Brazier from a gas cylinder (78 photos): how to do it yourself, drawings and making a barbecue from a propane cylinder

Trips to nature are almost always accompanied by cooking kebabs or vegetables on the fire. To prepare these dishes, you should take care of a suitable place. For this reason, many are wondering how to make a brazier from a gas cylinder.


Brazier from old gas cylinders is divided into several types that you can easily make yourself.

There are the following varieties:

  • a simple barbecue with no lid;
  • B-B-Q;
  • smokehouse;
  • smoker.

The last three homemade designs differ significantly from the first option, so you should familiarize yourself with their features in more detail:

  • The barbecue is a simple design that you can easily create with your own hands. To create such a barbecue, you will need to cut off part of the container, which will later be hinged and act as a door. Inside the structure there is an area for coals and a grid on which the products will be located.
  • The smokehouse differs from traditional barbecues in that there is a firebox in it. The structure itself must be airtight in order to fulfill the assigned tasks. To create it, half of the bottom is removed. The firebox is made of iron sheets. Some people use a different cylinder for this purpose. The part is welded and equipped with a special chimney through which smoke will be removed.
  • Smoker is also called the "steam locomotive". It is a complex structure characterized by multifunctionality. Such a product contains all the options that are available to similar structures: brazier, barbecue, smokehouse, grill.

To make such a structure yourself, you will need to stock up on several cylinders, each of which will have its own role. In the end, the smoker will resemble a steam locomotive.

Braziers are made from propane and oxygen cylinders. Cylinders act as an excellent base for numerous designs. They have high-quality metal, almost finished shape and standard dimensions. These features make it possible to create a brazier with your own hands in a short period of time with minimal investment.

Due to the thick walls, the cylinders are able to withstand high temperature conditions, so such products are best suited for creating various smokehouses, barbecues and barbecues.

Advantages of a grill from a cylinder:

  • This design will not burn out even after prolonged contact with an open flame.
  • Thanks to the optimal configuration and thick walls, the brazier will not deform from the influence of high temperature.
  • In such a grill, you can cook not only kebabs, but also bake vegetables, as well as smoke and fry.
  • Once cooked, you do not need to extinguish the coals with water. For these purposes, it will be enough just to close the grill with a lid. It also allows you to store the barbecue outside. Due to the large size, you can prepare portions for the whole company.
  • Even if you need to purchase a cylinder, such a structure will cost you less than buying metal sheets in a store.
  • Ease of installation. Even a beginner can make a brazier from a cylinder.
  • It will take several hours to work.
  • The balloon design is suitable for the implementation of any creative ideas.

Braziers created from cylinders have practically no drawbacks. Some users claim that the design disadvantages are the large design dimensions. However, you can purchase more compact products. Another category of people reports that the semicircular bottom is inconvenient when lighting firewood. If you look at the situation from the other side, this configuration ensures that the coals are located at the edges. This promotes good baking of meat, which can remain soggy when cooked in traditional braziers.

According to professionals, the spherical structure of the barbecue walls is not very suitable for grilling kebabs, since such a configuration limits the processes that contribute to the "disclosure" of the aroma of baked meat.

Preparation of materials and tools

Before using the welding machine, you need to select the desired gas cylinder and prepare it for further activities. You should also take care of creating sketches of the future design and stock up on the tools and materials necessary for work.

To create a brazier, you can use any cylinders that have the shape of a cylinder. The most commonly used container is 50 liters of propane.

If you want to get a more mobile brazier, the dimensions of which allow it to fit into the trunk of a car, use a traditional 27 liter cylinder. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the width of the working area may be insufficient due to the spherical shape.

Also for the equipment of the barbecue, a diesel cannon can be used, which has an external resemblance to gas cylinders.

Gas cylinders are made of high-alloy and low-carbon steel of the 30ХМА, 45, 34CrMo4, 30ХГСА brands. Due to the high content of the ligature, as well as its lowering, the metal becomes more durable and resistant to the corrosion process.

The best option for creating a barbecue is to use a 50-80 liter automobile gas cylinder. It has an increased diameter, which increases the comfort during ignition. Also, such a product has sufficient capacity. Due to its large size, its width allows you to use the full length of standard skewers, so you can prepare a portion of products for the whole company. The nuances include the fact that unnecessary automobile cylinders are rare, unlike propane ones, and buying a new one is considered impractical.

In addition to the receiver, you need the following components:

  • a piece of steel pipe and corners;
  • metal handles that will be attached to the lid;
  • hinges - you can use elements designed for doors or furniture;
  • a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm and an elbow of 90 degrees. The pipe is required if a chimney is provided;
  • barbecue grill;
  • fastener material: bolts, nuts, rivets.

Prepare decorative elements with which you can give the structure a noble look. You will also need primer, paint, and solvents.

If we talk about the list of tools, you need the following items:

  • welding machine;
  • electric grinder;
  • electric drill;
  • drills designed for metal work;
  • clamps with which you can fix metal components;
  • metal ruler;
  • electrodes with a diameter of 3-4 mm;
  • cutting and cleaning discs for grinders;
  • scriber;
  • core;
  • adjustable and gas wrenches;
  • set of wrenches.

If you plan to paint the structure in the future, prepare a brush attachment for a drill or grinder. You will also need a brush or spray bottle.

Having prepared all the necessary positions of materials and tools, you can proceed to further actions.

Drawings and diagrams

Barbecues from gas cylinders are considered simple structures, so you do not need to create a detailed project. However, at the initial stage, a small drawing should be drawn, which will indicate the dimensions of each component. Remember to indicate where the blower should be placed.

Creating a diagram will allow you to decide how much material is required for work, as well as intelligently plan the connection of individual components.

Do not neglect this stage in order to exclude oversights in further work.

Precautionary measures

When working with a brazier from a cylinder, you should think about how to protect yourself from an explosion. Even if you completely unscrew the valve and there is no gas inside, do not rush to cut the metal. Despite the fact that the pressure in the cylinder is identical with the atmospheric pressure, there are still dangerous substances inside: condensates, propane.

To remove condensation, you need to turn the product over. To eliminate explosive substances, fill the vessel with water and leave it for several hours. Only after completing these activities can you start cutting and welding.

Manufacturing technology: step by step instructions

Everyone can make a brazier from a gas cylinder. Do not forget about safety precautions at work, as you will need to cut a product in which gas was previously present. Sparks and gas residues should not be allowed to ignite.

How to make a brazier with your own hands:

  • First of all, you will need to unscrew the valve so that the remaining gas comes out of the cylinder.
  • Then you will need to turn the product over and wait for the residual condensation to drain. You can control the exit process with soap suds. When the bubbles stop appearing, you can proceed with further actions.
  • Now you should fill the vessel with water, as described earlier, and drain the liquid after a few hours.
  • Lay the container on its side, cut off the valve. Do not forget to water the saw cut with water.

These actions must be done at the initial stages. After you have completed these activities, you can proceed to further steps, cut and weld the necessary elements. With the help of these actions, you will get a high-quality barbecue on which you can grill a kebab.


In most cases, a kebab maker is made from a 50 liter propane tank. On such a container, you can cook 6 servings of barbecue. These cylinders belong to the category of standard products, so the markings are considered uniform. If you do not need such a large barbecue, you can make it from a small cylinder.

The outer diameter of the container is 96 cm. This value should be divided into four parts. When carrying out these actions, you will receive a value of 24 cm. The marking should be done along the longitudinal seam. It is recommended to measure all distances from this line. This rule provides a straight line without distortions.

You will need to measure 24 cm from the seam on both sides and draw lines. Then you need to put the product horizontally. Make sure the seam is at the bottom. Mark up the location of the skewers.

Find the circular seams and measure 3 cm from them. The steps should be carried out on both sides. Further marks are placed every 8 cm. Ultimately you should get 6 points. Holes with a diameter of 1 cm should be created in them.

From the line for the markings, measure 10 cm upward. To simplify the task, you can measure 34 cm from the center seam. At this point, the lid will end.

Now you should mark the cover itself. Pay attention to the first marked line and the last one. You need to draw lines between them. They should be 3 cm from the circular seam. The grill cover is ready. It should be less than half the diameter.


Saw the balloon in two. This event is carried out along the weld. Try to work the tools as close to the seam as possible. It is better not to touch the side walls. They will act as a good fire damper and help maintain the temperature.

When cutting, make sure that the side rings are not damaged as they act as support for the cover.


While using the barbecue, you may encounter product deformation. To eliminate this phenomenon, it is recommended to weld corners in the inner longitudinal edges of the base. The corner forms a ledge on which you can place a wire rack or skewer. The tall legs will also need additional fixation, which is provided by a welded corner. It should be placed on the outer perimeter.

Make holes in the bottom of the product. They are required for convenience when pouring coals or draining water after rains. Also, these holes provide traction, which affects the burning of wood.

At the place where the valve was present, a pipe should be installed with the help of which the smoke will be removed. Weld on this element. Some people do not install a chimney in their grill. You can also skip this component if you plan to grill kebabs with the lid open.

If you have not welded a corner for skewers inside the cylinder, you can insert it into the sides of the barbecue. To do this, you need to make slots using a grinder. The ends of the skewer will be located in them.

Working with legs

You should decide how high the future grill will have. After that, you can start screwing the legs. The product must stand firmly on the ground for the lid to weld more comfortably.

The height of the legs depends only on your wishes. Some people use sewing machine legs or pipe trimming for these purposes.

To attach the pipe, drill 4 holes in the bottom of the product. In the future, it is necessary to insert bolts into them so that their threads are located outside. You can simply tighten the elements or use welding. Nuts are welded to the top of the pipes and screwed to the barbecue. Bolt nuts can be attached to the top of the legs by screwing them to the base of the future barbecue.

Installation of handles and cover

To secure the cover, you need to make holes for the hinges and fix them with rivets. Then you need to weld the components. If you choose to ignore this action, the lid will come off after being exposed to the elevated temperature. It is possible to install a removable cover without hinges. In this case, you will need to attach metal strips to the transverse edges of the container. They will prevent the lid from falling through.

To secure the handle for the lid, you need regular screws. Drill holes for the bolts and fix. It is best to choose simple handles that are resistant to high temperatures. You can also create handles yourself from metal rods. They will need to be welded to the base. Install the stopper on the cover. It is created from corners or part of pipes. The cover itself can be secured with chains. The chains will have an effect on the degree of its swing back.

It is recommended to connect the elements with the help of clamps, which press all the parts tightly, excluding gaps.

The manufacture of a grill-smokehouse is slightly different from this technology. The main difference between this type of barbecue is its tightness. The smokehouse is made in the same way as a regular grill, only with the addition of a firebox. To do this, you need to cut off half of the bottom under the firebox. The element itself is created from sheets of iron or other materials with similar properties.

Some craftsmen make furnaces from smaller cylinders. The finished component is welded to the brazier by welding. Do not forget about the equipment of the chimney, which is a must. You can buy a ready-made chimney or make one yourself.

If you are not afraid of difficulties, you can add a motor to the structure, which will be responsible for rotating the spit.

You can smoke food after you have ignited the finished grill with wood. If the gas smell has strongly permeated the walls of the container, you will need to heat the product several times until the unpleasant odor disappears completely.

The brazier-steam locomotive has several options at once: grilling, smoking, barbecue, brazier. A structure is made of several pipes or cylinders, each of which has its own function.

The brazier-steam locomotive with its appearance really resembles a steam locomotive. Some craftsmen focus on design design in order to bring it as close as possible to its name. You can add wheels made from cylinder parts, or use artistic forging.

You can also add pull-out tables, a lattice and other elements to the structure that will have not only functionality, but also an aesthetic component. With the help of one steam locomotive, you will be able to cook barbecue, grilled vegetables and smoking at a time.

This brazier has high performance. This indicator is influenced by the closed lid and material. Even if there are some charcoal left inside, the heated body of the product will still give off the heat energy that is required for cooking for a long time.

If you are planning to build a steam locomotive, weigh your capabilities and skills. Not every amateur can make such a design, since it is quite complex.

How to paint?

The surface of the grill, which is made from an old cylinder, can be covered with several materials. For these purposes, the following applies:

  • Organosilicon enamel with good heat resistance. This coating can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees.
  • Powder thermal paint . This option is not allowed for home use, as it requires firing in an oven at high temperatures.
  • You can also use oxidation . It is a good option for the anti-corrosion treatment of the barbecue.

    There is also a popular method that will protect the grill from rust for a long time. First of all, the container body should be treated with a 5% solution of sulfuric acid. Then boil it in a high-strength laundry soap solution. After that, cook the product in sodium hydroxide for 30 minutes.

    Barbecue processing is considered a mandatory measure, since iron can oxidize and rust. These measures help to extend the life of the structure. When painting your building, make sure that the material used meets the qualities stated above.

    Recommendations for use

    Even if you have treated your barbecue with an anti-corrosion coating, it is not recommended to leave the product in the rain or snow. The optimal place for installation is a canopy. When the cold season comes, the structure should be sent to a garage, shed or other utility room.

    Check out some guidelines for the correct use of the barbecue:

    • When lighting a fire, the internal area of ​​the structure should be divided into two parts. In one where there is a lot of heat, meat should be cooked. In an area with a lower temperature, bake fish or vegetables.
    • It is not recommended to turn the skewer over often. For a good roast, you only need to turn the meat twice.
    • The coals should be red with a gray tinge.
    • Make sure that the meat is not charred. Black plaque on the product is a direct path to various cancers. Also, do not eat lightly cooked meat. Such foods can cause helminth infection.
    • By using a few branches from fruit trees, you can add flavor to the meat.
    • If you are cooking in the rain, you should not move your grill indoors. Poor traction levels will increase carbon monoxide concentrations.
    • To prevent a fire, place the structure away from flammable items. There should be no grass, boards or branches near the legs. Ash must not be thrown away immediately, as it can smolder for a day, which can also cause a fire.

    These recommendations will help you prepare a delicious barbecue for your guests, as well as extend the life of the barbecue.

    Original design examples

    There are many original examples for creating barbecues from a gas cylinder. This event is limited only by your imagination and skills. For some, a simple construction from a gas cylinder, in which there will be a stand for skewers, will be enough, while another category of craftsmen wants to make a real work of art.

    The brazier in the shape of a pig will attract attention. To create such a structure, you only need one cylinder. Place the product in a horizontal plane, equip the cover. The cover should be hinged. Legs can be crafted from a metal pipe. In order for them to securely fix the structure, a grid should be installed in the center of their height.

    "Piglet penny" is created from a piece of metal pipe. The "mouth" is also made from this material. Ears can be created from pieces of metal that are welded to the pig's head. To make the figure look impressive, masters recommend using elements of artistic forging.

    The brazier in the form of a submarine will look interesting. Such a structure is difficult for a beginner to create, but if you have the appropriate skills, you can surprise all your guests. A similar structure is also created from an old cylinder and iron sheets.

    Barbecues from cylinders in the form of a log are considered a real art. It will take a long time to work, but the result is worth it. To enhance the effect, you can install a saw or an ax in the center of the structure. This addition makes the figure complete.

    Brazier steam locomotive is considered the most common design option. Such a multifunctional creation can have a different appearance, depending on your imagination. With the help of tweaks, you can create a real work of art from a simple gas cylinder. This brazier will decorate the recreation area and show your talent.

          You can come up with other original shapes for your barbecue from old cylinders and additional metal components. Take a closer look at the product and think about what it reminds you of. Some users create original figures from a simple design in the form of wild boars, dogs, houses and other figures that surprise guests and ordinary passers-by.

          How to make a brazier from a gas cylinder with your own hands, see the next video.