DIY wooden table (81 photos): how to make a wooden table from boards and making a structure from an array

The interior of any home will be decorated with a hand-made craft. Not the most difficult option for individual creativity is a home wooden table. It is not difficult to develop a design yourself. Here the flight of imagination is unlimited, but you need to start with the choice of design, purpose and design features that you plan to implement. At the very beginning, you need to create drawings and drawings, according to which you can assemble the finished table.

Drawings and diagrams

Work through each element in detail initially, especially decorative additions if any. This is just the case when the decoration will not be superfluous. It is best to draw the drawing in accordance with the actual dimensions, choosing the appropriate scale on paper.

The type of table can be very diverse, from a regular writing table to a children's massage table. A table with your own hands can also be made for a bath. One of the easiest to make is a corner table.

It is not so difficult to create a small transformer or a table-book. It takes up little space in the room and is functional in many situations. The sliding design will help save some space. For home construction, a carpentry table is very suitable. And, of course, a table on the veranda, where the whole family can gather for an evening tea.


Decorating will greatly enhance the look. Almost any table design will be decorated with carved legs, especially if you decide to implement a project in a rustic style. Complementing the countertop decor with LED lighting will look elegant. A luminous table in the corner of the living room will add warmth to a cold winter night. There can be an infinite number of options, but the main thing is not to overdo it and not to overdo it with decorations.

Style and design

There are no restrictions and strict frameworks for your own creativity. The easiest way to make an original piece is to perform it in an antique style. This is the most common and not too complicated craft. Imitation of antiquity will decorate almost any interior.

The design of a homemade table, ideally, should organically fit into the interior of the room in which it is planned to use it. Various forms and artistic solutions are possible. Wood products allow you to experiment with geometry.

For information on how to make an unusual table, see the next video.

The form

Even the most ordinary table can have an unusual shape. We are used to the correct geometric shape, but it is worth experimenting here too. Instead of a traditional oval dining table, an asymmetrical solution will look good.

Such a table can have different angles and will not lose in any way in functionality. Permanent seats for family members can be assigned to each side of this design. Smaller sides are for kids. Larger sides are for adults.


The tree is convenient to use in any condition. The recycling of wooden structures is also quite suitable. It is very good to use old boards. Many breeds only get better over time.

It is no secret that a floor of valuable species that has served a century is sometimes used to make musical instruments. For reuse, it is imperative to remove the top layer, which will give the final product a cleaner look. Products made from such material, without exaggeration, will last forever.

Combination of dissimilar materials

Combinations of wood and metal look original. The massive plane of the table will be decorated with iron, and ideally - cast iron - legs. The combination of oak and cast iron will achieve an excellent result. Heavy cast iron matches perfectly with oak or ash.

The combination of hard African rocks and metal structures will be unique. The result will amaze anyone, even the most demanding connoisseur.

Glass and wood blend perfectly

An elegant wooden stand will be the best decoration for a glass table. Modern fastening devices will ensure a secure joint of these materials. With this combination, the round shape of the final product is the most optimal solution.

You can combine different materials

It is quite possible to install a wooden or glass top of a coffee table on a lightweight concrete base. A completely modern solution that will add a light industrial touch to the interior design. The combination of glass and concrete, as well as pine additions will look great.

How can natural stone be used?

Quite an elegant combination if done in moderation. Do not overload the table structure with too heavy elements. Try to find a suitable natural stone base. The design of the wooden top will be indicated by the stone itself. Put a massive wooden surface on it and you have a table that no one else has.

Beautiful examples and options

It is quite possible to make very beautiful, original things with your own hands that will look no worse than those of famous masters. Homemade items will always be your pride and topic of discussion with your friends.

What can you make yourself?

Almost any table is within the power of each of us. This simple household item does not require special knowledge and special professional skills. We start making wood products at school, in labor lessons. Therefore, the simple wooden structure of the laptop table will be quite on the shoulder. Both chairs and a bench for a country house can also be made independently.

You can come up with your own home craft design. The folding table will not constantly occupy the living space. It can combine several functions. From a baby changing area to a work surface for home crafts.

A wide field for creativity will give a combination of wood and other materials. Don't be afraid to experiment. Combine different objects together and you will achieve amazing results. Even if you decide to combine rarely combined elements, don't be afraid to try. Any ideas can be realized.

How to make a table?

Home design should start with a small coffee table. The design can be quite simple. A work surface can be purchased at a local hardware store.

Glued pine is best. Glued wood is less susceptible to deformation due to changes in humidity and temperature drops. It is most convenient to pick up legs for your craft in the same place.


It is better to assemble it from ready-made wood panels - a perfectly reasonable start to home crafts. The easiest way to order ready-made elements or whole blocks is with delivery on the website, where components for such works are sold. Here you can also pick up all the necessary accessories. All that remains is to spend a little time on assembly. Additional processing and adjustment will not become too difficult, the main thing is that you will get the necessary experience for further creativity.

Kitchen table

It's not that hard to make your own kitchen utensils. You can start with a small pine kitchen table. The legs are the easiest to buy ready-made, pine is the most budgetary option. The work surface is easier to choose for the planned dimensions. All that remains is, literally, to put the table on its feet.

Kitchen set

There is nothing super complicated here either. It is necessary to make accurate calculations and purchase ready-made parts. The components for kitchen furniture are manufactured in accordance with accepted standards.

Everyone can easily assemble a set of kitchen furniture according to their own drawings. You need certain skills to install opening doors, but this simple science can be learned by watching several videos on the Internet.

Required tools

You can start with a small set. A hammer, a plane, a chisel, a wood saw, nails and screws can be found in every home. You will also need a ruler and a pencil. If it is possible to purchase an additional power tool, be sure to do so.

An in-house electric plane or jigsaw is useful for the following crafts. Such a tool must be of good quality. It will last for many years, even if you don't use it every day.

Special tool

To achieve high quality, it is better to use special equipment with an electric drive. The acquisition costs will not be significant, and you will have the opportunity to move on to more complex projects in the future.

What can be purchased in addition to an existing electric drill:

  • electric jigsaw - will allow you to make high-quality sawing of any materials;

  • electric planer - will make the surface of the tree perfectly flat;

  • circular saw - provides industrial quality rip or cross cuts;

  • mechanical device for milling work - will process the edges of your craft with an intricate pattern and help cut decorative elements on a wooden surface;

  • grinding machine - will make finishing a wooden surface a simple and enjoyable activity that does not require significant effort.

It is best to purchase a power tool combination that combines several different functions in one device. This will reduce costs and allow many design ideas to come true. By the way, a home electric drill can be supplemented with various attachments, which will expand its capabilities.


If you decide to take a trip to a craft store, stock up on everything you need at once. For your craft, you will need additional components to securely hold the wooden parts together. The simplest steel corners will make the structure more reliable in operation. Don't skimp on additional decorative items. They will not be superfluous, but will only decorate the look.

Ready-made kits, which can be purchased in the store, will give more grace to wooden crafts. A homemade writing desk for a child will look very nice if you use metal legs from any ready-made set of furniture. It is not difficult to independently make a bedside table for him from the same standard sets. Handles and fittings can be found in the same store.

Fastening wooden structures

The ancient technology of wood joints without iron nails and glue is almost lost. But it won't be superfluous to try. Fit all wood joints with minimal clearances, drill six to eight millimeter holes in the joints, and hammer in a dried wood spike.

If all wooden parts are too dry before assembly, then over time they will gain the required amount of moisture and increase their size. The connection will become strong enough, and the swollen wooden spike will add extra strength.

Traditional mounting options

The easiest and safest option is to drive a screw into a tree. Now they make special self-tapping screws for wooden joints, which, unlike a conventional screw, do not require an exact hole for screwing in. If the thickness of the joint is not very large, then additional holes can be dispensed with. The wood screw will do everything by itself, especially if you use an electric screwdriver. Such a connection will last long enough without glue.

Why do you need glue?

To give the wood structure extra strength, it is best to glue the mating surfaces. You need a little glue, but the result will be excellent when combined with screws or nails, the glued wooden joint will remain strong for many years. The glue is best used water-based. There are many varieties of reliable wood glue.

How to make an original home table?

Crafts of your own design are not so difficult to create. The material can be found in any forest.

A unique craft will come out of solid wood. But this will take a little work. The ideal option is the base of a large tree, the diameter of which is more than eighty centimeters in circumference. If you can use part of the root system, then a reliable base for the table will come out and additional legs will not be needed.

You need to understand that it will not be easy to deliver such a preparation from the forest, but the result will pay off all the work, such a table cannot be compared with anything.

Suburban table

A street table for a suburban area certainly needs to be made yourself. The ideal material is the same log brought from the forest. The base is conveniently made from small diameter birch logs. They need to be dug into the ground about fifty centimeters.

Then align their upper parts by sawing off excess wood. The working surface can be made from a log of large transverse diameter by sawing it longitudinally. The flat part will just be the surface of the street table.

All outdoor additional buildings are best made of wood. This natural natural material perfectly tolerates moisture, heat and frost. It is also better to make a bench for a summer cottage yourself from the same wooden components. A homemade bench will look organic next to your handmade table.

Why is it better to use solid wood?

The structure of the tree is such that its durability directly depends on how much its integrity is not violated. Therefore, since ancient times, solid logs have been used for the construction of houses. With minimal processing, when the integral structure is preserved as much as possible, wooden structures can last hundreds of years without collapsing and without changing their shape.

What can be made from solid wood?

First you need to be patient. Cutting down a tree and bringing it home is not the most difficult task. It is important to properly prepare the material for subsequent processing.

Wood preparation

It is imperative to rid the tree of excess moisture. If it is not possible to agree to do this at a woodworking enterprise, where there is special drying equipment, then it is quite possible to dry it at home.

Logs are usually harvested in the spring, when the trunk has not begun to collect moisture from the soil, that is, before the thaw. This is usually the month of March. Drying naturally lasts from several months to a year, depending on the type of wood.

Why is it important to use only dry material?

Raw wood will surely crack as soon as the bark is removed, unless, of course, this is planned by your design idea. Some breeds change their shape dramatically when dried incorrectly.

Dry wood should be well cleaned and sanded, a light layer of textured varnish or wood stain will not interfere to give more texture to the product. If the diameter of the circle is large enough, and part of the root system has become a reliable support, then the table is almost ready. The upper part must be well sanded and varnished. The perfect laptop design is ready.


If you want to make a large dining table out of a solid log, you will have to work a little and make a longitudinal cut in the middle of the trunk with a chainsaw. You will get two almost identical halves. If the width of one part is a meter or more, and the length is at least one and a half meters, then the base for the dining table is already there. You can leave the bottom half round or flatten out by cutting off the half round bottom.

It remains to build reliable legs and process the table surface in any convenient way. It is not necessary to make the table absolutely level, especially if precious woods have been used. Moderate irregularities will add extra charm to the craft.

How to use the other half of the log?

A little extra effort, and a sturdy table bench is ready. If the width of the log is large enough, there can be two sturdy benches on either side of the table. It is best to rigidly connect them into a common structure, or make two separate strong seats for several people. The bench, of course, will have to be leveled and all irregularities removed. Ideally - sanded well and varnished or stained.


Do not be too zealous in painting wood products. If you decide to enhance the natural color, then coffee tones are best suited for any breed. It is best to use water-based varnishes and paints. They are less toxic and work well with wood.

It is perfectly acceptable to use unpainted materials with natural colors. Cast iron without additional coating and wood in a natural color will become an original decorative solution that does not require additional color shades.

A very good combination of untreated aluminum and dark woods. Natural silver color and dark texture of oak look very original. Elements with natural colors are well suited for additional decoration.

But the components are made of iron, unless, of course, it is stainless steel, in any case you need to paint. Even if your table with iron legs will be constantly in the room, the metal must be covered with any coloring compound. Iron corrodes even in dry and warm rooms and requires painting.

Wood color

When using wood planed products outdoors, painting is required, not only for decorative purposes. A good coating will protect the wood and extend its life. In this case, special compounds for outdoor work are used. Any color scheme can be used. The most acceptable are all the same dark coffee shades.

Useful little things

  • The wisest thing is not to rush. Any work requires thoughtfulness and precision. Don't set any deadlines for yourself. Do work when you are in the mood.
  • If something doesn't work out, put aside the craft and come back to it after a while. Such work will only be a joy, and you will achieve a good result.
  • Don't tackle a complex project right away, start with a simple job. You need to get some experience for subsequent more complex crafts. Using power tools will make your work easier. Be sure to follow all safety measures when working with any tool used for woodworking.
  • Even a small splinter can become a problem if you don't pay attention to it in time. Observe the safety instructions. Always wear glasses when working with wood products, especially if machining is used.
  • If you have little experience, but you want to make at least a wooden table in your own home with your own hands, start by going to the building materials supermarket. There you will find everything you need for individual creativity. The design decisions will be prompted by the materials themselves.
  • Start with wood that requires minimal post-processing.
  • Carry out all work in a spacious room. A small workshop in the country is ideal. Painting should be carried out in a well-ventilated area, even if low-toxicity compounds are used. Observe all required drying times for glued and painted parts.

Advantages and disadvantages

Handcrafts don't always look perfect. But don't be upset about this. Minor flaws will be compensated for by absolute satisfaction from the work done by yourself. Such disadvantages can be attributed rather to advantages. An industrial product will not keep your hands warm.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

No need to try to copy products from well-known manufacturers that have received good reviews. Home crafts will be the best decoration for your home. Don't chase fashion, but try to achieve more personality. If you put a handmade craft online, you will be provided with positive reviews and likes. Now more than ever, everything that is made with your own hands at home is appreciated.