Dressing room in the bedroom (85 photos): corner and built-in, how to make a small closet in a room from plasterboard, ideas in the interior

 Dressing room in the bedroom

    A bedroom is a comfort zone, so it should only bring pleasure: there is no place for bulky things and rubbish, therefore, a dressing room with it should only complement the interior and be as useful as possible.


    The idea to create a dressing room in the bedroom appeared some time ago in America, but today this building is quite popular in the European market. In the classical view, this is a separate room, which is fenced off by a wall or partition. But there are also many variations of dressing rooms, allowing not only to openly store linen, clothes and even shoes, but also to decorate the interior of the house, in accordance with the stylistic preferences of its owner.

    Some people with relatively small apartments are wary of such buildings. And completely in vain, because the dressing room in the bedroom guarantees the following amenities:

    1. Things in such a room are located exactly so that they are always close at hand, so that they do not need to be searched for a long time. This is a great time saver for a busy person.
    2. For example, when using a cabinet while one person is looking for the things he needs, the other is forced to wait. The dressing room can be used by two at once, without touching the space of each other.
    3. It is in the bedroom that such an addition allows a person, changing clothes the required number of times, to pick up the necessary outfit and accessories without much difficulty.
    4. The design and arrangement of a dressing room will cost much less than ordering or manufacturing a wardrobe, for the facades of which the price is quite high.



    It looks like a large wardrobe, for such a layout a blank wall should be allocated, on which there are no windows and doors. Options for fencing the wall from the room:

    1. Use a plasterboard wall and sliding doors, allowing easy access to each shelf;
    2. Install sliding doors throughout the entire wall;
    3. Hang a curtain on the ceiling cornice, which can also diversify the interior;
    4. Just leave open shelves with items.


    Can be created if there is a free corner. Such a dressing room will be no less practical for a bedroom, because the same necessary things and objects can be placed in it, and here a blank wall is not required. Differentiation with a room can be implemented in the ways described in the previous paragraph.


    A special wardrobe is used, which later becomes an integral part of the bedroom.


    Convenient for a small room. It means open storage of things without any fences or doors and acts as an additional interior decoration.

    Wardrobe closet

    This is a large wardrobe with a sliding system, which, if necessary, allows even a bed to be placed in it. If the owner so desires, internal lighting can be used in such a cabinet.


    Very often wooden furniture is used in dressing rooms, but a more economical option is to make it from chipboard, fiberboard or MDF:

    • The advantages of chipboard are availability, low price, durability and ease of use. It is used not only for the internal components of the dressing room, but also for creating a kind of compartment doors.
    • Fiberboard (or hardboard) is most often used as partitions, furniture back walls or drawer bottoms. In fact, this material is very thin, but with careful use it can serve for a very long time, and the price will satisfy any consumer.
    • Unfortunately, the production of MDF in Russia is at a low level, so the cost of this raw material may be very high and not available to everyone, however, unlike other materials, it has the following advantages: durability, the ability to process by various methods and environmental safety.
    • Drywall is distinguished by a very affordable price level - it can be used not only for the manufacture of various niches and shelves, but even for the construction of a cabinet.
    • It is impossible not to mention the plywood, which consists of many layers of veneer and has environmental friendliness and maximum durability.

    In order for the contents of the drawers to be visible, you can use transparent plexiglass for the manufacture of swing doors.

    It is more practical to use honeycomb extraction baskets made of plastic - a material of light and attractive appearance.

    It is most appropriate to choose metal hanger holders, the beauty of which will not be spoiled by regular use.

    Determining the required area for a dressing room in the bedroom

    The depth of the cabinet should be at least 65 cm if things are located on a longitudinal bar along the wall. If you need to place clothes of large sizes, you can use end hangers, located either perpendicularly or so that they are retractable. The depth in this case should be at least 35-40 cm.

    To find out the width of the dressing room, you need to do the following calculations:

    • Determine the sum of the depth of the cabinet, the width of the doors and the required distance for a convenient passage (on average 80-100 cm);
    • Provided that the cabinet does not have doors, but there are drawers, then it is necessary to add the sum of the cabinet depth multiplied by two and the distance for easy passage (the same 80-100 cm);
    • If the doors are sliding and only shelves are used, then it is necessary to calculate the sum of the depth of the cabinet and the distance for easy passage.

    To determine the length of the wardrobe part of the room, you need to find the sum of the lengths of all cabinets that will be installed there. If the cabinets are opposite each other, then only the length of the larger device needs to be calculated.

    The minimum wardrobe area should be 2-3 square meters, but this distance will not be enough for a linear type of building. Thus, a corner wardrobe building will look much more compact and more spacious here.

    For full comfort, it is necessary that the area is from 4 square meters, here it is already possible to arrange both clothes and shoes in a logical sequence, and if it is 5-6 square meters, it will even be possible to install a dressing table and a mirror, which guarantees the versatility and convenience of the dressing room.


    1. 14 sq.m. - it is appropriate to use a large wardrobe in the entire wall, inside which there may even be a bed or just a wardrobe.
    2. 15 square meters - the corner version will look good, which looks good and saves space, you can install at least a dressing room, at least a spacious wardrobe.
    3. 16 sq.m. - it is logical to install a wardrobe containing a large number of compartments and shelves, also things or bed linen can be sorted into drawers built into the bed.
    4. 17-18 sq.m. - here it is possible not only to install the dressing room in a corner, but also along the wall, provided that its length is sufficient.
    5. In the "Khrushchev" - a dressing room can be made from the pantry, which is adjacent to the bedroom, with the necessary repairs, or by installing a wardrobe directly in the room.

    Color and decor

    The main goal of the dressing room is practicality, therefore, the design must be correctly selected and provided for durable operation. Here you need to pay attention to each zone, namely:

    • top (not lower than 190 cm) - only seasonal clothing is stored;
    • medium - contains everyday outfits and underwear, as well as special rails for jackets and devices for other accessories;
    • bottom - provides for the presence of small boxes under special trays for shoes, in which rarely used things are stored;
    • and the headgear storage area - just above the middle bar.

    The dressing room in the bedroom should be decorated in approximately the same way as the entire room. In order to separate it, you can use: a sliding door, a revolving door or just a transparent door, an accordion door, as well as a jalousie door.

    If there is little space, then there may be a mirror on the back of the door. Still, it will be appropriate for the bedroom to make a plasterboard partition; it can be decorated using the same material as the rest of the room, or hang a drape made of textiles. Due to the possibility of accumulating a large amount of dust, it is not very logical to use a fabric finish.

    Depending on the preferences of the owner, different shades of wood can be used in the dressing room. You can diversify the furniture with the help of a pouf on wheels, showcases for storing jewelry or a dressing table with an openwork decorated mirror.

    Decorating the decor in light colors in the bedroom will look elegant and appropriate to the setting. Girls can add various elements of delicate shades (curtains, ottomans, curtains). In men, a more strict style can be observed and white or gray tones can be used. In general, everyone can choose the style and design according to their wishes and taste.


    Even if the dressing room is located in the bedroom, you need to take care that the room is provided with enough light not only in the evening, but also during the day.

    For the required amount of light, the dressing room may contain: ceiling lighting evenly distributed throughout the room, shelves and drawers with additional lights, spotlights or wall sconces. T

    Also, the presence of a window may not interfere, because natural light guarantees the correct perception of shades and psychological comfort.

    How to organize internal content?

    The classic option for filling a section for a wardrobe involves the purchase of a special system that contains various sections, shelves, hooks and rods for hangers. You can choose both open and closed racks. Due to the wide variety of sizes and designs of such structures, you can easily choose the most suitable furniture for maximum convenience.

    No less popular and attractive is the high-tech style, which involves metal products for decorating the interior of the dressing room. Also, it does not imply the presence of racks or shelves, only rods and additions to them are used. This is a great space saver and looks pretty impressive.

    The dressing room does not have to contain only special products, it can also be decorated with what is at hand - put a wardrobe, a mirror, a dressing table on which you can arrange cosmetics and attractive boxes, and a comfortable pouf, if necessary, separate it with a curtain or make a fence from any available material.

    In the department where shoes and clothes are kept, there must be a sufficient amount of air and it will not be superfluous to install a special ozonizer, and you can also lay out small pads containing aromatic herbs between the shelves with clothes.

    Accommodation options and zoning rules

    The options for placing dressing rooms have already been described in the sub-item "Types", it will not be superfluous to talk about how you can select a dressing room in an already existing full-fledged room:

    1. Partition - it can be made of plasterboard or any other material. Provided that the room is spacious, it can allow the dressing room to be distinguished as a separate room.
    2. A wardrobe placed perpendicular to the wall can even become a special decor element if it is decorated with any details or pasted over with wallpaper to match the room.
    3. If there is a recess in the wall, you can install a built-in wardrobe or a bar for hangers.
    4. Not only a certain feature, but also additional comfort to the room can be given by the presence of a screen or screen.
    5. A beautiful curtain can be placed on a cornice fixed to the ceiling.
    6. If there is not enough space in the room, sliding doors are logical.
    7. The right combination of shades can visually make a room more effective - for example, if the room itself is decorated in bright colors, then it will not be superfluous to make a dressing room in gentle or light colors.


    On various Internet sites, there are many positive reviews about wardrobes in the bedroom. Most often they say that it is luxurious and very comfortable. Of the shortcomings, they only highlight the fact that it is not always possible to allocate the required amount of space in the room for installing a dressing room, and yet this requires material investments, however, it is worth noting that with a reasonable approach, it is possible to arrange a comfortable room from inexpensive materials.

    Ideas in the interior

    If it is decided to use a corner dressing room, then it is not necessary to allocate it as a separate room. It is enough just to make it look like a regular cabinet and it will not require much space.

    If the bedroom is located on the attic or attic, then the bed can be installed near the inclined wall, and the dressing room itself along the high one. And if you also pick up sliding doors for it, then this will save space and will look quite impressive.

    If there is an impression in the room that there is not enough free space, then visually this can be corrected by the mirror facade.

    For very tiny bedrooms, it is possible to install mini-dressing rooms, which will contain only the most necessary accessories.