Air Wick automatic air fresheners: how long is the spray interval? Instructions for use of fragrances

No matter how difficult the working day is, and no matter how many things are waiting for you at home, you always want a feeling of coziness and comfort in your own home. How to achieve harmony when there is no strength left for anything? The Air Wick Freshmatic automatic air freshener comes to the rescue from unpleasant odors and discomfort. You can forget about the times when you were hostage to your own home, now it will become your salvation oasis in the ocean of blissful scents. In this article, you will learn about the features, subtleties of choice and the rules for using an automatic air freshener.


The problem of bad smell in the room has been confronting people for centuries. Previously, to get rid of them, it was necessary to light scented candles, odor sticks, bags of herbs and odorous substances, and others. Over time, people make everything much more technologically advanced and reduce the amount of effort and energy spent on various household processes. This is how the idea came to automate the elimination of unpleasant odors in the room and, to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

The Air Wick Freshmatic Automatic Air Freshener is a battery operated device that allows you to set the amount and interval of sprays. This tool, created in 1944, brought immense success to its American manufacturer. With the help of automated aerosol delivery, it is easy to provide a persistent and pleasant aroma in any room. It is most commonly used to eliminate unwanted odors from home in living rooms and bathrooms, offices, restaurants and other areas. This device consists of the following elements:

  • minimalistic plastic case (dispenser), the color of which can be chosen from a variety in the store; it fits perfectly into any environment, does not take up much space and makes it possible to place it anywhere, even hang it on the wall;
  • replaceable aerosol cartridge, which is placed inside the device and contains odorous aerosol; the official site contains information on more than 25 different scents;
  • two AA batteries.

The success of Air Wick's air freshener production was so great that within 10 years they were able to open branches in Europe, Canada and Australia. Today the company is represented on the markets in more than 60 countries, including Russia. Competing brands such as Chirton or AmbiPur are more modest and have a smaller fragrance palette. Another popular brand, Glade, competes directly with Air Wick. Reviews about this brand are mostly positive. People who bought a fragrance from Air Wick write about the wonderful fragrances and convenience of the device, describe various situations in which the air freshener has become the main assistant.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Air Wick fragrance is chosen by millions of people around the world. It has many positive features, but some also highlight several negative features. Let's see why this device can be one of the best acquisitions or a waste of money. The advantages of the automatic aerosol dispenser are as follows:

  • the main thing is automatic spraying; you no longer need to spend energy to constantly spray the scent around;
  • compact dispenser that does not take up much space in the house; it can also be hung on the wall;
  • the ability to configure different modes and install different programs, depending on the individual needs of each user;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • the average price category - about 350-500 rubles for one set and about 250-400 rubles for a replacement cartridge;
  • rich palette of pleasant, intense and persistent aromas;
  • economical dosing of the amount of sprayed aerosol;
  • one can of air freshener is designed for 2,400 sprays, which allows you to refresh the room from 30 to 60 days;
  • 1 spray refreshes a room with a volume of 28 m³;
  • does not require location next to an electrical outlet, as it runs on batteries;
  • in the presence of a variety of designs of a plastic case, which makes it possible for the fragrance to fit into any interior.

According to user reviews, the disadvantages of an automatic air freshener include the following:

  • once every few months you need to change the batteries in the device;
  • the need to separately purchase only original cans, since the device will not perceive any other bottle and a red light will turn on;
  • it is possible to develop sensitization of the body to aerosol and, as a result, the development of allergic reactions and even bronchial asthma; for this reason, it is not recommended to install the device in a bedroom or children's room;
  • the spraying sound is quite quiet, but can sometimes scare owners or pets.

It is not necessary to install the air freshener in a room where there is already an air ozonizer. The chemicals in the fragrance react with ozone to form substances that are hazardous to human health. It is also not recommended to install it in children's rooms and bedrooms to prevent an increase in the sensitivity of the respiratory system to aerosol components.

Fragrance options

The range of aromas of Air Wick air fresheners is varied. Everyone can choose their own individual scent of comfort and joy. There are two main types of fragrances on sale, such as:

  • monocomponent based on one base aroma (for example, pomegranate or lemon);
  • multicomponent, which consist of a whole bunch of scents (for example, "Paradise flowers").

All the smells of this brand of aerosol air fresheners can be divided into several groups.

Floral scents help recreate the peaceful atmosphere of a botanical garden in your home. These include scents from the Magic of Ballet and Pure collection series, namely:

  • the tenderness of silk and lily;
  • fabulous garden;
  • blooming cherry;
  • paradise flowers;
  • magnolia and cherry blossoms;
  • patchouli and eucalyptus;
  • spring mood.

Citrus aromas will help energize your home. These include scents from the Pure and Anti-Tobacco sections, namely:

  • sunny citrus;
  • orange and bergamot;
  • lemon and ginseng;
  • orange and grapefruit.

Fresh scents help bring new breath to your home. This category includes fragrances from the Life scents and Pure collections, namely:

  • the freshness of the waterfall;
  • blue Lagoon;
  • first day of spring;
  • morning in the forest;
  • airy freshness;
  • the coolness of flax and the freshness of lilacs.

The scents of nature reveal the forces of nature right in your home. Includes flavors such as:

  • after the rain;
  • spring mood.

Fruity aromas will help fill your life with bright notes of ripe fruit. These include scents such as:

  • blooming cherry;
  • Garnet;
  • royal dessert;
  • paradisaic delight.

How to choose?

Many modern air fresheners are not particularly different from each other, except for the palette of aromas. Therefore, the search for a suitable automatic air freshener should start by choosing a scent.

  • In the bathroom, it is recommended to choose aromas of nature, coniferous or room-refreshing types. Delicate flower or invigorating fruit mixes are perfect for living rooms in the house. When choosing a kitchen freshener, consider citrus-based scents. And also this smell is included in the collection of anti-tobacco air fresheners, which will help to solve the problem of unpleasant smell after smoking.
  • Another selection criterion is the color of the dispenser body. It can be black, white, lilac or pale pink.
  • You should not buy a set for a room that has too small an area, because then the aroma from the air freshener will be too stuffy.
  • It is important not to forget that the scent should not contradict the overall impression of the apartment and its owners. You should harmoniously combine the play of smells and the general atmosphere of your home.

Instructions for use

After you have chosen your new home helper, you should read the instructions on the package or in our article. The first step is to get all the components of the kit out of the packaging. The best place to start is by installing the batteries. Turn the wheel of the intensity indicator to the left until it stops, where there will be a mark "OFF". It can be indicated by a circle. This will temporarily turn off the device to prevent electric shock when inserting the batteries. Then you need to open the dispenser case by holding the button on the back of the case and pulling the front part of the case towards you. Directly when installing the batteries, you should take into account their polarity: the left one takes the position upward "+", and the right one, on the contrary, "-".

Unpack the replaceable cylinder, remove the protective cap from it, which should then be disposed of (it is no longer needed). We have already set the spray interval regulator to the "OFF" position and do not need to be turned on yet, since the aerosol is under pressure and may be triggered ahead of time. We insert the can into the bottom of the dispenser, turning it with the spray hole outside. If this is prevented by the red lever on the body, then it is necessary to turn it clockwise as far as it will go. After that, we close the device by simply slamming the front part, which is accompanied by a characteristic clicking sound.

And also during assembly, you should pay attention to whether the spray can with a flavored aerosol is original and genuine. This can be verified by detecting two black magnetic stripes on the spout. Without these strips, the device will not recognize the can and will not function. The air freshener is now assembled and ready for use.

Let's figure out how to configure and turn on the device. The Air Wick Freshmatic automatic air freshener has several operating modes that determine the interval between sprays, namely:

  • small - 9 minutes;
  • medium - 18 minutes;
  • large - 36 minutes.

Adjustment is made by turning the wheel on the rear end of the housing to the desired mark. The value on the wheel can be indicated as a point or flower of different sizes and in different quantities. The largest designation or the largest number of them correspond to the largest interval. Once the interval is selected, spraying will start after 15 seconds. You can change the dispersion frequency at any time.

Important! If after the specified 15 seconds the spraying does not occur, then it is necessary to turn off the device and repeat all the assembly steps, check the correct position of the cartridge and batteries, their tightness. After checking, you can try starting the air freshener again.

The latest generations of this device have improved software options. For example, the equipment may include a motion sensor to work depending not on time, but on the presence of movement in the room. Others may have a built-in day / night recognition mode to avoid spraying the fragrance at night. These functions help to optimize the aerosol flow rate.

You can place the air fragrance anywhere. The instructions indicate that it is best to place it at a height of 2 meters from the floor. This will prevent dispersed particles from entering the skin and respiratory tract of a person, and will also increase the spread of the aroma in the room. If you need to aromatize an area that is larger than that indicated in the capabilities of the freshener, you need to use several devices installed on opposite sides of the room.

Possible malfunctions

If you are already using the Air Wick Freshmatic automatic air freshener, some malfunctions may appear. Below are some of the most common problems and what to do if they occur. The most popular query on this topic is - the indicator on the device is flashing red. This happens when a non-original cartridge from the manufacturer is inserted into the machine. A genuine Air Wick can contains propane, butane, ethyl alcohol, limonene, citral, linalool and flavor. The device recognizes "its" cartridge by two small magnetic strokes on the tip of the cartridge. So the most reasonable solution to this problem would be to buy and install a cartridge from the original manufacturer.

If the cylinder is original and the mechanism was working before, then the blinking of the red light may signal that the aerosol will soon run out. In this case, it is worth buying a replacement. If the red sensor blinks and the device does not work, but the cylinder is new and from the manufacturer, then the problem may be hidden in the system itself. One of the reasons for such a problem may be a loose contact in the wiring system going to the photosensitive sensor.

To find out, you need to turn off the device, then remove the batteries from it and use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws located just near the battery pack. Next, we disconnect the block with wires and find red, black, green and yellow wires going together. They come from a sensitive photosensor that determines the authenticity of the cartridge. Once you get to them, you should check if all the contacts fit correctly. If one of them leaves, it is necessary (if you have the appropriate skills) to solder the contacts in place. If it is impossible or lack of skills, it is necessary to take the device to the service and explain the essence of the problem, they will be able to help there.

The choice of a worthy assistant in the fight against unpleasant odors is a difficult matter. There are many nuances to consider, but Air Wick has tried to keep complexity to a minimum. Users only have to rely on individual taste and inner sensations to choose the very unique aroma that will bring peace and comfort in their abode. All other nuances will be taken care of by the Air Wick Freshmatic automatic air freshener.

For information on how to properly use the Air Wick automatic air freshener, see the following video.