Soviet speakers (28 photos): the best old acoustics of the USSR of the highest class. The most popular models of the Soviet era

Despite the fact that now there is a huge number of stylish speakers and full-fledged speaker systems, Soviet technology is still popular. During the Soviet era, a lot of interesting devices were produced, so it is not surprising that some of them have survived to this day and are pleasing in quality no worse than Japanese or Western technology.


The creation of the first Soviet columns began shortly after the end of the war. Before that, there were only ordinary radio broadcasters. But in 1951, developers began to think about how to make a complete speaker system for home use. At that time, people were able not only to generate ideas, but also to translate them into reality as quickly as possible. Therefore, the development of new models of acoustics began almost immediately.

Old Soviet speakers still pleasantly surprise. Indeed, from the very first days of their creation, the technique was made at the highest level . The speakers were complemented by a loudspeaker, a magnetizing element and a powerful electrodynamic head. Already at that time, music on this technique sounded very worthy.

Since the middle of the last century, the USSR began to actively produce high-quality receivers, which, almost until the very collapse of the Union, could be found in every Soviet house or apartment. They were used not only in small apartments and private houses, but also in discos and concerts.

Indeed, among the range of speakers produced at that time, there were a lot of high-quality and really powerful equipment.


Soviet speakers have their advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, many close their eyes to all the difficulties and buy retro technology. It is very simple to understand why.

Benefits of speakers

Almost all speakers from the USSR are passive. Therefore, it is very difficult to connect them to modern technology. But their sound quality is much higher. Unlike cheap and not very high quality Chinese products, the old speakers are multi-band . Using it, high, low and mid audio frequencies can be output separately.

If earlier there were not very high-quality speakers, now they have been successfully modernized. Therefore, the quality of the products that can be found now is much higher.

Most Soviet speakers were made of wood . While now plastic is more often used in the manufacture of cases. This lowers the cost of equipment, but also affects the sound negatively. But the Soviet speakers perfectly transmit low frequencies and do not rattle at high volumes.


There are, however, significant disadvantages to the technique. For the most part, they are associated with the fact that technical development has now stepped forward. It is worth noting that the quality of the parts and wiring can be an unpleasant surprise. Also, such columns collect dust very quickly. It would seem that there is nothing particularly bad in this, but this is often the reason that the sound becomes worse and quieter.

We must not forget that the cases were previously assembled from wood. And this is a rather fragile material that time could do much harm. Because of this, the speakers also do not last very long. However, you can always try to find a retro technique that has been well looked after.

In fact, the disadvantages are not that significant. You just need to slightly upgrade the quality of the speakers. As a rule, obsolete wiring is replaced . Instead, modern speaker cables are used. Soundproof wool is also replaced with padding polyester or foam rubber. If the wood has lost its tightness, the loose joints are also strengthened. If it is the aesthetic side that is important, then you can work on that too.

Any more or less experienced connoisseur of radio technology can get rid of scratches and improve the appearance of the speakers.

Top Models

Anyone who wants to buy good Soviet speakers should take a closer look at the rating of the best products from the USSR.

35АС-012 "Radiotehnika S-90"

The Radiotekhnika brand, as you know, was popular not only on the territory of the Union, but also abroad. The best models at that time were produced at the plant of the same name in Riga. This column was created in 1975. For a long time, she was considered one of the best. It was possible to overtake it in terms of characteristics only closer to the 90s of the last century. Then "Radiotekhnika" had full-fledged competitors.

Such a column weighs 23 kg. Outwardly, it looks like an unremarkable box covered with chipboard. From the inside, the wooden box was filled with technical cotton wool. Outside, the speakers in this model were protected by a special metal mesh.

25AS-109 (25AS-309)

Such columns were produced in the city of Berdsk during the Soviet era. They were distributed from the local radio factory.

The most popular speakers then differed in the following parameters:

  • the frequency range varied within 20,000 Hz;
  • power indicator - within - 25 W;
  • a similar product weighs 13 kg.

This box is sheathed with chipboard and decorated with veneer. The speakers are similarly decorated with black metal mesh.

50AS-022 "Amfiton" (100AS-022)

Another interesting product from the Karpaty company is 50AS-022 Amfiton (100AS-022). Such speakers were produced in Ivano-Frankovsk.

Such a product was distinguished by very good characteristics:

  • the frequency range of such speakers is 25,000;
  • the power is within 80 W;
  • the dimensions of the product are quite large, weight - 24 kg;
  • the box is made of chipboard, the base is decorated with veneer.

25AS-225 "Kometa" (15AS-225)

Columns from this brand began to be produced in the middle of the last century. The first tape recorders they had were "Nota" and "Comet". The frequency range varies in the limit of 16000 Hz. The power is in the range of 15-25 W. The weight of such a product is 5.8 kilograms.

"Rodina" AM0301, AM0302

Such models were assembled at the Lyubertsy plant. Other electric musical instruments were also produced there. Basically, everything was done in order to sound the concerts.

  • The frequency range is within 12000 Hz.
  • The resistance indicator is 8-16 ohms.
  • Power indicator - 15 dB.

50AS-012 "Soyuz"

This is another interesting model of retro technology produced in Bryansk. This type of audio system worked at high power. The frequency range is within 25000. The power is also in the region of 50 watts. The device weighs about 23 kg.

50AS-106 "Vega"

Such Soviet-made speakers were produced in Berdsk, at the Vega Production Association. They were quite powerful at the time.

The parameters by which such products differed from others are as follows:

  • frequency range within 25000 Hz;
  • sensitivity index - 84 dB;
  • power - 50 W;
  • the product weighs in the range of 15-16 kg.

The protective mesh is dense and durable. So the speakers are reliable and sturdy, and even though it's been a long time, they work very well.

25AS-027 "Amfiton" (150AS-007), 150AS-007 "LORTA"

Since the size of dwellings in the Soviet Union was often small, speakers for the house, as a rule, were not bought very large. Three-way speakers from this company were produced either in Leningrad at the Ferropribor enterprise or in Lvov.

The technical characteristics of this product are as follows:

  • frequency range within 31000 Hz;
  • sensitivity indicator - up to 86 dB;
  • the power is within 50 W;
  • the product is compact, although not very light - it weighs within 25 kg.

Speakers of this type were assembled in a small box lined with high-quality and durable chipboard. This made the speakers durable. Moreover, such a product is beautifully designed.

Due to this, the speakers fit perfectly into the style of any room.

35АС-028-1 "Cleaver"

Such top-class speakers were developed at the Krasny Luch plant. The main drawback of such a speaker was that if the speakers were connected to a weak device, the sound would be very unnatural, which would not please connoisseurs of good music.

Such speakers differ in the following parameters.

  • Sensitivity - 86 dB.
  • Frequency range - 25000 Hz.
  • Power - 35 W.
  • Weight - 32 kg.

From the inside, such a column is filled with super-thin fiber. Due to this, the device works well even at low frequencies. The facade is neatly covered with a decorative panel. The base is decorated with LED indicators that allow you to visually mark at what power the equipment is operating.

In general, among the assortment of Soviet speakers, you can find shelf, ceiling and floor speakers of various types. And if pop and concert ones are unlikely to be useful to anyone now, then small practical speakers that were made for small-sized apartments can be bought and used now.

How to connect?

But in order to avoid problems with the use of speakers, as well as with sound quality, you must be able to correctly connect them to modern technology. The sound in this case will be very good. In order to be able to work with such columns, you need to take into account such important points. To be able to output high-quality sound to Soviet speakers using a computer, a classic sound card will not work. We'll have to buy a more powerful discrete microcircuit . This will allow you to enjoy much better sound quality. To amplify the signal from the output of the sound card of the computer itself, you also need to purchase an amplifier.

It doesn't have to be very powerful. An amplifier with a power of 5-10 watts is enough.

How do you choose the best speakers?

When buying Soviet speakers, you need to make sure that time did not harm them. That is, they remain of high quality, and the sound is still powerful. First, you need to make sure that the case is not damaged. First of all, it is worth looking at the quality of the "box". It must be strong. Then you can already pay attention to small details like all kinds of scratches. This problem will be much easier to deal with.

Further, it is very important to check how high-quality the speaker sounds before buying. If there is any noise, or the sound is simply weak, it is better to refuse the purchase . After all, the repair of such a retro technique is very difficult, and the details are difficult to find.

It is also advisable to choose the ideal speakers that fit exactly the features of the room where they will listen to music. For a medium sized room, 2 simple speakers will do. If the room is slightly larger, it is worth taking a closer look at the technique with a subwoofer. A set of 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer is more suitable for arranging a home theater . The most expensive and largest option is the same 5 speakers with 2 subwoofers. The sound is most powerful there. Summing up, we can say that the Soviet speakers are of high sound quality. But in order to really enjoy the sound, you need to pay attention to the choice of good technique, following the advice of professionals.

More details about the features of Soviet speakers are in the next video.