal-plastic pipes that are made using polyethylene.

Automotive plastics deserve special attention. For some types of such materials, the first layer of a special primer-concentrate must be applied before the paint, for other types this procedure is completely optional. Today, experts can offer a considerable number of ways to determine the type of material that requires covering other intermediate layers.

Types and compositions

At this time, experts can offer consumers a large variety of completely different types of paint for plastic. They all differ from each other in their characteristics and composition.

These include:

  • Waterproof acrylic enamel;
  • Aerosol paint;
  • Vinyl paint;
  • Structural paint;
  • Soft touch matt paint.

Waterproof acrylic

This type of material is the best option for plastics. The enamel has all the necessary qualities. It should also be noted that it is easy enough to apply. Water-based acrylic paint is one of the most durable. It is not uncommon to see such a coating with a bright glossy shade.


Recently, many consumers prefer this particular coating. This paint is perfect for embossed surfaces. Different types of aerosols will be able to give the plastic a wide variety of shades (mirror, golden, silver). It is important to note that certain types of such material are antistatic.


It should be noted that this material is one of the most environmentally friendly. Another important characteristic is the low cost. But at the same time, vinyl paint cannot be called wear-resistant. It is completely unstable to moisture, wind and many other external factors.


This coating is most commonly used for automotive plastics. This paint gives surfaces a slightly rough textured surface. With it, you can easily hide scratches and cracks.

Such application will make the part durable and resistant to external factors (wind, dampness).

Soft touch

This matte paint is great for plastics. It is very easy to apply. Such material can give the plastic a pleasant matte shade. It should be noted that such a base is quite pleasant to the touch. Most often, this type of coating is used when decorating street lamps, some mobile phones, binoculars.

Today, completely different coloring compositions can be found on the building materials market:

  • Tactile. After application to plastic products, this composition allows you to leave a pleasant velvety base on the surface. Also, this coating allows you to make a detail of an unusual matte shade. As a rule, soft touch paint has a tactile base, which is widely used for decorating various materials.
  • Powder. It is important to note that paint with this composition may not be suitable for all types of plastics, but only for those that have high heat resistance. After all, a powder-based coating is applied in special chambers under the influence of sufficiently high temperatures. Most often, devices of boats, ships, steamers are painted with such a material to give them even greater strength and resistance to external mechanical damage.
  • Abrasion resistant. Such formulations are based on special polyurethane resins, to which additional substances are added. All kinds of additives make the material even stronger and harder. As a rule, paint with such a base is used for objects that are exposed to heavy loads.
  • Structural. Such a composition is ideal for parts with visible scratches and damage. After all, paints with such compounds give surfaces a light rough surface, with which you can easily hide all defects. These coatings are convenient enough for decorating objects at home.


Today experts can recommend to consumers a huge variety of paints of unusual colors. With the help of such coatings, you can decorate almost any thing. The most original and interesting options are gold, brown, black, silver, bronze, silver paints.

Many designers advise using paint, which gives the surface a chrome effect, when decorating various decorative elements made of plastic. Such material can perfectly fit into many interiors and it is this coating that is often used for automotive products.

There are paints that allow you to give different objects a shade of silver. They are also used to decorate automotive parts.


Plastic paint is often used for chrome plating. Most often, such coatings are represented by various aerosols.

Decorating windows and sills is best done with aerosols. This application will last long enough. The same base is perfect for painting fiberglass. It must be remembered that all kinds of enamels are not a good option for such items.

It is most profitable to paint PVC products with waterproof acrylic enamel.

But it should be noted that before applying the main paint, it is imperative to cover the part with a layer of a special primer, otherwise the surface of the product will quickly lose its original appearance.

Which one to choose?

There is a wide variety of plastic paints today. But we must not forget that each type of plastic has its own specific type of coating. Therefore, before painting the elements, study in detail the material from which the part is made, as well as the composition of the base on which you want to apply it.

For foamed PVC, water-based acrylic enamel works best. With the help of such a composition, you can make the plastic thing even more resistant to any damage. Also, such a base is perfect for painting window frames and window sills. After drying, as a rule, this material gives the plastic surface a pleasant glossy shade.

Many experts advise the use of aerosols and spray to cover automotive parts and to create a mirror effect on objects. Today they allow you to paint beautiful bronze, silver and golden shades. Such coatings adhere well to plastic. Quite often, such paint is sprayed with a spray gun.

For some car parts made of plastics, matte soft touch paint is also great. Most often it is used to hide all kinds of damage and scratches on the surface.

It should be noted that such a base is also an ideal option for decoration. After all, this coating creates a pleasant and beautiful matte color.

For information on how to spray paint plastic, see the next video.