Do-it-yourself woodshed for summer cottages (47 photos): methods of making a wooden woodshed according to drawings. How to build a beautiful woodshed in stages? Design options

Almost everyone who owns a country house stores firewood on the plot to light the stove in the house, a bathhouse, or just make a barbecue. For storing firewood, various options for firewood are used. Even if the dacha for someone is only a place for summer holidays and does not imply trips there in the cold season, firewood is needed in order to heat a bathhouse or make barbecue. Of course, you can use the coals in a bag or buy bundles of firewood that are popular in the summer season, but this is very inconvenient if the dacha is located far from shops. That is why, as a rule, there is a small supply of firewood at any summer cottage.

If the dacha needs heating, then the wood-fired stove will be a real "salvation" for a country house. Agree, not all houses have sufficient electricity capacity. Moreover, it is the simplest and cheapest form of heating. Finally, the stove is an indispensable attribute of a summer vacation: it is beautiful, creates coziness and atmosphere. Many people store firewood for the entire season and store it in specially equipped log cabinets. This protects the wood from precipitation and dries up the still damp wood. In this article we will talk about how to make a firewood for a summer cottage with your own hands.


Firewood is a structure made of wood or metal, which is used as a storage for firewood. Wood logs for summer cottages can be completely different, the main thing is that they meet the basic requirements.

  • The device should be roomy and allow access to firewood easily.
  • The firebox should be open so that the wood is not damp and ventilated. If there are fresh logs in the woodshed, then they should be able to dry out.
  • The structure should have a roof that protects the logs from rain and snow.
  • Place the firebox so that direct sunlight does not fall on it. Ultraviolet light has a bad effect on wood and reduces its suitability for its intended use.
  • Of course, it is advisable that the firewood is neat so as not to spoil the entire landscape of the site.

There are various options for constructing firewoods depending on their location and type.

A woodman leaning against a building (house, barn, bathhouse)

This is the simplest construction in which the building wall is the back wall of the firewood. But this design has a number of serious disadvantages:

  • Fire hazard. Large volume of dry wood near the house.
  • A large number of insects live in the wood. This problem can be solved by treating the wood log with a special compound or by separating the wood from the building with a sheet of metal.

It is recommended to locate the firewood near the building from the north or where the place is most open to winds. Of course, a canopy against the wall is a very simple structure, so it may not be beautiful. It is better to hide such a canopy from the least visible part. The simplest scheme is 4 supports, a raised floor and 4 canopy walls.

Firewood separate from buildings

This is a more beautiful and reliable building. Such a device assumes a design and a construction plan. Such a canopy can be built in a suitable place and even beautify the landscape. The firewood will take time from you, but it will serve for a long time, and the firewood will be constantly blown from all directions.


Separately, it should be said about a portable firewood, which is necessary for storing a small amount of firewood. Such options are needed to keep firewood closer to the place of use. These are structures made of wood or metal, which are easy to move along with the wood. As a rule, these are beautiful designs that complement the interior. A portable log should:

  • be light;
  • to be beautiful;
  • easy to carry.

Such wood boxes are located indoors. You can see such structures next to fireplaces in the house.

How to choose a material?

Sometimes the woodshed is hidden in the farthest or inconspicuous corner of the site, and then it is built without thinking about its appearance. Any available materials, remnants of various boards and logs can be used. You can make a wood log without walls and supports. Then evenly folded firewood is covered with any material that will protect them from precipitation.

The most common material for woodsmen is wood. Wooden logs are made from planks and beams. Metal elements are also used. For example, pipes sheathed with a board. The roof is made of any lightweight but tough material. For example, galvanized iron, corrugated board, slate (it is quite heavy), ondulin, roofing material.

When choosing materials for a wood log, it is important to pay attention to its design. If the style is suitable for a simple wooden firewood, then the structure will be made of boards and beams. If you plan to use metal not only for support, but also for the walls of the firewood, then you can think about a forged firewood. Often, portable wood logs are made of metal.

Here are the materials you will need to create a regular wood log.

  • Floor board. This is necessary so that the logs do not lie on the ground. The board should be chosen thick, not thinner than 2.5 cm, so that it can withstand the firewood.
  • The blocks are concrete, instead of the foundation.
  • Beam, logs. For the base of the floor.
  • Frame boards.
  • Beam for the frame.
  • Roof boards.
  • Roofing material. Polycarbonate, slate or corrugated board.
  • Nails and screws.

Required tools:

  • electric drill;
  • shovel;
  • screwdriver;
  • plumb line;
  • ax;
  • roulette;
  • hacksaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • square.
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For the construction and construction of original firewoods, barrels, former rabbit pens and even pallets and rings for wells are also used. Such options do not require the creation of a drawing and differ not only in external originality, but also in the ease of creating a structure.

How to do it yourself?

Below is an instruction for creating firewoods. Let's start with the option of a free-standing firewood. For the construction of such a structure, it is necessary to make drawings for manufacturing so that the firewood is of a given size and fits into the landscape. The base will be 6 logs. These are the supports that create the frame. Consider how to build a firewood in stages.

  • Define and mark the construction area on the site. Dig 6 holes for the supports - 3 each at the front and back. The dimensions of the grooves are not less than 30 cm by 30 cm, and the depth is up to 50 cm. Fill the holes with 15 cm rubble and tamp. Make log pits.
  • The logs must be deepened at least 25 cm. Treat the log with an antiseptic. Wrap with roofing felt. Secure the supports with concrete or stone. Process the ends of the logs too.
  • The length of the logs at the front and back must be different to create a roof slope. The rear logs should be at least 3 cm lower than the front ones.
  • Place the cross joists, the base for the floor. Secure them by connecting to the supports. The crossbars should be 10 cm above the ground for ventilation.
  • Place the floor boards on the joists. Leave a small distance between the boards, up to 2 cm, for ventilation from the floor. Use wood screws and a screwdriver for fastening. You can use nails.
  • Form the walls from the boards on three sides. The step between the boards is about 15 cm. You can use a net. This is a cheaper option, but less beautiful.
  • Install 3 rafters on the firewood frame to make the roof. Place 5 more logs across. Attach the roof to the frame. Use nails for slate and roofing felt. Self-tapping screws are used to fasten corrugated board and ondulin.
  • It is possible, instead of 5 logs for the roof frame, to use shingles and cover it with roofing felt or other roofing material.
  • Varnish the wood. You can paint the woodshed with paint and decorate with decorative structures.

Pay attention to the following details.

  1. Be sure to take into account the slope of the roof so that the snow falls down unhindered.
  2. The roof should be larger than the woodshed. The overhang should be about 25 cm.
  3. It is imperative to have a floor that is 10 cm above the ground.
  4. There should be openings in the walls and in the floor for free ventilation. These elements are made of wood.
  5. Treat all wooden materials with an antiseptic before fastening.
  6. You can decorate the woodshed with carvings, plants, sculptures.
  7. To keep the wood from moisture, drainage is created.

No special instructions are required to construct a woodshed that adjoins a building. It is created in the same way as a separate woodcutter. Such a log should also be well ventilated, because one wall is solid, unlike the previous variation. The materials for the roof and frame are the same.

There are a number of distinctive features for such a building.

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the firewood stands right next to the house. It is necessary to make sure that water from the roof of the building does not fall on the wood.
  2. A firewood located to the north will insulate the northern wall of the house. The house will block the firewood from unwanted light.
  3. In this case, gender is also required. Firewood should not be stored directly on the ground.
  4. To add aesthetics, you can make doors that will close the firewood. If you place the firebox on a covered terrace, it will be more pleasant and easier to get out of the house for logs.

    On the Internet, you can find many ready-made projects with drawings and pictures for various firewood stoves. The option you choose depends on space availability, capacity requirements, availability of materials and imagination. The size of the firewood will be determined not only by the availability of space on the site, but also by how much firewood is required to store firewood.

      Consider a few more options that will look original and allow you to use the materials at hand. Barrels can be made very quickly. Make rings from the barrels by knocking out the bottom. Place the barrels on top of each other and secure. Put firewood in barrels, but remember that firewood needs air, so do not fill the barrels too closely.

      The old rabbit house is also used to make wood logs. If there are such buildings in your dacha that are no longer used for their intended purpose, then make a place for firewood out of them:

      • disconnect the doors;
      • repair the roof so that it is strong and protects the firewood from precipitation;
      • repair the frame or replace it with mesh.

        You can also make a wood log from pallets. This option is very easy. The boards in the pallets are already hammered together at a distance. It remains only to assemble the structure from the pallets. From 5 pallets, you can make a cube, which can be placed on a base or covered with a roof. You can make a large barn from cubes. You can also make a wood log from concrete rings. To do this, you only need to lay the ring horizontally or several rings and secure. This is the simplest idea for a woodcutter.

            Spend a little time and effort to create a comfortable log cabin and protect your stock of firewood from bad weather and dampness. Proper storage not only preserves the wood, but also makes it more usable. A wood log can become not only a convenient and necessary building on your site, but also become an element of decoration. Firewoods are decorated with carved elements, plants, bindweed. A bench can be placed next to the firewood. It is advisable to make a firewood in the same style with other buildings. It all depends on your desire and imagination.

            How to make a wood log for a summer residence with your own hands, see the video below.