Headphones for noise sleep: choose anti-noise, noise-canceling or noise-isolating models

Noise has become one of the curses of large cities. People began to have difficulty sleeping more often, most of them compensate for its lack by taking energy tonics, stimulants. But certain moments of the origin of such discomfort can be solved in a fairly simple way. Relatively recently, a new accessory has appeared on sale - anti-noise sleep headphones. They make it possible to organize a serene, true nightlife.


Noise canceling headphones for sleep and relaxation have another name - pajamas for the ears. They are similar in structure to sports headbands. Thanks to which it is comfortable to sleep in them even on the side, the speaker will not jump out of the ear.

This "pajamas" can be narrow or wide (in this version, it also covers the eyes, protecting them from daylight). Under the fabric of such a bandage, 2 speakers are hidden.

Their size and quality depend on the type of device. In cheap samples, the speakers are thick and interfere with sleeping on the side. More expensive modifications are equipped with thin speakers.


There are 2 main types of these accessories.

  1. Earplugs - inserted into the ears before going to bed, absolute noise isolation is guaranteed.
  2. Headphones. They make it possible to significantly muffle external noise, mainly by listening to audiobooks or music. This variety can boast of a large variety of devices that differ in design, cost, quality.


Earplugs look like tampons or bullets. You can make such noise protection devices yourself. To do this, take the material (cotton wool, foam rubber), wrap it with a film for packaging food products, create a plug to fit the size of the ear canal, and then place it in the ear. However, if the material is of poor quality, itching and other allergic reactions may appear. In this regard, it is advisable to buy these accessories at pharmacies.


The most harmless are headphones. Those that are intended for sleep, as a rule, when applied, do not go beyond the boundaries of the auricle. There are options that are found inside specialized sleep dressings. Again, a lot depends on the quality of the product.

Expensive samples are equipped with thin speakers in which you can sleep freely on your side without any discomfort.

Top Models

SleepPhones Wireless

This model is a headset integrated into an elastic headband, for the manufacture of which a non-warming, lightweight material was used. The headband tightly wraps around the head and does not fly off even during intense movements, which makes it possible to use the device not only for sleep, but also for sports activities. They completely isolate from noise and allow you to connect to various mobile devices via Bluetooth.


  • low power consumption, one battery charge is enough for 13 hours of continuous operation.
  • no fasteners and rigid parts;
  • good frequency range (20-20 thousand Hz);
  • When connected to an iPhone, an app is available that plays tracks specifically designed for healthy sleep using binaural beat technology.

Minus - when changing the pose in a dream, the speakers are able to change their location.

Memory Foam Eye Mask with Wireless

Surround sound devices with built-in microphone. According to the manufacturer, these Bluetooth headphones are suitable not only for sleep, but also for meditation. They are made of soft plush fabric and have the shape of an eye mask for sleeping. The device is powered by a battery that allows you to listen to music for 6 hours. Compared to many other samples, this device is endowed with a spacious and detailed sound, which is facilitated by powerful speakers.


  • compatibility with any type of devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android platform;
  • fast connection to Bluetooth;
  • the presence of a built-in microphone, due to which the device can be practiced as a headset;
  • the ability to control the volume, as well as manage tracks using the buttons on the face of the mask;
  • reasonable price.


    • excessively impressive size of the speakers, as a result of which the headphones sit comfortably on your head only when you are lying on your back;
    • LEDs that stand out sharply in the dark;
    • it is forbidden to wash, only surface cleaning of the fabric is possible.

    ZenNutt Bluetooth Headphones Headband

    Narrow Wireless Stereo Headphones. They are made in the form of a narrow headband, in which stereo speakers are mounted without wires. The inner part close to the head is made of cotton, which is excellent at absorbing sweat, so this piece is suitable for both sleep and sports training. If necessary, all electronic components and speakers can be removed, which makes it possible to wash the dressing.


    • inexpensive;
    • 2 ways of recharging - from a PC or electrical network;
    • the time of uninterrupted operation is 5 hours, in standby mode this period increases to 60 hours;
    • can be used as a headset due to the microphone and the integrated control panel.


      • too large control panel;
      • unimportant sound and useless speech transmission when communicating on the phone.


      Among the designs available on the market, eBerry is recognized as the thinnest. For their production, flexible emitters of 4 mm thickness are used. This makes it possible to use them calmly, without thinking about the discomfort when sleeping on your side. Another bonus for the owner is a special case for carrying and storing.


      • reasonable price;
      • the ability to adjust the position of the speakers;
      • satisfactory reproduction of high and low frequencies;
      • The device is suitable for all types of cellular devices, PCs and MP3 players.


        • it is impossible to disconnect the cord;
        • the headphones are only suitable for sleeping; during training, the fleece bandage slips.

        XIKEZAN Upgraded Sleep Headphones

        Devices with the most affordable price. Despite the more than affordable price, this sample cannot be called ordinary. For its production, a pleasant to the touch fleece is used, in which it turned out to be placed 2 powerful and at the same time thin speakers. Due to the tight fit of the emitters and excellent noise isolation, the headphones can be used not only at home, but also during air travel.


        • wide bandage, so it can be used as a sleep mask;
        • price;
        • you can sleep in any position.


          • overly tight attachment to the ears;
          • no permanent speaker mount.

          How to choose?

                    • First, evaluate the material. Low grade can cause allergies. In addition, it should be pleasant to the touch, preferably natural.
                    • Noise cancellation is a key aspect of the choice. If in earplugs only the material is responsible for the noise-absorbing, noise-insulating properties, then the thickness of the plates matters for the headphones. The thinner they are, the more difficult it is for them to cope with sounds from outside.
                    • There are wired or wireless headphones. The latter are more expensive, but they are more comfortable - you will never get tangled in cords and ruin them in a dream.
                    • Ask how well the manufacturer has thought out the possibility of performing hygiene measures. The accessory should be cleaned frequently, otherwise the products may become a source of bacteria.
                    • Soundproofing characteristics are the key purpose of such devices, so there is no point in expecting the highest sound level from them. However, there are options here as well. Of course, the better the sound quality, the higher the price of the device.

                    Individual manufacturers have managed to achieve the best balance between the thickness of the devices and their soundproofing capabilities, only these successes are estimated at large sums.

                    An overview of the Uneed slim speaker sleep headphones in the video below.