Brazier from disks (40 photos): making a brazier from car wheels with your own hands, how to make a brazier from wheel disks from a car

It is difficult for car owners to part with old rims. What if they come in handy! And they lie in garages and dachas, and wait for their finest hour. And now it has come! There is a great idea to use rims under the barbecue. A specialist with golden hands can easily collect a useful thing for himself and will enjoy the quiet summer evenings with the aroma of fried kebabs or pilaf. The family is happy, money has been saved in the family budget. And if the master also has a good imagination, then amazing masterpieces are obtained from the wheels


To make a homemade grill from discs, you do not need to go somewhere to the market and buy expensive materials. All car owners have wheel disks. You can go to any car repair shop, the craftsmen will be happy to provide you with a pair of former wheels. It is worth noting the durability of the material and strength. It is unlikely that you will find a dent or scratch on the disc due to the thickness of the metal.

The shape of the discs is ideal for turning into a brazier. Manufacturing works take just a couple of hours. Only available materials are used. The product is compact and can be moved with ease. The design perfectly keeps the heat of the fire, not inferior to the products of famous brands. This brazier can be used for other purposes as well. It will easily fit into the conditions of hunting or fishing, becoming a camping kitchen for a while. And here there is already a different assortment of dishes - fish soup, pilaf, stewed potatoes and much more.

The design of the firebox provides an air flow that maintains the required heat temperature. A homemade grill is easy to clean after cooking. It does not burn out, withstanding fire for several hours.

Advantages and disadvantages

Even a child can figure out how the grill works. Coals are laid in the lower level. The grill, traditional for grilling, and dishes are placed on top. You can do without this, fry traditional meat on skewers.

The heat comes from below, the cooking conditions are the same as on the usual grill. When smoking, the upper outlet must be closed. This will allow the wood to smolder and smoke. Each owner makes a brazier for himself, but the main work on its manufacture remains common.

With all the pros, there are also disadvantages. One of them is the low height. Cooking is too low. Traction may not be enough, and the grill may simply fade. Another disadvantage is the small volume of the firebox. Many users compare the design possibilities to camping bricks, which are used as skewer stands. But this, of course, is not entirely true.


The world of homemade barbecues is diverse. Craftsmen turn barrels and cylinders into braziers.

The grill from autodiscs offers the following functionality:

  • cooking on skewers or a grill;
  • B-B-Q;
  • cooking in dishes. A cauldron is usually used;
  • smokehouse.

For a summer residence, such a barbecue is an ideal option.

The form

There are several options for making grills. The simplest model is called a simple grill. Nothing complicated here. Coals are placed in the wheel, and on top everything is optional: skewers with barbecue or meat on the wire rack.

The double design has more possibilities. By using two wheels, the product becomes taller. A cauldron is placed on top. Uniform heating is in progress, which ensures extinguishing. You can smoke food in a closed oven. The smoke remains inside the structure and is discharged through a special vent.

There are universal models. You can do everything on them: kebabs, dishes in a cauldron, smoking. Such a grill can be with or without legs. For a brazier from one disc, a stand is required. Double and triple braziers may well do without it. The bottom disc becomes the same stand. There are restrictions when using such a barbecue. If the earth is after rain or snow, then it will prevent the formation of heat. You cannot put the grill on a wooden floor.

Before making a barbecue, you need to think over its scheme, what functions you need to get from it. After determining the number of discs, you need to prepare the tools. You will need skills in owning a grinder and a welding machine.


Despite the simplicity of making the barbecue, there are questions about the choice of disks. Which machine is best to use? Finding wheels is not a problem. Any tire service company will gladly share their excess autodisks. Experienced drivers find truck rims best suited. The best option is considered to be discs from a KAMAZ wheel. They are made of thick metal and will not burn out until 40 years. The same can be said about disks from any truck. But a disk, for example, from a minibus will last up to 20 years.

In principle, the wheels of any car are suitable for the role of a barbecue. It is made from stamped car discs. They are made from high quality steel. The service life of the barbecue depends on the fuel. The product burns out faster from coal.

The idea of ​​a barbecue made of car disks quickly spread throughout the country and many began to think about its implementation.


Before starting welding, it is necessary to revise everything you need.

The following equipment and tools must be prepared:

  • rims;
  • iron brush for cleaning rust;
  • Bulgarian saw;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • hammer;
  • bolts;
  • file;
  • metal cutting nozzle;
  • steel bar (profile pipes are possible).

The latter will go on legs under the barbecue. Four legs are recommended for stability. A tripod on an uneven surface may collapse. Remove rust from discs. The surface should be processed with a Bulgarian saw. Installation is carried out by welding.

How to assemble by yourself?

All work is carried out in compliance with safety regulations. Be sure to use personal protective equipment. When welding, the eyes should be covered with glasses or a mask, work should be performed only in special gloves. When working with a grinder, its disc must be held at right angles to the object. Otherwise, the disc may bite, and its fragments will fly. Carry out work only in special glasses.

It is worth starting with the simplest model - a single circle on a stand.

To create such a product, you must perform the following steps:

  • the inner partition is cut out. After which the workpiece becomes like a barrel;
  • there are discs with a large number of holes, then they must be closed;
  • weld the plate, but leave gaps for blowing out the coals;
  • on the sides of the bottom, it is necessary to fix the legs by welding. Their optimal length is up to 45 cm;
  • then it is necessary to clean the sections. Make a window in the side part to watch the fire and clean the contents of the structure;
  • the frying net is best left removable;
  • it remains only to weld the handles. This will add comfort when using the barbecue.

Another option for a do-it-yourself grill is a smokehouse. Two disks are required. This option can be considered universal. On it you can cook not only kebabs, but also grill, stew food.

The work is simple and includes the following steps:

  • it is necessary to combine two parts into one;
  • in order for smoke to remain, a cover and a drainage system are needed, therefore, a partition must be left in the upper disc;
  • the lower disk should be removed from the partition, using a welding machine to dock both disks with each other;
  • you need to weld the legs;
  • in the middle of the lower disc you need to make a door;
  • upon completion of work, it is imperative to anneal the structure. This will clear it of gasoline and oil;
  • to make the product presentable, you need to cover it with a durable thermal paint.

Before that, you need to remove the remnants of rust. This can be done with a stiff brush or with a special drill bit. It will not be superfluous to walk again on the sides of the barbecue with emery, then degrease and you can start painting.

You can come up with a lot of options with barbecues, especially in terms of design. All of them are original and always arouse interest. But how much sincere joy to others when they find out that the grill is made with their own hands from ordinary discs.

Best options

Old car parts can be a great solution for creating new, unique products. The idea with barbecues is very original, human thought develops it constantly. It can be a structure on a suspension, a mobile barbecue grill, a grill with a grill lifting with a jack, a structure with a spit. These are all portable models.

There is a fireplace on the covered veranda. The brazier is installed on a brick stand in the very center of the room. To provide air supply, an empty space is left under the hearth body. The brazier is covered with bricks. A round table is set up around it, benches are set up. The result is a hearth around which you can sit and warm yourself. A cozy atmosphere has been created for enjoying delicious food. In winter, you can drink tea here, breathing in the aromas of fried food.

You can cover the grill with any material. This gazebo will become a favorite place for family meetings or gatherings with friends.

It is worth noting that after the autodisks were tested by the brazier, they began to look for other applications. For example, as a stove for a bath or a stove for a home. The designers went further and proposed to decorate the apartments with plafonds made of discs. There is even a stylish solution to use discs as bar chairs and washbasins. You should not throw out the obsolete, but look at old things in a new way. It's time to tune your old car rims!

To learn how to make a brazier from car disks, see the video below.