The ceiling in the garage (48 photos): how to sheathe cheap and beautiful, hanging options, how to do it yourself

The ceiling in the garage: how to make and how to sheathe

    Most people consider the garage to be the best place to protect their car. But at the same time, some car owners do not know how to properly finish the coatings, what materials should be used for this. Today we will talk about how you can decorate the ceiling in such rooms.


    Today there are a huge variety of options for finishing the ceiling covering in the garage. First of all, before performing the necessary repair work, decide how to hem the floor. The most popular and affordable material for this is regular plywood.

    Such material is in great demand among buyers , as it has a number of significant advantages: lightness, environmental friendliness, high moisture resistance, low price, easy installation.

    Quite often, renovation experts recommend covering such ceilings with special resins. They will be able to give the surface additional strength and hardness.

    Often, many people try to sheathe the ceilings in their garages with other materials (metal, plastic). But at the same time, a large number of professional builders claim that these options are inferior to wood coatings. After all, they cannot boast of the same necessary properties. It is also important to note that coatings made of such materials are far from cheap to buyers.

    We must not forget that wood elements look beautiful and beneficial on almost any surface. Its natural beautiful pattern will give your garage a great look. Sometimes designers are advised to combine different shades of wood species or add metal or plastic inserts to them to add elegance.

    What should be the height?

    According to generally accepted standards, the height of the canvas in the garage should be at least 2 m.But if you do not want to make the room too cramped and crowded, you should raise the ceiling a little (up to 2.5 m). This solution is relevant for those who decide to decorate the ceiling with plywood or a simple board.

    To select a sufficient ceiling height in the garage, you need to pay attention to the following things:

    • Dimensions of automatic gate mechanisms.
    • Car size.
    • Adequate space for placing light sources.
    • Additional headroom (150-250 mm).
    • Area for the location of individual necessary items.

    All of the above points must be paid attention to in order to properly sew the ceiling. Otherwise, you may have serious problems with the garage space. You simply cannot close the structure, and you have to redo the cover.


    Today, there is a huge variety of options on the building materials market that are suitable for decorating ceilings in garages. Among them: wooden lining, drywall, profiled sheet, polystyrene, plastic panels, fiberboard and PVC boards, as well as OSB sheets.

    Wooden lining

    If you decide to decorate the ceiling in your garage with this material, then you will need a mandatory surface treatment with special solutions and substances. They have a fire-fighting and antifungal effect. It is best to cover such a surface with an antiseptic. After these procedures, paint and varnishes are applied to the finished ceiling.


    Plasterboard ceiling filing does not take too much time and effort. It is important to note that this type of material is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, safety and affordable cost.

    Despite such advantages, this type of design also has significant disadvantages:

    • visually reduces the height of the room;
    • difficult to clean;
    • quickly loses color;
    • there is a high probability of cracking;
    • low resistance to various mechanical damage and shock.

    Professional list

    This material for ceiling sheathing is sufficiently moisture resistant, lightweight and durable. But at the same time it has a high thermal conductivity. Because of this, the profiled sheet must be pre-insulated.

    Before installing the ceiling from the profiled sheet, it is imperative to fasten the frame.


    Plates of this material are attached with special adhesive agents to iron structures. Separate parts of the part should be placed as close to each other as possible, this will make the surface even. To give a beautiful look, it is better to paint such a ceiling. Also, this type of coverage can be made curly and build several tiers.

    This technique will give your garage an original and beautiful look.

    Plastic panels

    This option has a number of advantages.

    These include:

    • low cost;
    • aesthetics;
    • ease of installation;
    • resistance to decay;
    • ease of cleaning and care.

    Some experts, despite the considerable list of advantages of this material, note one important drawback. Such plastic products are not highly resistant to various mechanical damage. It is possible that a very slight impact will be enough to damage the coating of this material.

    Fiberboard and PVC boards

    Panels made of this material are perfect for lining the ceiling. They are easy enough to install. They are often simply glued to the main frame structure. Do not forget that such boards should be kept in the garage for several days beforehand. This is necessary to acclimatize the material.

    Before laying the boards, they should be treated with resins and mixtures, which will give them greater moisture resistance and strength. Also, this procedure will prevent rotting and the formation of fungus. It is advisable to cover the material with such substances several times to achieve the best effect.

    OSB sheets

    Such material is obtained from the waste left after the primary processing of wood. In the manufacture of such panels, different types of tree species are used. This material does not require too large financial costs from buyers. It is easy to finish and can be glued with construction glue. That is why many consumers prefer OSB sheets.

    Other options

    Nowadays, many car owners prefer to install a stretch ceiling in their garages. This type of coating design has a large list of positive properties (durability, environmental friendliness, ease of installation, safety, aesthetics). Also, some repair specialists separately note the ease of cleaning this type of coating. Dirt from the ceiling can be easily removed with almost any modern alcohol-based detergent.

    Today, in hardware stores, you can find the two most common types of stretch ceilings for garages: fabric and polyvinyl chloride. Most experts and ordinary buyers recommend using a convenient and simple PVC film with a glossy finish in such premises. Such material will be able to serve its owners for a long time.

    Another type of garage ceiling is a suspended ceiling. Quite often, people think that there is no difference between a given ceiling and a stretch ceiling, but this is far from the case. Indeed, when laying the hinged type, the product is attached using adhesive mixtures to a special durable frame, in contrast to the tension type, which is installed using heating devices.

    According to many designers and repair specialists, a suspended ceiling covering has many advantages (it helps to create an absolutely smooth surface, ease of installation, allows you to hide irregularities and wires, and makes the space visually larger). This type of coating can be matte, glossy, mirror-like and even glass. But for the garage, it is the matte base that is most often used.

    Quite often, the owners of garage premises decide to simply concrete the ceiling. This option is the cheapest and easiest. But today designers can offer a huge variety of techniques on how to decorate a concrete surface and turn it into a modern art object. Therefore, you do not need to think that such types of design will be too boring, because you yourself can make this coating beautiful and interesting.

    Thermal insulation

    The process of installing thermal insulation plays an important role in creating a ceiling in a garage. Today, there are a large number of options for how to implement this procedure. You can do such work with your own hands without much difficulty, because it does not require too much time and effort.

    Thermal insulation is needed for almost any garage. Indeed, quite often the overlap begins to release a certain amount of moisture, as a result of which condensation forms. And this can cause the destruction of the entire structure. Correctly carried out repairs will allow you to avoid such serious problems.

    Today builders can offer consumers several types of ceiling insulation material. These include glass wool, foam and mineral wool. If you have a metal coating installed in your room, then it is best for you to use foil products. You can attach them using construction glue. It is most profitable to install them on frame structures made of corrugated board.

    Styrofoam and rock wool are usually inserted between wood or metal parts of the floor. But it must be borne in mind that the insulation is best placed under the main frame. This is necessary because these types of materials are almost impossible to process with polyurethane foam.

    Currently, experts have developed various options for vapor barrier ceilings in garage structures. It is best to fix the vapor barrier at the stage of installing waterproofing and insulation. Then you can get really effective results. Do not forget that before starting the necessary procedures, you need to carefully treat the surface.

    Tips & Tricks

    • Most car owners own small-scale garage facilities. In this case, the designers advise the owners to place glossy monochromatic stretch ceilings in the premises. This type of design contributes to the visual increase in the size of the space. In this case, it is better to choose a lighter color (white, gray, beige, yellow).
    • Also, to visually expand the space, you can place bright LED lamps on the ceilings. But such lamps should be used only in a certain amount, otherwise the room will look ugly.
    • To install a warm ceiling in the garage, the owners should carry out high-quality thermal insulation. To do this, it is necessary to finish the coating with special materials from the inside or outside. Otherwise, the structure will quickly lose its original appearance. But when carrying out work, many people make gross mistakes.

    Most builders strongly recommend carefully preparing the roof of the room when insulating ceilings. It is imperative to check the condition of the roof for serious damage and cracks. If you find any strong breaks, then fix them with special tools. Some people do not do this kind of training, which results in serious installation problems.

    • The huge selection of various types of materials for finishing the ceiling in garages presents consumers with a difficult choice. When buying a certain material, consider the conditions in which it will be located. In rooms with high humidity, place plastic coverings, because this type of design has a fairly high moisture resistance.
    • Wood coverings can also be installed in such rooms. But at the same time, they must be treated with special resins and solutions. Such mixtures are widespread and can be found in almost any building materials store. It is better to apply the substances several times.
    • Today, interiors designed in the loft style are becoming more and more popular. In this style, not only living quarters are decorated, but also garage buildings. To create such a design, owners do not need to install ceilings with expensive materials. You can simply concrete the covering. It is also permissible to apply various irregularities and roughness to the ceiling.

    From the following video, you will learn how to insulate and sheathe the ceiling in the garage with your own hands.